The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia

The Great Game The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia Hopkirk s spellbinding account of the great imperial struggle for supremacy in Central Asia has been hailed as essential reading with that era s legacy playing itself out today The Great Game between

  • Title: The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia
  • Author: Peter Hopkirk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hopkirk s spellbinding account of the great imperial struggle for supremacy in Central Asia has been hailed as essential reading with that era s legacy playing itself out today The Great Game between Victorian Britain Tsarist Russia was fought across desolate terrain from the Caucasus to China, over the lonely passes of the Parmirs Karakorams, in the blazing KHopkirk s spellbinding account of the great imperial struggle for supremacy in Central Asia has been hailed as essential reading with that era s legacy playing itself out today The Great Game between Victorian Britain Tsarist Russia was fought across desolate terrain from the Caucasus to China, over the lonely passes of the Parmirs Karakorams, in the blazing Kerman Helmund deserts, thru the caravan towns of the old Silk Road both powers scrambling to control access to the riches of India the East When play first began, the frontiers of Russia British India lay 2000 miles apart by the end, this distance had shrunk to 20 miles at some points Now, in the vacuum left by the disintegration of the USSR, there s once again talk of Russian soldiers dipping their toes in the Indian Ocean The Washington Post has said that every story Peter Hopkirk touches is totally engrossing In this gripping narrative he recounts a breathtaking tale of espionage treachery thru the actual experiences of its colorful characters Based on meticulous scholarship on the spot research, this is the history at the core of today s geopolitics.

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    1. Peter Hopkirk's book; The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia is a great historical account and a very enjoyable book to read. It is very rare nowadays to find a book that holds your attention throughout, without finding one boring section, this is one of those books. In over 560 pages (paperback edition) Peter Hopkirk tells the amazing stories of a number of early British and Russian officers and men involved in the great imperial struggle for supremacy in Central Asia.I found m [...]

    2. This is a complete enough narrative history of the struggle between Russia and Britain for control of Central Asia. So, if you want the bare, exciting outlines, read here, but don't expect analysis or deep thought on the issue. What we have here is a particularly Tory version of imperial history: all the British spies and agents are brave, ingenious, inventive and decent; all the Russians are mysterious, brutal, callous but always one step ahead of the good guys; the 'Asians' are, as always in t [...]

    3. Written in a style that is eminently appropriate for this story, The Great Game is a good introductory book for understanding the struggle between Britain and Russia over Central Asia in the 19th C. (If you love Kim by Rudyard Kipling, you will slobber over every page in this book. And I have grown to LOVE Kim. Took me a few decades, but it's the shit… Especially if you read it in a Comp Lit class analyzing the colonial discourse and the unforgivable cries of colonialism. If that's you, give K [...]

    4. An excellent book charting the rivalry between the British and the Russians in Central Asia, from Peter the Great until Russia's disastrous defeat by Japan in 1905. The epic tale is told through the adventures of the various soldiers, explorers and thrill-seekers who deployed to this vast, unknown and hazardous region on behalf of their respective governments. Slowly the region was absorbed by the imperial powers, with many a disastrous mishap on the way. In particular, Afghanistan remained an i [...]

    5. First things first, it is an engaging read, with just the correct amount of detail and narrative punch.Covering a time period right from the 16th Century, when the Russians slowly started expanding eastwards and came in conflict first with the Central Asian Khanates, then with the British Raj in the 19th Century, the book finishes with the Great Game's own end in the beginning of the 20th Century when Japan beat the Russian Empire. Hopkirk does a decent job of covering such a massive time span w [...]

    6. This is narrative history that can keep one enthralled from the first to the last page. Cliches such as page-turner apply. No doubt the game itself can be discussed further, new books published etc etc but who cares. Hopkirk has written a book that had me looking at the maps, researching the characters, marking the bibliography for further literature to read. What more can one want! A wonderful book.

    7. This book exposed me to a geopolitical legacy of my country that I would have otherwise never heard about.Yes that was the british administered Raj's "Government of India" but Geopolitical realities rarely change with the ethnicity of those in power.Especially liked the chapter "The lion of Tashkent", I love it when Russians win :) .

