The Butcher's Boy

The Butcher s Boy What happens when a newly divorced mother her eleven year old son and their overprotective Rottweiler move into a house that is haunted by the victims of a long ago grizzly murder Can young Michael

  • Title: The Butcher's Boy
  • Author: Michael Robb Mathias
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens when a newly divorced mother, her eleven year old son, and their overprotective Rottweiler move into a house that is haunted by the victims of a long ago grizzly murder Can young Michael fight through the madness and terror to figure out what happened so long ago If he does, maybe the tormented souls can be put to rest If he fails, he just might become oneWhat happens when a newly divorced mother, her eleven year old son, and their overprotective Rottweiler move into a house that is haunted by the victims of a long ago grizzly murder Can young Michael fight through the madness and terror to figure out what happened so long ago If he does, maybe the tormented souls can be put to rest If he fails, he just might become one of them With only the help of his babysitter, a burned out house painter, and his dog Lucy Fur, Michael is about to try The problem is, not everyone is who they seem, even the dead.

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    1. The Butcher's Boy by Michael Robb was clearly a novel the author really wanted to write; a book without compromise; a book that held a lot of integrity with Robb's sensibilities; and a book with great honesty. But along with this honesty came a very graphic, gruesome and explicit novel. Something I wasn’t quite expecting, but fully embraced. The story begins during the fall of 1984 with the murder trial of William Buxley Sr the man accused of murdering his entire family (Dorothy (wife), Emma ( [...]

    2. 4.5 stars out of 5You know a book is good when a particular scene will play in your mind repeatedly. I remember watching the Shining and seeing Jack Nicholson dragging his leg through the maze with that ax. It was not the gore, the surprises, or the story that was memorable; it was that particular scene and the methodical slowness in which Jack dragged himself through the maze. It scares me to this day. The Butcher’s Boy has that same quality to it. Certain scenes keep playing in my head makin [...]

    3. If rape were a literary device, Mathias might think he’s an artist. But it’s not, and so using rape like sprinkles is a crude curtain for what otherwise would be completely unemotional writing. As it is, the characters are grossly underdeveloped and behave in messy patterns that serve the story nothing but thin masking (see first sentence). The writing was soaked in not only sexism and social ineptitude but also in unedited, floundering piss. The writing was drunk and neglected with a story [...]

    4. I picked this one up on Audible thru Kindle Unlimited. There was a lot going on in this one and at times it was a bit hard to follow the different characters (mostly the spirits). Not sure if that was a result of the audio version or not. Written well with a good cast of characters but a little predictable. Overall, a pretty good ghost story.(view spoiler)[ Really not related to anything, but I had a problem with one of the characters who was a meth addict that was trying to stay clean while con [...]

    5. Of course I love a good ghost story, but this is so much more than that. The ghosts of the past aren't the only mystery entangled within the story and it doesn't take long to figure out that something is amiss. Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. Every time I thought I knew what was going on, I realized there was so much more to it. Truly a brilliant piece of work.P.S. The product placement of The Royal Dragoneers was a hoot! Thanks for the laugh Michael!

    6. I just finished The Butcher's Boy. The book didn't take long for me to read because I was totally engrossed in the story. The Butcher's Boy is the perfect mixture of paranormal, horror and gore. It grabbed me from the very beginning and held on until I reluctantly read the last pages of the book. The story is told from several point of view of the characters but the flow between them was done very well and felt perfectly natural as I was pulled along. I definitely recommend this book!

    7. To put it simply, this book was one of the best ghost stories I have read in well, quite possibly ever. It was perfectly paced, the build up had me sitting with Goosebumps at times. The urge to continue turning the page was intense, and the mix of characters was well through out they complimented each other perfectly. From the opening page you know that there is something more than just a haunted house behind this story, and from the moment you meet the creepy, senile woman who lives next door, [...]

    8. Thirty-one years ago, Buxly the Butcher was tried for murdering his family. He was found guilty and sentenced to die for those grizzly acts. Now a newly divorced nurse has bought and moved into the house, completely unaware of what happened so long ago.The transition to a new life for Janet and her son Michael seems to go well. Janet meets a handsome charmer and decides she likes him enough to start dating again. She leaves Michael with a babysitter. Fueled by tales of the house being haunted, M [...]

