Biblical Demonology

Biblical Demonology The supreme merit of Biblical Demonology is that it holds closely to the Word of God It will remain for many years to come the standard treatment of biblical demonology Dr Wilbur M Smith

  • Title: Biblical Demonology
  • Author: Merrill F. Unger
  • ISBN: 9780825439018
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • The supreme merit of Biblical Demonology is that it holds closely to the Word of God It will remain for many years to come the standard treatment of biblical demonology Dr Wilbur M Smith

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    1 thought on “Biblical Demonology”

    1. I admit that a big reason I read this book was because it has the word "demonology" in the title. I mean, what an absolutely fantastic word! I could think of nothing better than to be a certified "demonologist" and be able to print up business cards and hand them out at parties. Since I don't have that option, having this book on my shelf seems like the next best thing, even if it does annoy my girlfriend a bit whenever I carry it around in public. All that aside, BIBLICAL DEMONOLOGY is a pretty [...]

    2. Merrill Unger writes this book on the biblical perspective of demons. The theology of this text is very good and Unger covers the topic very thoroughly. You have to remember that the author was born in 1909, therefore his language is sometimes dated but I actually love that about this book. Where else can you read a sentence like, "e pestiferous quagmire of darkness" in an academic text? Biblical Demonology is where! If I had any reservations it would be that in my opinion, Unger tends to give m [...]

    3. The standard text when it comes to Biblical Demonology, Merrill F. Unger has written the classic exhaustive study of demons as understood exegetically through the Scriptures. What's more, Unger offers the various views that a Christian can hold regarding demons and their nature. What excited me was Unger's command of the Scripture, and ability to understand that the evidence does not lead a Christian to believe that demons are merely "fallen angels" as most the world suggests, but rather, the di [...]

    4. This Book titled "Biblical Demonology" by Dr. Merrill F Unger, Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary is probably the best and most comprehensive book on the subject; excepting the one on "Christian Counselling and Occultism" and "Occult Bondage and Deliverance" - both by Dr. Kurt E Koch.Both the above mentioned authors are experts in the field of Biblical Demonology; they both understand well the Scriptures and are sound in their teachings. Only the Bible has the true answers to man's problem [...]

    5. Impressive how wonderful a command Unger has of the Bible. He explains a lot of events in the Bible, in their order, in a clear way. So much scripture is in different books, rather than having it all in one volume of the Bible. This took all the info, put it in chronological order, and made it easier to understand just what happened in the Bible and it's significance.

    6. For the parts that analyzed scripture passages and attempted to put them in their context, this was a very good book. Also helpful were the sections where he wrote of non-Christian views of demons and magic. As an evangelical, Unger stayed true to scripture and didn't apologize or soft-peddle the existence of demons. Where he was weak is where his obvious dispensationalism kicked in with the incorrect view that Satan is the prince if this world now and won't meet his demise until the 2nd coming. [...]

    7. There's a lot of information out there about demons - who and what they are, what they do or can do, and so on. Unfortunately, almost all of it has absolutely no foundation in biblical truth, and is simply re-invented from various pagan myths or just plain made up from someone's "visions" or profit-inclination. This book does a pretty decent job of illuminating just what the Bible says about demons. Things like:- Are demons real?- What do they look like?- What about demon possession?- What about [...]

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