Tintin: Complete Companion

Tintin Complete Companion Tintin The Complete Companion starts where Tintin and the World of Herge stooped An overview of the world famous comic character and of his adventures through the titles of the complete oeuvre the

  • Title: Tintin: Complete Companion
  • Author: Michael Farr Hergé
  • ISBN: 9780867199017
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tintin The Complete Companion starts where Tintin and the World of Herge stooped An overview of the world famous comic character and of his adventures through the 23 titles of the complete oeuvre, the Complete Companion contextualizes Herge s work replaces it in its historical period by showing side by side by side the drawings and the references used by the artist to estTintin The Complete Companion starts where Tintin and the World of Herge stooped An overview of the world famous comic character and of his adventures through the 23 titles of the complete oeuvre, the Complete Companion contextualizes Herge s work replaces it in its historical period by showing side by side by side the drawings and the references used by the artist to establish believable backgrounds and realistic details Also included are sketches, large number of sketches that Herge would rework and polish until he would fine the clearest, most easily readable line giving birth to a style that would later be called the Clear Line While this book is clearly aimed at an older reading audience, its iconography and attractive layouts will also appeal to teen agers and young and old comic connoisseurs who are familiar with Tintin adventures

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Tintin: Complete Companion : by Michael Farr Hergé Å
      214 Michael Farr Hergé
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    1. This is obviously a top read for Tintin enthusiasts! No one who likes Tintin is going to tell you otherwise! Michael Farr provides a detailed account of how each Tintin book came into being, and each chapter is dedicated to a particular title. Readers will love the numerous photos from Herge's extensive archive, which served as the real-life inspiration for many of his drawings. Ever wanted to know what the Thompson Twins might've looked like in real life? Well look no further! The only real dr [...]

    2. Eine Schatztruhe für FansFür Fans von Tim und Struppi ist dieses Buch eine wahre Schatztruhe - sehr viele Fotos, die beweisen, welch akribischer Arbeiter und Rechercheur Hergé war, wie er gearbeitet hat und welche Vorlagen aus Film und Literatur ihm als Inspiration für sein Werk dienten. Viele genau recherchierte Hinweise werden hier verfolgt und dem Leser in sehr ansprechender Form präsentiert - besonders die Archivvergleiche mit Fotos sind sehr aufschlussreich und beweisen, was für eine [...]

    3. Underbar bok om en underbar serie. Välskriven, informativ och inspirerande texter om alla Tintin-albumen. Ur tryck länge, men nu finns den äntligen att få tag i igen. En vacker bok som tål att läsas om och om igen.

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    5. This is indeed an exhaustive companion volume to the body of work by Herge, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has read, or intends to read, all of the Tintin series.The discussions of how Herge built politics and accurate history into his stories, without being censored or jailed in occupied Belgium, are worth reading it for, as well as the excellent reproductions of various versions of some of the illustrations. Of particular interest to English speakers will be the explanations of wh [...]

    6. Um livro interessante para os apaixonados do Tintin. Um misto de biografia sobre o criador do Tintin, Hergé e os bastidores de cada um dos 24 albúns editados deste heroi desde 1929 até à morte de Hergé em 1983.Alguns capítulos mais interessantes que outros, mas equilibrado e com muito material de arquivo no qual Hergé se baseou para desenhar aventuras por todo o mundo e ele só poder ter ido em viagem muito mais tarde.Interessante a evolução do desenho, o perfeccionismo na criação e a [...]

    7. Interesting, loving, generally well-written, and copiously illustrated book covering mainly the Tintin series, though also including a lot of biographical detail about Herge. Farr manages to deal with each book without being too spoilery, though he has a tendency to be a bit more worshipful than I might like, and perhaps at times to try to make loftier claims for the work than it can really support. The most fastinating thing about the book is the wealth of illustrations, not only from the books [...]

    8. A highly informative and well researched guide to the world of Tintin. Beautifully illustrated and boasting the same format as the albums.

    9. Washington City PaperArts & Entertainment : Book ReviewTintinspottingBy Glenn Dixon • August 2, 2002Once, back in my editing days, I was needling a staffer over his failure to provide me with copy. Working the arts desk, I had no real pull with the front-of-the-book guys, but I was doing my best to make this one squirm. The writer, a princely bullshitter who had stiffed me five weeks running, at last blurted, "Whatever happened to just listening to the music, man? Why do we always have to [...]

