Los Alamos

Los Alamos In a dusty remote community of secretly constructed buildings and awesome possibility the world s most brilliant minds have come together Their mission to split an atom and end a war But among those

  • Title: Los Alamos
  • Author: Joseph Kanon
  • ISBN: 9780440224075
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a dusty, remote community of secretly constructed buildings and awesome possibility, the world s most brilliant minds have come together Their mission to split an atom and end a war But among those who have come to Robert Oppenheimer s enchanted campus of foreign born scientists, baffled guards, and restless wives is a simple man, an unraveler of human secrets a maIn a dusty, remote community of secretly constructed buildings and awesome possibility, the world s most brilliant minds have come together Their mission to split an atom and end a war But among those who have come to Robert Oppenheimer s enchanted campus of foreign born scientists, baffled guards, and restless wives is a simple man, an unraveler of human secrets a man in search of a killer.It is the spring of 1945 And Michael Connolly has been sent to Los Alamos to investigate the murder of a security officer on the Manhattan Project But amid the glimmering cocktail parties and the staggering genius, Connolly will find than he bargained for Sleeping in a dead man s bed and making love to another man s wife, Connolly has entered the moral no man s land of Los Alamos For in this place of discovery and secrecy, hope and horror, Connolly is plunged into a shadowy war with a killer as the world is about to be changed forever.

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    1 thought on “Los Alamos”

    1. To those to whom names like Oppenheimer, Fermi, Teller, and Lawrence ring a bell, as well as those for whom Trinity tolls, Los Alamos is a terrific “period piece.” Naturally, it is set in the latter years of WWII in the midst of those working on the Manhattan Project. Karon’s feel for the period is outstanding. The unnamed effort at the Daily Worker, the funeral of Roosevelt along with its attendant uneasiness about Truman’s unknown quantity, and the reality that the European expatriates [...]

    2. I bought this at a library sale (50 cents!) based on its blurbs alone. And according to those, I thought I'd discovered a better book.Given that I was both interested in the book's physical location and its temporal setting PLUS quickly found that Kanon has a gift for language, Los Alamos should've been a great read. But it had an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink feel.Not interested in murder? How about war? Or espionage? Or the atomic bomb? None of those work for you? What about adultery? Bigamy [...]

    3. I had read that Kanon's writing is similar to that of Alan Furst (a favorite author), so I thought I'd give Kanon a try. He's not anywhere near Furst. Once I got past my disappointment, I continued with the book and found it wordy with a pretty simple plot. The dialogue between the main character and his new girlfriend is the most stilted I've read in quite some time. Then the main character, just a minor security agent for some US agency, is going to "protect" Oppenheimer (sorry, Oppie) from th [...]

    4. Nice little thriller that has some unexpected twists and turns. Love the unexpected things that pop up. The historical aspect was so interesting, especially the spy and security stuff. If you've ever been to Albuquerque, you can easily imagine most of the scenes and the Southwestern architecture. Joseph Kanon was an editor for years and it shows! What a great background for a writer. I hope he writes many more.

    5. It's not that the coincidence of 70 years, since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred this August.It's not that the President and Secretary of State just completed negotiations with Iran on the use of nuclear materials for other than "peaceful" purposesIt's not that we have millions of Syrian regugees streaming out of the Middle East headed for Germany, to escape sure death at the hands of the dictator-leader of their country.It's not that we have the wackiest Presidential election cam [...]

    6. (3 1/2). I was entranced by the old style feel of this book. Three rays of sunshine past noir, the read is gripping. Some violence, some sex, some intrique and lots of mysteries. Mike Connolly is a great protagonist and the New Mexico lab where nuclear weapons were first developed is an even greater setting. Working within and without the Army barricades is no problem for our Mike, but getting the right spin turns out to be harder than imagined. We are lucky enough to be along for the ride. Good [...]

    7. This is a novel that combines historical fiction with a murder mystery with an added side dish of espionage thriller. It takes place in 1945 Los Alamos, the home of the top secret Manhattan Project and the birth place of the atomic bomb. The plot follows Michael Connolly, assigned to investigate the disappearance and death of a security officer on “The Hill”. His investigation leads him through the very secret nature of the town site of Los Alamos and the surrounding area, the scientific com [...]

    8. The plot of Los Alamos hinges on a fictional protagonist, civilian intelligence liaison Michael Connolly, brought in to investigate the murder of a Los Alamos security officer, his face bashed in and his pants pulled down. Connolly is asked to discover whether the crime is more than the violent sex crime it appears to be, even while those associated with the project--paranoid over security leaks and the specter of Communists everywhere--would prefer it be just that. Nice and tidy. Of course it i [...]

    9. This read like one of those old-fashioned thrillers set in a specific historical period that my parents used to read when I was a kid (and I would often sneak a read when they were done) and that's a compliment actually. Joseph Kanon's novel takes place at the end of the war in Los Alamos where Oppenheimer and his band of scientists are working towards the first real test of the atomic bomb--a moment before the world changed forever. Michael Connolly, a former NYC reporter and now PR guy for the [...]

    10. I mostly read non-fiction. My issue with fiction is that in the need to create a mood and an environment, fiction moves too slowly for me. And when it does move fast enough, the plot frequently seems contrived and important detail too convenient.Perhaps after being on vacation for 2 weeks, I have finally slowed down enough to enjoy this piece of fiction. Almost certainly, the author, Joseph Kanon is a good writer who has written a fictionalized story about facts that I am quite familiar with. An [...]

