Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems

Emma Dilemma Big Sister Poems Emma is Jess s little sister and her dilemma How can one small girl be sweet funny imaginative playful and affectionate as well as a clinging vine brat tattletale and nuisance all at the same t

  • Title: Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems
  • Author: Kristine O'Connell George Nancy Carpenter
  • ISBN: 9780618428427
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emma is Jess s little sister and her dilemma How can one small girl be sweet, funny, imaginative, playful, and affectionate as well as a clinging vine, brat, tattletale, and nuisance all at the same time Why is Jess supposed to be a good big sister while Emma doesn t have to be a good little sister The highlights and low points of this sibling relationship are insEmma is Jess s little sister and her dilemma How can one small girl be sweet, funny, imaginative, playful, and affectionate as well as a clinging vine, brat, tattletale, and nuisance all at the same time Why is Jess supposed to be a good big sister while Emma doesn t have to be a good little sister The highlights and low points of this sibling relationship are insightfully evoked in short and simple poems, some funny, some touching, and all resonant with emotional truth Every child with a younger sibling will recognize Jess s dilemma and the combination of ambivalence and deep loyalty that is built into the sibling relationship Nancy Carpenter s graceful illustrations perceptively complement Kristine O Connell George s agile poems.

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      451 Kristine O'Connell George Nancy Carpenter
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    1. This rang very true for me, being a big sister. I'm just glad I never had to get a lock for my door to keep my sister out (it would have been extra tricky since we shared a room) :)

    2. Uses poems to express the emotions of an older sister, both good and bad, towards her younger sister so very well.

    3. This is a sweet book of poems about a couple of sisters, from the perspective of the big sister. While our girls are a lot closer in age than the two depicted in this book, we saw a lot of common themes between the book and our life. The sibling rivalry, the love, the jealousy, the support, the annoyance, and the adoration all came through loud and clear and resonated within us. We loved the poem about the older sister's field trip to the Natural History museum, as we were about to go on the sam [...]

    4. This could almost have been a short story in verse, as the poems were all narrated from the point of view of Jess, big sister to Emma, who can be a challenge to live with. The relationship issues between the two sisters are very realistically portrayed, presenting both the good and not-so-good things, and the times when Jess likes Emma, and times when she's upset with her. Having a younger sister myself, I could relate. Though the parents remain on the periphery of events most of the time, they [...]

    5. I picked this up because of the subtitle and because I recognized the illustrations of Nancy Carpenter, first made known to me in 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore. These poems and pictures do a good job of highlighting the ups and downs of the sister relationship of two young girls. There is a picture of a character in tears, which is always what undoes me, though you could have guessed I'd cry over a sister book anyway. The illustration on the back is my favorite. Sniff, sob.

    6. This book most likely appeals to grades first through third. It definitely appeals to big sisters mostly because it is a book of poems through a big sister's point of view. Although I think it could also appeal to little sisters. I chose this book because I am a big sister and I thought this was a very different perspective on nonfiction. Typically I think of nonfiction being a book about facts or history, instead this is a book about a past event that had happened to the author. I enjoyed this [...]

    7. Presented in verses with fun titles like "Stuff Grownups Say" and "Dracula" the reader gets a glimpse of the big sister/little sister relationship between Jessica and Emma in this book showing the ups and downs of sisterhood--and all brilliantly shared through poems. While not a candidate for storytime, this is a fun title to recommend to a family with sisters who share some of these very typical sibling characteristics. My preschool/early elementary daughters loved it and definitely related to [...]

    8. Audience: This book will probably appeal more to girls, because it is about two sisters. Older siblings will probably find this book more relate-able. Good for readers with short attention spans, as the stories are told through poems.Appeal: The ups and downs of being a big sister is told through poems. Some are heartfelt and more serious while others are funny. The illustrations are playful and fun and the ideas in the book can be felt on some level with any older sibling relationship.School li [...]

    9. Emma Dilemma is one of those books of poetry that reminds you of what it is like to be a big sister even if you never were one. The work features 34 chronologically-arranged poems detailing the relationship of Jessica and her little sister, Emma. From embarrassment at soccer games and the grocery store, to bedroom destruction and invasion, to bonding over tragedy, this touching book of poems contains a little bit of everything, encapsulating the special relationship that only happens between sis [...]

