Catherine of Aragon: Henry's Spanish Queen

Catherine of Aragon Henry s Spanish Queen Reformation revolution and Tudor history would all have been vastly different without Catherine of Aragon This biography is the first in than four decades to be dedicated entirely to the tenacious wo

  • Title: Catherine of Aragon: Henry's Spanish Queen
  • Author: Giles Tremlett
  • ISBN: 9780571235117
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reformation, revolution and Tudor history would all have been vastly different without Catherine of Aragon This biography is the first in than four decades to be dedicated entirely to the tenacious woman It draws on fresh material from Spain to trace the dramatic events of her life through Catherine of Aragon s own eyes.

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    1. I started this biography with a very clear notion of what I did not want: merely another rehearsal of the same events and anecdotes of "the King's Great Matter" that has been recounted or fictionalized countless times. Too often, Catherine of Aragon in these accounts is treated--that infamous wedding night with Prince Arthur aside--as if she quite simply sprang into existence the moment Henry VIII decided their marriage was over. The backstory--where this woman came from, how she came to be who [...]

    2. Catherine of Aragon was a remarkable woman – the daughter of the great Queen Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, a formidable leader of the Battle of Flodden, and eventually known for being displaced by Anne Boleyn but holding true to her wedding vows. Catherine was born for the history books but is often outshone by the aforementioned Anne Boleyn. Giles Tremlett brings Catherine to the forefront in, “Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Queen of Henry VIII”. Tremlett begins “Catherin [...]

    3. This book may be unique in English-language historical literature; at least, I can't think of another like it. There are many, many books about Henry VIII, or the six wives of Henry VIII, or Anne Boleyn (Catherine of Aragon's successor/usurper), but I can't think of a single full-length biography of Catherine herself. Most of the books about Henry's wives act as if she only stepped onto the scene when Henry fell in love with Anne Boleyn. This covers her entire life, beginning with the background [...]

    4. From BBC radio 4 - Book of the WeekA compelling account of the life of the Spanish Infanta who became Queen of England, then changed the course of Tudor history by refusing to grant Henry VIII the divorce he needed to marry Anne Boleyn.Yolanda Vazquez reads Giles Tremlett's new biography of Catherine of Aragon, the tenacious woman whose marriage lasted twice as long as those of Henry's five other wives put together.Abridged by Alison JosephProducer: Eilidh McCreadiec/programmes/b00w15w2

    5. I bought this book at Heathrow looking for something to while some time away during a 24 hour flight. And I was hooked – the normal inflight entertainment didn’t stand a chance.The book is well written and very readable. It provides a lot of background information on Catherine’s parents and the situation in Spain and her early years in England, all of which shaped her character. The passages about Catherine’s youth in Spain and the descriptions of the scenery and palaces, especially the [...]

    6. Amazingly well done biography. Tremlett combs through account books and diplomat reports and uses them to present a on the ground picture of the life of Catherine of Aragon, showing the life of this remarkable woman in terms both in character and actions.

    7. I previously knew very little of Catherine of Aragon other than that she was Henry VIII's first wife and that her tenure in that role lasted longer than that of the other five wives put together. The gap in my knowledge has now been put right by Giles Tremlett's excellent and detailed study of the lady in question; there is even some fresh material from Spanish archives that has not been seen before.Catherine was of royal descent, being the daughter of Ferdinand V of Aragon and Isabel I of Casti [...]

    8. This is a brilliantly well researched book. Starting from Katherine's early life in Spain, being brought up by her two formidable parents Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabel of Castile, it is easy to see where she inherited her determined and strong personality. From her first marriage to Henry VIII's elder brother Arthur, and what actually happened during that short time (the sources are very conflicted depending on whose side the writer was on) to her years stuck in England before she could marry H [...]

    9. I was so excited to come across this book in a bookstore recently! I had read and loved Ghosts of Spain (by Tremlett) 2 summers ago before moving to Madrid for a year. As a Tudors nerd, I was very excited when I saw he had written a biography of Catherine of Aragon, but I could never manage to quite get my hands on a copy.As a few other people have suggested in the reviews, I found the first half of the book much more interesting, since it focused on the comparatively untold story of Catherine's [...]

    10. I have ready many books on the Six Wives of Henry the VIII and have seen many adaptations and the wife that has always captured my interest was Katherine of Aragon. Mainly because there was so little put into her and after Anne Boleyn arrives she sort of takes over the narrative. Unfortunately, biographies on Katherine were limited and outdated. This is the first one to appear in nearly fifty years. I enjoyed reading this because it only presented the facts and allowed us to make our own minds a [...]

    11. I'm a Tudor history junkie. My mom started me on Jean Plaidy practically in the crib, and I've never looked back. This is the first truly sympathetic, in depth portrait of Catherine that I've read. It was so interesting to read the other side of the glamorous, scandalous Great Matter of the King. Because Elisabeth I was so beloved and ruled so wisely and long, the world tends to focus on her doomed, tragic, pathetic mother, and Bloody Mary's mom gets relegated to the dowdy impediment to the birt [...]

    12. Nothing new brought to table here, and without even any sparkle to make this worth while as an also-ran. blurbification - A compelling account of the life of the Spanish Infanta who became Queen of England, then changed the course of Tudor history by refusing to grant Henry VIII the divorce he needed to marry Anne Boleyn. Yolanda Vazquez reads Giles Tremlett's new biography of Catherine of Aragon, the tenacious woman whose marriage lasted twice as long as those of Henry's five other wives put to [...]

