Along a Long Road

Along a Long Road Follow that road Speed off on an eventful bicycle ride along the bold yellow road that cuts through town by the sea and through the country Ride up and around along and through out and down Frank

  • Title: Along a Long Road
  • Author: Frank Viva
  • ISBN: 9780316129251
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Follow that road Speed off on an eventful bicycle ride along the bold yellow road that cuts through town, by the sea, and through the country Ride up and around, along and through, out and down Frank s striking graphic style is executed in just five joyous colors, and his spare, rhythmic language is infectious Hit a bump Get back on track Reach the end Start again

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    1. Well, this is a very creative book. Its illustrations are made up from one big illustration, which is shown on the inside front and back covers. It would be great for both beginning readers and for reading aloud.However, neither the lackluster (lack of) story text or the pictures really appealed to me all that much. I see from the rating details before I posted, that I’m in the minority here, so I’ll be off to read others’ reviews, but I doubt they’ll change my mind about this one.I'd ha [...]

    2. It wasn't a fantastic book for me. Just meh.It had nice glossy yellow ink for the road though.Printed with 5 different colors: red, black, blue, blue-white-sih, and yellow.

    3. It’s not about the destination — it’s all about the journey in this captivating story of a man on his bicycle. We follow him as he rides up hills and down, into tunnels and out, over bridges and along city streets. Going fast, going slow, he grinds to a sudden stop, then he’s off again, his posture shifting as the terrain changes. The twisty-turny road takes him past fields, towns, amusement parks and seasides. And the passing landscape holds all sorts of surprises. Is that a whale or a [...]

    4. We loved this book, and if your kid loves mazes or maps, or loves to follow the line and trace roads with his finger, then this is a book for you. My little boy asked for this book again and again, he couldn't get enough of chasing the yellow line that makes the road that's at the center of this book. There are not many words, it could almost be called wordless. And yet, the rhythm of those sparse words is kind of intoxicating (and briefly it reminded my of one of our favorite toddler books: Fre [...]

    5. When I heard about this book, I wanted to read it because Sophie's daddy and grandpa are avid bicyclists. There aren't a lot of words in the book, but the pictures are super and you can see that long yellow road stretching from page to page. Along the coastline, past a town, through a tunnel, over a bridge, uphill and down, our cyclist pedals, stops for a short break, and pedals again until we see the sun setting and the moon rising. I'm no art expert, so I don't have the exact words for the typ [...]

    6. I became much more interested in the book when I read on the title page that Frank Viva created the illustrations as a single continuous panel in Adobe Illustrator. And also when I realized that the yellow road on the cover makes a continuous loop with the endpapers AS WELL AS with the road in the book. Definitely in the neo-retro category of Where's Walrus and a couple other books I can't think of right now. Love the glossy yellow road throughout. There is an enormous amount of stuff to look at [...]

    7. I don't even get it but I love it. This is the book you wish your little one would decide was the one he wants you to read over and over and over -- so you could bask in this shapely cutout world with the shiny orange road, every page laced with charming visual surprises.Instead it's usually The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp.

    8. Great concept book and well-executed. The road in question is the a shiny yellow line that flows through the book creating movement and interest. I love that the line meets up in the right spot at each page turn. And the color palette is both nostalgic and refreshing.

    9. I would describe this as a visual art book vs. a pure children's book. Parents will enjoy the art and kids will enjoy the (very) simple story. The story, in and of itself, is not that interesting, but a first-time reader can read it and then can discuss what's happening on the page with the parent. The art is very cool; hyper-modern and worth adding to a children's book collection as a design example alone. Author Frank Viva is an award-winning illustrator and designer living and working in Toro [...]

    10. This is a book of biking, and looping. The art work is neat, simple, funky and contemporary, looks almost like a poster. The story is also simple, with the concept of loop implemented at the end. In terms of creativity, 4 star for art work. 3 star for texts. Since there are other books published before using exactly same concept. In terms of meaning, among all the reviews, one says it is "not about destination". Well, I strongly doubt if people can get that meaning. it is purely a game of words, [...]

    11. With only 77 words, this book is great if you are looking for a quick read. It is a concept book about a bike journey on a long road, and seems to be aimed at young toddlers & preschoolers. The illustrations are funny and the shiny yellow road may amuse the younger set.There's not much of a "story," so it's really the illustrations that make the book interesting.

    12. Trek along on a bicycle ride, across a glossy, yellow road, through different types of rural and urban scenery. Use your fingertip to trace the smooth inviting texture, a route that is continuous from page to page.

    13. A man riding a bicycle makes his way along a long road in this visually stunning book. He bikes past stores and towns, over bridges and through tunnels, as he follows the golden road. Even a small bump in the road isn’t enough to keep him off the road for long. At the end of the book he makes it back to his starting point and begins his circuit again.The text is minimal; there is no dialogue, just description of the ride, “Into / a tunnel / And / out.” The emphasis is on the smart illustra [...]

