The Bad-tempered Ladybird (Picture Puffin)

The Bad tempered Ladybird Picture Puffin Progressing through a series of brilliantly colored die cut pages a bad tempered braggart becomes a nicer happier better behaved bug The arrangement of the book also introduces concepts of comparat

  • Title: The Bad-tempered Ladybird (Picture Puffin)
  • Author: Eric Carle
  • ISBN: 9780140566956
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Progressing through a series of brilliantly colored die cut pages, a bad tempered braggart becomes a nicer, happier, better behaved bug The arrangement of the book also introduces concepts of comparative size and telling time.

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    1. How can such a small, little book teach such valuable lessons like friendship, manners and many others. Well, it really does.

    2. After I had read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” I really wanted to read more books by Eric Carle. “The Grouchy Ladybug” is definitely no exception in reading some of Eric Carle’s great works! “The Grouchy Ladybug” is a book by Eric Carle and it is about how a grouchy ladybug tries to pick a fight with the other animals no matter how large they are. “The Grouchy Ladybug” is truly one of the most hilarious books about the consequences of bullying that every child will definitely [...]

    3. Pretty sweet book about a pretty pugnacious ladybug. He better not try to fight me or I'll knock his chiclets out! If he stepped to me, first I'd be like "What?!?!":Then I'd be all, "Fool, you really wanna end up like this chump? I'll beat my own dad, I don't give a damn!":Then I'd freakin' eat you and all that would be left is some green gunk cuz I eat fools like you for breakfast:

    4. Charming in execution, rhythmic in wording, and valuable in its many potential lessons. This may be Carle's best children's book.A ladybug with an over-sized ego (and an attitude problem to match) faces off against increasingly larger opponents. His threats are met calmly by a colorful array of animals, each with their own unique traits and obvious advantages over the mouthy little aggressor. Each creature is politely but firmly prepared to stand up for itself against this pint-sized bully. In t [...]

    5. Hahaha! I mean I'm glad she learned her lesson about picking on people no matter what size they are big or small. I really loved the artwork. I mean it's Eric Carle so I definitely enjoy it. I think this was a lesson about being nice to people no matter who or what they are because you never know what could happen.

    6. I love this book and I love the connected universe that the author is setting up. The only reason that this ladybug is so grouchy is that the very hungry caterpillar ate the ladybug's one apple two pares three plums four strawberries five oranges one piece of cake one ice cream cone one pickle one slice of swiss cheese one slice of salami one lollipop one piece of cherry pie one sausage one cupcake and one slice of watermelon. This book is about the struggle that a ladybug goes through after bei [...]

    7. During the bad tempered ladybird fly towards breakfast he started an argument with an friendly ladybird who he propositioned to an fight but decided not to because he was bigger than the polite ladybird. The bad tempered ladybird decided to find someone big enough to fight. Finally when we propositioned the whale slapped the ladybird and he realised the consequences to his actions and he stopped being bad tempered. I think this is a good book in the way it’s written with its repetitive streak. [...]

    8. After reading quite a few books by this author, this is the one for me that really misses the mark. The grouchy lady bug throughout the story goes and tries to pick a fight with various other creatures. Although she never fights, I don't believe that this is the right subject for this age group. The word fight is repeated on nearly every page, so it really sticks into a child's mind. I loved the illustrations but I would not read this book out loud to a child.

    9. I really like how the book is illustrated. The Grouchy Ladybug is one of the most funniest books I have ever read. there are so many concept being taught in this story. children will definitely enjoy this book.

    10. Miss 3 and I normally love Eric Carle's books but the storyline of the grumpy ladybug looking for a fight didn't work for her. What she did like was flicking the tab like pages and naming the different animals that the ladybug encounters. I also needed to stress more explicitly for her the moral of the story which was that the ladybug would have been better off being kind and sharing in the first place (although then she wouldn't have had her big adventure!).What was useful about the story, was [...]

    11. Eric Carle is a very famous children’s literature author. His illustrations are so powerful and creative. The Grouchy Ladybug is also known as The Bad-Tempered Ladybird. Throughout this story a very stubborn ladybug challenges another ladybug to fight for some aphids. The stubborn ladybug says (a repeated phrase throughout the whole book) that he isn’t big enough. For the remainder of the book, the ladybug goes around finding other creatures to challenge and continues to say that they aren [...]

    12. Eric Carle is the master craftsman. Numero Uno. This book was recommended by Arhat's school. I was apprehensive because at first go of my reading I found it little verbose. Little much text than what Arhat's other books have. But bingo! Arhat loved this one. The strength of the book is certainly the graphics (as usual :-)) but what appealed the kid is the content and repetitiveness in the content. This is a wonderful book. Your kid will love this. You will love this too.

    13. Grouchy is definitely the choice word to describe this feisty ladybug.The Grouchy Ladybugby Carle lives up to the standard. The story is wonderful and amusing, the illustrations are delightful. I love that the ladybug meets other animals and they appear in size order and with the proper names. There is a lot of room to have different discussions with kids which is always a bonus.

    14. This book was awesome. The grouchy ladybug was acting tough with the other ladybug and as she went on to find someone else who was bigger than her made me think how this story could show a child that there is always someone else bigger than them. Sharing is caring. The ladybug had to go through a lot of animals that were not afraid of her and was ready to fight whenever. I like this book and enjoyed reading it.

    15. Text-to-Teaching Connection:As a child, I grew up loving to read the "Hungry Caterpillar." I found "The Grouchy Ladybug" while snooping though the library and decided to give it a try.After reading "The Grouchy Ladybug," I had a few good ideas spring into my mind about teaching children about time. Carle seems to make learning time a little easier making sure to include a clock showing the time on each page. Children are visual learners and this idea was just too awesome for me. In a kindergarte [...]

