A Rare Benedictine

A Rare Benedictine Brother Cadfael sprang to life suddenly and unexpectedly when he was already approaching sixty mature experienced fully armed and seventeen years tonsures So wrote Ellis Peters in her introduction

  • Title: A Rare Benedictine
  • Author: Ellis Peters Clifford Harper
  • ISBN: 9780747234203
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brother Cadfael sprang to life suddenly and unexpectedly when he was already approaching sixty, mature, experienced, fully armed and seventeen years tonsures So wrote Ellis Peters in her introduction to A RARE BENEDICTINE three vintage tales of intrigue and treachery, featuring the monastic sleuth who has become a cult figure of crime fiction The story of Cadfael s e Brother Cadfael sprang to life suddenly and unexpectedly when he was already approaching sixty, mature, experienced, fully armed and seventeen years tonsures So wrote Ellis Peters in her introduction to A RARE BENEDICTINE three vintage tales of intrigue and treachery, featuring the monastic sleuth who has become a cult figure of crime fiction The story of Cadfael s entry into the monastery at Shrewsbury has been known hitherto only to a few readers now his myriad fans can discover the chain of events that let him into the Benedictine Order Lavishly adorned with Clifford Harper s beautiful illustrations, these three tales show Cadfael at the height of his sleuthing form, with all the complexities of plot, vividly evoked Shropshire backgrounds and warm understanding of the frailties of human nature that have made Ellis Peters and international bestseller.

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    1. Ever wonder about Brother Cadfael's past before this good man joined the Benedictine order? Be careful what you wish for!I thought all three of these short stories would refer to the good brother's pre- monastic past,but fortunately only the first one does. I say fortunately as A Light on the Road to Woodstock is a very half hearted affair. It gives the appearance of being written to satisfy the curiosity of Brother Cadfael's fans & I think Peters enjoyed writing it as little as I enjoyed re [...]

    2. tri kratke priče tri zlodjela, tri rješenja, koje nam govore o ranim danima najpoznatijeg benediktinskog detektiva. sasvim ugodno i inteligentno štivo.edit: a da ne spominjem tu igru riječi u naslovu. Gotta love it!

    3. This is a book that is not in the series of Brother Cadfael mysteries, as it is not a novel; it is a book that contains three separate stories about Brother Cadfael. As such, it is a wonderful little book; one can never have too much of Brother Cadfael, and I am sorry that the author, Ellis Peters (the pen name of Edith Pargeter, English fiction author and translator works from the Czech language into English) died in 1995, a year after the publication of the last mystery in the series.The first [...]

    4. I haven't read any Cadfael in years, so when I picked this up from the shelf where it had been silently languishing, I was pleasantly surprised! This book is a sort of prequel to the series; it starts off with the beginning of Brother Cadfael's religious life and continues in the next two stories. Well-written, meticulously researched (well, as far as I, no Medieval scholar, can tell!), this is an insightful book of humans and their foibles. Cadfael is not only the watcher of those around him, b [...]

    5. I have read and enjoyed several Brother Cadfael books and wondered what it was in his life that led Cadfael to become a Benedictine monk rather late in his life. This book answers many of those questions through three short stories that are a wonderful addition to the canon of Brother Cadfael.

    6. There's an introduction to this set of three short stories that is as good as any of the stories, a note from Ellis Peters talking in her own voice about Brother Cadfael and about his Chronicles. It's only three pages, so don't expect too much, but it is, in my opinion, a wonderful short note from a historian turned novelist whose 12th Century hero was conceived in the 20th Century and is still quite popular in the 21st. The first of these stories, A Light on the Road to Woodstock, gives some ba [...]

    7. This is a delightful collection of three of longish short mysteries about Brother Cadfael, a Welsh Benedictine monk in early twelfth century England.I love Ellis Peters's writing, though this is the first time I've read her short stories. Some novelists can't write in a shorter form. Not true for Peters. What I've found with all her Brother Cadfael stories is that whatever length she writes in, it always seems exactly write to tell the story. No wasted words in her novels, and no wishing these s [...]

    8. I am glad to have the background on Brother Cadfael and why he became a "brother". I now look forward to enjoying the mystery series. We all know how much I love this time period! I did love a couple of quotes/thoughts: "Do you know what I want most of Evesham? The silence, it might beor the stillness. To have no more running to do have arrived, and have no more need to run. The appetite changes. Now I think it would be a beautiful thing to be still.""And who knows, thought Cadfael, which is in [...]

    9. A trio of short stories forming a prequel to the Cadfael series begins with the story of how he met his vocation but then becomes simply another two short mysteries set before the main even began which is a little disappointing. Thus, only 4 stars.

    10. A cluster of short tales Brother Cadfael features on these vignettes set around the abbey of St Peter and St Paul. We are introduced to his niche in Benedictine life as he reasons out the causes and culprits for several minor offences. Short and to the point.

    11. Read this book first! Too late? Read it next.Not part of the Cadfael main sequence, this is three short Cadfael stories including the essential tale of when, how and why Cadfael became a Benedictine.

    12. "'Could a price really be set for light?'"I really enjoyed entering the quirky world of Brother Cadfael with this series. Ellis Peters has combined two very cult genres to create a winning and original creation with all the charm and decency of a cozy mystery, and all the detail and light education of a historical fiction. Great concept, well-executed, and I'm looking forwards to reading the full length Broth Cadfael novels in the series later this year and at the start of next.It's very rare th [...]

