Eternidad Despu s de que un horrible accidente siegue las vidas de su familia Ever Bloom de diecis is a os puede ver el aura de la gente o r sus pensamientos y saber toda la historia de la vida de una pers

  • Title: Eternidad
  • Author: Alyson Noel
  • ISBN: 9789509080843
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Despu s de que un horrible accidente siegue las vidas de su familia, Ever Bloom, de diecis is a os, puede ver el aura de la gente, o r sus pensamientos, y saber toda la historia de la vida de una persona con s lo tocarla Haciendo lo imposible por evitar el contacto humano y suprimir sus habilidades, ha sido etiquetada como bicho raro en su nuevo instituto Pero todo cambiDespu s de que un horrible accidente siegue las vidas de su familia, Ever Bloom, de diecis is a os, puede ver el aura de la gente, o r sus pensamientos, y saber toda la historia de la vida de una persona con s lo tocarla Haciendo lo imposible por evitar el contacto humano y suprimir sus habilidades, ha sido etiquetada como bicho raro en su nuevo instituto Pero todo cambia cuando conoce a Damen Auguste.Damen es guap simo, ex tico, y rico Es el nico capaz de silenciar el ruido y la extra a energ a en su cabeza poseyendo una magia tan intensa, que es casi como si pudiera ver dentro de su alma A medida que Ever se siente m s y m s atra da hacia su mundo de secretos y misterio, encuentra m s preguntas que respuestas Y no tiene ni idea de qui n es l en realidad o qu es Lo nico que sabe con seguridad es que se est enamorando profundamente y sin remedio de l.

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    1. How To Write Popular YA Supernatural Literature AND Defile Your Spirit!Based on the popular YA novel, Evermore, and aided by countless more like it, I have compiled an easy to read and follow list of rules for writing a popular series and being able to sell out your soul at the same time. Does that sound too convenient? Well, it's unbelievably easy to do if you follow my quick and easy program!1. Create an 'Outcast' Heroine.It's important that your primarily female teenage audience can relate to [...]

    2. THE EVERMORE DRINKING GAMEIt looks like you’ve picked up the Evermore Drinking Game, for whichever reason (but if it’s because you have an interest in reading Evermore I strongly advise against it, for your sanity’s sake). However, if you’re still not convinced to stay the hell away from this book, the Evermore Drinking Game is here to make your reading experience as enjoyable as possible (because trust me, you won’t find anything enjoyable in this book without it). The rules for the E [...]

    3. Hokay. So. Instead of reviewing the book, I've decided I'm just going to review the whole series right here.It is, and I say this without even an ounce of doubt, the worst series I have ever read. Of all the worst things, this is absolutelyThere will be spoilers in this review, but you know, who the fuck cares?I wasted my time reading this whole series, because it was basically for nothing. I recently realized that all of Ever's "struggles" in this series are only for the sole purpose so that sh [...]

    4. Have you ever heard of Mini Pop Kids? You know, those thirteen-year-olds who fit 24 cheap covers of mega-hit songs on to 2 CDs and pedal them on horrifyingly gaudy adverts between episodes of real 70s Scooby-Doo on Teletoon Retro? (By the way, Teletoon Retro is the best channel on television. Check it out. It's absolutely brilliant. You can watch crappily animated suggestive vintage cartoons like Dexter's Laboratory and Top Cat and The Flintstones at 3 am with short commercial breaks. Love it? Y [...]

    5. Evermore is a wonderful book. No, seriously, I mean that. Disregard the one star rating I've given it and hear me out, dang it! It's wonderful in the sense that it makes Twilight look like a masterpiece of literature. In fact, Evermore is a terrible rip-off of Twilight in the same way that most of the really popular YA novels from 2005-2010 were. Girl moves to a new town. Girl meets boy. Boy turns out to be a vampire/werewolf/fairy/some other mythological being that the author clearly only resea [...]

    6. No. Just no. Absolutely not. I could NOT continue this book. The only minute thing I found interesting was that the car accident managed to knock the dog's balls off somehow. Other than that, I couldn't stand any more. No no no no no. Hell fucking shit no.

    7. Back when I read this book, I didn't know what snark was. Now that I do hehehehehehehe Now that I do and now that I remember everything that bothered me about this book, I shall write snark. Yes, I shall.Mmmm. snark.So let me explain what I thought I was reading with this excellent meme. Ah, yes. How Ever utterly reminded me of Bella Swan, I cannot explain in this review. I just cannot. And how Damen reminded me of Edward Cullen, I cannot explain in this review. I JUST CANNOT. The resemblances a [...]

