Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Ellie was never particularly good at talking to boys or anyone other than her best friend and fellow outcast Ruth Then she met Michael Michael is handsome charming sweet And totally into Ellie It s

  • Title: Fallen Angel
  • Author: Heather Terrell
  • ISBN: 9780061965708
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ellie was never particularly good at talking to boys or anyone other than her best friend and fellow outcast, Ruth Then she met Michael.Michael is handsome, charming, sweet And totally into Ellie It s no wonder she is instantly drawn to him But Michael has a secret And he knows Ellie is hiding something, too They ve both discovered they have powers beyond their imagiEllie was never particularly good at talking to boys or anyone other than her best friend and fellow outcast, Ruth Then she met Michael.Michael is handsome, charming, sweet And totally into Ellie It s no wonder she is instantly drawn to him But Michael has a secret And he knows Ellie is hiding something, too They ve both discovered they have powers beyond their imagining Powers that are otherworldly.Ellie and Michael are determined to uncover what they are, and how they got this way together But the truth has repercussions neither could have imagined Soon they find themselves center stage in an ancient conflict that threatens to destroy everything they love And it is no longer clear whether Ellie and Michael will choose the same side.

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      293 Heather Terrell
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    1 thought on “Fallen Angel”

    1. Good god, this book drove me crazy. And not in a good way. Next time, when you see me putting a book like this on my tbr-list, please do something. Tackle me, gag me, hit me, I don't care. I cannot face another one of these things. My Kindle's life depends on it.They know each other for a week and when they start kissing after their first date, after 6.3 seconds, things are starting to get hot and heavy, blood gets exchanged during said kiss and Michael (bonus points for the original name), who [...]

    2. Not going to lie, I got around 30 pages through this book and GAVE UP! Yes, I know I'm a horribly picky reader and all but this just.h. Part of its my fault; it looked tacky to begin with I shouldn't have picked it up. This probably sounds really stupid but the fact that they always used each others names when talking to each other really irked me. I dunno, do people actually do that? xD If someone did that to me I'd probably tell them to stop wearing my effing name out!And the main guy was like [...]

    3. This book annoyed me. The characters. The situations. The story. I read 100 pages before I threw it down.As a little side note, I am crazy about the condition of my books. Pristine is the only way I like them. I was scribbling, with pen, like mad in the margins of this book. Mostly snide comments stemming from my shock and amusement. I am passing the book along to my cousin to get her opinion.The review below can also be found at my blog: Books and Circuses.Another killer cover hiding yet anothe [...]

    4. This review was first posted on rubysreads.[return][return]I am very excited to present my first review as part of a Dark Faerie Tales ARC Tour. I was the first up for reading Fallen Angel and I admit that my squeeing was probably pretty loud when it was delivered. I felt so official, being part of a tour. It s like being able to sit at the grown-ups table. Or something. Okay, on with the review.[return][return]The last angel book I read was one I loved. Remember Unearthly? Great book, lovely st [...]

    5. Plot: 4.5 StarsI really enjoy a good fallen angel book, and this one didn't disappoint. The only real negative I have plot-wise is that I hate when a book is named or described in a way that tells the reader without a doubt what supernatural creature is involved, but then it takes the main character at least half of the book to figure it out. It was amusing that Ellie and Michael thought they were vampires, but a bit annoying that I was sitting there with it already figured out due to the title. [...]

    6. This really wasn't any good for me. The story gave off too much of a bad fanfiction vibe, the characters ridiculous in the worst ways, and overall FALLEN ANGEL is not a novel I can ever recommend to any reader looking for a good angel book.

    7. In a Sentence: To me, Fallen Angel was composed of flat characters and an overdone plot wrapped up in pretty packaging. My ThoughtsFallen Angel was Halo all over again for me. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the YA paranormal romance genre is becoming over-saturated with the same storyline over and over again. Girl has some sort of "mysterious" power. Girl meets "mysterious" boy. They fall passionately in love with each other by page 100 and then go off on some sort of quest to discover the [...]

    8. I have enjoyed Heather Terrell's other books, The Chrysalis and The Map Thief. She brings her same writing skills to this new young adult series. The book weaves romance and mystery together with a nice angelic twist. The angel theme seems to have really taken off lately. The writing in this one does elevate it above the crush of similar titles. The story is definitely a set up for a series since you get lots of background on Ellie and a little bit on Michael, her romantic interest. Ellie is bro [...]

