Ghost Medicine

Ghost Medicine The summer before Troy Stotts turns seventeen his mother dies Communicating with his father mostly by notes Troy spends his time with his friends Tom Buller brash and fearless Gabe Benavidez smart

  • Title: Ghost Medicine
  • Author: AndrewSmith
  • ISBN: 9780312629120
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • The summer before Troy Stotts turns seventeen, his mother dies Communicating with his father mostly by notes, Troy spends his time with his friends Tom Buller, brash and fearless Gabe Benavidez, smart enough to know he ll never take over the family ranch and Gabe s sister, Luz, who Troy has loved since they were children They want this to be the summer of ghost medicThe summer before Troy Stotts turns seventeen, his mother dies Communicating with his father mostly by notes, Troy spends his time with his friends Tom Buller, brash and fearless Gabe Benavidez, smart enough to know he ll never take over the family ranch and Gabe s sister, Luz, who Troy has loved since they were children They want this to be the summer of ghost medicine, when time seems to stop, and they can hide from the past and the future, and all the ghosts that come with them Troy and his friends don t want trouble, but as the summer fills with dangerous and fateful encounters, can even the most powerful ghost medicine keep them hidden and safe

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    1. For 30 years, I've called GHOST MEDICINE author Andrew Smith my friend. We wrote for our high school newspaper together, and we were the best kind of best friends. We lost contact for a time, but once the friendship was renewed, I asked him, "Where is the novel?" "What novel?" he said. GHOST MEDICINE was the eventual answer to my continued prodding. It is a tender and serious work of fiction, as I'd secretly supposed. To begin to understand the story of 16-year old Troy Stotts before you've read [...]

    2. I had a hard time getting into this book; in the beginning it was very difficult to tell what was happening and when. The past and present seemed to be represented at the same time. It is also one of those books that is a tragedy and the author lets you know right away what is going to happen. I usually don't like books like that. But I decided to give it a chance anyway because he is a local author. I was horribly disappointed. Here is another book that has only one female character who causes [...]

    3. "the angel is sleeping in the woods."It's about time I write a review for this magnificent novel. Ghost Medicine is one of those books that you finish, are left speechless, and then have to put the book away quietly and just sit there in silence, reflecting deeply on how impacting the story is. It's one of those books that I find so impacting, that I forget to write a review on it for the longest time, a book that when I glance at it, my heart grows heavy, the memories of the book come rushing b [...]

    4. I've read three of Andrew Smith's books now. I think this might be my favorite. It's quieter than The Marbury Lens, and less action-oriented than In The Path Of Falling Objects. It's just a quiet story about three boys who go up a mountain and never return. Saying any more than that would be a disservice.

    5. Livrão da p*rra!Eu sou suspeito pra falar, porque adoro o Andrew Smith e leria qualquer coisa que ele escrevesse. Mas esse livro é maravilhoso demais!Não dá pra falar muito sobre a história sem dar spoiler, então digo apenas que o livro fala sobre amadurecimento, sobre crescer e se tornar adulto. Eu tenho uma paixão enorme pela narrativa do Andrew porque ele tem a capacidade de colocar sentimento em cada palavra, e esses sentimentos sempre me atingem com uma força bastante incomum. É mu [...]

    6. This is a very quiet, very well-written book that gets off to a slow start. Troy's mother has died, and he and his father have trouble connecting. He loves horses, and begins working for a wealthy rancher, whose daughter he happens to be in love with. But he, his friends, and his girlfriend are all threatened by the sheriff's violent, bullying son.With its rural setting and slowly building pace, this book may be a tough sell to city kids. But I think certain thoughtful teen guys (and girls), and [...]

    7. (FROM MY BLOG) Troy, Gabe, and Tom are three teenaged friends, living in ranch country, somewhere in California, probably.  Some place where open pastures have been carved out of redwood forests.Tom, the joker, the trickster, the coyote.  Gabe, the shy, sensitive boy, the kind one, the saintly one.  And Troy, the silent narrator, the brooding philosopher.Troy's dad and Gabe's dad had been best friends as kids.  As adults, they still called themselves close friends, but, as Troy tells us, the [...]

    8. Andrew Smith sure can write. I was a bit put off by how the book started (just stylistically) but the story was great. It's a coming of age novel about three boys. Read it. You won't regret it.

