Shot Through Velvet

Shot Through Velvet Shot Through Velvet A Crime of Fashion Mystery

  • Title: Shot Through Velvet
  • Author: Ellen Byerrum
  • ISBN: 9780451232502
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Shot Through Velvet A Crime of Fashion Mystery

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      374 Ellen Byerrum
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    1 thought on “Shot Through Velvet”

    1. You can't go wrong with crime and fashion! A fabulous, fun book! Can't wait to read more in the series!

    2. I haven't read one of Byerrum's Crime of Fashion mysteries in years -- literally years, as I last read one of her books in 2009 -- and I was worried that I'd be disappointed. That, perhaps, the absence would cause me to realize that her books weren't as good as I'd initially. thought.I didn't need to worry about that.Byerrum's Crime of Fashion mysteries aren't for everyone -- they're set in DC and star journalist Lacey Smithsonian who's still stuck on the fashion beat at a second-tier DC paper. [...]

    3. Oh Ellen, what happened?! Lacy Smithsonian is a fashion reporter working in Washington DC. She favors vintage clothes, is smart, funny, and always falling into mysteries & murder. She's got strong opinions and her own particular quirks - and probably has been the mystery series I've enjoyed above all others. Yes, I've come to really enjoy her tales over the last few years. This book, the latest in the series, was a painful disappointment. There really was no plot or twists (man found dead in [...]

    4. For some reason I struggled to finish this book. Maybe I have read so many of this type of book and the plot left me cold. Lacey Smithsonian is a reporter of fashion who gets involved with a dead body and "who done it". This time it is a body in a vat of blue dye in a velvet fabric manufacturer. Great description of the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA!!

    5. This is one of those formula books where you think surely I could do a better job than the author! My fault for checking it out of the library.

    6. Stars: 3.5 / 5Recommendation: An easy mystery read that is weaved through the world of fashion, style and dressing from the view point of a fashion stylist.Shot Through Velvet is the seventh installment in the Crime of Fashion series by Ellen Byerrum published in February of 2011. The time around Lacey gets tangled with Velvet and Murder - obviously with lots of fashion clues.Lacey Smithsonian, the fashion reporter for The Eye Street Reporter at Washington, D. C is touring the last velvet factor [...]

    7. Book Summary: Fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian is touring a failing velvet factory in Virginia on its final day of operations-and finds one of the factory owners dead, lashed to a spool of velvet and soaked in blue dye. The workers are delighted, since they blamed the "Blue Devil" for killing their jobs.But when another nickname, the "Velvet Avenger", makes the rounds, and ribbons of blue velvet start popping up, it could be more than Lacey's job at stake-it could be her lifeWhat I liked about [...]

    8. Quick. What’s your favorite color? If you answered blue, I have a must-read for you, especially if you’re into vintage fashion, snappy dialogue and the softest, most sensuous fabric in the world. Did you guess? Well, it’s velvet, of course.Lacey Smithsonian, intrepid fashion reporter for that other Washington D.C. newspaper, The Eye, has a dream assignment. She’s to cover the final days of the last remaining velvet factory in Virginia. The assignment is even more appealing because her ma [...]

    9. FINALLY finished this today. It took awhile because it got pushed around while i was reading other books. That never would have happened if it had been more like the others in this series. I was so thrilled to see a new one after several years without! I was in the mood for a really easy to read but keeps me very interested story so I bought this for my kindle. I just have to say that overall I'm disappointed. It didn't hold my interest very well. This one had SO many references to the color blu [...]

    10. I enjoyed the book. It was nice to see the usual characters, I find that I get attached to them as much as I would the main character. Funny, isn't it? It's truly an ensemble performance that keeps me coming back for more.I liked how the author is incorporating what is happening around us in the book, factory closures, newspapers going out of business, people losing their job because those jobs are going over seas. This is real stuff, but combined with the fiction it was very entertaining, and I [...]

    11. This is the first Crime of Fashion that I've read and I'm happy I started with in because in looking at the reviews, this seems to be the worst of the series.Aside from the cheesy character names and some of their over-the-top personalities (uhhh - Stella, anyone?). this was a cute little murder mystery that I enjoyed curling up with. At first, the names drove me nuts but then they started to amuse me, which I hope was the author's goal. I'll definitely be reading the others in this series.