    9. 1.5 / 5 -- Congratulations Fallen Angel. You have made it onto my list of Worst Books I've Read in 2012. -_-

    10. Note: I think the description is a tad misleading.Ellspeth Faneuil dreamt she could fly. At least she thought they were dreams until she met Michael Chase. In a town as small as Tillinghast it was rare for her not to know everybody, but Michael was definitely new. From the first moment that she noticed him at school she sensed he was different.Even though she felt an instant connection to him, she never thought it was anything but one-sided. He was handsome, charming and athletic. She had alway [...]

    11. As I’m sure a lot of you are, I’m sick of angel related books. It seems that is all that YA authors are churning out these days; if it’s not vampires or werewolves, that is. So with that mentality in mind, I really don’t know why I requested to be added onto Fallen Angel. I guess what intrigued me was that the MC and the love interest BOTH were undergoing changes. That right there peaked my interest enough to make me want to read it. I’m so sick of the one sided love affair with a supe [...]

    12. J'ai bien senti, dès le démarrage, que ce roman n'allait guère m'inspirer. Outre la ravissante couverture, l'histoire n'a pas su entretenir le moindre suspense (on m'expliquera pour le titre). S'il fallait encore douter du secret de l'héroïne, c'était juste pour faire semblant. Non ? Ellie se sent observer par un beau gosse au lycée - il s'agit de Michael, il prétend qu'ils se connaissent déjà. Trois ans plus tôt, au Guatemala. Huh ? L'adolescente est confuse, elle ne se souvient de r [...]

    13. 2.5 stars-I have been looking forward to reading Fallen Angel ever since I read the intriguing synopsis and when I received it to read as a review I was extremely excited to enter the world Heather created. I ended up having a hard time with this story, despite the fact I desperately wanted to love it. It's not that the mythology wasn't unique, as it was. I was fascinated by Heather's angels as they are traditional fallen angels with a unique and intriguing history.The two main characters, Ellie [...]

    14. I didn't really like this book much. First, I should probably know better than to keep reading angel books when so many of them annoy me. Yet, for some reason I do. Perhaps I am hoping for gems, which is entirely possible since I decided to read this immediately after Unearthly, which was deifinately a gem. Fallen Angel wasn't really one of them, though. It fell kinda flat and predictable. The story is the same as a lot: a girl finds out she has crazy powers and, over the book, discovers she's a [...]

    15. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyIt’s a rather bold claim when a book is described as HUSH HUSH meets EVERMORE. Story wise, that’s a pretty good description, but in terms of character and writing, FALLEN ANGEL falls short.The premise of uniting vampire and angel mythology is a good one and Terrell does an admirable job of blending them together in a plausible and intriguing way. Another strength is the story itself. Unlike many Paranormal YAs, the guy Ellie meets is almost as cluel [...]

    16. To sum up my opinion on Fallen Angel: did not like; will not touch sequel; probably won’t read any paranormal books by Terrell.Novels like Fallen Angel make me dislike the paranormal genre. What once was so original has become this washed-out cliché garbled mess. Try as I might, I can’t completely shy away from fantastical elements. They are what take me to a new place and yet I seem to be going to the same place over and over again with overly hyped “pretty cover” books. The love conne [...]

    17. 16 year old Ellspeth Faneuil dreams about flying when she sleeps. She is just starting at the upper high school and is secure in her niche away from the popular crowd when she locks eyes with a new senior, Michael Chase. She is surprised when Michael tracks her down and reminisces about their time in Guatemala when both sets of parents were spending the summer teaching the indigenous people better farming methods. Ellie is also beginning to explore some strange new power she terms "a flash" when [...]

    18. On the outside Ellie Faneuil is an ordinary girl, but she knows she’s different. Ellie can see things, just by touching someone and lately she’s been having ‘dreams’ of herself flying out her window and exploring her small town of Tillinghast. Then she meets Michael Chase and she’s seriously attracted to him.They grow closer and Michael tells Ellie that her dreams of flying are real and that they share that ability, but their powers have a twist: blood. Blood, like touch, also reveals [...]