    10. Audience: primaryGenre: poetrySLJ Best Books of 2011Twin text pair: The Ramona Series by Beverly ClearyEmma is Jessica's little sisterd her dilemma. On one hand, this little girl can be sweet, funny, imaginative, playful, and loving. On the other hand she is a clingy brat, tattletale, and a nuisance! Why is Jess supposed to be a good big sister when Emma doesn't have to be a good little sister? There are 34 chronologically-arranged poems detailing the embarrassing, infuriating, funny, sad, touch [...]

    11. Audience: Juvenile, ages 6-9 yearsGenre: Non-Fiction, PoemsFormat: Picture BookNon-Fiction: Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems shares the frustrations and joys of being a big sister. The poems are written in a creative way that show and help the reader understand the view point of an older sibling. Through out the book the older sibling shares her struggles with her younger sister but towards the end you see how much she really does love her and how much she cares for her.Twin Text, Fiction E-Book d [...]

    12. Told from the point of view of the older sister, these poems show the intricacies of relationships between sisters. Emma can be a very embarrassing little sister, especially at ball games where she is the one dressed in a feather boa and cheering loudly using Jessica’s name. Emma copies everything Jessica does, but her hand also fits perfectly in Jessica’s when they hold hands. Jessica is often the only one who understands what Emma is saying. Emma can be naughty, stealing shoes, scaring peo [...]

    13. Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Problemsby Kristine O' Connell George (Poetry #2) Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems is a book of short poems that all have to deal with how it feels to be the older sibling in life. In this book of poems Jessica is the big sister of Emma. Emma seems to be the little sister that gets into everything. Emma wants to be just like Jessica and Jessica gets very annoyed by her little sister. Emma constantly tries to play with Jessica and her friends and is always in Jessica's room [...]

    14. Oh my goodness. That was so cute and sweet. If I weren't on the reference desk, I would be crying. Seriously, I had to hold in the tears. Wow. These poems were perfect length--for me and for lots of kids! Having a sister, I can understand much of the sentiment. Of course, I am the younger sister to the only other girl in our family. And we, like Jessica and Emma, are the same age gap. I don't know or remember all of the annoying/careless/mean/ignorant/unrealized things I did, but I'm pretty sure [...]

    15. My older daughter received this as a gift from a thoughtful mom at my younger daughter's baby shower. At the time, they were 8 years old and 3 months old. I was so appreciative that my friend thought of her! But to be honest, I never got around to reading the book until this past month. My younger daughter is now almost 3, and I'm 100% sure I appreciate this book now much more than I would have appreciated it had I read it back then, before my daughters had almost 3 years of experiences together [...]

    16. Jessica, a fourth-grader, describes her relationship with her little sister Emma in a series of heart-warming poems. Emma gets into Jessica’s stuff, begs Jessica to read her stories, celebrates her fourth birthday and tries to tag along with Jessica and her best friend, with scary results. These poems don’t employ figurative language—they don’t even rhyme. Yet there is a sense of rhythm to each line and set of lines. The daily interactions between the sisters are rendered quickly and suc [...]

    17. Date: October 14th, 2014Author: Kristine O'Connell George; Illustrated by Nancy CarpenterTitle: Emma Dilemma: Big Sister PoemsPlot: Emma can be a real pain sometimes for her older sister. She scares her in the shower, doesn't put the caps back on her new markers, and wants to tagalong with her sister's friends. Setting: Modern-Day; various locationsCharacters: Main Character (Big Sister), Emma (Little Sister), Sasha, main character's mom and dadPoint-of-Views: First-Person Theme: Family Style: N [...]

    18. Anyone who has ever had a little sister or been a little sister will identify with Jessica’s voice in this charming book of verse, and those without siblings can get a good understanding of what it’s like from reading these poems. From the ugly, jealous, angry moments to the funny, precious, loving ones, the realm of emotions that come with having a younger sister is here. The poems are brief and descriptive, and accompanied by Nancy Carpenter’s vibrant watercolors, give readers a real sen [...]

    19. This collection of poetry is on the 2012 ALA Children's Notable Book List. It is intended for children ages 5-12(P-I). The poetry in this book depicts the relationship between two sisters from the older sister,Jessica's, point of view.I enjoyed reading these poems. They don't rhyme or have any rhythm but are full of emotion. I can almost hear the embarassment in Jessica's voice as she describes Emma jumping and screaming in the stands, and the warmth in her voice as she talks about how perfectly [...]

