Lady of the Glen

Lady of the Glen Best selling author Jennifer Roberson captures listeners hearts and imaginations in this haunting lyrical tale of an era of savagery and splendor set against the heather strewn hills of a divided Sc

  • Title: Lady of the Glen
  • Author: Jennifer Roberson
  • ISBN: 9781575661292
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Best selling author Jennifer Roberson captures listeners hearts and imaginations in this haunting, lyrical tale of an era of savagery and splendor, set against the heather strewn hills of a divided ScotlandFrom birth, Catriona Campbell and Alasdair Og MacDonald are enemies for he is the second son of her clan s most powerful foe Yet from the moment they meet, they kBest selling author Jennifer Roberson captures listeners hearts and imaginations in this haunting, lyrical tale of an era of savagery and splendor, set against the heather strewn hills of a divided ScotlandFrom birth, Catriona Campbell and Alasdair Og MacDonald are enemies for he is the second son of her clan s most powerful foe Yet from the moment they meet, they know they will lie in each other s arms someday But their love, for centuries forbidden, comes at the most dangerous of times, as they become pawns of war and of history.

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    1 thought on “Lady of the Glen”

    1. This was a very good book and an enjoyable read. I really enjoyed the two main characters, Catriona (Cat) and Alasdair (Dair) a lovely Romeo and Juliet story. A pleasant change to have the heroine not be drop dead gorgeous. Their characters were well drawn, intelligent and displayed great chemistry. I enjoyed their playful banter as they "courted" and afterward when they become lovers. LOL when she became worried after their first time together in bed, as her brothers had always told Cat her ton [...]

    2. Superb Storytelling and a Keeper—a Highland Love that endures the Massacre of Glencoe!I absolutely loved this story—a keeper, now ensconced on my “to read again” shelf. It has everything I love in a Scottish historical romance: an epic love story, a noble hero, a strong heroine, real history, attention to detail and enough suspense and drama to draw me in. Even the music of the Highlands is included. I could hear the pipes and their mournful sound as Roberson described them.The story beg [...]

    3. It's a shame that this book is out of print because it's a real treat for Scottish history lovers: romance, politics, violence, and bloodshed. The cheesy title and steamy cover do this book a real disservice, in my opinion, because though it's a love story, it's not a bodice-ripper featuring men in kilts; the story has more depth of character and complexity of plot than any other highland romance I have read. Most of the characters are based on real Scots, the key players in the drama and traged [...]

    4. This is a fairly historically accurate story of what led up to the massacre of Glencoe, a horrible episode of Scottish history that took place during the Jacobite uprisings (one of many, sadly, but not anywhere near as bad as Culloden), and of all the people that were involved in it, from the victims to the perpetrators to people who were caught in the middle. The book weaves multiple stories together, including that of the machinations that led to the massacre and that of the the two people who [...]

    5. This novel is a fictional recounting of the Massacre of Glencoe which occured in Glen Coe, Scotland on February 13, 1692. If you're not familiar with this particular travesty that occurred during the so-called Glorious Revolution, read on:Scotland in the late 17th-century was a mess. The Highlander clans up in the rugged north mountains of Scotland tended to support the Scottish King James VII, who was also King James II of England until he found himself ousted and ran away to France to live in [...]

    6. I wanted to love this book, but it just didn't happen. I was bored for the majority of it, and I kept rolling my eyes at Cat (and pretty much the rest of the characters.) The massacre of Glencoe itself is fascinating and tragic, but this novel didn't move me nearly as much as reading accounts of it did. As this is the second book of Jennifer Roberson's that I have read, I have come to realize that her writing style is not to my taste- that doesn't make her a poor author; rather, I simply need to [...]

    7. This may be my favorite Historical Fiction book ever. For one thing I am totally intrigued with Scotland and especially the Highlanders. I loved the descriptions of the places, the battles, to the people who made the story. The author not only brought them to life but she took historical people and using what she could discover about what they DID, she gave them personalities and let me understand what drove them whether it was insecurities, a desire for power, or just plain cruelty. I will neve [...]

    8. I picked this book up solely on the fact it was set in Scotland (and a recommendation from Diana Gabaldon goes a long way - I'm a huge fan!! ).I love to read about Scotland's history and this book had a lot of that, but I had a hard time getting into the story on this one. There was a lot of history, but it came across without the emotion it should have had, for me, anyway. The characters were interesting and the story tooIt was just hard to get into, it felt like forever before I got to the poi [...]

    9. What a moving account of the Massacre at Glencoe. This book is why I love historical fiction! Every character except 2 are real historical figures & the MC being one, but even she is based on a IRL figure-just the familial relationship was changed. I would call this more a historical biography than fiction. Obviously, the dialogue between the characters is created by the author, but her extensive research really shows thru. It was realistic to the times & participants & really did he [...]

    10. Scottish history has been a passion of mine for quite some time, and the story of Glencoe, as horrific and tragic as it was, remains most intriguing. It's surprising that more novels aren't written based on that event, but Roberson's retelling is good. The romance itself is rather implausiblewhile inter-clan marriages occurred all the time, I have a hard time swallowing one between such hated enemies. But I guess that's what makes it such a good yarn. You might want to brush up on your history a [...]