    8. Having satisfied my curiosity about this popular YA series, I can safely scratch the rest of the books (and their author) off my TBR list forever.The book starts off OK - mind-reading, auras, family drama, but very swiftly becomes just another pathetic Twilight rip-off. Same worn out story of an insecure girl falling for a mysterious/sexy/dangerous paranormal guy, same absent adults, same "love" without really knowing each other, same focus on outer beauty and expensive things, same gazing into [...]

    9. (I rewrote most of the review, for I didn't like the old one. Feel free to 'Unlike' it if you don't agree with my present draft.)It's such a shame. This book has such a beautiful cover. It doesn't really make sense, but it's still pretty. I was immediately curious when I saw it, and wanted to use it decorate my book shelf.Little did I know that the amazing cover was only hiding the shit that lay inside.I can't tell who I despise more in this book---Damen or Ever. Probably Damen. But ladies first [...]

    10. This book warrants a full-on, GIF-ridden review. You've been warned.Let me start out by saying this:SoWe have Ever. Yeah, EVER. Who names their kid EVER?! (There was also Honor, Haven and Stacia, but I digress.) Anyway, who would play Ever in the movie? A light switch. Think about it. She loves him, she hates him. She loves him, she hates him. She loves him, she wants to barf at the sight of him.So she almost died and now she has psychic powers. Which, by psychic powers, she means "being restric [...]

    11. I absolutely loved this book. It is a bit of an easy read, but well worth it. I felt as though the author had taken some of my favorite young adult books and blended them into one solid story. This is basically a young adult romance novel with a supernatural twist. It had some humor peppered throughout it, but it was mostly just sweet. Damen was an interesting character, but he did irritate me with the Drina situation (I won't say more because I do not want to spoil it). I completely recommend t [...]

    12. I have heard a lot about this book- reviews ranging from "amazing" to a rip-off of Twilight, any way continuing with this tragic epic tale in which I have lost brain cells and I am warning you that what you read ahead is not for the easily offended as it does contain a lot of rage, incoherence and strong language: Anyway, like most typical, shitty YA novels- it starts off with a boring, emo girl who is a ~speshul snowflake (because we are severely lacking some of these in the YA genre, of course [...]

    13. I’m not surprised that I devoured this novel. I’m a fantasy junkie, what can I say. I’ve been pinning after this book for what seems like forever, so of course I had high standards. And honestly most of them were met, there were a few things that I would have loved to seen Noel elaborate on, but overall I was utterly and completely satisfied. Let’s start with characterization. Ever was a solid character, I got her guilt, I understood her struggle, and her name is Ever. could that possibl [...]

    14. I'm listening to this one. I'm about half way and getting annoyed by how clueless and self-absorbed Ever is. She has a right to be in the beginning, but the time has passed for her to "wake" up. Plus she's mean to her little sister, considering what happened to Riley, she should be A LOT nicer. I'm willing to keep listening. The actress/reader is excellent and I'm thinking that I might not have lasted this long if I were reading the bookbut that's a hard one to call :)Ugh - I did finish and it w [...]

    15. I told myself that I honestly wasn't going to read this book after my friend, Aysha, came up to me one day just praising the book. I read about twelve pages and then gave up, I had enough of all things with the words dark and romance in it after reading Twilight. Nonetheless, I just saw this book sitting on a shelf at my local library and the prospect of making a bad review about it on just made me happy, so here we are. There might be about one or two spoilers in the book, but don't worry it w [...]

    16. Για να πω την αλήθεια, τα πρώτα κεφάλαια με είχαν ξετρελάνει!!! Όσο διάβαζα, σκεφτόμουν: “Ωωωω πεντάρι!” Δάκρυσα στην πρώτη σελίδα. Πρώτη φορά σε βιβλίο! Από τις πρώτες σελίδες ερχόμαστε αντιμέτωποι με τον θάνατο, συναντάμε το υπερφυσικό στοιχείο, μετά γνωρίζουμε και τον Ντέ [...]

    17. I loved the supernatural romance between Ever and Damen. They might just be my new favorite fictional couple. Beside Ever's supremely stubborn side, I liked her. You got a real understanding for why she is so stand offish, why she's closed herself off from the world. Damen is a mystery. His hot and cold attitude (towards Ever) was frustrating yet, very intriguing. Wanting to put the pieces of the puzzle together is what kept me wanting more. I loved Riley, Ever's sister. Riley is unable to move [...]

