Cruel Sacrifice

Cruel Sacrifice On a freezing January in five teenage girls crowded into a car By the end of the night only four of them were alive The fifth had been tortured and mutilated nearly beyond recognition Her name

  • Title: Cruel Sacrifice
  • Author: Aphrodite Jones
  • ISBN: 9780786010639
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a freezing January in 1992, five teenage girls crowded into a car By the end of the night, only four of them were alive The fifth had been tortured and mutilated nearly beyond recognition Her name was Shanda Sharer her age twelve When the people of Madison, Indiana heard that a brutal murder had been committed in their midst, they were stunned Then the story becOn a freezing January in 1992, five teenage girls crowded into a car By the end of the night, only four of them were alive The fifth had been tortured and mutilated nearly beyond recognition Her name was Shanda Sharer her age twelve When the people of Madison, Indiana heard that a brutal murder had been committed in their midst, they were stunned Then the story became even bizarre The four accused murderers were all girls under the age of eighteen Melinda Loveless, Laurie Tackett, Hope Rippey, and Toni Lawrence Here, for the first time, veteran true crime journalist Aphrodite Jones reveals the shocking truth behind the most savage crime in Indiana history a tragic story of twisted love and insane jealousy, lesbianism, brutal child abuse, and sadistic ritual killing in small town Americad of the young innocent who paid the ultimate price.

    Cruel Sacrifice Aphrodite Jones Cruel Sacrifice Aphrodite Jones on FREE shipping on qualifying offers On a freezing January in , five teenage girls crowded into a car By the end of the night, only four of them were alive The fifth had been tortured and mutilated nearly beyond recognition Her name was Shanda Sharer her age twelve When the people of Madison Cruel Sacrifice Kindle edition by Aphrodite Jones Cruel Sacrifice Kindle edition by Aphrodite Jones Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Cruel Sacrifice. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Sacrifice NEW ADVENT Sacrifice Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Human Sacrifice in Legends and Myths Human Sacrifice among the Gauls The nation of all the Gauls is extremely devoted to superstitious rites and on that account they who are troubled with unusually severe diseases and they who are engaged in battles and dangers, either sacrifice men as victims, or vow that they will sacrifice them, and employ the Druids as the performers of those sacrifices because they think that unless the Child sacrifice Child sacrifice is the ritualistic killing of children in order to please or appease a god or supernatural beings in order to achieve a desired result As such, it is a form of human sacrifice.The practice has received considerable opposition throughout history, and it has often become a target for those engaged in criticism of religion.Child sacrifice is thought to be an extreme extension of Ritual Human Sacrifice Evil Bible Ritual Human Sacrifice in the Bible Why does God want me to burn animals and humans The Bible, especially the Old Testament, is filled with numerous stories of animal and human sacrifice. Dhabihah In Islamic law dhab ah or zabiha, Arabic dhab ah IPA bi , slaughtered animal is the prescribed method of ritual slaughter of all lawful halal animals This method of slaughtering lawful animals has several conditions to be fulfilled The name of God or In the name of God must be called by the butcher upon slaughter of each halal animal Ashoka the Great From Cruel King to Benevolent Buddhist The emperor Ashoka is considered to be one of India s greatest monarchs, and was the third ruler of the Mauryan Empire Whilst Ashoka s conquests pale in comparison to his illustrious grandfather s, he is widely remembered as a Buddhist ruler, and it was his contributions to Buddhism and morality that made him such a renowned figure in Indian history. Sacrifice rituals, world, body, life, history, beliefs Sacrifice and Society Human sacrifice is sometimes regarded as a bizarre practice carried out by a few scattered societies who either were uncivilized or exceptionally cruel and violent. Cruel Anti Suffragette Cartoons Mental Floss Susan Brownell Anthony was born into a Quaker family in Adams, Massachusetts, on February , She was the second of seven children, and her entire family was full of activists Anti slavery

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    1. Cruel Sacrifice, by Aphrodite Jones, is a true crime story about the now infamous and tragic Shanda Sharer murder. It is written with input from the killers family, court testimony, Psychiatry notes, and interviews from people indirectly involved in the lives of the teenage girls who committed this horrible act. Jones is a well known author, who has researched and written about many different crimes.The beginning of this story details the night of January 10th 1992, when four teenage girls trick [...]

