Nemesis CIVIL WAR Nothing KICK ASS A warmup What if the smartest toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil Meet Nemesis He s systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in As

  • Title: Nemesis
  • Author: Mark Millar Steve McNiven
  • ISBN: 9780785148654
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
  • CIVIL WAR Nothing KICK ASS A warmup What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil Meet Nemesis He s systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he s now set his sights on Washington, DC Between you and me, the police don t have a chance Do not miss the book that EVERYONE will be talking about by the crCIVIL WAR Nothing KICK ASS A warmup What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil Meet Nemesis He s systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he s now set his sights on Washington, DC Between you and me, the police don t have a chance Do not miss the book that EVERYONE will be talking about by the creative team that made CIVIL WAR the biggest book of the decade COLLECTING Millar McNiven s Nemesis 1 4

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    1 thought on “Nemesis”

    1. This comic is a near perfect page turner! Full of surprises! with only four issues, this is one hell of packed action comics. Issue 1-3 worth 4 or 5 star. But I don't like the final issue. I need to put spoiler tag, there are big spoilers (view spoiler)[ I don't like the revelations at the last issue, or maybe lack of explanations. Until the end, there is no explanations who was Nemesis. Although not mandatory, but I want some explanations how the hell a rich boy could have a skill to defeat 97 [...]

    2. Interesting take on an old trope. The main character is sort of a reverse Batman. Answers the question, what if a Billionaire playboy became a super villian instead of a hero. I enjoy Millar's style, and his stories are always tight, clever, and fast-moving. This one's no exception.

    3. Ugh.So, I do think that villains should be as terrifying as Nemesis. So beyond psychotic that they're somehow sane. But I also think that part of what makes a villain truly scary (a villain that doesn't have magic or spaceships at their disposal) is that his or her evil is to a certain extent probable in the real world. Say, poisoning the civic water supply. What Nemesis does is so over-the-top ridiculous that it isn't even scary. Another reviewer already pointed this example out but it bears re [...]

    4. My introduction to Mark Millar was from reading Wanted, an over-the-top actioner set in a world where such villains have secretly taken control of the planet, which not only proved that Millar was the most demented writer I’ve read, but became a loose film adaptation in 2008. Known for his cynical sensibilities that he has applied to a number of Marvel comics, for better (The Ultimates) or worse (Civil War), Millar is at his best through his creator-owned work, or Millarworld as he’s called [...]

    5. Mark Millar teams up with his Civil War artist Steve McNiven for possibly the best book he's written so far. The book starts off at a blistering pace, throwing the reader straight into the action as Nemesis blasts a murderous path of vengeance across Asia before turning his attentions to Washington DC. At every expectation in the story Millar draws the reader in only to pull the rug out and flip the situation on its head. I was hooked from the first page to the last as Millar throws in all the t [...]

    6. Another great short story from Millar. Great artwork, great story, I just wish it wasn't so short and I wish there were sequels to his stories!

    7. Nice little popcorn read, I'm sure Millar thinks he's making some profound commentary on the world zeitgeist - but really he's just earning dividends on the beast of his own making, and trying to place blame for the nihilistic world view elsewhere.I usually enjoy Millar & McNiven, and this is a fun, breezy read - but also forgettable, even if the writing at least makes the effort to give us some Hollywood twists and turns. I'm happy for Millar that he's found success between Hollywood and co [...]

    8. The more people I talk to about Nemesis the more I realize how many people do not like this book. The reasons are many - whore to the movie inspiring ambitions of mark millar, too much blood and gore, lack of a credible motivation of the central character for doing what he does, over the top action etc. That said - I adore this book and totally loved reading through this pop corn action fest ! a) The villain or should I say the hero is exactly what a bad ass batman would be like.b) The chemistry [...]

    9. Book Info: This collection contains Millar & McNiven's Nemesis issues #1-4.Other Useful Reviews: Mike's review and Tanya K's reviewABSOLUTE RATING: 2.5+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>From the same writer/artist duo that brought you Civil War and Old Man Logan comes Millar & McNiven's Nemesis!This four-issue limited series follows the adventures Nemesis – a supervillain who is world-renown for his terrorist antics and brutal slaughter of high-ranking police officers aro [...]

    10. 2.5 to make it clear. This is RIGHT down the middle. So what if you created a villain with no constraints. You'd get Nemesis. He'll slice your dick off, he'll make your kids have sex with each other, he'll strap a bomb to your wife. He'll do whatever it takes, he has no limits, he isTHE NEMESIS. This probably would have been cooler if I was 16 still and just wanted mindless insane action without any real characters. You can kill a million people, you can force incest as much as you want, but in [...]

    11. Truly terrible. If you've ever read Millar, you know the dialogue is bafflingly bad. I think "Mark Millar" may actually be two kids in a trench coat. The characters all talk like they're fourth-graders who just learned curse words.Most of the book is just the villain killing people. And not in clever ways, either. This actually happens:he kills a hundred armed guards with his bare hands. Yeah. And the villain's whole plan was to not kill his victim. What's that you say? That makes no sense? Ah, [...]

    12. I've been thinking for a few days now on what to put in this review. I'm completely unsure how I feel about this short graphic novel. Millar has cornered the gratuitous violence genre but is edging towards the Ennis-esque shit where nothing makes sense unless you're dropping tabs while reading. The villain in this story owes his motivation to being "bored and rich." Maybe I'm getting old. I'm complaining about gratuitous violence. Me???Other than that, the art was great and the story did flow. O [...]

