On Wings of a Dragon

On Wings of a Dragon A captivating and suspenseful fantasy from an award winning author

  • Title: On Wings of a Dragon
  • Author: Cora Taylor
  • ISBN: 9781550416749
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A captivating and suspenseful fantasy from an award winning author.

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      306 Cora Taylor
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    1 thought on “On Wings of a Dragon”

    1. Young adult book that I read aloud to my sons. Wings alternates between the stories of two girls: Kour’el weak, injured, imprisoned and Maighdlin who lives in a once vibrant, joyful kingdom. The latter’s grandDa Petaurus used to be King Vassil’s huntsman but now he sits in front of his hut waiting for Maighdlin to bring him his daily bread. The King had been mortally wounded and now the bewitching Queen Mariah rules in his stead. When all the young women from the village are forcefully tak [...]

    2. I was unsure throughout most of this book whether I liked it or not, then the ending left me a bit bewildered about the erratic-ness of the story but a lot more certain of my feelings towards it: not great.There were some questionable grammatical things in the writing as well of this weird habit of leaving out commas in long sentences where they definitely should have been. But those were just hiccups in the writing, there were other things that led me to this two star rating. Some of the narrat [...]

    3. My review written when I was 11:"I would have to say it wasn’t what I was expecting…to start off, I really only chose this book in the start, because I knew it was a fantasy book and I, love fantasy. Don’t get me wrong though, it wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t amazing either. Out of 5, I’d probably give it a 3. I really loved the ending, though! Really creative! I think it was worth reading, for its whole plot in general. Though, I think some of the parts of the book could have been writ [...]

    4. I would have to agree with another reviewer's frustration with the writing - POV was difficult to ascertain at times and in certain places was completely off! The ending was also terribly anticlimactic and not worth the wait. This book still gets 3 stars, however, because despite its flaws it was an entertaining read and although the end wasn't worth the suspense, I did feel compelled to read to the end and at times had trouble putting the book down.

    5. I read this book in 8th grade with my wonderful friend. We used to sneak this book out (because we weren't allowed to take books out of our classrooms for some strange reason) to lunch and read it behind a portable. I still remember how much I loved this story. Unfortunately, while most of the plot is in my head, I've forgotten the details. I'm planning on rereading, but I know it's gonna be wonderful. I'd recommend this book to people any day. It's a wonderful story.

    6. On the Wings of a Dragon by Cora Taylor. An intriguing beginning and an interesting premise. However, the scenes in the cell go on far too long and taking over the castle is deficient. There are several important things that are not explained and the reader is left with too many whys? It felt as though the author tired of the story half-way through and rushed the rest. This book should have been twice as long.

    7. Such a great story, I read this book back when it very first came out I would stalk out school library till it came in and then I read it within a week to do a book report! I just found a really mint copy in a second hand book store now that I've re-read it the story is just as adventures as I remember :-) a must read for any YA fan :-)

    8. so i've read this book a few times over the past 4 years. I totally loved it! the thing was, everytime i returned it to my school library, i'd forget the name. but i would want to reread the book so badly that i'd look through our library close to where i would remember finding it untill eventually, i would spy it, and sign it out. Anyways, totally loved this book.

    9. It's rather irritating from a technical perspective, since the grammar is often odd or wrong. The story has fairly stock bad guys, but the two sets of protagonists are interesting enough to make up for that. Though the setting is weak and stereotypical, the tension picks up rapidly and creates an engaging read. Recommended.

    10. Overall, I enjoyed it, though I did have struggles consistently throughout the story with grounding time and characters in the midst of the action. It was often difficult to tell which things were occurring when, and how they were occuring, and who was doing them. abut, it was an intriguing story nonetheless and, like I said, I quite enjoyed it, for the most part.

    11. One of my favorites from growing up! There are very strong female characters, an engaging plot and plenty of amazing scenes. This book has one of the very few scenes that made me cry with sorrow and joy for the strength of the human spirit. In front of people. Seriously.

    12. A nice read and at an appropriate level for middle grade and early YA. The winged girl and the dragon and their features are novel, as our their personalities. Ending is surprising. I have read this story several times and always enjoy it.

    13. Two unrelated stories, runs into the classic split-plot problem of one leaving the reader wondering "when will this boring plot pause again & get back to the better one", & then they mash the plots together in the last page & a half

    14. This book would have been much better if the author have developed the characters more. Kour'el wakes up in a prison and deosn't know how she got there. Maighdlin and all the other girls are sent to the palace as slaves. And who is Api'Naga? ;)

    15. Parellel stories of Kour'el, who wakes in pain and with no memory, and the village girl Maighdlin, who is swept away from home with all the other maidens to serve the queen. I, too, want wings.

    16. has very good story line and is very detailed. It follows mor than one charecter at a time but is a pretty easy read.

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