    2. The girls went to a McDonald's restaurant at 9:30 a.m. for breakfast, where they laughed about Sharer's face looking like one of the sausages they were eating.I remember hearing Shanda's mum's thoughts on the murder on Dr. Phil, in a highly emotional episode where she and her other daughter confront one of the recently paroled killers. This case is truly horrific and disturbing; the fact that three teens could take a young girl and light her on fire and beat her up and do a number of other horri [...]

    3. I read this book about 20 years ago and it still haunts me. I think about that poor little girl begging for her mommy and I still get choked up. Even though it was hard to read its wonderfully written. It gives you all the information you need/want. I had No questions at the end of it. This was also the book that led me to read many more of Aphrodite Jones books.

    4. True Crime Commemoration # 13Setting: not kidding! My hometown I know all of these streets, buildings, landmarks This was such a tragedy

    5. I remember hearing about this case when I was a teenager, when 'satanic panic' and homophobia was at an all-time high regarding crimes involving teens, and of course it made for sensational courtroom drama for the adults. This story is horrific & certainly gives insight into how young children start exploring their sexuality, how far bullying can go, and how psychology is no more closer today in determining what factors create a killer & just how much we rely on such faulty science to de [...]

    6. I came across this book simultaneously through Jones' page after watching a TV show she hosts on the Investigative Discovery Network. This is a story that doesn't seem like a real event, but it happened and I can't believe that people like this exist. Then again my obsession with true crime proves that it happens a lot.

    7. This book is exceptionally well researched, and exceptionally well written. The story itself is heartbreaking, striking, shocking, and saddening. The thing that is hardest to deal with, and the same question I'm sure Shanda's family must still come to grips with every day is, "why did this happen?" I understand the reasons presented in the book. I get the love triangle, jealousy motive, but honestly, I just don't understand. I purchased this book because I couldn't understand how two of the girl [...]

    8. You know Truman Capote? not even close. Though considering I got this out of a $.50 bin, I can't really complain either. No, I can.The story was interesting, but the writing was repetitive and written like a really long, somewhat dull article: very informative, little sensitivity. Also, I was a little pissed off about lesbianism being passed off as both perverse and as an identity issue. If this had been about a heterosexual teen love triangle, I doubt the book would have been written.

    9. I remember a friend lending me this book circa 1999 / 2000, and it making one helluva impression on me. Well-written, good characterisation and setting, with great attention to detail. WARNING: Contains explicit, graphic material. NOT for the faint of heart. A truly harrowing tale. I particularly liked the inclusion of photographs - of both the victim and the perpetrators. For me it made the story far more real and accessible.

    10. I vividly remember hearing about this when it happened. In 1992, I was 11-12 years old, the same age as the victim -Shanda Sharer- and a baby lesbian. This story fucked me the hell up. Of course it was treated incredibly salaciously in the media at the time. The whole lesbian aspect of the story was made to be the biggest thing - not the savage attack these girls did. It was all about them being baby dykes who were into witchcraft. I was a baby dyke into witchcraft, but that didn't mean I was go [...]

    11. First off these 4 girls were so stupid, I don't care how scared or young I was nobody was going to make me be a part of a murder. One thing I didn't like is that Aphrodite focused too much on Melinda loveless and her family: SHANDA SHARER was the victim and hardly any pictures of her was in this book and she was hardly talked about as well. Marjorie Loveless was a stupid woman who didn't care about her kids all she cared about was herself. And Gary Loveless was so sick and deranged was he held t [...]

    12. i really enjoyed this book and jones' writing style. she really seemed to acknowledge the many sides of this story while allowing me to make my own conclusions, which i appreciate in true crime. there was a great sense of "there really isn't a right answer here" just the fact that a 12 year old girl was made to suffer immeasurably for something very petty. shanda did not deserve what happened to her, under any circumstance, and i respect the court for holding these four girls accountable while m [...]