    9. Troy Stotts loves to ride his horse up into the mountains to get away from his worries.but trouble still finds him. We first meet Troy right after the death of his mother and quickly learn that for Stotts, nothing can heal like a nice long ride and a couple of days camping out by the river. We also learn about his three best friends: Tom who shows no fear and is always up for a reason to be away from his drunken father; Gabe who is shy and timid; and Luz who is tough and beautiful and the exact [...]

    10. My biggest issue with this book is that the author tells you at the beginning that three boys die on the mountain. I spent the whole book waiting to see which of the three friends wasn't going to make it because I was pretty sure that two of them were going to survive.Other than that, I didn't really connect with the characters until about halfway through and even then it was tenuous. It was probably the narrator. He just didn't sound like a teenager and he didn't really have much inflection. Al [...]

    11. YA western.I wish the author or editor or copy editor knew the rules for using commas. Worse confusion came from the author's transitions--or lack of them. The story would be moving along for a page or two, there'd be a double line break, and either a flashback or a dream or a continuation of the scene but with no transitional phrases whatsoever, so a reader has no idea of where these new sections are for at least several lines and maybe never. After struggling through that, I finally came to a [...]

    12. A Cura Invisível e A Lente de Marbury se complementam, de certo modo. Este é um livro pra vc apreciar com calma, passado em ranchos entre cavalos, com os personagens nadando em lagos, acampando em montanhas. Há certa conexão com a natureza, embora a história gire em torno da amizade de três carinhas, e o amor do protagonista pela irmã de um deles. Nada aqui acontece com pressa, mesmo as ameaças, os vilões, são plantados com calma, para os problemas que causam serem colhidos adiante. É [...]

    13. I've always been drawn to America's rugged cowboy culture. Having grown up in the lowlands by the North Sea, the American West seemed worlds away. It was. And it still is. But through Ghost Medicine, I feel I have lived it. Smith brings that experience to life in such a rich, sensory and even seductive way, that I felt I was riding a horse along with Troy, Gabe and Tommy.I was happy Smith prepared us for what was to come (sort of), because it would have broken my heart otherwise.A great read.

    14. This was an interesting story about a young mans struggle and overcoming the hardships of like. His friends and family and how these relationships helped him to grow and become who he is. It deals with loss and sorrow and how he was able to heal and move on. The writing was ok. The language was a little rough at times but overall I did like the story.

    15. For the first hundred pages or so, I had just about made up my mind that Ghost Medicine could go back to gathering dust at the library. I chose to read Ghost Medicine because I had recently read the Winger books, Winger and Stand-Off, and wanted to see what else Andrew Smith had written. As I mentioned, Ghost Medicine started slow, but the time Smith took at the beginning to set things up paid off. There are several scenes in this book, particularly the scenes dealing with with animals and their [...]

    16. Não foi dessa vez!Que baita decepção; estava com uma expectativa relativamente alta, já que AMO COM TODO O MEU CORAÇÃO Selva de Gafanhotos, e gosto de Minha Metade Silenciosa. Todavia, este livro é péssimo, tem um ritmo sempiterno (num sentido totalmente negativo), já que o livro não evolui para lugar nenhum, a narrativa é massivamente tediosa, o tema meio velho-oeste é igual a trocentas outras histórias bem clichês, os personagens são vários desmiolados que não sabem o que est [...]

    17. This is not my favorite book of Andrew Smith's (sorry Andrew), but I still enjoyed it. It was much slower paced than his other novels and took me awhile to get into the story, but I'm not complaining. This story does a fantastic job, as Smith typically does, at describing the relationships within teenage boys' lives. In our culture where male emotional expression is repressed, I find it fascinating to explore the battle of societal norms and inner emotional turmoil of characters when they're sti [...]

    18. So far the start was very slow and basically just puts you slap in the middle of a story. Which personally i did not like because it basically turned the first 100 pages of the book in to an introduction. Once i had gotten past that point the story picks up some and i do start to enjoy it moi know the characters. Still though i have trouble getting into the book at parts because i basically just reading someones biography or at least that is how i feel.Another edit:Looks like there is finally so [...]

    19. Ghost Medicine is the story of a group of friends that want to spend the summer without having to worry about the future. Ghost medicine is the time that stops, no future, no presence. The story shows friends through summer adventures that leads them into many situations fun, and dangerous. They stick together in a final hoorah for a summer to remember.

