Eight Silly Monkeys

Eight Silly Monkeys Eight Silly Monkeys by Steve Hascamp reveals monkeys antics

  • Title: Eight Silly Monkeys
  • Author: Steve Haskamp
  • ISBN: 9781581171860
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eight Silly Monkeys by Steve Hascamp reveals monkeys antics.

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    1 thought on “Eight Silly Monkeys”

    1. Needless to say, my three-month-old daughter's face lights up each time I hold this book up over her and say "monkeys!" She really enjoys the bright colors and (I think) the silly monkey faces that gradually disappear from the pages as we go along. To be honest, now that we've read it dozens of times, she tends to get distracted by the time four monkeys are eating on the bed, but it remains one of our favorites. Neither of us cares for the ending, which neither rhymes with the rest of the book n [...]

    2. I like this version of the rhyme the most. The monkeys' faces are 3-D and the pages are cut out for the faces. Illustrations are bright and eye catching.Also they are not just jumping on the bed. Different verbs are used as the monkey countdown progresses.

    3. I liked this version of monkeys jumping on the bed. Instead of all the monkeys falling off the bed, they slip off and fun things like that. Every kid loves this story! And at the end after all of the monkeys have bumped their heads, they go jumping on the couch.

    4. This was a gift to my son when he was about a year old. We read it many times and donated it to his daycare when he entered kindergarten. We still talk about those monkeys sometimes.

    5. A fun take on the classic rhyme, this book makes good use of cut-outs and 3D plastic monkey heads that disappear as the monkeys fall out of the bed. Obviously, a sensory seeking child (like my son Harry) who needs tactile input will get a lot out of physically interacting with this book, and sensory components generalize an interest in books for sensory-seeking children. You'll be happy to know that even with all the intricate construction details, it's surprisingly durable; somehow this book, w [...]

    6. There are so many rhymes in this book! Children will be able to practice counting backwards and watch as the monkeys disappear. The story starts off with eight of the monkeys together and slowly they each fall off and bump their head. This is a great story to teach kids that furniture is not a jungle gym, which is something my mom always used to tell me when I was a young kid. Not only is this a great story to read, children will catch on to the repetition. This story reminds me a lot of the Ten [...]

    7. Genre: PB38What a great story to read to preschoolers! The bright colors and illustrations make this story easy for readers to see and follow along with as it is read. the repetition and rhyming words make this story easy to remember and a perfect read aloud. The monkeys on this hard book disappear as the pages turn leaving 1 less monkey each time! Great book to teach counting and numbers with the great illustrations and word choice. New and old readers will like the storyline and enjoy the easy [...]

    8. This is a great version of the classic Five Little Monkeys story. Expanded to eight, each page features the number of monkeys left jumping on the bed with a pop-up head that is both eye-catching and easy to grab at (a must for my 10-month old daughter). I'm rating this a tick lower than some of our other favorites to read together because after having read it approximately 100 times now, this one can get a bit more repetitive than some of her other go-to books (mainly the ones that only have abo [...]

    9. This book was really fun to read just because of the little monkeys and their expressions. The book makes one monkey disappear after every page turn and it counts down from eight which teaches children not only to count starting at one but counting backwards as well which I think is also important. The monkeys fall off the bed one by one and this teaches children to not jump on their bed or they will get in trouble so I think it is an important message to little kids.

    10. Re-read February 2018: I love this silly book! I say the doctor's lines each time, and count all of the monkeys.Re-read March 2017: Mama and Daddy have read this to me several times because I'm on a big monkey kick right now! I like saying the doctor's lines along with the story.Originally read 4/28/16: Oma read this to me while I played at her house this morning, then let me bring it home so I could "read" it myself!

    11. I bought this book for my daughter's friend's birthday but after I read it to her, she wanted to keep it. And we read this book every night.This book helps with counting, it helps with memory and association and it helps reminding her things not to do in bed.We love this book. It's easy to read, remember and it is fast. Even if you read it twice like I sometimes have to do, it is a quick read.

    12. Great. I had always heard of it as 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed but I thought this one was very fun and cute with different things to do on a bed (so it seems like they're actually listening to the doctor). And had a cute ending. I like another book too with 5 little monkeys and at the end, when all the monkeys are in bed with sore heads the Mom goes and jumps on her bed. :) I like both endings well, and don't know which one I actually like better.

    13. I read this book to my daughter at least 10 times a day, and I know it by heart so I tell it to her when she has a meltdown at the store, in the car etc. She mimics me by pointing with her index finger while I say "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!" and she uses that gesture to get me to tell her the story. I figured I'd put a review in here to start keeping track of her favorites, who knows how my memory will be after #2 gets here! ;)

    14. Chose this as a gift for a nine month old who seems like he may be part monkey himself! Read it to my wife in the aisles of Babies R Us, with appropriate funny voices. Don't know how much a child will like it, but my wife thought it was adorable. The cut out faces were an amusing touch, and the ending was just right.

    15. another book the preschoolers loved today!! They liked to count the monkeys. They knew what number was next, even thought they were counting down. The second class started saying what the doctore said but the first class in the AM sat quietly. After reading the book, we went back and did the actions the monkeys so we danced, jumped, etc.

    16. This has been Zoé's favorite book forever (she's 2 1/2 right now). Sometimes I do the actions, sometimes I don't. She's still giggling and smiling the whole time. Adèle also has started to really like it lately too. It must be the rhythm of the words. It's not a board book but it's fairly sturdy and the girls are fascinated with the raised monkey heads.

    17. I still remembered the words to this book before I even re-read it. It just goes to show how rhyming and repetition can stick in a child's head! This is an awesome book for little kids when they're learning to count not only because it's fun but especially because it is so easy to remember and that resonates well with children.

    18. I didn't think there was much to this book since it is so similar to a nursery rhyme/song that we say by memory. But, my 11 month old loves this book! So, we read it once a day. And, we got this book from someone else that had really liked it, so I would highly recommend this book for young children.

    19. When mom's away, the kids will play! My kids and I had a blast reading this book. They loved the cutouts and plastic monkey heads. I like this book because it not only helps to teach children an old children's rhyme, but can also be used an educational tool to teach and get kids excited about counting and the importance of listening to your doctor and parent.

    20. It's a fast read, thank goodness. Despite our best efforts to hide it in the pile, s/he found it to read! Luckily, that only lasted a week. Not sure it would hold the interest of a seven-year-old, even as a reading book.

    21. I thought this was a pretty good children's book. It was very quick and easy to read, as the story consisted of silly monkeys that repeatedly jumped off their bed. I liked this book and would probably recommend or read it to a small child

    22. I think this is a good book because it is a fun book that can help teach kids how to count. Eight Silly Monkeys includes repetition throughout the story that helps a child follow along. Overall, it is a good book to read while have fun reading to a kid.

    23. This book teaches numbers and counting in a fun catchy way! This book could also be a great tool for teaching verbs and rhyming words.

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