O Fim de Semana

O Fim de Semana Ap s mais de vinte anos de afastamento um grupo de velhos amigos e amantes re ne se durante um fim de semana Numa casa de campo isolada desenterram mem rias e comentam os diferentes rumos que as suas

  • Title: O Fim de Semana
  • Author: Bernhard Schlink
  • ISBN: 9789892310015
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ap s mais de vinte anos de afastamento, um grupo de velhos amigos e amantes re ne se durante um fim de semana Numa casa de campo isolada desenterram mem rias e comentam os diferentes rumos que as suas vidas tomaram Mas esta n o uma simples reuni o de amigos, nem as suas conversas sobre os velhos tempos constituem as t picas reminisc ncias de juventude A verdade queAp s mais de vinte anos de afastamento, um grupo de velhos amigos e amantes re ne se durante um fim de semana Numa casa de campo isolada desenterram mem rias e comentam os diferentes rumos que as suas vidas tomaram Mas esta n o uma simples reuni o de amigos, nem as suas conversas sobre os velhos tempos constituem as t picas reminisc ncias de juventude A verdade que se juntaram para celebrar a liberta o de um dos membros do grupo ap s vinte e tr s anos de pris o, J rg, condenado por terrorismo e homic dio, acaba de ser libertado No passado, estes amigos partilhavam ideais revolucion rios Agora, todos eles asseguraram o seu lugar na sociedade Henner jornalista, Ulrich um homem de neg cios, Karin pastora de uma pequena igreja e Ilse professora Para tr s parecem ter definitivamente ficado os dias de luta e idealismo

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    1. This is a (fiction) book* about a dark period of Germany's History: 1970-1998. Some speak about a "German Autumn". Basically, it refers to the acts of a terrorist organization called Red Army Fraction (RAF=Rote Armee Fraktion), which conducted acts of terrorism against a State deemed to be "fascist". Several of its members went to jailme got pardoned, many women got involved. I would recall the Ulrike Meinhof case, still mysterious as to the causes of her hanging while in jail. In 1998 the organ [...]

    2. A group of, for the most part, long time friends meet at a secluded, dilapidated country villa in the countryside around Berlin. They have come together to welcome back into society one of their own. Jörg, was just released that day from prison on a special pardon, having spent twenty four years in detention for several murders, committed as a member of the infamous Baader-Meinhof Gang (RAF - Red Army Faction), notorious in the nineteen seventies. The novel follows the visitors over the course [...]

    3. Bernhard Schlink is an author of substance, style, and ideas; it is unfortunate that this work seems only to be a pastiche of his earlier fiction. Neither characters nor plot enhance his distinctive themes of guilt, responsibility, memory, and reconciliation. Vaguely reminiscent (initially) of the film THE BIG CHILL, in this depiction, the group of middle-aged friends are not rendezvousing to mourn an old friend, but have gathered in a rural farmhouse in Germany to welcome home Jorg, a just-rele [...]

    4. Loved the book, the reader by this author, this book not so much! I guess my biggest problem is not much happens at this gathering or reunion other than talk of regret.

    5. D.Nt started OK, but then I got bored quite quickly, maybe the tone of the book was lost in it's translation? Not sure, but I was skimming over it by page 30. Then around page 44-47, something happened which just irritated the crap out of me as a parent (not really a spoiler, but Mum and Dad hear their daughter scream and just dither about, saying "oh dear, I think that is our child screaming in fright, what is that about I wonder?" and then dither about some more. Then, they find her standing n [...]

    6. There is a lot going on in this short book, but the author was able to connect the storylines well and in a way that made sense. And I just love Schlink's writing style. The main character in the book is a former member of a domestic terror organization in Germany who was in prison for the last 20 something years and now spends his first weekend in freedom with friends from back in the day that didn't radicalize themselves like he has done. But it also is a family drama and it also talks how peo [...]

    7. Het idee voor het verhaal is goed en het zou heel interessant leesvoer op kunnen leveren, maar de uitwerking is halfslachtig en oppervlakkig. Een deel van de personages, en zeker de persoon om wie het allemaal draait, komen niet goed uit de verf, waardoor deze personages eerder irritatie oproepen dan dat je er begrip voor krijgt. De schrijfstijl is prima, maar zoals gezegd: 'er ontbreekt wat'. Daardoor kan ik er niet meer van 2,5 sterren voor geven, afgerond naar beneden 2, want deze schrijver k [...]