    20. Actual rating: 2.5/5 starsThe book was pretty slow and boring during the first half, but the second half of it picks up. I didn't care for the romance but, being Smith's first novel at the time, he does a great job of establishing the relationship between the main character, Troy, and his friends Tom and Gabriel, something that he continues on with his future books and onward.

    21. This book was slow and nothing much happened until the end. Normally I would just put it down or skip through bits of it, but this still held my intrest. I liked the main characters and the bond they had to eachother. The ending did make me feel things, but all in all this just wasn't really my type of book.

    22. The narrarator, Troy, tells us the ending (without the specifics) in the prologue, then begins the story at the beginning. There are a lot of relationships in this story. There is a bond of friendship. Troy, Gabe loose their boyhood as this story in revealed.

    23. Final rating: ★I probably purchased my copy of Andrew Smith’s Ghost Medicine sometime around 2011. I imagine that I was intrigued by the concept of a novel about death and grief (and I’m not going to lie, the horse on the cover probably drew me in, too). After all, I had never before read a young adult contemporary before and had no way of knowing that the death of a family member was such a common trope within the genre. I happily picked up the book and bought it at the bargain price of R [...]

    24. Anyone who knows me or has had a conversation with me in the past two months is probably aware that I am mildly obsessed with Andrew Smith's books. (This isn't entirely an exaggeration: most of my conversations are about books, and because I work with/read middle reader and young adult books, there's plenty of opportunity to bring up Andrew.) I read his newest book, Stick, two months ago and then ran around buying copies of his three previous so I could read them all right away. Now that Stick's [...]

    25. I read this book by mistake, somehow my book list took ghost and added medicine on to the end. A happy accident. This book was a mixture of fun and light with deep and difficult. Troy is trying to deal with a loss while his dad is shutting him out. He takes comfort in his horse, animals, and his friends. He gets a job on his friend's farm where another friend, Tommy, works. Tommy and Troy meet the neighbor who is a hoarder, but they come to be friends. All together they learn lessons and try to [...]

    26. A contemporary Western - who would have thought I would find this genre appealing? (Honestly, it is hard to get past the whole "Brokeback Mountain" thing whenever I think of westerns!)However, "Ghost Medicine" was fabulous! Teen boys - and girls - will love this book. There is action, romance, the outdoors, horses, friendship, blood, and growth - something for everyone.The first time I tried this book, I couldn't get past the first ten pages or so - I wasn't ready for it. The opening couple of p [...]

    27. “So things do not happen by coincidence, and everything that is, is really a collision of paths. And so luck, which I also do not believe in in the way that most people do, is merely a chain of certain reckless collisions.” Andrew Smith is one of my favorite authors, so when I saw this book at the used bookstore, I had to have it. This book is a YA western, coming-of-age story about Troy and his friends living in a rural setting near ranches and farms. This setting was fairly foreign to me, [...]

    28. Ghost Medicine by Andrew SmithWow that escalated quickly straight from a pety rivalry to almost rape to murder. It was like a roller coaster except with horses; starts out slow but once you're in the actual ride it is adrenaline causing and nerve pushing. From death to death this was not what Troy, his friends, and the readers least expected.The story starts right after Troy Scott's mother dies and we are introduced to a 16 year old with raw emotion of pure grief. It takes his crush, Luz, to get [...]

    29. I found this book to be beautifully written. It is a coming of age story of four teenagers growing up in ranch country called Three Points and events that unfold one summer. The main protagonist, Troy Stotts, is seventeen and his mother has just died. His good friend, Tommy Buller, and his father Carl, live and work on the ranch of Arturo Benavidez. Tommy's is motherless as his mother walked out one day and never returned. Gabriel and Luz Benavidez are also Troy and Tommy's friends. Arturo is ha [...]

    30. At the very beginning stages of Ghost Medicine I could tell that Andrew Smith had different intentions than many other authors out there. Andrew has a very interesting and unique style that captures this story so beautifully, yet at the same time towards the end, he had me so furious that I was ready to throw this very same book at him. He has an ability to hold his readers captive quite well and I applaud him greatly for that.Troy Stotts is indeed a great character. His mother passed away from [...]

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