    10. This book basically tells what happens in all of the books, very briefly, as well as what was changed in each subsequent edition. It also mentions many sources of inspiration for Herge, and displays some of them. It contains some biographical information on Herge as well. All in all, for a Tintin book, a very boring read, however, the pictures make it worth it. I gasped aloud at many of the inspiration photos; "That's the Thom(p)sons!" I thought, when I saw a black and white picture of two Europ [...]

    11. I read this excellent 200 page hc companion alongside my complete re-read of the 24 Tintin-books by Hérge. The book is structured chronologically and each time before I read the actual book, I enjoyed the eight pages (on average) where Farr offers a nice mix of pictures (either material from Hérge's files, pencil sketches or final panels alongside the photo for comparison) and infos about publication history, Hérge's personal history and the story's relationship to actual historical events. I [...]

    12. Versi yang saya baca adalah edisi berbahasa Indonesia terbitan 2011 dari Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Buku 205 halaman ini adalah hasil penerjemahan dari edisi berbahasa Inggris cetakan 2001 milik Penerbit Moulinsart.Tintin: The Complete Companion membahas secara lengkap seluruh komik “anggota keluarga besar” serial bertokoh utama wartawan berambut jambul itu. Farr mengulas secara rinci mulai dari seri pertama terbitan 1929, Petualangan Tintin di Tanah Sovyet, sampai dengan yang terakhir alias se [...]

    13. Mostly awesome book here, the only reason I docked off a star is because of the mini-article on the right side of page 162 titled "The Martyrdom of Tibet". The author, quite lamentably, cited all this "historical" mumbo jumbo that's little more than an international smear campaign that stubbornly refused to die (no thanks to folks who blindly repeat them!). The Tibetian region was once an empire of its own right . . . back in the 7th~9th century (called 吐蕃). She has been assimilated/annexed/ [...]

    14. Michael Farr is perhaps the ultimate English-language Tintinologist. This book - although, like any equivalent "complete companion" will leave individual fans clamoring for more on their favoured issues - is startlingly well-written, lovingly researched and put-together. Each album gets a chapter (combined, in the case of the two-parters) which details its conception, creation and reception, alongside details about Herge's life, and the political and social context in which the story was written [...]

    15. An excellent book for anyone who has read all of the Tintin adventures. Farr's book has helped me to understand and enjoy Tintin on a whole new level.The book is divided in to 21 chapters, one for each of the complete Tintin adventures (with the three double adventures each receiving only one chapter), plus a final chapter for the incomplete Tintin and Alph-Art. You may want to read each chapter, and then re-read the Tintin adventure(s) covered. However you read this book, you will want to look [...]

    16. Read this and enjoy Tintin even moreIn Tintin: The Complete Companion Michael Farr takes the reader on a trip from the early beginnings of Tintin in The Land of the Soviets to the final and unfinished album of the Alpha-Art. With a contagious enthusiasm Farr describes the creation phase of every album and reveals some remarkable trivia you would normally miss while reading Hergé's masterpieces.It is refreshing to see how thoroughly Hergé documented himself before letting Tintin loose on yet an [...]

    17. The concept behind this officially-sanctioned book is mouth-watering. Hergé Foundation/Moulinsart gave Michael Farr free reign of Hergé's archives, allowing him to show the reference images and sketches that sat behind the final Tintin artwork. A real behind-the-scenes experience for fans!Unfortunately, the actual book fails to live up to this possibility.A large part of the problem is the formatting of the bookwhich divi-des the book into three col-umns per page, with text of-ten broken upwit [...]

    18. This delightful and informative volume is obviously a labor of love from a fellow Tintin fan. In his acknowledgments, Farr fondly remembers his mother teaching him to read at the dining room table with Tintin. The book is beautifully laid out, and spends several pages reliving and analysing each of the Tintin books, focusing on narrative development, contemporaneous history, and other pertinent influences. I especially loved the many photos reproduced from Herge's files. He collected photos on a [...]