    12. Lacey does it again. This is was a quick read. I love the continuing development of the supporting cast. Stella, Brooke, and Vic are cooky in their own right and keep getting better. The mystery itself was pretty cut and dry, developing like any mystery should. Lacey did have another spectacular resolution catching the killer in a photo worthy way. And on a side night I have always had a love affair with velvet even though it isn't very practical in the desert. Fashion and murder hit a high note [...]

    13. I have read a couple of other Crime of Fashion mysteries and liked them as a pleasant diversion. I do like the main character, Lacey, and I love her wardrobe. I liked the facts about the velvet making process and how the American textile industry has declined. But despite the likable parts, I still wanted to give up on this one about halfway through. Ironically, the mystery was solved about halfway through the book as well -- I'm not sure why the author felt the need to stretch it out beyond tha [...]

    14. "After all, it was just the fashion beat. And a little extra." My favorite quote from the latest installment of Ellen Byerrum's Crime of Fashion series The new book takes place in a small town (loved the setting) & brings to light another dying (pun intended) US industry- textile dyeing. I love Lacey Smithsonian's (Main Character, Fashion column journalist) quips, she makes me smile. Mystery, fashion, maybe even some romance ;) (after-all the story takes place during Valentine's week) what m [...]

    15. As always, Lucy Smithsonian's fashion tips are good ones, but contemplating the impact of American textiles disappearing from this country is profound. Good to see pride in some work (not including putting boss in vat of blue dye), sad to see shops closing and leaving the country. As always, good that Lucy's eye for fashion and detail helps corral the bad guys, especially if it means the Gorgon turns out to be a sweet and good future mother-in-law for Stella.

    16. I have always enjoyed Ellen Byerrum's Lacey Smithsonian fashion series. I liked the humor and the Washington DC setting. Byerrum took a break from the series so I was glad to see she had published this 6th volume. It wasn't spectacular. Yes, it had all the great characters and the history of velvet manufacturing was interesting but the mystery was only so-so. I guess I expected more after Byerrum's break which she says on her website she took so she could keep the series fresh.

    17. I enjoyed this story. It did feel as though there was a great deal of time spent in some areas and others felt rushed, especially as I neared the end. Lacey as always ends up in the middle of a murder investigation and her group of friends want to be a part. This time, there is a new member of the group, Stella's future mother-in-law that adds a comic element. I am still drawn to this series because of the 'fashion' angle and will likely read additional installments in the series.

    18. Lacey Smithsonian, fashion reporter for the Washington Eye, is reporting on the closure of the last velvet factory in Virginia when the dead body of the night manager appears. The victim apparently had no redeeming features, but nonetheless Lacey is driven to investigate his death. Then death strikes again, this time too close to home for Lacey's comfort.

    19. 2 1/2 stars Fun little mystery set locally. Makes it more fun. Maybe a little too easy to figure out the killer, but it was fast. If I run across another in the series I'd read it, mainly because it's local and a kind of fun mindless read. My fave "little" mysteries are still Diane Mott Davidson's Goldy the caterer series.

    20. Lacey Smithsonian is reporting on the closing of a velvet factory when a body is found rolled in velvet in an ink vat, rendering the victim both dead and blue. I like Lacey. I like her ambition, her snarky private thoughts and her love of all things vintage. The plot is a bit on the far-fetched side, but given the setting is Washington D.C. I guess anything is possible.

    21. I love this series and was so happy to see that she was still writing the crime of fashion mysteries. This one didn't disappoint, it was fun but she still managed to address the economic issues with grace and empathy. And I didn't guess whodunit until I was supposed to. :)

    22. This was just a quick fun read with lots of interesting informationabout the making of velvet fabric and the condition of the textile trade in the USA at this time. The mystery wasn't particularly well-plotted but it was still enjoyable for any reader interested in fashion.

    23. Have to say, did not enjoy this Lacey Smithsonian as much as the others. It might have been the setting, but it seemed to drag in the middle.

    24. Still really enjoying this series, I'm bummed there is only one more left. I love hearing the DC area described in these books as well as the fashion and the growth of the characters.

    25. The usual antic Byerrum cast inhabits a story about a plant closing and the dislocation the closing causes. Evokes Evanovich, but with political and social content.

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