    8. This is unfortunately an average book, not even by far half as good as the others I read by Schlink. Some friends meet somewhere in the countryside to welcome back to freedom a terrorist who has been pardoned after 30 years of imprisonment. They all had been part of the same group of friends before he, the terrorist, Jorg, started his part in the cause he fought for (he had been a part of RAF- The German Red Army Faction). At present, they all have trouble accepting his murders and feel awkward [...]

    9. A convicted terrorist has been pardoned. His overprotective sister Christiane invites old friends to spend a weekend with the newly-released Jörg at her country house. As the weekend progresses, we read the thoughts of the friends about each other. Most of them parted company three decades before.Not much happens in the book. If you're looking for a thriller, look somewhere else. Yes, the friends have dinner table conversations, arguments about whether Jörg should let Marko release a "declarat [...]

    10. Der RAF Terrorist Jörg wird nach vielen Jahren Haft begnadigt. Seine Schwester Christiane, die seit seiner Kindheit für ihn gesorgt hat, holt ihn ab. Um ihm den Einstieg in die Gesellschaft zu erleichtern – oder das Auftreffen auf die wirkliche Gesellschaft noch ein paar Tage zu verzögern – organisiert sie ein Wochenende in einem abgelegenen Landhaus. Eingeladen sind die alten Freunde, die sich damals zwar wohl als Revolutionäre gesehen haben, sich vor dem bewaffneten Kampf aber gescheut [...]

    11. The author, better known recently for his book “the Reader,” takes us back to the era of Germany’s urban violence, the Red Brigades, most notoriously the Baader-Meinhof Communist-anarchist group in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, when hundreds of violent incidents – assassinations, bombings, arson, kidnappings were conducted. So here we are circa 2005, and a terrorist, responsible for the murder of four people, is being released from prison. His sister is holding a weekend event at a ru [...]

    12. I love foreign writers as a rule; they do something poetic and romantic with words that when converted to English makes the sentences come alive in a way that is different to English writers. I was fascinated by the story. A ‘revolutionary’ or ‘terrorist’ depending on your political views in Germany circa 1970’s/1980’s is pardoned after decades in jail and his friends all gather for the weekend out of curiosity, love and a sense of obligation to welcome him to freedom. Being together [...]

    13. For such a short book there is really a lot to absorb here. A bunch of middle-aged friends gather in a dilapidated German country house for a weekend to "celebrate" their terrorist friend's pardon from prison. Felt like I was missing something by not knowing about the failed German terrorist revolution of the 1970s, but aside from that most of the themes were universal. In an amazingly short space Schlink's characters do a lot of soul-searching, mostly comparing what they had dreamed their lives [...]

    14. Schlink's latest foray into fiction is far more concerned with ideas than with plot development and characterization. Some critics were able to overlook this unusual format -- a continuous succession of conversations -- in favor of his astute exploration of the character and collective struggle of a country still mired in the horrors of its past. Schlink skillfully mines the tension between the passionate idealism of youth and the nagging uncertainties of middle age in "a cross between The Big C [...]

    15. Reader review from Heather - I've just finished Bernhard Schlink's 'The Weekend".It's better than The Reader. It took me 1 afternoon and 1 morning. Couldn't put it down, a definite page-turner. 9/10 or 10/10.It's about terrorism in Germany - Bader Meinhof gang and the Red Army Faction. . Can't believe he got so much into 221 pages. Sorted out a lot of things for me in terms of German history, from 1410 to today, and including America nd the Arabs. I liked the story within the story and the philo [...]

    16. From the author of The Reader which I liked much more, The Weekend also takes up part of Germany's past, in this case the domestic terrorism of the 1970s. I don't know if the problem is in the translation, but in parts of the book it's hard to figure who's doing the talking. Shifting the perspective from one person to another in the same scene is frowned upon by writing teachers. Schlink is certainly taking chances in using that technique and while I can understand why he tries it, I found the r [...]

    17. My friend Angela gave this to us and I really enjoyed the reading of it: there is something about books chosen by others. This contemporary weekend gathering of aged and former 'terrorists', (Baader-Meinhof members, symapthisers and survivors of 1970s dissent) questions the use of violence, the reliability of memory and the nature of friendship and, in a complex way, it explores personal redemption through 'truth' telling. The translation seems appropriate to the themes and is easy to read. Blis [...]

