Pretty Little Liars (TV Series)

Pretty Little Liars TV Series This is a print on demand book containing articles from the free encyclopedia about the Pretty Little Liars television show and related topics

  • Title: Pretty Little Liars (TV Series)
  • Author: Lambert M. Surhone
  • ISBN: 9786133213685
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a print on demand book containing articles from the free encyclopedia about the Pretty Little Liars television show and related topics.

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    1. Pretty Little Liars by:Sara Shepard This book is about 4 girls and they had a best friend named Alison and she was missing and kidnapped. The 5 girls when they were friends they were known as the “mean girls”. Each person in there group was trying to find out who would ever do this kind of thing to there best friend. Everyone in the town all had secrets. No one knew who to trust and who to tell things to. These four girl after Allison's disperane Emily, Hannah, Spencer, Aria these four girls [...]

    2. books-of course are great but the tv show isAMAZINGI didn't know what it meant to be hooked to a TV show until I started watching it!It has everything. Drama. Intense Mystery. Romance. ETC IT!!!

    3. I feel like the T.V. series of this book series is better, why? Well the books are suppose to be suspenseful, the music in the background and the the intense flow makes it more mysterious than the books itself, which makes it a great t.v. series. Every episode you get a whole lot of new information, lies, text messages, relationship issues/problems, and mystery. It seems like when the series goes on it gets darker and darker which is a good thing. The mid-season finale in season 3 episode was on [...]

    4. Pretty Little Liars By Sara Shepard Is about a girl name Alison went missing in A old abandoned house and the next day she was found died but as she sends her friends text messages and notes saying that she knows what they doing, her friends thinks she's still alive that she's not dead as she sends her friends notes they think she's watching them on everything they do Alison wrote Emily a note saying ``Hey Em, Sob! I've Been Replaced! You found another friend to kiss! - A

    5. This book is THE BEST EVER! I like the t.v show as well but the but makes it so much more intresting! i highly recommened this book, it's very intense and suspicious. Can't wait to read the whole series :)

    6. I thought Pretty Little Liars was an awesome book! If you like mystery girl books, then you would love this book. Pretty Little Liars goes from chapter to chapter of the four girls. In each chapter they tell what events are happening in her life and they all tie in to each others lives. This book is very intense because you don't know what is going to happen next. Also, you will not want to stop reading Pretty Little Liars because you will want to find out what is going to happen. I highly recom [...]

    7. Pretty Little Liars was a good book. I can relate to the characters in the book. The five main characters, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Alison were best friends until Alison went missing. The other four girls separated, but when they found Alison's body a couple years later the girls reconnceted. They reconnceted because "Alison" had been sending them texts. She knows all their secrets and that's what their afraid of. I love the mystery in this book because you try to guess what happens next [...]

    8. i think pretty little liars is about these 4 teens are wondering what happen to there friend because there friend is died and then the found out spencer's sister's boyfriend and hanna's boyfriend are acting like there apart of it.

    9. this book is awesome i love it its funny,sad,scary,and everything you cant wait to read it no one nows who killed allison so watch the show read season #2 of the book and tell me cause i wanna no ok bye bye

    10. Jeder hat Geheimnisse, manche sind harmlose, andere können tödlich sein. Spencer, Aria, Emily und Hanna haben beides und es gibt jemanden der bereit ist ihre Geheimnisse zu lüften "A". Doch wer ist "A" und warum möchte sie/er die 4 Mädchen um alles bringen was ihnen lieb und teuer ist?? Doch die wichtigste Frage ist, was geschah damals wirklich als Alison verschwand??Ich war sehr überrascht wie gut mir das Buch gefallen hat und bin neugierig wie es weiter geht. Meine beiden Lieblinge sind [...]

    11. Pretty Little liars merupakan mystery teen drama yang sukses besar di Amerika. Drama tersebut diangkat dari Novel Shara Sephard. Dimana serial tersebut menceritakan tentang kehidupan persahabatan 4 orang cewe' Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell), Spencer Hastings (Trojan Bellisario) dan Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale)yang terus diburu rasa penasaran mengenai hilangnya satu sahabat mereka secara misterius yaitu Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). Walaupun setelah 1 tahun, merek [...]

    12. Pretty Little Liars is an TV Series and they made it into an book also. I can really say this was an excellent idea. The setting of this book took place in the barnyard in the beginning, I wouldn't rellly say that the author choose this setting because of what the girls were doing to get them self's into that kind of trouble.The setting was very important because thats is where the murder had took place. The pace is slow but thats the best way to keep it for this kind of book because it keeps yo [...]

    13. I think Pretty Little Liars is the best book EVER!!!!Well I haven`t read the book but I`ve seen the shows and they are awesome!Pretty Little Liars is still going on the season finale is in October.It`s about 5 friends at a sleepover but when they go to sleep their friend Alison gets murderd and they tried to figure out who killed her but they keep getting text messages from A and alot of people are getting hurt.They already found out who killed Alison which was Hannah`s best friend Mona but ther [...]

    14. i really enjoy this book " Pretty Little Liars ". i find that eventhough Allison is dead that she is still keeping in contact with the friends. Betraying each and every one of them. Sharing all of there secerts. Emily kissing a girl and taking pictures in the photo booth, some weird peer taking the photos and printing more. Hanna always getting called in to the office with a cop, asked questions about Ally's dissapearence. the cop sleeping with Hanna's mother just because she stole a pair of sun [...]

    15. Pretty Little Liars was a very suspensful and mysterious book. I enjoyed the desriptions and events that led to situations that were not only scary, but actually mean spirited at times. The four friends stuck together through thick and thin no matter how dangerous things became. The girls also always kept their dark secrets between each other. I enjoyed reading the book yet found myself comparing it to the t.v show based on the book. I would reccomend the book to any one who likes to read myster [...]

    16. I thought that the book was great and I love the strange things that this book brought.And who is this -A character?I think that this person knows who killed -A and that she is bothering and stalking these girls because they might know who killed -A.And I think that until they speak up and tell who killed Allison that this -A character person probably won't stop until they do.

    17. The Pretty Little Liars book is one of the best books I have ever read. Its filled with suspense, mystery, and fear. I'm very glad I chose to read this book, it has become one of my favorites! I recommend this book to anyone.

    18. my guilty little pleasure that I actually found quite enjoyable! Good writing kept me turning the pages and if I didn't have so many other books piled on my floor to read I would read more of this series.

    19. I have been watching the series sense it came out and I love it. It is a great TV series and I think most people would like it if the watched it.

    20. I love this series JUST AS MUCH as the books. Maybe even more. They changed enough of what I didn't like in the books (very little, I admit) and show off what I liked in wonderfully visual ways.

    21. I read the series and also watched the TV series that they had so far!! I just found out that there is another book to this series coming out!! These books have a very unexpected ending!!

    22. I Love This Book I Watch The Show All The Time This Is Interesting To Watch And Read As Well I Think That There Should Be More Seasons :)

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