    8. Dove vai caro? "In Kashgaria"A un tenente inglese, di stanza in una guarnigione indiana viene concessa una licenza. Va a trovare Jane? Al mare? Al capezzale della prozia? Si iscrive al torneo di bridge? No. Dice più o meno, "vado a mappare il Tagikistan". Ma se nessuno sa nemmeno dove sia?!? Appunto. E parte.Nel viaggio incontra una Città, governata da un ferocissimo Khan, ma sfugge e riesce ad inviare un messaggio dove segnala che il Conte Klimoff è passato di là. Sospettando intrighi di Pi [...]

    9. I liked this a lot, although I think the relevance to events today has been overplayed a bit by some other reviewers: it's better enjoyed as a stirring history than a political primer.I knew a little about the Great Game before – that 19th-century wrangling over Central Asia between Britain and Russia – but I hadn't appreciated before how motivated both sides were, in Britain's case because they feared encroachment on their ‘jewel of the Empire’, British India, and in Russia's case becau [...]

    10. Jeux sans frontièresDa bambino non ricordo di aver mai sognato di fare l'esploratore o l'archeologo, ma l'astronauta sì e il mio desiderio supremo consisteva nell'andare su Giove per studiare la Grande Macchia Rossa. Quando mi resi conto di quanto le mie abilità matematiche e scientifiche fossero scandalosamente basse, desistetti, ma lo spazio infinito esercita ancora su di me un grande fascino e mi riporta indietro a quei giorni in cui disegnavo il sistema solare coi pastelli; nessuno mi bat [...]

    11. অনেক চিত্তাকর্ষক ঘটনাবর্ণন আছে। কালানুক্রমিক বর্ণনায় রুশ-ইংরেজ সাম্রাজ্যের গজকচ্ছপ লড়াই বেশ পরিষ্কারভাবে উঠে এসেছে। গ্রেট গেইম সম্পর্কে কেউ জানতে চাইলে এই বইটা পড়তে সুপারিশও করবো। কিন্ [...]

    12. Why is history so important? Because it helps us to understand better our present, realize the deep reasons of recent events and make more accurate forecasts regarding consequences they may have. Why do we learn nothing from history? Well, perhaps because we keep ourselves too alienated, too distant from the events that happened in the past and forget that history is nothing but a sum of decisions and actions made by individuals.The Great Game: The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia by Peter Ho [...]

    13. "There were peaches, plums, apricots, pears, apples, quinces, cherries, walnuts, mulberries pomegranates and vines all growing in one garden. There were also nightingales, blackbirds, thrushes and doves and chattering magpies on almost every tree." Thus Alexander Burnes, a young British subaltern, likening the city he had entered for the first time to paradise. The date was April 1832. The city was Kabul. Peter Hopkirk's masterly history goes a long way to explaining how the capital of Afghanis [...]

    14. Don't get me wrong, I DID like the book (that's what three stars mean, incidentally). It's a well written overview and the subject matter is just so fascinating. I personally find this mixture of danger, physical hardship, different cultures, politics, spying and everything else very difficult to resist. I'm afraid I'm in love with most of the players - the frontier ones at least.The reason I gave it three, not four stars (I almost never give five, 'cause I'm difficult to please), is that I read [...]

    15. This book is an excellent account of the competition between the British and Russians to dominate Central and South Asia, including the Central Asian republics, Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan throughout the 19th century With the development of Caspian Basin oil and gas, the "great game" goes on even today--2008. So this book is fascinating reading, even if it was first published around 1990. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about it, however, is the degree to which British military adve [...]

    16. Un compendio di viaggi e avventure nel XIX secolo, che fa venire voglia di leggersi tutte le fonti (partire no, che in questo momento la situazione tra Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan e territori limitrofi non è proprio delle più tranquille). Hopkirk racconta da dentro (con una analisi e ricerca delle fonti dettagliatissima) il "grande gioco" ovvero le battaglie sul campo e dei servizi segreti che videro fronteggiarsi Inghilterra e Russia per il controllo dell'Asia Centrale (con il non trascurabile de [...]

    17. A wonderful look at the great game with all the romance and occasional total lack of ethics that came into play. Hopkirk is a vivid writer with a knowledge of all of the key players. I look forward to the books of his I haven't read yet.