    13. This is a very sad book. The book begins a few hours before the crime itself and then goes back in time to tell the story of the perpetrators. The girls in this crime all had difficult lives. The mastermind behind the crime, Melinda Loveless, wanted to kill Shanda Sharer because of another girl, Amanda Heavrin. Loveless had an upbringing that few would envy. There were allegations of incest between Loveless and her father. Loveless was a lesbian who had her heartbroken by Amanda Heavrin. Laurie [...]

    14. I had very mixed feelings about reading any book about Shanda Sharer. My career professionally crossed paths with this case years ago and I wasn't sure I wanted any reminder. None the less, recently I came across an older Dr. Phil episode about Shanda's mother and the culprits, so I decided that was my cue. Because of the heinous matter of this event and the media attention it received this is one of two books written, the other called Little Lost Angel by Michael Quinlen. Now that I have read b [...]

    15. I probably read this book fifteen years ago - and when I was done practically all my co-workers read it. My memory on much may be fuzzy but I do remember I and all my co-workers reached the same 3 conclusions: 1) That a mother (a nurse) knowingly sacrificed her daughters to her child molesting husband just to keep him off of her , 2) The daughters wound up all messed up and one, who might not otherwise have, became a monster and 3) The lesbian with whom the killer and the victim associated with [...]

    16. Aphrodite Jones is a pretty hit-or-miss true crime writer, but with this one she scored a home run. It's not well-written in the slightest; it's pulpy, per the genre; it's seamy and sordid in every way. But somehow the story itself bypasses the inner security-systems of those of us with a high threshold for this sort of thing, as do the mug shots of the perky, smiling killers, which are indistinguishable from yearbook photos. It's about a clique of teenage girls in Indiana who murdered a twelve- [...]

    17. Very sad and gruesome story. I believe that the girls deserved their sentences, but even so I feel sorry for them as well as the victim. The two main perpetrators had horrible family lives, The other two merely didn't have the strength to say no to the torture and/or extricate themselves from the situation. This story makes me wonder ow parents can better watch their children (even as teens) and at the same time instill basic values. Very, very sad.

    18. I have read a lot about this case. The book was good (if not a bit trashy/tabliody). Considering who the author isd knowing her normal way of presenting a story in the most sensationalized, one-sided way possibleI was pleasantly surprised. This was an in depth (albeit a bit outdated) and "fair" account of a horrible crime. Certainly worth a read for any fan of the true crime genre.

    19. The ultimate in true crime sleaze, this one will cure you forever of your ghoulish desire to read this kind of thing ever again. A spectacular circus sideshow that piles lunacy atop lunacy, sleaze atop sleaze, and horror atop horror. Reads like a black-comic collaboration between the Coen Brothers, Takashi Miike, and Nancy Grace.

    20. Someone else described this book as a train wreck and after finishing it, I have to agree. Poor writing and an over-abundance of quotation marks (actually bordering on obsessive, if you ask me) made for some tough reading of an already very confusing, very bizarre true crime tale.

    21. Uggh, not for the faint of heart. This is one of the toughest true-crime stories I have ever read. The book is well done though, and I applaud the author for tackling this gruesome story. This is one of those things that are so horrible you wish you could remove it from your mind.

    22. Was very scattered with the details and facts. She got better in her later books, but this one made me search the internet for further info to keep the facts straight.

    23. The book is hard to read. It's just so unbelievable that teenage girls could do such cruel and sadistic thing to an innocent girl. RIP Shanda. :(

    24. cruel sacrifice is a true chime story about the now infamous and tragic murder of shandy shareris book is written from the input of the killers family, and has psychiatry notes and interviews from people involved in the girls lives.i liked the it talks about how the girls meet and how/what happen when they were younger. if you like chime story's then you will like this book.

    25. Cruel SacrificeAs always Aphrodite Jones does a though job of writing about this horrendous crime. In the years since this crime I've often wondered about the loved ones and friends of this victim Shanda. This true crime story is well worth reading.

    26. This book was insane good read sad how this child had to go thur so much there were so many opportunity for her to be saved

    27. Date approximate. I got rid of this book but recall thinking that it was inexcusable to print photos of the 12-year-old victim's dead body.

    28. This story was so sad. To think young girls could be so cruel to kill someone over jealousy. I just can't imagine how deviant they were to do such a terrible thing to someone so young.

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