The Silent Language

The Silent Language Leading anthropologist Hall analyzes the many aspects of non verbal communication and considers the concepts of space and time as tools for transmission of messages His stimulating work is of interest

  • Title: The Silent Language
  • Author: Edward T. Hall
  • ISBN: 9780385055499
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leading anthropologist Hall analyzes the many aspects of non verbal communication and considers the concepts of space and time as tools for transmission of messages His stimulating work is of interest to both the intelligent general reader and the sophisticated social scientist.

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      125 Edward T. Hall
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    1. أن تتعلم لغة بلد ما لا يؤهلك بصورة تامة لفهم اللغة ذاتها، هناك ما هو أبعد من مجرد ان تحفظ معنى الكلمات هناك التراكب الخاصة الاخرى، التعبيرات الناشئة من التعامل الطويل مع اللغة ، هناك اللغة الاجتماعية النظرة للاشياء ، طرق فهم و تفسير حركات معينة ، طرق مختلفة لابداء الاحترام، [...]

    2. إدوارد هول هو عالم الإنسان أو الأنثروبولوجيا الأميركي الشهير ولد في مايو 1914 وتوفي في يوليو 2009.هو من العلماء الذين كان لهم صيت بارز في مجاله.هو أول من اخترع وطور مصطلح او مبدأ أو مبحث التداني الا وهو تأثير المكان او الفضاء الحولنا في ثقافة الشعوب.كان أستاذا في جامعات راقية وعل [...]

    3. أول كتاب أنتهي منه في 2013وأول كتاب أقرأه في هذا المجال! الكتاب طُبع من 30 سنة ويحتوي على معلومات عجيبة عن بعض الشعوب، ويشرح أدق تفاصيل السلوكيات التي يفعلها الأمريكيين ونفعلها يومياً دون أن ندرك تأثير ثقافتنا على سلوكياتنا البسيطة وهو ما يدعوه بـ (اللغة الصامتة)كتاب دسم قليلاً [...]

    4. ربما لا يجدر بي تقييم كتاب قبل أن أنهيه لكنني أشعر بالإكتفاء فلم أجد ما كنتُ أتوقعه حقيقة ، إلى جانب أن الكتاب بدأ يغرق في الأفكار المعقدة والتي تستلزم مني تركيزا ثلاثة أضعاف ما أنا عليه غير إن السبب الآخر الذي يجعلني أتخلى عن فكرة إكماله هو عدم شعوري بأنني استفدت شيئا فالكتا [...]

    5. الكتاب يشرح فكرة إختلاف الثقافات بين مختلف الأمم مع بعض معلومات عن عادات الشعوب

    6. Though this book played an important role in identifying supra-linguistic aspects of communication, Halls methodology was developed within a context of American domination. Most of his evidence is anecdotal, and most of the anecdotes occur in situations where Americans are in power and "confused" by their inability to communicate with or control the behavior of people in other countries. His examples include diplomat to foreign citizen, teacher to foreign student, military to foreign government, [...]

    7. كتبت تقريرا طويلا ومفصلا عنه وبسبب طول التقرير قررت عدم نشره ربما انانية مني (: انصح به وبشدة

    8. This is Edward T. Hall's first book and my first Edward T. Hall book. Generally speaking, it outlines a lot of the subject matter that will be expanded and further explained in subsequent works. Due to the fact that it is a cursory introduction to a lot of specific and complex ideas - a definition of culture and the methodology to study it is all - I felt as if I was walking atop a treasure-trove. However, that may be because I have several unread Hall books on my shelf right now and I'm project [...]

    9. كان عنوان الكتاب جذّاباً لي ولكن لم يكن واقعه حسب عنوانه وما توقّعته منهلا أدري أين الخلل!! هل في التّرجمة أم في الكتاب نفسهولكن لا أنكر أنّ فكرته عظيمة والتي يمكن تلخيصها كيف أنّ عادات الشّعوب والأمور التي تحكم تعامل أهل كلّ بلد مع بعضهم تختلف في بعض الأحيان اختلافاً جذريّاً [...]