    18. Шлинк е еден од најкатастрофалните писатели кои што сум ги читал. Не можам да сфатам зошто е толку познат и каде му е квалитетот, но пишува ужасно, неспретно, здодевно. Во оваа книга има вишок ликови, кои низ приказната заборава дека половина од нив постојат, има дупки во град [...]

    19. Great premise but didn't quite work. This is a translation from the German and that may have been the problem for me. I am only vaguely aware of the politics of which this group of people are/were involved. I think those native to Germany have more of an understanding of what's going on here. I didn't. From Publishers WeeklyOld friends cautiously reunite at an isolated German estate after one of them is released from prison in Schlink's (The Reader) meditative novel on the past's grip on the pre [...]

    20. I'm not sure that this novel from the author of the excellent The Reader really works. The conflicts over how to deal with the release from prison of a German terorist make an interesting subject, and Schlink shows how it elicits different repsonses from different friends and relatives gathered for 'the weekend', but it all rather trails out inconclusively. I rather lost interest towards the end, and felt that maybe the author had done as well.

    21. Some bizarre navel-gazing passages towards the end along with a lot of discussion on 'life lies'. It lost me sometimes. Overall a decent read. Explores far left terrorism in Germany and was quite enlightening in some aspects. Would I read it again? Probably not. For a short novel it seemed quite long for some reason.

    22. I wish the Weekend was more of a week, really interesting developments and characters I just wanted more space for them to operate in. Particuarly the character and mystery (spoiler alert) of Jan, who although we get a hint of what happened to him I would have like more.

    23. Шлінк так помаленьку-помаленьку стає одним з улюблених письменників. Його теми переосмислення історії, вміння показати її під багатьма кутами мене дуже тішать.

    24. Having read 'the Reader' and being particularly impressed with how succinctly the author layered and described complicated social issues, I was looking forward to a rework of his talent in another novel. Well, the disappointment was REAL. I imagine I must pardon certain elements of it that are simply lost in translation but other matters cannot be overlooked. The premise is interesting (the premise is what got the single star)- a recently pardoned terrorist, Jorg, leaves jail and reunites with h [...]

    25. - Hola, ¿qué tal? ¿Cuanto tiempo?- Por lo menos 20 años, ¿no?- Más o menos y ¿qué tal llevas ahora que me tirara a tu mujer?(malas caras, gritos, algún empujón que otro, reproches y más reproches y diez minutos después)- Venga, tomémonos una copita de vino, por los viejos tiempos.- Prefiero que demos un paseo por el parque.Choca un poco este diálogo, verdad? Pues una impresión parecida me llevé yo con los diálogos de esta novela. Bueno, más que con los diálogos, con los inicio [...]

    26. The history of Germany in the last hundred years is fascinating and this book gives an interesting analysis of a particular aspect from a view some thirty years after the event. In this book Schlink, rather than considering the effect on modern Germans of the second world war as he did famously in The Reader, is considering another disturbing period the 1970's when internal terrorism and revolutionaries such as the Baader Meinhof gang were kidnapping and killing prominent German businessmen. The [...]

    27. I bought this book when I just moved to Spb 7 years ago. Finally I read it!When I read the summary, I though: "Hm What a lovely way to spend the weekends - book about german terrorism". It seems I didn't read the summary when I picked up this book at the store. However, I still remember how much I enjoyed reading other books by Schlink, that's why I decided it's time I read this one too.This book is fairly small and it's easy to read (maybe because it's very dynamic). It tells us about the first [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book. I found it compulsively readable. The writing was well done; the story was believable; and although the whole story is based over 2.5 days, I felt that the characters were fleshed out. It all felt very real and elegantly done. A very restrained and graceful piece. The highlight for me were the conversations between Margarete and Henner; they were beautifully done. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this title! I will absolutely read more Schlink. Great read. A real plea [...]

    29. Fascinating read. A group of old comrades come together for the weekend to welcome out of prison one of their number who has served 22 years. Bit by bit the relationships between the group become clearer and what has happened to them individually during the period since they planned or engaged in or discussed terrorist activities. Their hopes and fears are revealed. A complex book with many dimensions. I read this in German and found it accessible.Would recommend this book to anybody interested [...]

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