    14. Along a long road was unlike any other children's book I have ever seen or read. The concept of the book was very simple with the main character having no name, he just rode his bicycle along a long road. On the long road he went faster, slower, through a tunnel, around a ben and made a stop. Those were the only plot details as nothing else happened or developed. However, I chose this book for the illustrations and not the writing. The long road was a bright yellow road and had a different textu [...]

    15. Along a Long Road by Frank Viva follows an unnamed bicycle rider as he pedals through town and city, by the sea, and through the country, with a bump along the way.Viva's bold, stylized, graphic illustrations were created as one, continuous, thirty-five foot piece of art using Adobe Illustrator. Just five colors are used: gold red, blue, black and white. My favorite illustrations are into a tunnel, over a bridge, and around a bend. I also really liked the cover, title page, and endpapers. The sh [...]

    16. Another book for the Mock Caldecott discussion. This is one of those books that's kind of a neat revelation. The text is simple and drives you along but not as much as the road itself. I enjoyed the abstracted art style especially with the use of only 5 colors the entire book (black, white, blue, red and yellow). The copyright page notes: "This book was created as a single, continuous thirty-five-foot-long piece of art using Adobe Illustrator." Following the line through (and around, and through [...]

    17. This is an amazing picture book with illustrations created as a single piece of art and hand drawn display type. An orange path winds up and down, fast and slow, through urban and rural settings, across black pages, and on that path can be found a bicyclist pedaling consistenly along his route. Of course, he encounters a bump or two along the way, but after a brief rest, he climbs back on and pedals off. The illustrations show some of the sites he passes along the trip(amusement parks, clothing [...]

    18. Great illustration sucked me in. I love the way it’s written, too; example from the end of the book:“Along a long road gaining speedAgain and again and againAlong a long road going fastAround a round bend near the endAnd start all over again”It just begs to be read. I started reading this to Tristan before he was old enough to enjoy it, but now he’s getting into it as he approaches two, pointing out the dogs, apples, cars and more that the cyclist passes.Another book I read just as much [...]

    19. I enjoyed Frank Viva's jazzy artwork. The book follow's a cyclist's tour through town and country; the concept reminds me of Laura Ljunkvist's "Follow the Line" series, but with a palette of yellows and black. The cyclist's road goes from the front cover, along the endpapers, through the book, endpapers, back cover, and then returns to the front cover. I don't know the exact name for the printing process--embossing, I think--but the road is printed in such a way that it is slick and raised from [...]

    20. The book called out from the new book shelf the other day. I even checked it out. I mentioned it to my boss. She said looked like a Caldecott contender. From the book jacket it looks like Frank Viva lives in Canada, so don't know if he would be eligible.It's perfect for 3 to 4 year olds. Pictures feature an androgynous, ageless figure on an imaginative bike. The pictures are maybe too clean. I love texture and some imperfections, personally. The words teach kids important concepts and they can f [...]

    21. This first book by award winning Toronto graphic designer is breathtaking. This book is illustrated with in a very limited pallet, predominantly in black and light yellow and blue. The only other colors are red, mainly for the riders jersey, and brown for the road. The people have a slightly surrealistic look but the background and skylines are simple yet evocative illustrations. Children will love the fun illustrations yet they are of such a quality adults will not bore of reading the book over [...]

    22. First of all, I love Frank Viva's striking graphic style: the gumby-like main character, completely with large thighs and calves; the winding yellow road, which has a slick texture that makes it "pop" from the rest of the picture, and the retro-feel of the illustrations. But the text was kind of "meh," there just wasn't a lot of there there. A great book if you like looking at pictures, not for read-alouds or storytime.All ages

    23. I enjoyed this book because of the illustrations. Although the words were simple throughout the story, the marriage between the picture and the text was phenomenal, making the story worth the read. The reader travels with the biker through various settings, provide multiple visuals for readers as they go through the book. After reading this book, children could complete a follow-up activity where they depict one of the settings from the story. This book is interactive and enjoyable for many ages [...]

    24. The more time I spent with this book, the more it grew on me. The illustration of the cyclist was so strange to me that I hard time getting over it enough to enjoy the rest. But, I did. Lots of clever surprises throughout. I really liked how the end papers contained little pictures that you can find throughout the book. It reminded me of my favorite part of Highlights magazine. I would pair this with the "Follow the Line" books.

    25. Wellis is an interesting one. This is the esoteric story of a man riding a bicycle on a long road. Children fascinated by off-the-beaten path artwork will love the illustrations, especially the shiny yellow road that travels through all the pages.However there is not one piece of punctuation anywhere in this book. The entire story is just one long run-on sentence. Makes for rather difficult reading.

    26. Along a long road is a short story with little text that focuses on the main character’s rhythmic ride through the town. The simple text words that are used in the story is easy to be read to a child who is trying to learn how to speak. The illustrations make the children make their own conclusions as there is a lot of small details in each page. I personally did not like this book. It does not have much of a problem/solution. It is just a book about a bikers ride from point A to point B.

    27. A fairly interesting book; not a lot of stuff going on throughout the story, but it was fun to look at the modern page designs and feel the different textures. They had applied a gloss to the road so it was slick and smooth compared to the rest of the pages. I enjoyed this simplistic story, but it's not something I'm going to go back to again and again.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2012

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