    9. The thriller The Butcher’s Boy is a perfect mix of horror and mystery. It left me thinking, “I’d love to see this made into a movie”! But then I realized I would be too afraid to actually see it. While I did pinpoint the “bad guy” early on, it didn’t keep me from being on the edge of my seat the entire book. There were still plenty of twists and turns in this great story. I fell in love with Janet and Michael and I adored Lucy. I was also caught by surprise by the emotion the autho [...]

    10. Book Review: 3 Treasure BoxesThe Butcher's Boy catches your attention from the first page and keeps you on the edge of your seat for a wild and scary ride. A variety of things happen in this book including possession, murder, kidnapping and redemption. I really liked all the characters, especially Michael. They were well developed and I thought their actions and reactions were realistic. The ending was exciting but brutal and I thought maybe a bit cheesey. This is a standalone book with a well t [...]

    11. The Butcher's Boy is a trilling paranormal murder mystery. A divorced mother and her son move into a new house to restart their lives, only to discover it is haunted by a very nasty ghost. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing along the way so don't think you've gotten it figured out too early. Character developments where great and I had a very tough time putting this book down. Thanks Michael for the read!

    12. Excellent story!An Excellent read! I really enjoyed the read, the author's writing style is of absolute top quality and it's fast-paced. The characters are well developed making the read an awesome passionate thriller with a great creative plot. Michael Robb Mathias did a great work putting this together and I must say it deserves 5.0 stars out of 5. I would definitely recommend this great story.

    13. The Butcher's Boy by Michael Robb is a ghost story. Robb does not simply write scenes that are creepy, spine chilling and suggestive of a haunting, he straight up tells you. So, if you don't like graphic angry spirits invading bodies of innocent humans, this may not be for you. I need to ponder this a bit more, but it was well written and intense.

    14. Interesting blend of psychological thriller and ghost story. Maybe a little predictable: I have to admit that I called the twist & villain at the 17% mark. I did enjoy it, but found it to be a little uneven and a mixture of too many supernatural angles. Can't say more without having to add the spoiler tag.

    15. The Butcher’s Boy by Michael Robb – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat“The prosecution has sickened us with grizzly photographs of the crime scene. They have brought in experts and skilled technicians. They have dazzled us with their qualifications and then had us listen to their various opinions as to what happened to those three children and their living mother.” He heaved in a sigh and then began pacing slowly as he drew the jury in. “They have produced lab fi [...]

    16. This was quite an interesting Horror story, from an author who has written a chain of epic fantasy books. It starts out in a court room where William Buxly is on trial for killing his whole family, found guilty, he gets the death penalty. Many years later a lady called Janet buys the Buxly house for herself and her son Michael, totally unaware of the horrors of the killings that once happened within the house. It doesn't take long for the ghosts inside to make themselves known, first through sou [...]

    17. Where do I start?1. It's "Sarge", not "Serge"2. People in recovery for one chemical are to refrain from all chemicals except tobacco. Someone in recovery from meth and actively attending NA meetings would not be drinking beer. Period. End of story.3. If I found out my babysitter had been drinking and allowing friends to come to the house while watching my child, she would have been fired before she could say "But---"4. A boarder who shot up any drugs and left paraphernalia around where my child [...]

    18. 4.5 out of 5.They set the scene up for you and present to you the grisly details of what went down and now we move forward into the present-day. Don't get me wrong, what went down surrounding that house was not a typical, everyday family event and it was in no means something to be forgotten. Someone had to be blamed for that event but after all was said and done in the courtroom, were the dead really safe in their wooden boxes and were they all tucked in tight? In the end, Janet just wanted a g [...]

    19. This book was great fun. Not quite as scary as I'd hoped (probably because I found the plot somewhat predictable), but it had enough twists to keep me wanting to read it. There are several likable characters, and a couple of truly hateful ones. This setup usually makes for some exciting scenes, and there are quite a few of them in this book. There was also a bit of confusion (at least for me, but I can be dense at times) especially in the beginning when trying to keep the various dead entities s [...]