    10. .من أجمل وأعظم الكتب التي قرأتها عن الثقافة وتحليل تطبيقاتها وتوصيفهايحوي الكتاب بعض الصعوبة في اللغة ولكن متابعة القراءة وإعادة القراءة ستساهم كثير فيفهم مجمل ما يود المؤلف الحديث عنه ، إني اعتبر هذا الكتاب ضروري لكل مكتبةوهذه قراءة اشمل للكتابakenh/2011/04/blo

    11. Let's start by saying that this is, in many ways, an embarrassingly dated work.(lifts up unwieldy metal frame labeled HISTORICAL CONTEXT, tosses it out the window)Edward T. Hall writes with a shocking paucity of empirical evidence, writes entirely in vague assertions and anecdotes, with riffs based on the now highly discredited ideas of functionalist social science, tries to defend the multiplicity of culture while still asserting himself from the position of the all-seeing eye of the American s [...]

    12. 16 - good story of cross-cultural confusion17- cultures have an appropriate "lead time" - how much advance notice you must give about something to plan ahead. 35 - there are no basic, elemental units for culture and therefore it is impossible to teach culture the way you teach language. Some of this is because culture is a deep, unconscious thing.39 - "culture hides much more than it reveals, and strangely enough what it hides, it hides most effectively from its own participants. Years of study [...]

    13. كتاب ممل لأقصى الحدود، أفكار الكاتب مبعثرة هنا وهناك لا يوجد خط واضح يتبعه الكاتب.يحتوي على بعض تجارب الكاتب، إضافة إلى عادات الشعوب (ثقافاتهم)، العرب يميلمون إلى المرونة عندما يتعلق الأمر بالوقت بينما ثقافة الغرب تقتضي بأن الوقت يجب احترامه ويجب الانضباط بالمواعيد رغم الظ [...]

    14. الترجمة جيدة و الموضوع مهم و مفيد , فهدا الكتاب هو دراسة للإنسان انطلاقا من تواصله الصامت ,أي حركاته و ثقافته و نظرته للأمور . الفكرة الأساسية الثقافة كاتصال مقارنة و نتائج .

    15. كتاب جيد بالنسبة لمن يريدون قراءة مدخل لل Humanities لم أستمتع به كثيرا نظرا لأنني قرأت "البعد الخفي" أولا، فأحسست وكأنما هول يعيد نفسه بصياغات لغوية جديدة.

    16. كتاب ممتاز، رتبلي كتير من أفكار اكتسبتها من قراءات متفرقة عن علم الاجتماع.اقتباس: " عندما يترك المرء الجزء الثقافي من الطيف و ينتقل إلى قسم الشخصية، فإن طول الموجة يزداد. إن حجارة البناء التحليلي، و بدلا من أن تكون الأصوات أو ما شابه، هي تفاعلات كاملة بين الناس - كالأم و الطفل - [...]

    17. The cover of the book has a quote: "'The Silent Language' shows how cultural factors influence the individual behind his back, without his knowledge"well it doesn't!This book is about establishing a template for anthropologists to use when they study different cultures, this template can be followed to identify and 'define' the different components of that culture. It's quite an ambitious goal, but as we know today, he failed; the way different cultures developed and converged from the 50's unti [...]

    18. Some interesting points and anecdotes made, but it seems to suffer from that disease of the mid-20th-century, where everything has to be made into a science, very technically analyzed, stages and pieces name, a system of parts derived. If there is such a thing, sure, but any particular theory that points out preferred vocabulary terms and say, 'This complex phenomena is made by some combination of these four principles', well. To be fair, he is very clear about how this is just a rough outline, [...]

    19. Dated, but very interesting. I have to say that I enjoyed his examples and anecdotes more than the actual working out of his thesis, but I learned a lot about how cultural assumptions about time , space, and communication are established and learned, and how important it is to take them into account in cross-cultural encounters--whether by individuals or diplomats representing nations. A favorite quote:"The best reason for the layman to spend time studying culture is that he can learn something [...]