    11. This is a well crafted murder mystery (with a little espionage thrown in). It may drag a bit, and the author insists on a hackneyed illicit love affair, which, of course, leads to the murderer (whom you’ve been introduced too as an ancillary character). And there are multiple endings; so much so that the actual climax is kind of a let-down. Don’t get me wrong. This is well written and researched. The mix of historical figures (especially an eerily accurate portrait of Oppenheimer) with ficti [...]

    12. A wonderful mystery on many levels. After a death, off base, of a security officer when the atomic bomb is being developed at Los ALamos in the 1940s, the base commander calls in an unknown agent to find out if security has been breached. The new man, Michael Connolly, faces constant objections and false leads. This is a delightful novel, published almost 20 years ago and makes the reader wonder what the government is keeping secret now.

    13. This was the first book of Kanon's that I read, and I was really impressed by the combination of thought and thriller writing that had gone into it. My memory of it is that, when it came to The Bomb, the end justified the means. Or was it the means justified the end? Anyway, The Holocaust justified it all, that's what I remember. Or at least I think that's what I remember. Apart from it being a damn good read.

    14. This is a great thriller. It takes place during the World War II and the work or group of scientist who are building an atomic bomb. It was top secret thing but still people start to die. The pace of the story is fluid and natural, the characters are well built and the story itself is thrilling, intriguing and you can't even guess the guilty party until almost the end of the book. Don't you just love people with flaws? This is a great read.

    15. This is a very noir book. It begins with the killing of a security officer at Los Alamos, New Mexico, in 1945, in the months before the creation of the atomic bomb. The body was found with his pants pulled down, and the first assumption is that the killing was the result of a homosexual assignation gone wrong. But nothing is what it appears to be

    16. This was an interesting story about a murder at Los Alamos during the creation of the atomic bomb. I can imagine that the atmosphere was similar to that described in the book. The search for the killer was well told until the end. I won't tell you what it is, but it was so weak that it sort of spoiled the whole book for me.

    17. Los Alamos is an interesting love story wrapped up in a murder-mystery suspense thriller. Most of the story is dialogue driven, which is effective most of the time because the dialogue evokes noir detective fiction. It gets long-winded at times, however, and that is the novel's chief weakness. Also, Kanon likes to make his characters smile and grin a lot: Sentences like "He smiled," "He smiled again," "He grinned," and "He grinned again" appear so often they're distracting. Descriptive passages, [...]

    18. Murder, at the Los Alamos research facility, just before the end of the Second World War. Though the novel looses steam midway though, regaining some of it near the end, the novel offers a whodunit at a rather unique location: the facility in the middle of the desert that centers around the efforts to create the so-called "gadget" - the atomic bomb.A bit too much of the book, unfortunately, centers around the illicit romance between Michael Connolly and Emma. And some of the writing could be imp [...]

    19. I have become a huge fan of Joseph Kanon in part because he always respects readers enough to offer a story that is intellectually stimulating. The pace is a tad slow in the early going but that is necessary to establish the characters and the various relationships. The reader's patience is rewarded in the second half of the novel as the murder mystery deepens and a sub plot of political motivations gains momentum.

    20. I read this for my historical fiction book group. This is a very well written mystery set during the time of the Manhattan Project. A man is found murdered in Los Alamos and Michael Connolly is assigned to find out who he was and who killed him. I did not figure out who the guilty person was. This was cleverly done.The author's books have all been excellent. This is the first one he wrote.Highly recommended!

    21. Good spy mystery with an ending I couldn't guess. The main characters, while smart and on the right side of the matter -- sort of, were a bit short of being morally upright. That kind of spoiled the fun.Set in the Los Alamos community during the Manhattan Project, just as Hitler surrendered, I couldn't have asked for a better spy setting. Still, I was bored at first. Sometimes sex just isn't enough.

    22. A slow read about what was happening in Los Alamos, NM back in the 40s. I lived in Santa Fe for a short time some 40 yrs later and there was still a stigma about Los Alamos. I never visited there but heard rumors. I enjoyed the descriptions of that part of NM, a place that seems timeless. The characters and the science and espionage were dull and somewhat over my head. I'm not likely to seek out another book by this author.

    23. Was inspired to read this book after reading Kanon's "By the Book" interview with the "New York Time." As I said in my amazon review (Toying with Opie): I liked this book moved well and while not unpredictable, it engaged mostly because of the reasonably true-to-life depictions of real people mixed in the the fictional characters.

    24. I found this book to be very entertaining and a fast, easy read. It bothered me that there was at least one glaring historical error (about an accident that took place at the lab), but if you could ignore that, it was a good read.

    25. Thought this was a terrific novel for a debut . . . then I read Kanon's credentials . . . no wonder. Still, it's great story-telling & I enjoy the way Kanon mixes his fictional characters with historical figures.

    26. Did not finish.arted Los Alamos after reading Defectors, which I found very good, but I could not connect with neither story (boring) nor characters (flat).

    27. New Mexico, WWII, Manhattan Project, thermodynamics science, suspense, Red spies, and a love affair between two clever characters - it hit all my fiction buttons

    28. Great book! Smart, well written. He's written other books, too. From JK author page, click on Prodigal Spy and read Mal Warwick's review of JK's other books. Interesting comments.

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