The Half-life of Happiness

The Half life of Happiness Casey is an astute observer of the ruses as well as the private confrontations that govern our behavior The Washington Post Book WorldIn The Half life of Happiness National Book Award winner John Cas

Casey is an astute observer of the ruses as well as the private confrontations that govern our behavior The Washington Post Book WorldIn The Half life of Happiness, National Book Award winner John Casey brings us a family portrait rendered with masterful precision and unwavering compassion On a spring afternoon in Virginia, progressive attorney Mike Reardon stroll Casey is an astute observer of the ruses as well as the private confrontations that govern our behavior The Washington Post Book WorldIn The Half life of Happiness, National Book Award winner John Casey brings us a family portrait rendered with masterful precision and unwavering compassion On a spring afternoon in Virginia, progressive attorney Mike Reardon strolls downtown Charlottesville feeling terrific He surveys the elements in his appealing life filmmaker wife Joss, his clever and canny daughters, the bohemian characters that share his seven acre haven on the Rivanna River But Mike s blissful certainty is to be short lived A friend s suicide and Joss s affair with a mercurial woman turn Mike s world upside down Then Mike discovers the erotic quicksilver of the political campaign and so begins a farcical run for office that consumes all their lives Here too through Casey s brilliant rendering of Mike s sensitive, perceptive daughters is the story of two children who grow up painfully aware of their parents strengths and weaknesses Superbly plotted, buoyed with humor and hope, The Half life of Happiness embraces the accidents and choices that shape our lives and the lives of those we love Riveting and beautifully written San Francisco Chronicle Examiner A major novelist at the top of his form, Casey captures not only the texture of individual lives, but the shape and momentum of all lives that begin with the best intentions, then stray off course A wise and forgiving book as well as an entertaining one Chicago Tribune

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  • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ✓ The Half-life of Happiness - by John Casey ¶
    John Casey
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  1. There seems to be a current of suspicion around this book. Perhaps it's of misogyny; perhaps it's that the characters are a bit too ideal, too intelligent. That the book lacks a plot. The reviews I'm seeing are hesitant to either damn or praise it. I loved it.It's not entirely realistic. I certainly don't know people like this in their conversations or their idealized self awareness and awareness of others. Most poignant is all of the character's ability to see the lack of self awareness in the [...]

  2. John Casey is a gifted writer. The Half-Life of Happinessis a portrait of a family (with some friends thrown in for good measure), and all of the characters are nuanced and interesting. As the title suggests, the relationships are tested by external and internal forces. Casey is spot-on in his rendering of a marriage. He also gets the local color (Charlottesville and the surrounding area) right. Similarly, the Virginia political scene is familiar. And, he knits words beautifully:"For someone who [...]

  3. I read this book mainly out of curiosity since it is set in a town I've lived in for many years (Charlottesville, VA). It took me longer than usual to finish, since it wasn't a page-turner. It's more about the characters. But the characters are likable, interesting, and there are just the right number. Few enough that it was easy to keep track of everyone, but many enough that if you didn't care for one, it wouldn't be long until the story moved on to someone else. The author did capture the vib [...]

  4. For some reason not many women like this book (according to the reviews on ). And my mother, who usually likes almost all the same books I do, did not like it either. She chalked it up to being at different times in our lives and she said maybe she would have liked it in her late 20s, too. Granted, it's been a good 5 years since I read this, so I don't remember too specifically the story. I just thought the chararacters were very real and I didn't particularly like any of them, but I still sympa [...]

  5. If you've never read anything by John Casey, please do. It is a sad thing that his name is such an obscurity in the literary world, because his writing is absolutely outstanding. His books have such a classic feel to them, and his characters are developed to such an extent that they appear frighteningly real. I was lucky enough to have Mr. Casey as a professor in a writing class at UVa, and he is probably the most interesting, intelligent person I have ever encountered. If you are a fan of good, [...]

  6. The only reason I continued to read this book beyond the first chapter is because I used to live in Charlottesville (the setting of the book) and had a certain nostalgia for the place. I found the characters shallow and irritating. The plot was so slow moving that it would sometimes put me to sleep. I did, however, manage to read all 513 pages and felt that the final chapter would have made a great short story.

  7. No. Just no. I checked this book out because "Evening," a book I love, had a recommendation for it. It's long, it doesn't have much of a plot and it's not very interesting. Mr. Casey can write, but just no. NO. I never would have thought that a book about a marriage destroyed by a lesbian affair could be so boring. Just. No.

  8. To some extent, this was an enjoyable read, but it seemed to drag on a little. The characters were engaging, but I did not find the plotline to be wonderful. It was depressing how the parents (in their own ways) neglected their two daughters.

  9. I liked the character development but the story line wasn't very interesting. It was well written enough to keep me engaged.

  10. It took a while to get in the flow of the story. There are two narrators - the father and the daughter. Once I found my rhythm, it went well and was enjoyable.

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