    11. A compelling, at times heartstopping, read. Wonderfully fleshed-out characters. Alasdair Og MacDonald is wonderful, and Catriona Campbell is sassy and strong. Their romance is deliciously bittersweet. And the story of the Massacre of Glencoe should not be lost to history.

    12. I feel like I'm in a major reading slump. Nothing interests me at present, this book included. However, the 84 pages I read were pretty good so I hope to be able to pick this one up again when I'm in the mood for it - or for reading anything. At least I own it so am not under a deadline to finish!

    13. This book was historical, beautifully crafted and researched. Different in some ways from Corag with more history leading up to the masacre itself and more fleshing out of the relationships starting in 1682. Beautiful book. I'll read it again.

    14. This was an enjoyable read, and recommended for teens upwards. Catriona (Cat) Campbell (a lowlander) and Alasdair Og (Dair) MacDonald (a highlander) represent the true centuries-long feud between these two clans, with enough history imparted to explain the Montagu/Capulet challenge the couple faced. Cat is also represented as a smart and gangling teenage girl, a pleasant change for a heroine, and inconvenient for all the men in the story. Although Cat and Dair are a lusty couple, sex scenes are [...]

    15. Great book!Rich with history. Superb story telling. Unique high level writing style with vivid details. This is not a light read. I felt the romance between the main characters was secondary to the story of Glencoe, but what a story Glencoe was!

    16. One of the best and most thorough retelling o the events leading up to, including, and aftermath of the massacre of Glencoe. Incredibly well researched with dynamic characters, pacing, Flow. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    17. A strongly historical novel set in the Scottish Highlands around Glencoe, this book documents the lead up to, and the events of the infamous Glencoe massacre of 1695 and the romance between a couple from opposing feuding clans. Catriona Campbell (Cat), daughter of clan leader Robert Campbell of Glenlyon, falls in love with Alasdair Og MacDonald (Dair) the son of his rival, Maclain. Campbell, persuaded by the Earl of Breadalbane, sells out to the English, in their attempt to have Mary and the pro [...]

    18. LADY OF THE GLEN by Jennifer Roberson is an interesting medieval Scottish Historical Fiction set in 1685 Scotland. For a romp through 17th century Scotland you must read "Lady of the Glen". It is riveting tale of treachery, betrayal,savagery and a splendor set against a Scotland background. Catriona Campbell and Alasdair Og MacDonald know they are destined to be together although,their clans are enemies, but can their love outlast the times? They are used as pawns of war,during the dangerous tim [...]

    19. This is the story of Catriona "Cat" Campbell and her tumultuous romance with Alasdair Og "Dair" MacDonald. Their two families have a long-standing feud and it is only by the purest chance that the two of them keep meeting, sometimes under less than fortunate circumstances. Scotland is in turmoil, the MacDonalds of Glencoe fight for James while the Campbells are loyal to the King of England. Cat is fiercely proud, but she is tired of all of the bloodshed and strife. Dair is slightly more easy-goi [...]

    20. This book is an account of the massacre of the MacDonald clan and sacking of Glencoe in 1692, presented from the viewpoint of a fictional heroine--a feisty woman who doesn't follow the normal path for women at that time in Scotland(probably like the heroine in the new movie Brave). However, all of the primary characters except for the two women actually were involved in the events presented in the book, and the author seems to have taken pains to present details as accuratly as possible. This bo [...]

    21. Right now I'm about half-way done with the book and I think it's okay. The story is compelling, but I feel kind of misled. The book jacket says "at the novel's center is a love story of breathtaking scope: a man and a woman know from the moment they meet that they will lie in each other's arms someday." Um no they don't. Neither had any idea when they first met. For one, Cat was way too young (10? younger?). They just hated each other. It's not until about where I am now that they've started t [...]

    22. 3.5 STARSDon't be fooled by the cover of this book. It's not a harlequin romance as the cover depicts. That being said, there is a central love story in the novel but it's not overly dramatised and we see the life of 17th century Highland Scotland through their eyes. Majority of the book discusses the 10-12 years leading up to the Massacre of Glencoe and the political and social decisions which lead to the destruction of a clan. It depicted the hatred of everyday McDonalds and Campbells towards [...]

    23. Why, oh why is Scottish history so depressing? Didn't anything good ever happen to them? This is the story of the massacre of Glencoe, and the entire MacDonald clan. Partly because of clan feuding, but also because King William of Orange (damned Dutchman anyway!) was looking for someone to make an example of in the Stuart-supporting north. I never really got into the main female character, she's one of those awkward, high-strunge types that pop up romances a lot and "need a good man to gentle th [...]

    24. I have to confess. I have made three attempts to get through Lady of the Glen. I can't do it. I know this book is a favorite of many, and I hoped it would be one of my top picks, too. I found myself skimming every time I turned the page. When I started skipping pages, I knew I had to stop. For my lack of interest in this book, I'll take the blame. I am going to assume that it is no fault of the author, it is all me. In truth, other than a couple of things that could be overlooked, Miss Roberson [...]

    25. I did not love this book right away. It took a while to get used to the authors writing style and there are so many characters introduced in the beginning it's difficult to keep contained. It wasn't until part III, when I couldn't put it down. The author uses quite a bit of scots and Gaelic in this novel, so it was extremely handy reading this as an e-book, as I was able to easily define words and look-up geographical areas described in the novel. It is a book that takes you there, gives desire [...]

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