    16. It is five o’clock in the morning, and a friendly ladybug and a bad tempered one both see a leaf with aphids on it and decide they want it for breakfast. The friendly ladybird tries to be polite and suggests sharing the aphids; however, the bad tempered one does not want to do this and suggests a fight. Although the friendly ladybird agrees, the bad tempered ladybird flies off in a rage, saying he wants to fight somebody bigger. An hour later it meets a wasp, followed by a stag beetle, followe [...]

    17. Summary: This book is similar to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." It starts out with a grouchy lady bug meeting a friendly ladybug. The grouchy ladybug wants to eat all the aphids and the friendly lady bug suggests that they share. But that's not good enough for the grouchy ladybug so he asks " you want me to fight you for them?" The other ladybug said "If you insist." The grouchy ladybug then says "Oh, you're not big enough for me to fight." So he flew away. Starting at six o' clock the grouchy l [...]

    18. The bad tempered ladybird by Eric Carle This a lovely illustrated book that is aimed at young children between 4-6 I would suggest. I enjoyed the story as I feel it related to children adapting to sharing in school life. The story itself begins with a nice friendly ladybird that is eating aphids on a leaf only to be joined by an angry ladybird that refuses to share the aphids. The angry ladybird then goes on an angry rampage who has heated exchanges with every animal he meets. He declares that e [...]

    19. I used The Grouchy Ladybug in my class when discussing time. The book has a mini-clock in the corner of each page and talks about what the lady bug did at that time. I started out the activity by reading the page aloud and then assigning a student to show the time on a large manipulate clock and asked the other kids to give a thumbs up/down if they agreed with the answer. I then showed them the picture and we checked the answer with what was in the book. The modifications I would make for next t [...]

    20. This story is about a friendly ladybird who is eating and is joined by a bad tempered ladybird who also wants to eat but refuses to share the food with the friendly ladybird. The bad tempered ladybird starts to pick a fight with every animal he meets. The story goes on where he meets lots of different animals to fight but he feels that they are not big enough to fight him. As the story progresses the animals get bigger and bigger-and as the animals get bigger the pages in the book also get bigge [...]

    21. The bad tempered ladybird is a book full of colourful pictures and light hearted humour. The story goes in-depth at exploring important concepts such as different sizes and time. The story tells of a bad-tempered lady bird who picks fights with various animals – no matter how big or small they may be. However soon the lady bird realises that sometimes it is better being in a good mood! The story teaches children many things such as animals names, the times of the day and the different emotions [...]

    22. Because "The Cowardly, Passive-Aggressive Ladybug" wasn't nearly as catchy a titleA pretty accurate depiction of what's going on in the minds of those cage-rattling fear-mongers out there, this is a great book for kids. Read on as the Grouchy Ladybug's escalating threats of violence are met by the other animals that stand tall against her idle threats; read on as she backs down with false bravado every time. Deep down, s/he really just needs the same thing as the rest of us though. A good meal a [...]

    23. When i was growing up my mom read this book to me hundreds of times and her nor i ever got bored of it in fact she reads it to my baby brother and he absolutely loves this book, people say that this might say "kids should want to fight when there in a bad mood" and all i get from that is really? this sends an absolutely different message then that, the grouchy ladybug flies around because he's mean/grouchy but he ends up right back in the same spot he began in. the message was plain and clear "f [...]

    24. As always with an Eric Carle book the illustrations really pop. The story of a rude, grouchy ladybug is interesting but, it got a little monotonous. It was a little outrageous to think that a little ladybug was trying to be a big bully. You see the ladybug trying to pick a fight with animals much larger than the ladybug. This is a good book for children to read about being unreasonable, unfriendly, and grouchy. It also teaches about being polite and how it makes those around you appreciate it.

    25. This is a good book with a solid morality lesson to young children. It features a ladybug who antagonizes other animals until it gets to a whale which sends him back where he started from. The ladybug then decides to be nice to everyone after a female ladybug shows him some compassion. This book has great illustrations by Eric Carle and students will enjoy the lovely colorful elements. I would use this in a classroom during and close to summertime when ladybugs are out and when teaching about in [...]

    26. A story follows a ladybird with a bad attitude that wants a fight with somebody. The book has large pictures but quite small text - it would be too small for children to read in a group such as in circle/story time. The ladybird meets lots of animals at different times of the day but decides that each one is not big enough to fight him. Good story for learning animal names, times of the day and emotion. The composition of the pages makes it very easy to follow the pattern of the story.

    27. Basic Plot: A grouchy ladybug learns to be happy.This book cracked me up. After trying to bully another ladybug, this ladybug goes around trying to pick fights with various animals and then gets whacked by a whale's tail, after which it learns to be satisfied with what it gets. The first thing that cracked me up was getting to read, "wanna fight?" on just about every page. The second was the whale bit. This was a really fun one to read with my son.

    28. This wonderful book teaches students about the interaction of aphids, lady bugs, and leaves. It could be used to introduce topics like sharing, ecology, and sequential time (6 a.m 7 a.m etc.). The full-page illustrations are captivating and support the text perfectly. The vocabulary might be a little hard for 1st-2nd graders, but could be built up over the course of a few readings.

    29. This is a fun story to read aloud. The mean ladybug is so grouchy, it's fun to play the character's part. The story is progressive, as are many of Mr. Carle's books and there's an element of time passage in the book, so kids can learn the various hours of the day by looking at the clock. Vibrant colors and fun creatures enhance the story as well. We've read this one a few times.

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