    19. This is a great companion piece to the Tintin stories. Each Tintin book is covered, with archival photos and commentary providing rich background info on what went into the making of the stories.My only nitpick is that the author occasionally injects his personal preferences regarding the books. For instance, he considers "Flight 714" to be weak due to its extraterrestrial themes, whereas in the Tibet adventure he has no problem with the presence of the Yeti (he mentioned something about his dad [...]

    20. Pros: Great to reconnect with the Tintin series I read as a kid. More depth to what was going on while Herge was writing each book, and about the different editions. Interesting to see the translation issues as well as the changes over time made to the books to update them.Cons: The author is a reporter and it shows. Sometimes it feels like one is reading the reporters notes instead of a story or review. The editing is jumbled and newspaper-like making for awkward reading at times. Could use a l [...]

    21. Tintin: The Complete Companion has, pleasingly, the same cover dimensions as a Tintin book, though it's a little thicker than the standard 62 pages. Although I could have done with less subjectivity from the author (irrelevant anecdotes; personal opinions on adventures that I happen to like thank you very much), he knows his stuff and it was fascinating to find out about all the Brussels-dialect jokes in the original, and the changes that took place in the pictures and text from one edition to t [...]

    22. A great background book, primarily for those who grew up on Tintin or read them to their kids; (this is not an entry point to Tintin). Farr's knowledge and compiled information makes his book detailed, and full of interesting quotes, references, and pictures from Hergé's resource files that informed his drawings (many of these appear side-by-side). He also traces the development of the main characters, and their appearances in the 23 stories, plus the one unfinished book Hergé left uncompleted [...]

    23. An absolutely amazing book. With no doubt: a must-read for all Tintin enthusiasts.Michael Farr helps us to understand what is behind the all 24 Tintin Adventures books. It offers a very complete view of the context of the stories and a special view into Herge's mind. It's fantastic to see that no detail is neglected. Hergé was, as Michael Farr says and shows through this book, a compulsive archivist - it is amazing to see his inspiration and his sense of realism. I absolutely love Tintin, but t [...]

    24. Fantastic book for Tintin-enthusiasts. Beautiful illustrations and a nice analysis of all Tintin-books, with interesting trivia about the development of each story and a fantastic biography of Hergé and his struggles with his famous character. It also paints a clear portrait of what it was like to be an author during World War II and the impact those world events had on Hergé and everyone around him. To enjoy it you'll have to be familiar with the Tintin-books and stories, but if you are you m [...]

    25. Oh, I love Tintin! I first read him in college of all places, and now I love to read it my little people. They love looking at the great illustrations. I'm sad that Spielberg is getting his hands on the great Tintin. I just can't imagine a live action blockbuster movie made out of this wonderful character. And, I'm sure Hollywood will mine it for all it's worth. There are so many stories here that they'll be churning it out for years to come. Boo hoo.

    26. The author is a little too forgiving of Hergé's transgressions and missteps but he is critical of Hergé's most grievous errors. The author also takes some strange asides into first person accounts that are really of no interest. The pictures from Hergé's archives, on the other hand, are definitely worth the price of admission. It really does help you gain an appreciation of Hergé's dedication to realism.

    27. This was a really great book. I really want to go out and buy it now. It taught me a lot about the original Tintin comics and character. It also gave detailed background to the artist and creator Herge (accent on e). I really loved it and would recommend it as a must read for any fan of Tintin. In fact I would recommend you to read each comic and then rewatch the tv episode and reread the comic book.

    28. More comparison between the original black and white periodicals and their reworking into color books than the series warrants; not enough discussion of how to translate French or Bruxellois puns and names into English and other languages; scant treatment of the artwork as text; interesting bits on how accurate Herg�� tried to be with planes, cars, and other technical details, with photographs from his archives next to final panels to show how exact his modeling was.

    29. A very good behind the scenes companion for the Tintin comics. I don't always agree with the author on which stylistic elements were good and which were bad, but I learned a lot about Herge and the stories he put together, as well as what was going on in the world during the writing of each Tintin story.

    30. TinTin ( and if course Snowy),in my view, seem to be an acquired taste. It is in at least 70 languages. I started reading it when I was about 9/10 years old, in the mid sixties till now.It is spell binding and the adventure is timeless. Characters are like old friends and I never get tired of reading it. It is a classic adventure series that are of the utmost recommendation

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