    20. Hall presents arguments about the use of time and space in communication in multiple cultures. he argues that they are just as much part of the communication system as language and harder to learn. The core of these arguments are now somewhat standard in the social sciences and linguistics. He expresses what could be complex ideas in a way that is both accessible and entertaining. He notes that it is written for an 'American' audience so that they might understand the differences between themsel [...]

    21. Interesting book on the nature of culture and how it can be observed and studied. I especially liked the anecdotal examples and the views into different cultures. Being a non-US citizen, I recognized myself in some of the examples and I saw things that intrigued me the study of others. I really liked the division of cultural and how we can recognize and go from one level to another -the formal, informal and technical, and how these things can relate in the micro scale of the individual and how d [...]

    22. Notes: "Most of what is known about communication," Hall notes, "has been learned from the study of language" (p. 1010). "Some [languages] are so dissimilar [] that they force the speaker into different images of reality" (p. 101).The ways we experience life are influenced by language, as we create patterns --> sets --> arrangements, and we are always interpreting. He looks into how culture and language has an influence on conditioning behavior, and makes comparisons between different soci [...]

    23. This book works well as an introduction to cultural anthropology, or social science in general. Hall is a master of the ideas and subjects he covers, tying them together with wit and style. I was surprised to come across this by accident after years of studying social science, as I have not found a better writer for the material. Well written and straight forward. This should be a standard text for all social science students, especially useful as an introduction. The book covers several aspects [...]

    24. الكتاب مميز جداً. إدراك ونظرة جديدة للثقافة أعطاني زوم أوت عليها من أعلى، زوم إن على مكوناتها: اللغة الوقت المكان السلوك الأفكار الأنماط الاتصال التعلم الكاتب مغرم بقصة وضع الحدود والخرائط لكل شيء، صعب وأخذ مني تركيز ووقت، لكني شاكرة لكثرة أمثلته واستشهاداته؛ خاصة بتركيزه [...]

    25. My brother read this for a class and passed it on to me. I remember reading it on my lunch break while working at the plastic factory before my first year in Korea. It's one of those books that wasn't the greatest to get through and a bit antiquated in parts, but I still think about it from time to time. Actually was just watching this RSA Animate, "The Secret Powers of Time," (youtube/watch?v=A3oIiH) the other day and it reminded me of a part of this book where the author discusses how differen [...]

    26. Edward T. Hall provides a theory and framework for analyzing and understanding culture. The aspects of his exposition I found interesting and useful include the definition of informal, formal and technical modes of influence along with a multidimensional map of culture. The dimensions of the map expose the areas of informational exchange that are based on evolution and exist across the animal kingdom.The stories and theoretical materials are very interesting. I would like to have seen more infor [...]

    27. 2 stars - It was OK. I think I had expectations for this book that it did not live up to. This is to be a book to help people understand that how we (Westerners) approach life and communication can be (and is) very different to how people in other cultures approach life and communication. It is almost a textbook. Quite dry. Has some good examples, but could have been written much better - and more dynamically.

    28. لدي الكتاب بترجمة لميس فؤاد اليحيىدار -الأهلية للنشر والتوزيع ولا يتحدث الكتاب عن لغة الاشارة بل عن اثر ثقافة المجتمع على المعنى الحقيقي للجمل الملفوظة يتحدث عن الثقافة الغير معلن عنها والتي تتكون ضمن نسيج الثقافة المعلنةواهمية معرفتها للتواصل بشكل افضل مع المجتمعات المغا [...]

    29. this book has really benefited me in several ways . it illustrates how different cultures are having different verbal and non verbal communication styleshow to understand a specific culture by understanding its dimensions hmm i might found some difficulties while reading it . it's quite deep with depth information but with twice and a focus reading you'll get what the author is trying to tell you.quite interesting .

    30. Really helpful for thinking about culture while living and working abroad. Also just fascinating on its own. I have no idea if there is more updated books on this subject. I read this because it's on the list in the back of Hellspark by Janet Kagan, which I loved.

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