    13. I'm not a huge Mark Millar fan, but I have to say the ending of this book was really lackluster. The reveal of "that thing you just did? I predicted it. Years ago. That thing too. Oh, and that too. All planned years ago" just felt like lazy writing. Not only was it lazy but it also didn't lead to anything. I know that a second mini-series is in the works but the problem is that this feels like the first arc in an ongoing rather than a mini-series with a solid beginning, middle, and end in its ow [...]

    14. Effective tale told with speed and vigor. Its been done before and I am sure it will get done again, but so what, it was a very enjoyable read and I enjoyed the ride while it lasted!!!!

    15. An example of style without substance.Hyped as making Kick-Ass look like sh*t. A pretty bold statement considering it didn't even come close.Granted that Nemesis is crazy, he's not at all scary. In fact, the white costume made him look stupid.And the ending, what was that all about?I'm a Millar fan, but this was disappointing :(

    16. By this point Millar has pretty much perfected his approach to "widescreen" comics, with all the coarse language, ultra-violence and jaw-dropping action set-pieces that we've come to expect from him. I take my Millar books in measured quantities, lest I become saturated and completely turned off. But oh, do I enjoy them.Steve McNiven's art in this book is not like what you'll find in Civil War, The New Avengers, Vol. 2: Sentry, or Brubaker's Captain America - Volume 1, for the simple reason that [...]

    17. I'd read this a while back, picked it up again from the library. Who wouldn't want to read about the adventures of a psychotic Albino Goddamn Batman? So this is Millar at his "Look-at-how-edgy-I-am" best, which is either hella fun or juvenile wankery, depending on how you look at it. I was able to sit back and chuckle at the sheer audacity of some of the setpieces, because I like some lunacy every now and then. I would pay money to see them pull off that Air Force One sequence in a movie. Likewi [...]

    18. What if Batman was an obnoxious, whack job that decided to kill a bunch of people and blow stuff up because he was rich and bored?Yet another juvenile attempt to sell the movie rights by Mark Millar. The art is nice, and the story idea has potential, but Millar's too busy showing us how cool and clever he is, for the story to progress much past the level of a Micheal Bay movie.With lots of swearing to show us Millar is 'edgy.You're better off finding an old Fantomas novel or an actual Batman com [...]

    19. Lots of plot holes but a crazy Millar story never the less. The overall story was good and the bad guy was well handled but there was more behind the scenes and that slightly annoyed me. I suspect they may revisit this world but the way the story unfolded felt like they didn't really have a primary focus for the characters. I liked the tone but it was a little muddled in the delivery.

    20. Wie alles von Millar ziemlich "over the top", brutal und blutig. Brauche ich gar nicht, um ehrlich zu sein, da könnte er ruhig mal einen Gang zurück fahren. Aber wie immer: interessante Idee und gut konstruierter Plot.

    21. Pelea entre supervillano y superpolicía para ver quién la calza más larga. Queriendo el autor retratar a estos dos tan listos, que acaba siendo ridículo, sin sorpresa y vergüenza ajena.

    22. 1.tengo un apodo perfecto para el autor de este cómic: mark "la mentira" millar. 2cho me temo que el apodo no es tan perfecto como pensé: millar es un autor que ha entregado buenas obras --el primer volumen de kick-ass es un gran cómic, y por supuesto, el primer volumen de the ultimates es una obrita maestra, pero también es un tipo que, estancado en su estilo over-the-top lleno de explosiones y madrazos, ha dedicado su carrera a crear hits prediseñados listos para venderse a hollywood, cas [...]

    23. A week ago, Mark Millar made an announcement about how each of his creator owned books are part of a shared universe. It is a multiverse, since there are two universes and it is kind of compelling. One Universe has the characters and scenarios from Wanted, Kick-Ass (The upcoming) MPH, This book and Superior. Superior, the character gets his powers from an alternate universe, where Millar's other title Jupiter's Legacy takes place. In the Universe that features this book, Jupiter's Legacy is a se [...]

    24. On hearing that Mark Miller was writing a new graphic novel I was excited, but upon reading this I was rather bored and disgusted. let me explain. I was told before reading this that the novel was like and with the idea of "what if" Bruce Wayne was a psychopath, not a hero. Sadly this was not portrayed or written out well. Mark Millar is known for brutal violent stories with crude language, and when it involved a bunch of stupid kids and idiots from his work, "Kick Ass" I understood it. but I gu [...]

    25. ¿El problema es que Millar siempre escribe el mismo tipo de historia o que los lectores buscan precisamente ese tipo de historia? Como siempre el escritor presenta un concepto sumamente interesante: ¿Que pasaría si alguien con todo los recursos del mundo decidiera entrenar su cuerpo hasta la perfección y con su dinero financiar una cruzada personal? Tendríamos a Batman, pero que pasaría si en lugar de vestirse de murciélago decidiera salir a matar policías? He ahí el concepto. Una idea [...]

    26. I'd heard interesting things about this series from a variety of sources, and I know it's under development as a movie, so I thought I'd pick up the collection. Ho-hum, more iconoclastic hyper-violence form Mark Millar, who keeps trying to out-Garth Ennis Garth Ennis. In this case, we have the question, "What if Batman were a raging, brilliant psychopath who was out to kill police chiefs around the world, especially the one responsible for the deaths of his parents." It's a fun premise, I guess, [...]

    27. Nemesis has it in for the world's police chiefs. Beginning in Asia, he goes on a killing spree (and enters into a battle of wits with the top law enforcement agencies around the globe), predicting (through careful planning, one must assume) the deaths of his high profile victims. All in preparation for the final showdown - he means to take out Blake Morrow, Chief of police, Washington DC. Is Morrow up to the task?Twisted and twisty - I didn't see that coming. Whoever is behind Nemesis is a first [...]

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