No Sleep for the Sheep!

No Sleep for the Sheep One tired sheep wants nothing than a good night s sleep All is peaceful until QUACK Is that a duck at the barn door And now a goat A pig A cow A horse Each new unexpected guest is bigger and louder th

  • Title: No Sleep for the Sheep!
  • Author: Karen Beaumont Jackie Urbanovic
  • ISBN: 9780152049690
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One tired sheep wants nothing than a good night s sleep All is peaceful until QUACK Is that a duck at the barn door And now a goat A pig A cow A horse Each new unexpected guest is bigger and louder than the last How will the sheep ever get this barnyard crowd to quiet down before COCK A DOODLE DOO

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      481 Karen Beaumont Jackie Urbanovic
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    1 thought on “No Sleep for the Sheep!”

    1. Wonderful book! Someone recommended Karen Beaumont to me and I'm so glad I found her! Besides the beautiful illustrations by Jackie Urbanovic, the rhyming type poems throughout the book had such a rhythmic quality to them that my twin 3 yr olds kept repeating the words throughout the day as they ran around the house. My 5 yr old had fun guessing which animal would come next and trying to "predict the outcome" a popular lesson in his first grade language arts class. Overall a fun read for the who [...]

    2. Basic Plot: Poor sheep can't sleep because of all the other animals making noise all night.This is a very cute picture book for little kids. My son liked it because it had farm animals and lots of excuses to make farm animal noises. The rhyme and repetition are great for beginning readers, and the art is very good. The story made me smile, and reminded me a bit of a reverse Go the F* to Sleep. I got enjoyment out of finding new ways to express how tired the sheep was, so I'd call this an overall [...]

    3. My daughter loves this book. She thinks it's hilarious and loves making the animal noises. This is one we read constantly for bed time.

    4. This book is so perfect for so many reasons. The rhyming, the repetition, the animal sounds, the onomatopoeia perfect for 18mos. and up.

    5. Rhyming repetitive book that has the sheep encouraging each farm animal to go to sleep.Also teaches farm animal sounds.

    6. No Sleep for the Sheep! by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by Jackie Urbanovicis is a silly, funny, barnyard bedtime story about a sheep who keeps having his slumber interrupted. Beaumont creates a cumulative text with rhyme and rhythm that sounds like a song and should be a fun read aloud. There are lots of animal sounds to make, as sheep is interrupted by increasingly larger and louder barnyard denizens, including a duck, a goat, a pig, a cow, a horse, and someone who goes Cock-a-Doodle Doo! Even [...]

    7. A very silly read-aloud that follows in the tradition of funny bedtime stories set on farms. Here, the sheep is very tired and wants nothing more than to go to sleep. But one by one, he is bothered by animals. First a duck, then a goat, a pig, a cow, and even a horse. And no one leaves for their own bed, but instead joins the sheep where he sleeps. And in the end, just when the sheep finally is able to fall asleep, there is one last noisy animal to wake him up. This time with a COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO [...]

    8. No Sleep for the Sheep!, written by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic, is a nominee for the 2013-14 South Carolina Picture Book Award.No Sleep for the Sheep! is a funny picture book that young readers interested in farm life or animals will really enjoy. The pattern to the story is clear from the beginning, and this makes this book ideal for read-alouds. Children can get involved in the story. Even those who are learning to read will be able to follow along and predict where the [...]

    9. There are few things more annoying than being woken unexpectedly from sleep. Possibly, the only thing worse would be to be woken repeatedly from sleep. In this hilarious but predictable picture book written in rhyming text, a sheep settles down to rest, but his rest is interrupted, by turns, by a duck, a goat, a pig, a cow, and a horse. Each time he hushes them and falls asleep after there is quiet. When morning comes all too soon, the shrill call of a rooster awakens everyone sleeping in the ba [...]

    10. That was fun reading it. The book. The sheep couldn't sleep but it did. And the sheep talked. And the other animals talked. In the morning the sheep was still sleeping. And all the animals slept in his bed. And the sheep didn't go to anybody's bed. And he told them not to make the same sound again and they did and he said go to sleep and they did. And on the last page it said on the barn and on the farm and on all the pages. The book was nice. And it was funny. And the shape was yelling when he [...]

    11. An absolutely delightful picture book that will entertain the reader as much as the child he or she is reading to."In the big red barn on the farm, on the farm, / in the big red barn on the farm,A sheep fell asleep in the big red barn, / in the big red barn on the farm."The sheep's sleep does not last long, though, for he is awakened by a duck. A noisy duck. And each time he falls asleep again, he is awakened by another animal. Noisily.An animal sounds book with hilarious watercolor illustration [...]

    12. An amusing story in rhyme about a sheep who just can't get any sleep. Sheep falls asleep clutching his Teddy bear when he hears a loud QUACK at the door. Sheep tells the duck to go to sleep and not to quack any more. The two settle down to sleep when there is a loud BAAA at the door and Sheep must tell the goat to go to sleep and not to baaa any more. And so it goes, until the last animal at the door says COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO and everyone knows what that means. The illustrations are colorful and am [...]