    19. I got to know first hand why this book has such bad reviews. The MC in this book (Ellie).y one word to describe herStupid with capital S. I just don't understand things she does. She takes blame for some prank that a popular queen bee girl (Missy) pulls on another ex-popular girl. Why did she take the blame for something someone else has done. Shouldn'ttheybe accountable? It's not like she is protecting some innocent person either. And she calls it "helping" others. Don't know who she was helpin [...]

    20. Una storia che si presenta come l'introduzione a qualcosa di più consistente, di più meritevole.Leggendo tutto il romanzo si ha davvero l'impressione che quello sia solo l'inizio e che il meglio - si spera - debba ancora venire.Sì, perché l'inizio non è dei più particolari e potrebbe suonare come già visto. Ellie, la protagonista, sogna di avere delle ali, di librarsi sulla città, di incrociare lo sguardo di un ragazzo. Ma per quanto possa sembrare reale, si tratta solo di un sogno.Quand [...]

    21. Initial reaction after reading: hmm… not bad but I don’t like it that much. I admit I really do love paranormal genre especially any story that involves angels/fallen angels. So when I seeFallen Angelin the bookstore, I picked it up even though I haven’t heard much about it. I am pretty much excited to read it too.Now about the story plot, it’s just the basic and simple story about a girl(Ellie)who is an outcast but she has no idea that she is special. Then a new, hot student(Michael)got [...]

    22. Ellspeth Faneuil has always dreamed she could fly and she also sees glimpses of people’s lives when she touches them. At least she thought they were dreams and ‘hallucinations’ until she met Michael Chase. Ellie has always felt like an outsider, except with her best friend, but she feels an overwhelming sense of connection to Michael. When Michael tells her that her dreams are not dreams, but reality and that she can actually fly, she distrusts of him. She finally comes to believe him, but [...]

    23. EDIT 6/13/17: I was way too nice 5 years ago- and awww how cute I didn't even wanna curse this book in my original revieww I say the F word in my reviews like it's air XXDDD. This book sucked. Every time I see it on my nook I think about how much I hated it and how awkward it was and how cringey and rwnsknfvkwens;dlsdmvbjs;;kwlsx ,.nsofvsg[ds'svbI am no longer my doubty-sweet 13 year old self. I. HATED. THIS. AND I WILL SAY IT PROUDLY!SEE HOW MUCH I'VE MATURED! XD******************************** [...]

    24. I absolutely love this book. The main character was really endearing and fun. I loved her boyfriend and protector. I loved the concept and the author's explanation of angels and the vampire theory in connection to Noah's Ark and Genesis. I finished this book in less than a day (that good). I am really looking forward to the next book in this series! I can't wait to read about the main character, her boyfriend, and her friend's antics.

    25. I'm not a fan of Angel Books (my sister is) but i did like this books, it was cute and interesting. Everything that a book needs to be good.

    26. I honestly hate this book with a passion. It's just so flat and nothing exciting happens. It seems more like a filler book than a first book. Let me just explain why I feel like this. So the beginning is okay but not the best. She meets this guy and he says they have met before but she doesn't remember him. But she just shrugs it off and doesn't even think about it. They fall in love with each other in like 10 secs. Then when he try's to tell her that their different and even shows her he can fl [...]

    27. This book was interesting to read. It had well developed characters. However, I found it a bit too romantic for an adventure story, which it only partially was. Also, sometimes when two characters were interacting, it felt a bit stilted, like the author was having trouble writing natural scenes. Still, it was an okay book.

    28. Was a bit slow at first but the ending made up for the late start :) A very interesting take on fallen angels but I liked it with so many books out on fallen angels its nice to get a different twist on them :)

    29. La sinopsis menciona lo necesario para saber lo suficiente sobre la historia, por lo que ya no hablaré de los sucesos.Hace tiempo que le tenía ganas a este libro, ves la portada y por más simple que sea te gusta, y te gusta mucho. Al leer el título te das cuenta que la historia nos habla de ángeles o por lo menos sobre ángeles. El libro tiene su originalidad y su "adaptación" de otros textos (no juveniles) que nos plantea otra historia, nueva hasta un punto, conocida hasta otro punto. El [...]

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