    18. Ugh. Pretty well sums up how I felt about this book. Not very original. It is a Twilightesque book that manages to cover all the mistakes of that book and never even once hits a good note. The plot makes little sense. Girl dies. Comes back. Is psychic, can read minds and see auras and hates her life because she blames herself for her family's death in the car crash that very nearly killed her. Can also see ghosts. Is considered freak at school for the way that she acts and dresses, mainly all be [...]

    19. This was a YA paranormal romance story, about a teen psychic.I liked Ever and I felt really sorry for her the way she had lost her family in such tragic circumstances. I liked Damen too, but he was a little irritating with all the red tulips all the time.The storyline in this was about Ever having been in a car accident that killed her family, and left her with psychic powers. We then had Damen, a new boy at school, who strangely had no aura, and we spent most of the book then trying to figure o [...]

    20. This book started really good but then it got dumb. If you live forever and don't want anybody to know it, get some furniture. Throw away the paintings that show you in olden times. And what kind of dummy gets back together with a girl who keeps murdering his girlfriend? I wanted to be in love with this book. It was too dumb, so I couldn't. I gave it an extra star for the beginning that was really good.

    21. Διχάζομαι στο πως να βαθμολογήσω, οπότε βάζω κάτι ανάμεσα σε 3,5 και 4 αστεράκια.Αν μου άρεσε? Yep, και φυσικά θα διαβάσω και το επόμενο. Ποιά είμαι εγώ άλλωστε για να αντιπαθήσω ψηλό, μελαχρινό, ομορφούλικο αγόρι? Τι με χάλασε? Ρε παιδιά, μεγαλύτερο χάπατο από την Έβερ δεν έχω ξαν [...]

    22. Hours of my life I will never get back were wasted reading this--and I rarely feel that way. Something made me keep turning the pages, but this book is horrible. The romance is unconvincing, the characters flat, the mythology annoying, and there is something cringe-worthy (the names, for one! Ever? Summerland? Haven? are you kidding me?!) on each and every page--quite a feat! It's a cheap Twilight Saga and Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries rip-off. Sure, many of the aforementioned cri [...]

    23. Stop me if you've heard this one before:Girl moves to new city. New, rich, and perfect boy shows up to school and immediately shows marked attention to girl. Boy has all kinds of odd abilities - moves fast, is drop dead gorgeous, never eats - and girl can't figure him out but can't stay away either.Ring any bells?I felt like I had already read the first hundred pages or so in this Twilight wannabe where Ever loses her family in a tragic car accident and moves in with her aunt in California. Afte [...]

    24. You know, I really feel bad for deleting my entire review because six people liked it. I'm not sure why, as it was me simply ranting indulgently about how much I loved this book.Take into consideration that I was young and innocent and unaware of young-adult powerhouses like The Hunger Games and Shiver when I read this. As I continue to read more of this series, it continues to disappoint.What I'm getting at is that I'm not sure if I would grant this book five stars once I re-read it now, as an [...]

    25. You know, I thought only books like Twilight, Fallen and Marked were a select few to be considered a real abomination to the YA literature scene at the moment. But alas, I found another contestant - and it definitely a shoo-in to be up there with Twilight in just God-awful terrible.In a Nutshell: New kid Damen is a dream come true to the whole school, and especially to Ever. Compared to the clutter of thoughts and auras, its a kind of silence that Ever welcomes. They soon fall inevitably in love [...]

    26. I felt inclined to write a review about Evermore, considering this is the worst book I have ever read (pun intended). You would be deficient not to notice the similarity between evermore and twilight. I think the author was personally saying, "In your face Stephanie Meyer, let's see if you can write a worse love story than this." Twilight wasn't anything staggering, but at least it was somewhat entertaining. I read this book last year, and by now my memory of Evermore has faded. Yet, some terrib [...]

    27. I've been devouring YA supernatural fiction lately, and after having gone through some good and some mediocre, I finally stumbled upon Evermore, which quickly proved to be neither good nor mediocre, just plain bad. Ever Bloom is the most vain, shallow, egocentric, selfish, and mentally deficient character I've ever had the unfortunate pleasure of getting to know. She begrudges anyone else's happiness, ignores her friends when it suits her, turns into a doormat at the most unlikely times, and is [...]

    28. Eh, I don't really like this book. The story isn't very original or creative. The whole "you are immune to my painfully annoying superpowers" is really cliche and has been done way too many times before. The whole OMG-Damen's-so-hot-and-sexy thing is kind of stupid and superficial. Plus, Noel never actually describes Damen; she just says he's really hot. Um, excuse me? Hot is an opinion thing. I want you to show me how Damen looks like so I can decide if he's hot or not. Jeez.And Damen - ugh. I [...]

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