    13. I loved this book. It was an awesome combination of animal sounds, hidden pictures (who is coming next?!) and a bedtime story. I loved the sheep esp. as someone who can be a bit grumpy if awakened in the middle of the night.The text was lyrical -- you can't help but reading it out loud. And I changed my rating from a 4 to a 5 after actually reading it to my 2 year old niece. She is a little busy girl and not one to sit still for stories but she loved this one and I did not get tired of reading i [...]

    14. A cute story about a sheep who keeps getting woken up by other animals. The illustrations add to the humor. I might try this at PJ Story Time, but I think my story time crowd might be a little young for it. This was a hit with my story time crowd! The loved the loud animal sounds and the repeated "Shhh! Not a peep. Go to sleep" (Not sure that that is the exact quote, but it is something close). Rounding up to 4 stars. 9/16/14

    15. Sheep just wants to sleep, but the other animals keep interrupting him!What I thought: I'm going to have fun with this book at story time. Let me count the ways: 1) Farm Animals; 2) Animal Noises; 3) Repetition; and 4) Who's in the picture? (you can see the animals in the shadows before they enter the barn.) A great story with lively illustrations--so colorful. My favorite illustration is sheep finally sleeping.Story Time Themes: Farm Animals, Sleeping/Bedtime, Sheep

    16. No Sleep for the Sheep! by Karen Beaumont is a delightfully humorous narrative filled with fun, repetitive rhymes throughout that are excellent for reading aloud to young children. The watercolor illustrations are colorful and depicts the mood of the sleep clearly. This is a great bedtime story for children to understand that nighttime is for sleeping and a nice tool for teaching farm animals.

    17. I absolutely loved this book! The illustrations through out the whole book are really good! Best of all is the look in the sheep's face every time he is telling another animal to go back to sleep. I also really liked how the whole booked rhymes. Its a good book to tell at bedtime. As the sheep continues to get woke up, he brings all the animals in with him to sleep until the end when the "Cock-a-doodle-doo!!" when the sheep finally just sleep right through it. Great book! Loved it!

    18. I really wanted to love this book, but unfortunately it really didn't ring my bell. The book is similar to Is there Room on the Feather Bed? that I used to use for quick dramatic play during my summer reading program, but I don't think nearly as satisfying. It also is similar to Bernard Waber's Bearsie Bear which I've also had students act out. I've liked so many others by this author and some by the illustrator, so I was disappointed by this.

    19. Age: Toddler-preschool.Themes: Farmed animals, animal noises, bedtimeI've read this a few times at storytime and still haven't found my rhythm with it. There are a few too many repeated phrases, I think, and the story itself is a little long. That said, I do love making animal sounds with kids at the library! We always follow this one up with a round of Old MacDonald puppets. Read at Alphabet Soup on June 5, 2015.

    20. If you enjoy funny animal books this book is a must read. It's filled with a lot of rhyming words and repetition. Children will love this book, because it introduces new and fun animal characters every time you turn the page. Sometimes the rhyming seem a little too much in this story, but I also think the rhyming words help children remember the story better. A seriation activity with the animals in the story book will make a great learning experience!

    21. As Sheep tries to sleep, his slumber is interrupted by various other animals who come by the barn. Rhythmic text and repetition combined with humorous illustrations will make this a storytime favorite.P.S. Don't miss the final illustration--great irony for the sheep who keeps saying, "Not a peep!"

    22. A series of animals visit Sheep as he is trying to fall asleep. Each animal makes a noise which wakes up Sheep and Sheep firmly tells each animal "Shhh! Not a peep! Go to sleep!" but the quiet only lasts until the next animal comes along and wakes up Sheep. As dawn breaks, Rooster calls for everyone to rise but Sheep has other ideas. A surefire bedtime hit.

    23. This poor sheep goes through a lot of interruptions to his sleep in this book. Apparently, he's the only animal that is interested in a good night's sleep at his farm (aside from a rooster that no one wakes up). The rhyming text, repetitive text has a nursery rhyme structure that I think would make it a good bedtime story. Well written with amusing illustrations. Quite enjoyable.

    24. I liked this book because I love to sleep. All readers will be able to sympathize with the poor sheep in this book, but they'll also enjoy predicting which animal will be the next to interrupt his sleep. The illustrations are great! The different animals and their sounds - as well as remembering the order of the animals makes for a perfect story time book.

    25. There are plenty of other great books out there about animal noises, barnyard animals or cumulative tales so this does not break any new ground. But if you are reading to a young child and they love it, it is unlikely they will care if other books are similar. Easy to read rhymes and funny illustrations.

    26. A pretty good choice for a farm-themed storytime. The rhyme and rhythm make it fun. It did bother me some that the text didn't quite match up with the pictures. The sheep was always waking up to each new animal, but the other animals would sleep on. The text didn't indicate this. But the illos are well done, boosting the book to three stars rather than only two.

    27. This book was funny to me because I kept thinking the sheep should just move to another barn or go outside and sleep. Nevertheless, it teaches a good lesson of how you should be considerate of those around you. I would also use this book to teach children the different animals and the noises they make, colors, movement, and size comparison.

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