    13. Three short stories featuring Brother Cadfael. The first, "A Light on the Road to Woodstock," takes place in autumn 1120, 17 years before A Morbid Taste for Bones (the first of the Cadfael novels). The second, "The Price of Light," takes place at Christmas 1135, two years before A Morbid Taste for Bones. And the third, "Eye Witness," takes place in spring 1139, a couple months before St. Peter's Fair, the fourth book in the series, which is set in July of that year.So it's only the first two tha [...]

    14. 3 short stories:"A Light on the Road to Woodstock," late November 1120, Cadfael becomes a monk."The Price of Light" "Eye Witness"

    15. This was a quaint little intro to a character I may need to get more acquainted with. I will checking out the series for sure.

    16. It occurs to me that one thing that's lacking is a book titled something like Brother Cadfael's Technology. There's an herbal, I gather, but what I'm talking about is a book explaining, for example, why the spades have only an iron tip, and are otherwise made of wood. And what about wheelbarrows? There are some hand-wagons that may be precursors, but I don't recall a true tricycle wheelbarrow in the whole series.This book is not it. But it's still a useful addition to the series.The preface is a [...]

    17. 3.5 stars for this set of short stories.The first story tells of how Cadfael the soldier decides to join the monks at Shrewsbury. The other two feature Brother Cadfael some yeas later. All three have a mystery (of course). My favorite is the middle story, 'The Price of Light', set over Christmas.The author's introduction is a nice bonus, as she tells how she chose the name Cadfael.The illustrations are charming--icing on the cake, as it were.

    18. I put off reading these three short stories for quite some time as it was the last of the Brother Cadfael canon that I'd not yet read. Knowing that Ms. Peters would be producing no more of the tales of this engaging monk that I so enjoyed spending time with, I was loathe to finish these and have no new tales to look forward to. These tales do live up to the quality of the novels and the first fills in a bit of Cadfael's history that hasn't been disclosed in the novels. I've enjoyed reading these [...]

    19. A mild, pleasant collection of Brother Cadfael stories. If other books are desperate chases or hilarious romps, this collection is like a slow, leisurely stroll through nice scenery, where one points out the lovely sunset and that cute young couple and the frolicking squirrels and whatnot. I can't even remember many details about any of the stories, three days later. I did like the Cadfael origin story--it fit with what we knew of him, but added a little extra dimension to my understanding of hi [...]

    20. This, the last (?) of the Brother Cadfael books, creates the legend of his origin as a monk. The transition from knight to monk is explained as a reason but not the process. Cadfael returns from one of the many Medieval wars, interferes in a lawsuit between Roger (de) Mauduit and the Abbey at Shrewsbury. The result makes him turn to the cloth. The book is really 3 short stories, or a short story and two longer ones, 150 pages (with charming illustration) in length. For Brother Cadfael fans the b [...]

    21. Contains 3 short stories which provide a bit of backstory to the Brother Cadfael series. At 150 pages, it's a quick read. Also contains some cool black & white illustrations with an authentic medieval "feel" to them.

    22. Kept me in my pajamas all day to finish reading 3 vignettes that reintroduced Cadfael to me in book form. First saw him on Masterpiece theatre in 80's. Reading stories forced visions of what's his name.

    23. A delightful and quick read. There are three short stories about Cadfael - his decision to join a monastery and two further stories of his early days as a monk.A gentle read, but most enjoyable. Ellis Peters' character is kindly and yet formidable.

    24. If you love the series, you must read this. I liked learning (after I read all 20 of the books in the series) just how Cadfael got to be who he was. The three stories are short, but well constructed little mysteries with the usual Cadfael touch.

    25. Collection of three short tales featuring Brother Cadfael. All were quite good and the first one explains how Cadfael made his way to the Abbey.

    26. Premise: Collects three short stories from across the series' timeline, including the account of when Cadfael joins the monastery.I love Cadfael, and when I recently needed a quick comfort read, I knew this wouldn't disappoint. However, if you're looking for a dramatic turn of events to drive Cadfael the crusader to the Benedictine order, you won't find it here.The first story, "A Light on the Road to Woodstock," is the account in question. Given the character as revealed throughout the series, [...]

    27. This is a book with three short stories that help introduce Brother Cadfael and explain how he came to be a monk. It was definitely a quick read but was still very enjoyable. The first story brings Cadfael into the same vicinity as some of the other monks in the order. This story helps you understand how he goes from being a solider to becoming a monk. These stories also show you how Cadfael quietly pays attention and thinks each problem through to come up with a solution to find the killer. The [...]

    28. This is the first time I've ever read a Cadfael book, but I certainly know of the character. (even though I've never watched the TV series either.) I'm been reading a lot of medieval stuff lately, because I'm really interested in the era and because I've been doing a lot of research for my own books. When I had the chance to buy a copy of A Rare Benedictine lately, I jumped at the chance, because I didn't know what the books were like before. I'm glad I gave it a chance, because I loved it! It's [...]

    29. Nice collection of 3 short stories that signal the start of Brother Cadfael's career as a detective. Actually, only the first story was a prequel in that it took place before he became a monk. "A Light on the Road to Woodstock" is where he meets some brethren from Shrewsbury when they come to settle a lawsuit with the man Cadfael is in service to - and about to finish his service.The other two stories - "The Price of Light" and "Eye Witness" are tales from his early days as a monk. They show Cad [...]

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