    20. This was another Kindle read for me. I started it back in April, but didn't have a whole lot of spare time to pick it up again until this past week. While it did a fairly good job of holding my interest, I am not a big fan of this book. First of all, it's disgusting in ways that it does not need to be disgusting. I feel like the author may have been aiming for some sort of shock reaction out of the reader by being so graphic/disturbing. Without being specific, I just really think that a lot of t [...]

    21. A fantastic read. An highly enjoyable mystery in The Butcher's Boy from Michael Robb Mathias. Absolutely Phenomenal! If you like thriller/suspense/horror all mixed together this is it! I was scared, thrilled and intrigued. What an interesting book. The writer does an excellent job of pulling me in from the very beginning, I didn't expect to get totally wrapped up in this book but once I started there was no going back. The writing easily draws you into the story from chapter 1 and doesn't let go [...]

    22. When Janet’s nasty divorce left her broke, she was overjoyed to find a house and job in another town. So happy, in fact, that she didn’t question why the house was so cheap. When her son Michael tells her that the house they moved into was the site of a brutal mass killing, and that he has seen ghosts of the victims, she is skeptic. But when a serial killer targets close to home, she discovers there’s more danger than mere ghosts. And with no funds to move, there is nothing she can do abou [...]

    23. It's a paranormal thriller, and just in general not my cup of tea at all. I do like the occasional ghost story, especially when it leaves some room for ambiguity (was it really a ghost? or just someone's over active imagination?) but having ghosts run amok, like some Amityville horror, coupled with evil ghostly vacations in the form of bodily possessionwell, it was all a bit too much for me. And then, of course, with all these ghosts running about, not to mention a serial killer on the loose, on [...]

    24. Didn't really know anything about this author but gave it a try. I was glad I opened up and read this book. It freaked me out and gripped me from the beginning. How would you feel if you bought a house that you didn't know was haunted due to a murderous event?? More so would you feel if your kid saw and apparition and said it had to do with who was murdered in the house??? Then, as if I wasn't already freaked out, you see in the news that there is a murderer on the loose killing young women (beh [...]

    25. Catching up on my reviews, etc This was a quick read-fast paced, good old fashioned ghost story, in the vein of "Amityville Horror". Great descriptive, solid, well defined characters, and unexpected plot twists. I hate to get into plot synopses in reviewing what I've readI'll leave that to professionals. Overall, I really enjoyed The Butcher's Boy, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good horror story that still allows you to sleep with the lights off. It's not Stephen King's"It" kind [...]

    26. In all honesty, I have read this book and LOVED it! I bought it and read it on my kindle. I would just signed up with the hopes of winning an actual copy of the book.This book is one of the best horror/thriller books I have read. It really haunts you until the very end. I could literally not put this down (I stayed up all night reading it)! The characters are well built and you love them (or hate them depending on who they are). The suspense is like being on a rollercoaster I have heard of that [...]

    27. *ONE SPOILER AFTER* I won this and was really excited to start reading it. It started off great. I liked the writing and was sucked right into the story. It has all the elements you'd expect of a good horror mass murder, ghosts, attempted possessionbut I put it down when I hit the child on child rape scene and haven't been able to make myself pick it up again. I think there were other ways the author could have gotten the point across that this was one sick kid without adding that in. Don't see [...]

    28. Michael Mathias tells a frightening tale, which blends a paranormal story with the goings-on involving a serial killer. The story is good, and he tells it well if you can overlook a fair number of editing problems. It's not a story for the faint of heart as, beyond the halfway point of the book, the details regarding both the paranormal and human activities become very graphic. If you have a strong stomach, it's an interesting story.

    29. I have always loved a good ghost story. It is rare to find one that is truly scary without a lot of gore or cheap sex. I really liked this one. I started it late one night and was very glad I was lying in bed with my husband asleep next to me. It scared me and I would have been peeing my pants if I had to walk through my dark house alone. I did have the mystery figured out about halfway through. It didn't keep me from enjoying it. It would make a good movie!

    30. I really dont like giving bad reviews, and after reading others comments about this short read, i'm thinking have i been reading the same book, or maybe im a little bit twisted! I read i think half of this book, i found it boring, and kept thinking how many times has this story been done? haunted house, flashbacks, single mum and kid, crazy neighbour. If i dont ever have anything else to read i might give it a second look. SORRY

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