Revenge of the Wannabes

Revenge of the Wannabes Just weeks before Christmas and the girls are busy at the Body Alive Dance Studio As Alicia and her exhausted dance friends change out of their Nuala gear they discuss their plans for the weekend

  • Title: Revenge of the Wannabes
  • Author: Lisi Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780689875465
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just weeks before Christmas and the girls are busy at the Body Alive Dance Studio As Alicia and her exhausted dance friends change out of their Nuala gear, they discuss their plans for the weekend.

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    1. I learned from this book that not everyone is nice. While Claire is just starting to fit in with the Pretty Cometie, Alicia is starting her own because she feels that Massie isn't being the best of friends even though it was her and Olivia who switched the pictures on the ballet boxes to win the OCD school uniform design contest. When Claire startes to get a crush on a cute Bryerwood boy, Massie doesn't accept it because she too has a crush on Cam Fisher. When Alicia and Olivia start their form [...]

    2. Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison was a really good book. It is one of my favorites in the whole clique series. The genre is fictional. I like it because I can relate to it. There are five main characters in this story, Massie Block, Claire Lyons, Kristen Gregory, Dylan Marvil and Alicia Rivera. They are all best friends and they are all there own clique. Massie is the leader/alpha of the clique of girls and they all look up to her. They go through a lot of drama and problems. The main pr [...]

    3. I loved this one! my friends just reading it now actually!! I was shocked when Alicia tried to get her own clique but understood. Whatever--it was awesome!!

    4. The Pretty Committee shuns Alicia because she switched the ballot boxes causing herself and Olivia to win the uniform design contest. Alicia is sick of being Massie’s beta, so she attempts to form her own clique. She even tries to turn the Pretty Committee against Massie by lying and saying Massie told Alicia their secrets, but in the end they learn the truth. Massie forces Claire to not see Cam because she likes him, but in the end she apologizes and the two unite. Massie even forms a crush f [...]

    5. Find this review, plus more, on my blog: Booklikes OR Blogger Basic InfoFormat: Kindle. Pages/Length: n/aGenre: Young Adult; Chick LitReason For Reading: I have issues. At A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: NoCliff Hanger: NoTriggers: n/aRating: 3 starsScore SheetAll out of tenCover:7Plot: 7Characters: 6World Building: 6Flow:8Series Congruity: 9 Writing: 8Ending: 8Total: 7In DepthBest Part: Fighting!Worst Part: Claire bear!Thoughts Had: I like my fluff. ConclusionContinuing the Series: [...]

    6. Alicia decides that it's time for her to be an alpha, to start her own Clique. duh-Livia Ryan is her beta (what she used to be) but now she needs a Dylan and a Kristen. The real ones would be even better. But don't think for a moment Massie doesn't know what Alicia's trying to do. Massie knows Alicia switched ballot boxes in the school uniform design contest so she'd win, and she's finding a way to get back at her. Alicia finds a way to make Claire, Kristen, and Dylan turn against Massie. On the [...]

    7. don't evn know why I like these books so much. Maybe its the drama. Or the love triangle. I really don't kniw and don't care. I just like them.

    8. I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first two, mostly because the Pretty Committee was split up, but I love the fact that Claire is now in, and that Massie is really starting to mature!

    9. The story starts out with Alicia Rivera in dance class with her friend Olivia. She loves dance class because Massie isn't there, and so Alicia is the most popular and best dancer. After class is over, while everyone is in the locker room rushing to get out, Alicia begins to wonder why she is being bossed around by Massie, and Olivia begins to convince her to have her own slumber party at her house. Alicia begins to get tired of everyone being so obsessed with Massie, so she agrees to the sleepov [...]

    10. Revenge of the wannabes by Lisi Harrison is a teenage drama. There are a few main characters named Massie,Claire,Alicia,Dylan,and Kristen. Massie is the leader and Alicia,Dylan and kristen are her followers. Claire is more the girl who is not part of Massie’s group she was the girl who moved from a middle class suburbia. Claire’s dad and Massie’s dad went to school together and Claire’s dad moved his whole family from Florida to West Chester,New York one of the most richest places in Am [...]

    11. I’ve just finished a book called Revenge of the Wannabes, by Lisi Harrison. It’s a Nonfiction drama filled book that has a central idea about how faithful you can be to your friends. In the book I finished reading; there is a clique that has rules and regulations. Alicia (one of the clique’s member) has broken one of these rules. She was sick and tired of having to listen to Massie which is the clique leader and decides to start a clique of her own. As she tires to create her own clique sh [...]

    12. I think that actually the most insecure girl in the Clique is Massie. Even though she makes it look like she is the most confident, and mean girl in school, she is just doing that to hide her real feelings. And, I feel like she thinks that the only way to keep up her social status is to make everyone afraid of her. But, feeling that way just means that she is the insecure one. In the long run I think that it is better to have friends than be the popular one, because eventually you are going to g [...]

    13. Revenge of the Wannabes was written By Lisi Harrison. This book is about one friend deciding to leave the clique, and start her own clique. But Massie the leader of the group is not happy about that, in which she decides to take revenge on Alicia, who is trying to start her own clique. Alicia and Massie each try to get back at each other in the Revenge against each other.I recommend this book to every girl. I think they would enjoy this because it is about friendships and about girls in general. [...]

    14. This book is amazing. just like all of the other Clique Books. I can't wait for the summer collection to come out! This book is about how OCD has a fashion show to see who can make the best uniforms for the school. In the end, Alicia and Faux-livia win. but they aren't supposed to. Read on to find out what I mean!

    15. Well, I'd like to say that you can always predict what's going to happen in the story. Claire and Massie fight, they make peace, then they fight again! Haha. :pI actually stopped reading The Clique. :)) I got bored.

    16. I liked the book the bad thing is that I don't like the ending but that's what happens when you dorevenge on each other.

    17. I really liked the ending. A Massie was right when she said that finally, everything's perfect!

    18. The last book I read was Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison. This book was about two young girls who are having a friendship problem. One is starting to think she would be a better alpha and decides to start a new group. While the other girl has competition is is slowly loosing her friends. Not knowing what to do they start to fight more and more, until one of the groups decide to do something unthinkable. This hurt the other girl so much because they used something very personal against h [...]

    19. This book is spectacular. I want all my books to be this descriptive. Revenge Of The Wannabes is so descriptive, down to every detail, like the scent and brand of Massie's lip gloss. The story is fantastic, I recommended it to anyone! It's super difficult to put down. Bravo to Lisi Harrison for the amount of quality she put in this!!! 😘😘 😘

    20. probably my fave in the series- I love seeing it from Alicia's point of view altho she is a little brat. so good, i love how it's longer than the first two- actually has a decent amount of plot & character development. PLUS WE MEET ZE BOYS

    21. 3.5* This was a very quickly paced book, but I felt like it was slightly repetitive of book 2 of the series.

    22. This book was empowering and about being a leader and not a follower. It was funny to see how the characters dealt with their problems in different ways.

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