The Year After

The Year After Old friends assemble at a country house party for New Year At Hannesford Court it s almost as if nothing has changed But beneath the surface nothing is quite the same as the last time they met

  • Title: The Year After
  • Author: Martin Davies
  • ISBN: 9780340980422
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Old friends assemble at a country house party for New Year 1919 At Hannesford Court, it s almost as if nothing has changed.But beneath the surface, nothing is quite the same as the last time they met there A few faces are missing, and for Tom Allen, only just out of uniform, the desirable daughter of the house suddenly seems within his reach.Then there is the story of thOld friends assemble at a country house party for New Year 1919 At Hannesford Court, it s almost as if nothing has changed.But beneath the surface, nothing is quite the same as the last time they met there A few faces are missing, and for Tom Allen, only just out of uniform, the desirable daughter of the house suddenly seems within his reach.Then there is the story of the young woman who was found drowned in the swirling waters of the River Hann while Tom was away Can one unexplained death be significant when so many millions have died in the trenches

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    1 thought on “The Year After”

    1. Took a while to get round to this, one of those picks from the library and wasn't sure if I could be bothered.However once I started I quickly got into the story, really good grasp of what it must have been like for a survivor. Many of the faces you knew are gone, people have changed and are surprised that you have too. There's also the sense that people want to know what it was like in the trenches, but they don't really want to hear about the horror.Tom finds himself returning to Devon for chr [...]

    2. Beautifully written-evocative of the time (the year after world war one),Great descriptions of frosty winter mornings and of the 'big house'The main character Tom returns after fighting in World War 1,and is invited back to Hannesford Court for Christmas.It is a return to country house society of his previous life and it causes him to question whether that world and the people he knew were quite as they seemed.There is a little mystery running through the book which slowly unravels until we find [...]

    3. If you watch Downton Abbey and if you want to read something like it, but more somber, this is for you. A twisting tale taking place in 1919 just after The Great War. The story itself has its main plotline set in the summer of 1914 - and what comes after.I enjoyed this book a lot. Perfect for anyone interested in WWI - and just everyone who likes a classy read.

    4. It’s not often I write “I couldn’t put the book down!” I definitely couldn’t put The Year After down. I admire writers who effortlessly merge the territories of commercial and literary fiction. Daphne du Maurier did it years ago and now for me Martin Davies has achieved that difficult feat with The Year After by keeping the pages turning but never losing the tenor of the times he is writing about.The year in question is 1919. “Tom Allen, uncomfortable in London after five years in un [...]

    5. A beautiful literary book about dealing with a mystery, the truth and the aftermath of war. Martin touches on the scenery, senses and emotions of family told through the eyes of Tom and Anne with a charming eloquence. A new favourite author found.

    6. Excellent and well-told story about the aftermath of WWI and the effects on a large rich household in Devon. Great read and recommended. Would have given 4.5*

    7. Four and a half stars from me.Again, Mr Davies has written a book with characters that live in one of the spare rooms in my head. The "minor" characters are more individually drawn that those in "The conjuror's bird", I think, and to be honest I enjoyed not having to keep too many story lines in my head. Mr Davies does the flipping back and forward in time thing again, very successfully, and I felt it added to the unfolding of the story. Didn't want it to end.

    8. An interesting story well told. It took hold of me gently, until in the end I couldn't put it down. It contains thoughtful reflections on survival, and made me think about the aftermath of the First World War in a way I haven't previously.I bought the book at Market Deeping literary festival after hearing a very engaging talk by the author Martin Davies about book covers!

    9. c2011. FWFTB: summer, tranquility, secrets, fateful, Hannesford. I had a bit of a struggle which shelf to log this book into. It is so much more than just a historical novel, or a romance novel, or a crime novel. I loved the style of writing - no excessive verbiage but so so evocative. I found that romance weaved its way through the entire plot but I am not talking about romance between the characters more like the love of country, family, friends and the way things used to be. But, in exploring [...]

    10. This was set in England in 1919. The main character survived the war and doesn't really know how to cope with peace, or what to do with the life he didn't expect to have. He's invited to a grand house for Christmas where the inhabitants are trying to recreate the life they had before the war. So the perfect ingredients for a miserable mess of a book. However, Martin Davies creates a sense of a new start even if some of the characters don't realise they are beginning to make new post-war lives. H [...]

    11. I really liked the plot of this novel - a picture of English high society after World War I, including a sensitive portrayal of survivor guilt, a mystery and a touch of romance. It was well-constructed and hung together well. So I'm still not sure why I got impatient with it about halfway through. I read all the way to the end, but I found myself skipping passages - I didn't just want to know the ending, I did want to follow the narrative, but I didn't have patience with some of the writing. One [...]

    12. This author Martin Davies has an old world tone to his words which eminently suits the post World War 1 era in England. After the jubilation of peace comes the real test for the weary depleted towns and households. This is the story of Hannesford Court, the high society Stansbury clan and their invited friends (including unpretentious outsiders Tom and Anne). It blends both pre and post war expectations into a hotch potch of grief, underhanded dealings, glamour and deception. All is not as it se [...]

    13. I love the way M Davies has transported me to far away lands and mystical events in his other books so beginning to read this book , with the very different subject matter, gave me a jolt. However this story, so diametrically opposed to the mystical themes, whilst educating the reader about life after World War One had its own gentle charm. I enjoyed learning about how life had changed so much because of the war and in particular how the lives of women were altered irrevocably. This was a very e [...]

    14. what a wonderful read. shades of Gosford park in this one. Tom Allen returns from the war in 1919 and finds himself alone in London for xmas. when he is invited to Hannesford by the Stansbury's he sets off.Tom spent many happy summers there before the war. in the summer of 1914 a German professor died there. now Tom discovers there may be more to his death than a heart attack. as he sets out to find the truth he discovers a web of lies and secrets from that summer which came to a head at the ros [...]

    15. I actually bought that book because of the beautiful cover but sadly, this book wasn't as good as I hoped. The story wasn't really a story since it was neither intriguing nor very unexpected. The characters were predictable and shallow.On the whole, reading this book was like reading someone trying to imitate Fitzgerald (writing about superficial rich families) and failing utterly.

    16. At first I didn't like it, but as I pushed on reading the surroundings and people took form around me and soon I was walking and living in Tom and Anne's world. I became very fond of the characters, I did not want the book to end.

    17. If you're a fan of Downton Abbey you'll like this. It was interesting to read hour society was readjusting after the war and how those who made it back from the front felt. The only thing I felt let down by was the ending

    18. good caption of the period, people, habits, fears and hopes plus mystery to disclose. Written in a beautiful language. I recommend it for readers who love the observant way of narrating and don't expect too much action. It is like a portrait of the time after the Great War. Worth reading

    19. For fans of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey. Believable characters and dialogue and well-paced story. A real sense of what life must have been like immediately after WWI, for those returning from war and for those who stayed at home, trying to adjust to missing people and new traditions.

    20. Well written and a good amount of intrigue. A little too bland on the emotional level of the characters and somewhat predictable but otherwise a nice read.

    21. Highly enjoyable historical novel with an intriguing story containing mystery and romance set in England in the aftermath of World War I.

    22. A nice and comfortable read, with a thoroughly British atmosphere and the kind of somewhat aimless story that is perfect for reading some time around Christmas.

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