Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 5

Suki tte Ii na yo Volume Mei Tachibana has spent her years without making either boyfriend or friends One day she drop kicks a popular boy in school Yamato Kurosawa because of a misunderstanding but for some reason it s

  • Title: Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 5
  • Author: Kanae Hazuki
  • ISBN: 9784063656121
  • Page: 251
  • Format: None
  • Mei Tachibana has spent her 16 years without making either boyfriend or friends One day, she drop kicks a popular boy in school, Yamato Kurosawa, because of a misunderstanding but for some reason it seems that he takes a liking to her and one sidedly claims that they re friends Further, he not only protects Mei from a stalker, he does it with a kiss

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      251 Kanae Hazuki
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    1 thought on “Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 5”

    1. 4.25* This is a great series, and I'd recommend it to (just about) anyone. I love how it's realistic, and easy to relate to.

    2. One volume is good, the other's boring and so on. What I liked here was Kai. He is very cute and right now, I am supporting him more than Yamato. Sorry Yam!

    3. Argh! Meg-tan is evil! When I first picked up this series and saw that our main characters came together so quickly, I wondered where the series could go from there. What I love is the absolute depth of emotion that we've wandered, and to witness the growing maturity of Mei and Yamato.In this volume we see the damage that can be caused by building emotional ties with a member of the opposite sex when you're dating someone else. I think this whole matter was dealt with well, as Mei and Kai find t [...]

    4. Okay! I am loving Kai more than Yamato right now. Sorry, Yamato but its the truth. Kai used to get bullied and has the scars which tell the same sad story. Kai joins as a junior even though he had to be with Yamato and the others because he took time off to build himself, to become stronger. So that he would take his revenge. But upon meeting Mei his thoughts changed, even though he was confident enough to meet the bully he did not do anything. Mei's words unblurred his blurry vision. Because Me [...]

    5. I really liked how we got to know Kai a little bit more in this volume. Mei confronted her feelings about being adequate for Yamato and her new friend group. There was also some adversity towards Mei which led to her secluding herself, but Kai reached out and helped.

    6. Great turmoil in Mei's feelings"Yamato: Mei I don't want you to leave meMei: I won't."Kai is the new big hit in school. Despite his bad boy appearance, he managed to get really popular and girls are following him everywhere. Unlike Yamato, he doesn't enjoy all the attention and he runs and hides from those girls. Megumi sees the potential in Kai. In a way that he might be her ticket to get to Yamato so she pretends she loves Land and converses with Kai just to stay in the same company. So she is [...]

    7. Antes de ver "Say I love you" no me habria planteado volver a leer a Kanae Hazuki porque en "Me arrodillo ante ti" descubrí que no era la clase de mangaka capaz de hacer "doki, doki" en mi corazón, pero después de ver una de las películas más intimas y hermosas sobre el amor, la amistad, la belleza interior y el amarse a uno mismo, no pude negar que quería embarcarme en esta aventura literaria. Además, hacía tanto que no leía que me parecía el reencuentro perfecto con mis amadas palabr [...]

    8. Wow, this volume had a lot of drama. I can imagine Yamato might be a bit pissed off at Mei for what she did. On the other hand isn't it good that she is also opening up to other people? And sure it is about a topic like that, but hey, be happy she is talking to others. I know the feeling Mei has. She is embarrassed to talk about such a thing with her boyfriend so she finds someone else to talk about it. And in the end, I think she might start talking to Yamato about it. She just needs to practis [...]

    9. Kai finds out MEi & Yamato r dating & they all go out for karaoke together (Asami, Aiko, Megumi & them) & Mei & Kai connect over their dislike of crowds & people LOL but omg LATER KAI ADMITS TO YAMATO HE THINKS HE’S FALLING FOR MEI :O but he’s joking (I think he really does like her) _Magumi tried using him to get closer to Yamato but he confronts her about it & she sees he’s got a crush on Mei too - bitch still wants Yamato - & then she goes & tells Yam [...]

    10. ~4/5At this point, I don’t really have much to say about this series.I think it’s super good, sweet and thoughtful, and mature shojo.I love it.The development with Kai is really good; I like his friendship with Yamato, even if it’s complicated, and with Mei, even if I’m not a fan of romance between them. Megumi is causing more and more drama for Mei and Yamato, and Yamato is being dumb about it. There is clearly more drama to come between these four. I look forward to it resolving, and a [...]

    11. Plot Line:Tachibana Mei, who has been living for 16 years without friends or boyfriends, is somehow loved by the most popular guy in school, Kurosawa Yamato. Although Mei doesn't open up easily, she is attracted to the sincere and kind Yamato. Mei is beginning to blossom into a girl as she becomes aware of the love she feels for Yamato. But Megumi, an amateur model who wants Yamato, transferred to their school. This was the first time that Mei felt a gap between her and Yamato. Although they've [...]

    12. Noooooo! I really like Kai's character and I didn't want him to be an ice berg in my ship (heavy sigh.) The fact that he's just trying to be a good friend though and not actively break them up makes me like him more (for now.) That bitch on the other hand, you could give her the most tragic back story known to man and I still wouldn't away towards her! Her actions are just disgusting, she either needs to learn when to back off and quit or be gotten rid of.

    13. I feel bad that Megumi was bullied as a young girl, but it doesn't excuse the way that she is acting right now. She's starting to get really annoying and all of her relationships are superficial because she's being superficial. Yamato is kind of starting to annoy me as well. Rather than talk to Mei he just listens to what Megumi tells him. Plus I'm not sure what's so great about him.

    14. in reality I was like Mei when I was her age, only friendlier, and there's no guy like the guy in this manga (in the reality we live in) so that's kind of *sad*, haha. This is a must read manga though :))

    15. This Meg character is really starting to get on my nerves. And while I appreciate Kai's response of "yeahI'm so not helping you," I feel like it's gearing up for him to do something stupid in the next volume But I suppose I'll just have to wait and see!

    16. Damn Magumi She's really pissing me off. Leave Mei alone and let her be happy with her boyfriend. They are truly in live with each other. Stop trying to do anything you can to sabotage that and come between their true feelings. Can't wait till karma kicks you in the ass!!

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