    20. As much as fourth grader Jessica loves her little sister Emma who is three going on four, she sometimes finds it frustrating to deal with her. After all, Emma refuses to respect Jessica's space, strewing a yarn spider web throughout her room and using Jessica's clothing to play dress up. But there are other treasured moments the sisters share such as when Jessica teaches Emma how to blow the paper from a straw or plays games with her. Still, there are times when even loving big sisters need some [...]

    21. The poem book "Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems" is a book for children of all ages and for anybody who has a sibling. This book won the Claudia Lewis Award for Younger Readers (2012.). The book has so many different poems showing so much different emotion between two siblings. Its about two sister and the older sister doesn't understand how her sister can be loveable, passionate but a brat and bad sister at times. I really enjoyed this book a lot. It is something I can connect to from growing up [...]

    22. Audience: Primary K-3Genre: Non-Fiction PoetryTWIN TEXT:Gone Fishing : a novel in verse by Tamera Will WissingerAudience: Primary 1-4Genre: Fiction Gone Fishing is a book about a little boy who's fishing trip is ruined because his little sister decides to tag along. This book is written in verse which gives it a poetic feel. I chose this as the twin text because of the writing style as well as the content. Emma Dilemma is a straight forward poetry. I think that students that like this book would [...]

    23. Being a big sister isn't easy especially when you have a little sister like Emma. In 14 poems, we discover the hardships of being a big sister and the unconditional love that's required.What I thought: I loved this collection. I'm a big sister, but my little sister is only two years younger so I never experienced the woes of being a "big" (as in a lot older) sister. What I know about that kind of big sister, I got from books. George's poems expertly capture the relationship between the sisters. [...]

    24. What a moving poetry! I'm totally moved by the love between sisters. This poetry just looks like a love story between sisters. Something like that often happen between sisiters or brothers. But in the end, nothing can prevent them from being on good terms as before, what they need is just time. So I love such story, because I have similar experience with it, and I can understand Jessica's feelings.Also I love these poetries in this book. The author made each small event to the each poetry to ref [...]

    25. I loved this book! These "Big Sister Poems" are snippets of the life of Jessica and her little sister Emma. The collections of poems display the real emotions of childhood. Although the poems do not involve the use of repetition or rhyme, the short verses are very meaningful. Some examples of the titles are: Late for School, Bed Partner, Fun with Yarn, Snooping, Trespass, among others. I think this book will be a fun collection for families with siblings. In the classroom there may be a few poem [...]

    26. This delightful picturebook is about two sisters who do not always get along. As the poems progress they must learn how to get along and live together- they soon realize that being sisters is a very special bond and is one that can never be broken.The illustrations in this are remarkable. Each of them accurately capture the relationship between both siblings and fit along with the poems very nicely.I especially enjoyed these poems because I have a sister, so I was able to relate to it easily. I [...]

    27. I thought this children's picture book on poems was wonderful. The book shared a connection between sisters and how the older sister takes on the role of being the role model to the little sister. As a future educator, I would have a book talk about the role of being a little or big sibling. The students can shout out what they think being a big brother or little sister means. Possible draw out some concerns and find possible solutions to being a good brother, sister, role model, and so forth. T [...]

    28. Liked this book very much. Although I never had to deal with having a little sister or a big sister, I'm pretty sure children will be able to relate to this book. It shows the relationship about a big sister and little sister, and the differences they have with one another. It has really good poetry, and rhyming in it. The illustrations are really good, and the colors make them stand out. An acitivty I would do with the children is that I would have them come up with a drama, in which someone is [...]

    29. A sweet collection of poems told from the perspective of the older sister. What I particularly liked about this collection is that the second half really tells a story. A great selection for reflecting on getting older, responsibility, and family dynamics. I really liked this one, not because I think it is the best, but because it perfectly captures how I feel about some picture books that I remember from my own childhood.Picture BooksWhen I readmy picture booksto Emma,I feel as ifI'm visitingol [...]

    30. I loved this story and it reminded me of why I love being the big sister to five siblings. My sister and I are closer in age than Jessica and Emma (the sisters in this book), so it was never exactly like this story. I did find myself reminded of different sibling events throughout the book. Emma makes a giant spider web (yarn) in Jessica's room and it is so messy and annoying to Jessica. My brother, Taylor, spilled red nail polish all over our bedroom carpet once.I am thankful for my sister and [...]

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