    18. O estudo de Peter Hopkirk sobre as relações anglo-russas no século XIX é uma obra prima. Seguramente, o melhor livro de história que tive o prazer de ler. A obra analisa as guerra fria entre Grã-Bretanha e Rússia pelo controle da Ásia Central, "the Great Game" nas palavras de Kipling. Se, de um lado, o exército russo buscava gradativamente ampliar os domínios do Tsar e pacificar os povos "bárbaros" do oriente; de outro, a administração britânica das Índias procurava garantir suas [...]

    19. I read this because of the Bush administration's moves towards war after the 9/11 bombings, hoping to get some historical background to Afghanistan, about which I knew very little. On this score, the book was not only what I wanted, but also a pleasure to read.

    20. The Great Game is one of those books that tells one something one does not know every page if not in every paragraph. This is likely to be true for most readers from any parts of the world including those at least from the periphery of Central Asia (like this reviewer) and farther if not even from the core.More importantly, the knowledge of what happened in the 19th Century Anglo-Russian rivalry provides a lot of context to many major events that came thereafter including some even now. One can [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book. It was thoroughly engaging - great writing, interesting content (at least to me), and the right balance of facts and storytelling. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in the Great Game or Central Asia.

    22. Пітер Хопкірк у своїй блискучій роботі описує боротьбу між Великою Британією та Росією за видобування нафти у Східній Азії на у ХIХ ст. Автор зробив серйозне дослідження у книзі, щоб навести чимало переконливих аргументів а аналізі колоніальної політики царської Росії та [...]

    23. I very rarely give 5 stars to a book, and when I do it is for a reason.The Great Game is by far one of the most enjoyable books I've ever read. As some other fellow "goodreaders" put it, this book reads like an adventure novel. It is concise and clear in its arguments, and the way is written always left me wanting for more after finishing a chapter. It's like one story unfolding the following one. It is not very often that you see something like this on a book, let a alone a history one. That's [...]

    24. A fully satisfying popular history of the long struggle between the British and Russian empires during the 19th century. I won't summarize the content because others have already done a great job elsewhere on this page.After reading Foreign Devils on the Silk Road and The Great Game, I'm now one of Hopkirk's many fans. I've already acquired his four other books and look forward to many more hours of leisurely reading, historical narrative as entertaining as fiction. As I've just started Kipling' [...]

    25. This work provides an introduction to the struggle for Central Asia between England and Russia. If you are already somewhat familiar with the topic, the book is a disappointment. Hopkirk appears only to have examined the archives on the British side. Thus what you get is half the story. We learn only about what the British speculate about the Russians.

    26. Un'incredibile cavalcataAmmetto le mie lacune. Geografiche e storiche. Ho sempre visto all'Asia centrale, e di preciso quell'area che va dall'attuale Medio Oriente (l'Iran per intenderci) fino alla Cina e all'India, in maniera piuttosto nebulosa. Ci sono un sacco di stati che finiscono in -stan, che agli occhi del neofita sembrano tutti uguali. Questo perché forse non ci se ne interessa mai, sia nella scuola nel quale il colonialismo viene poco studiato ed approfondito (forse per la scarsa prop [...]

    27. This is a well-researched and accessibly written study of the interaction between Great Britain and Russia in Afghanistan and surrounding territory. It gave me a better understanding of some of the underlying tensions among Western powers. I highly recommend this book.

    28. The Great Game is a great read. Hopkirk tells the story of espionage, travel, and imperialism. His examination of the Great Game is the definitive source for understanding Anglo-Russian relations in Central Asia. The book has elements of a Cold War history, involving a host of characters intertwined in plots and sub-plots over a century of conflict. Although dense at some points, the research is exhaustive and makes for an informative read.

    29. Very interesting book about a battle over Central Asia between Russia and England (United Kingdom). Starting from the beginning of the XIX century it had been political war, including spies, treacheries, lies, murders, money etc. Politicians, adventurers, brave soldiers and not so colonels, this book gives not only understanding of the political order in XIX century but how people lived in these regions. It is pretty much similar nowadays, so two centuries past, but things have not changed so fa [...]

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