Lost This novel tells the story of a German family who in the chaos of escaping from the advancing Russian army in lose their oldest son Arnold The novel s narrator Arnold s unnamed younger brothe

  • Title: Lost
  • Author: Hans-Ulrich Treichel
  • ISBN: 9780330480376
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • This novel tells the story of a German family who, in the chaos of escaping from the advancing Russian army in 1945, lose their oldest son, Arnold The novel s narrator, Arnold s unnamed younger brother, watches as his parents attempt to find their lost child their dream, but his nightmare.

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    1 thought on “Lost”

    1. İkinci Dünya Savaşında yerlerinden olmuş bir çiftin, göç ederken kaybolan çocuklarını arayışının, daha sonra doğan ikinci çocuklarının gözünden anlatıldığı etkileyici bir kısa roman. Konunun tüm dramatikliğine karşın, küçük çocuğun bakış açısı farklı bir okuma tecrübesi sunuyor. Kayıp kardeşin bulunması halinde anne ve babasını, odasını, yemeğini "başka biri"yle paylaşması gerekeceğine dair endişleri, yer yer mizahi ama gayet doğal, batmaya [...]

    2. 2.5 SterneLässt sich sehr leicht lesen, aber hinterlässt keinen bleibenden Eindruck. Und: hab ich schon mal gesagt, dass ich es gar nicht mag, wenn es keine Kapitel gibt in Büchern?

    3. This book sat on my shelf for months before I picked it up and read it, even though it was a gift--what could look more dire? And for the first ten pages or so, it was tough. The narrator describes his childhood living in the shadow of his older brother Arnold, who died while their parents were fleeing the Russian advance at the end of World War II. It's grim stuff, but in dealing with the loss of his brother (who he never really had and is nothing but irritating to the narrator when you get rig [...]

    4. normalde "bir çocuğun gözüyle" anlatılan olayları çok sıkıcı bulurum, inandırıcı gelmez. bu anlatılarda çocuğun çok bilmişliğini çocukluğa yakıştıramam, yadırgarım. bu kitap da farklı değildi. çocuğumuz bazı yerlerde yetişkinlerin bile vakıf olamadığı hissiyatlara, öngörülere sahipken birden "ya kardeşim bulunur da odamı paylaşmak durumunda kalırsam" diye "çocuklaşıyor". ama yine de konu ilginçti, sonunda ne olacak diye meraklandım. çok az konuşm [...]

    5. I don't even have words for this book. It had potential to be good, even great. The story was there, the writing was there, but I didn't get it. I don't feel like the bulk of the book was even about the story I was promised on the inside flap. I am sure that this review of Lost will get me a lot of haters since it was critically acclaimedI just didn't get "lost" in the story and that is what for me defines a good book.

    6. I know a thing or two about family guilt. Sometimes heaviness of one’s family is just unbearable. It's like endless emotional maze that leads to destruction, darkness and psychosomatic maladies. The biggest objection that I have with this book is structure: 130 pages as one sentence. It's a bit difficult to read it without paragraphs and no end no beginning.

    7. According to a friend of mine who is fluent in German, the English edition omits the humor from the original. Humor, I asked? Yeah, he said, it's actually funny in places, in a low-key, wise-ass German kind of way. You won't find that here--in fact the prose seems fairly leaden--but the story itself is unforgettably bleak and harrowing.

    8. $6 from the book shop in Niddrie. Translated from German & quoted as a masterpiece but found it tedious. Luckily it was only 136 pages cos it had no paragraphs or chapters - just print covering each page. Supposed to be an "allegory of post-Holocaust Germany".

    9. Lost is a tragedy novel. It tells a story about a family suffering from the loss of their firstborn son, Arnold, due to the World War II. The tragic fact veers to entirely comic when the family was told that their son might be still alive after all—with a twist. Before seeing him they must endure endless ridiculous and horrific tests to find proof that he is truly part of the family.Told in the first person narrative of the lost son’s little brother we are forced to acknowledge his immature [...]

    10. Kitabın başlarında aklıma Ordinary People (1980) filmi geldi. Anne, baba, çocuk ve olmayan kardeş. Bu küçük romanda II. Dünya Savaşı’nda Rus ordusundan kaçarken kaybolan bir kardeş; filmde ise ölen bir kardeş. Tıpatıp aynı demiyorum tabi, sadece anımsattı. Çocukluğunu yaşayamayan bir çocuğun gözünden anlatılan olayları okudukça hüzünlendim açıkçası. Domuz kellesi sevmiyor fakat yemek zorunda, televizyonda bir tek programı tümüyle izleyebilmiş değil ç [...]

    11. Very interesting book - post war Germany - young boy is told from early childhood that his older brother died of starvation as the parents were fleeing from the Russians towards western Germany. In adolescence is told that actually, in a moment of panic, his mother handed over the baby to a stranger who was also fleeing. The parents have told the son the story because they are now trying to find this older boy. Beautifully detailed study of relationships of son to parents, the agony of going thr [...]

    12. If I just saw the surface meaning, this book would have been a 1 star for me. The allegory made it a 2 star book, and only because I like allegories, not because this was a particularly good one. The narrator as West Germany, Arnold as East Germany, his parents as the Third Reich -- if you were wondering. The "terrible thing that happened" was Die Flucht, The Trek, when twelve million Germans migrated away from the Russians advancing. Many Germans who didn't get out in time were murdered, women [...]

    13. All the same, my parents were incapable of enjoying freedom or relaxation even in sudden bursts. At first I put this inability down to the combination of their Swabian-pietistic and East Prussian origins. I knew from stories told me by my parents that neither the pietistic Swabian nor the East Prussian is in any way equipped to actually enjoy either freedom or relaxation.

    14. Okuması sıkıcı ve az biraz da bunaltıcı olsa da merak uyandırıyor. Sonunda ne olacak derken kitap zaten bitmiş oluyor. Paragraf, konuşma ve bölümlerin olmayışından ötürü kitabı okumak zorlaşsa da okumaya değer. Savaşı birde Almanların gözünden incelemek çok yararlı olacaktır.

    15. "küçük bir oğlan çocuğunun bakış açısından anlattığı için, bunalımlı değil eğlenceli bir atmosferde geçiyor hikâye." derken? Bu kitap oldukça sıkıcı bir anlatıma sahip. Hikayenin bölümlere ayrılmaması ve baskıda paragraf aralıklarının bile olmaması okumayı daha da güçleştiriyor.

    16. Eigenartiges bis bizarres Buch über die Identitätsfindung eines deutschen Knabens in der Nachkriegszeit.

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