    13. A brillant biography on Katherine of Aragon that sheds a light on the life of a woman who is all too often dismissed. Katherine is too often depicted as that matronly, almost zealot woman who refused to step away when Henry VIII decided to marry Anne Boleyn, but there is far more to her than the image from pop culture. Religion had obviously a big influence on Katherine's life, right from the very beginning, but this biography offers a really interesting insight into the ways of thinking of the [...]

    14. This biography was just brilliant, it was really well written and informative, it felt very sympathetic to Catherine which to be honest is fine by me. I felt like I learned a lot through this biography especially about Catherine's parents and her years on exile waiting to marry Henry.This has now gave me an hankering for more Tudor biographies and I am now looking for recommendations for books on Mary Tudor if any of you know of any.If you are looking for a good biography of a Catherine then I w [...]

    15. Henry VIII boasted to ambassadors of his vivacious eighteen-month-old daughter Mary, 'this child never cries'. The affectionate father was at the same time also a loving husband to Mary's mother, Catherine of Aragon. When that changed so did the child, and there were tears aplenty, as well as a legacy of blood and fire.Giles Tremlett's book is the first full-length biography of Catherine in forty years. Tremlett lives in Spain, where he works as a journalist for The Guardian, and had immediate a [...]

    16. Catherine of Aragon has commonly been reduced to a supporting character in the notorious Anne Boleyn's world. A thorn in the king's side; a woman to be pitied; matronly; a friendless foreigner; faithful and pious. Basically, Catherine has been reduced to the long-suffering figure of "the wife." I have always been frustrated with the contemporary retellings of Henry VIII and his six wives, whose stories always seem to begin when Henry met Anne, as if Catherine had not been on the Tudor scene sinc [...]

    17. This was a very interesting take on Henry VIII's long suffering queen. What I liked about it was it came across unbiased. Though she is a sympathetic historical figure, a lot of the biographies I read of her skew a lot of facts, and add in unnecessarily biting commentary about Anne Boleyn (because it really takes two to tango and King Henry should get just as much shit, if not more, as her if you're going to do it). This is the first biography I have read of her that brings up her being (possibl [...]

    18. This is an excellent book. I've read extensively on the Tudor and Elizabethan eras; it's probably my favorite subject aside from science fiction. I've never experienced this level of detail and felt such compassion for Henry's first queen, Catherine of Aragon as I did here.This is the first book that I've read to treat Catherine not as a conservative roadblock, shroud all in black and rosaries, but as a victim (albeit not a helpless one) of a king with the whims of a hummingbird, and a governmen [...]

    19. A thorough well researched and very readable biography of Catherine of Aragon. The history sits alongside Catherine so that the person isn't lost in the sweep of events. Henry should have looked at his mother-in-law's reputation more closely before he tried to get rid of his wife. The youngest child of Isabella of Castille was the one commentators said was most like her mother.

    20. Very disappointed in this book. It added nothing more than what I knew already from general history . Badly written for example, "She knew she had been good while England had been bad to her" - ehhh. Uncompelling, unsympathetic and generally poor. What a shame.

    21. I love Tudor history. I sank into this book readily with the rich descriptions and liberal use of sources. Tremlett published a book on Catherine's mother Isabel earlier this year. I'll pick it up. His writing is just the sort that transports you to the time and gives you a view of the happenings and strengths of the people. As for Catherine: she is proud and full of grace. Henry didn't deserve her. I love the examples of her outfoxing him repetitively during their court hearings. Her cloak and [...]

    22. This is my first book review so, I hope this goes well! I've had way too much coffee and too little sleep and I do believe you can really tell! Next time I write a book review, I think I'm going to go with way too much wine, just to spice things up a bit. ;)There may be somea billion spoilers, so read with caution. Can you really spoil history though? This book seemed very anti-Boleyn to me. Giles Tremlett often refers to Anne as "Boleyn". I have been an Anne Boleyn fan since Natalie Dormer wowe [...]

    23. This is an extremely easy to read biography all about the life of Catherine of Aragon; the first wife of King Henry the Eighth. It is written more like a novel which makes it very interesting!

    24. I was really interested in reading this biography of Henry VIII's first wife, because although I have encountered Catherine as a character in numerous novels and other historical works, I knew little about her life before becoming queen. Most Tudor novels focus on the drama of the end of Catherine's marriage and Henry's remarriage to Anne Boleyn, and Catherine is generally portrayed as the older, stubborn, barren wife, preventing Henry from annulling their marriage, and demonstrating a deep-seat [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book. The book started off slowly and could at times get bogged down in superfluous descriptions. However, I know the author was trying to establish a background for Catherine, Henry VIII's first queen. Because information about Catherine's early years is scarce, Giles Tremlett, a Spain-based journalist, relies on facts about Spain and the Spanish royal family at the time of Catherine to give us a picture of what life might have been like for the first fifteen years of the [...]

    26. This Book of Catherine made me really admire her in a way that no Book that i've read about the Wives of Henry had made me admire her before.Most Books i read about her seemed to start with her later life because they showed so little of her life as a young child and woman. This Book gives a really thorough description of her life in Spain, her Parents, her Siblings and her life as a child. How she came as a young woman to England and the hardships she had to endure before she became Queen of En [...]

    27. I have read many biographies on the Queens of Henry VIII, but never an entire work devoted to only Catherine of Aragon. Tremlett does not portray Catherine as many have come to see her, as the angel wife who was set aside for a seductress. The beginning of the work starts with Catherine's parents, explaining the importance of the marriage of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon. Catherine's childhood is then written out, the influence of her mother is greatly stressed. Her religion too, c [...]

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