Seventeen Syllables And Other Stories

Seventeen Syllables And Other Stories Classic short stories by a survivor of the US World War II concentration camps for Japanese Americans

  • Title: Seventeen Syllables And Other Stories
  • Author: Hisaye Yamamoto
  • ISBN: 9780913175149
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Classic short stories by a survivor of the US World War II concentration camps for Japanese Americans.

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      441 Hisaye Yamamoto
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    1 thought on “Seventeen Syllables And Other Stories”

    1. Hisaye’s storiesare dense little time capsules full of things unsaid.That's how I began my review for the amazingUncovered Classics , where artists remake covers and writers review books by women authors of the 20th century.

    2. Well, I've only really read "Seventeen Syllables" here and I can't find just "Seventeen Syllables" so I had to add this whole thing.Since my English literature classes started, we have yet to read a short story that the protagonist is a teenager. So finally, "Seventeen Syllables" came. And as far as the plot is concerned, I'm not really sure what I liked about it. I guess what I liked about this short story is the language (as always) Eng Lit. really opened my eyes to the beauty of words. I love [...]

    3. Hisaye Yamamoto was not a prolific writer, but her output of fine short stories spans decades. Central themes include assimilation and the loss of traditional cultural values, troubled marraiges, and, of course, the shameful internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. As a writer who was raised in the culture and who originally published many of these stories in Japanese American publications for a largely Japanese American audience, she produces uniquely authentic accounts of a lifestyle that [...]

    4. This is a book with several short stories. All the short stories are from people who are Asian immigrants that come to America for a better life. The people who wrote these short stories are all women and the stories are all about their past. These stories are about neighbors from when the women were young, family and what they had to go through back then, and jobs their families had.I thought this book was good and interesting. This book had many stories about different things like a name or wh [...]

    5. This is a really great example of a very well thoughtout short story collection. While I loved some, liked a lot and to be honest, could do without a couple, I felt overall it had enough range to appeal to a large audience. The tone of the revised/new stories is noticeably different from the earlier ones. I particularly was impressed with her use of humor, details, and variance in main protagonists voice.

    6. I couldn't resist buying a collection of short stories by a masterful Japanese American storyteller. Yet another "clearance" book written by a prominent twentieth century female author. Makes me wonder

    7. 2 short stories; the rest is commentary and analysis. I wish there had been more stories, but the ones there were were great!

    8. I loved these short stories so much. Thankful to my Asian American Lit class for uncovering these treasures.

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