While the Savage Sleeps

While the Savage Sleeps TWO STRANGERS Cameron Dawson s got a past he can t seem to shake but he s hoping to change that He s moved back home to Faith New Mexico and taken a job as assistant sheriff What he doesn t realize

  • Title: While the Savage Sleeps
  • Author: Andrew E. Kaufman
  • ISBN: 9780692011218
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • TWO STRANGERS Cameron Dawson s got a past he can t seem to shake, but he s hoping to change that He s moved back home to Faith, New Mexico and taken a job as assistant sheriff What he doesn t realize is that his newest nightmare s about to begin Strange things are happening People are disappearing, and for others, it s far worseDISTANCE SEPARATES THEM Miles away in ATWO STRANGERS Cameron Dawson s got a past he can t seem to shake, but he s hoping to change that He s moved back home to Faith, New Mexico and taken a job as assistant sheriff What he doesn t realize is that his newest nightmare s about to begin Strange things are happening People are disappearing, and for others, it s far worseDISTANCE SEPARATES THEM Miles away in Albuquerque, Kyle Bancroft s life is spinning out of control She s seeing, hearing, and dreaming things she can t explain Flashbacks to World War II and an eerie hospital ward with locked doors, empty gurneys, and guttural screams To make matters worse, a ghostly green eyed girl is complicating her visions with an urgent message Time is running out A DARK SECRET CONNECTS THEMKyle s otherworldly encounters are driving her straight toward Faith and right into Cameron s life The body count is rising, the pressure is mounting, and the clock is ticking as they rush to uncover a dangerous secret hiding just below the surface of this all American town one that s threatening to destroy Faith and everyone in it A secret they must hunt down quickly even if it costs them their own lives.A VOICE FROM THE GRAVE WILL DRAW THEM TOGETHER

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    1. After reading and loving Twisted by this author, I think my expectations were too high for this book. At 30% and with hints of paranormal activity, I wasn't feeling optimistic. I went back and read the blurb and some reviews and received an attitude adjustment. I felt better about the book after that.This book is the author's first novel. It's not bad, but it's not great, either. It could use some serious paring down of details. For example, I didn't really need to read that a syringe containing [...]

    2. I loved this book!! Most of the time I am a hopeless romantic and I read a lot of romance. But there is a tiny little part of me,deep down inside, that is sick,twisted and demented. Every so often the little imp makes an appearance and demands to be satisfied. While The Savage Sleeps took care of this quite nicely! It's scary and creepy and sad and, oh, all kinds of things. It is a murder mystery/thriller/paranormal that kept me guessing until the end. It also had me semi-paralyzed when I went t [...]

    3. WHILE THE SAVAGE SLEEPS is one of those rare books that can not be easily classified- part thriller, part paranormal suspense- 100% MAGNIFICENT!Andrew E. Kaufman has shown himself to be a first rate writer in that he has that rare abilityto combine original and intriguing characters, locations and plot into a work of pure perfection.As one who has read many, many books- it is so nice to have one come along, like While the Savage Sleeps that so distinguishes it from the rest! Andrew E. Kaufman is [...]

    4. Have you ever seen the movie Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze? This book reminds me of this movie except with a horrific overtone. I had so many emotions reading this, at one point I was anxious then scared then I was crying my eyes out. This is a must read for anyone especially the horror addicts! It is a very well written book and you are halfway through before you realize it. There is no foul language which goes to show that it isn't necessary to have an outstanding book. Thank you An [...]

    5. The first chapter opens with a gruesome murder involving hooks used for lifting hay bales. I was thinking, ‘oh, what have I gotten myself into?” I decided I wasn’t in the mood for that kind of story and shut off my kindle. The next day I picked it up again, and I’m glad I did! I ended up glued to this book until the very end. It’s a very fast paced thriller, leaving me thinking ‘what is going to happen??’ It is set up in short chapters changing pov from Cameron a cop who has suffer [...]

    6. I tried so hard to get through this but I just could not do it. I love, love horror novels but this is really, really bad!There are just some glaring mistakes that I probably noticed because the story was so boring! It started out good but then just really fell off for me.Bethany at first is called a child every time she is referenced then all of a sudden she is a woman? Also, why is Kyle performing surgeries? She has these visions etc that actually at times knock her down to the floor etc, has [...]

    7. It’s simple:If you haven’t read this book, you must.If you’ve read it and your life hasn’t been permanently touched-are you still human?I read “While the Savage Sleeps” some weeks ago, immediately after I read Andrew’s “The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted,” and I can’t get either novel out of my mind (not that I wish to do so). I am in awe at the depths of creativity Andrew E. Kaufman has available to plumb. I’ve been a voracious and constant reader for many decades, and a write [...]

    8. This book is a lot of things - thriller, suspense, mystery with a twist of paranormal. We even find a little romance along the way. But the biggest label that should be attached is Bestseller. For me, Kaufman's writing is flawless. Some of the scenes, particularly at the beginning, are gruesome. However, unlike some authors who rely on lots of graphic violence to carry the story, Kaufman gives us just enough to let our imaginations run wild. The plot has multiple layers with characters you'll wa [...]

    9. I am really liking Andrew E. Kaufman. The first book I read was Twisted and I really enjoyed it. So when I found this one I was really excited to read it. It was not as good as Twisted but in my opinion it was good in its own rights. For me I see the author as a cross between Koontz and King. He has the weirdness of Koontz and the craziness of King. What can I say other than I love it. The characters Cameron the assistant sheriff and Kyle the psychic doctor were very likable and believable. Alth [...]

    10. 4.5*17/20 PointsWriting: 4Characters: 2Story: 3Pacing: 4Personal: 4I absolutely adored this book. I almost broke down crying at work because of it. At least twice. But it was so good! And the audiobook was phenomenal. I just can't get enough of Andrew E Kaufman.I could have used a little more background on some more characters. More connection. They were done very well and I was connected to them but I just felt like there could have been more. I loved the story but I kind of feel like the endin [...]

    11. This book would have been three stars without the extremely soppy and anti-climactic ending. I carefully chose this book based on its excellent reviews on both and amazon. The "paranormal" aspect made me waver for a moment, but although it's not a genre I seek out, I certainly have read a lot of books with a slim hold on reality. After all, most of Stephen King's book are paranormal horror and I have read the lot of them. I am not comparing this book to anything Stephen King has written - it's [...]

    12. Every so often a book comes along that stirs up quite a buzz. You hear people talking about it just about everywhere you go. In many cases, it's a book by an established author who has a huge following and is being pushed by a major publisher as their latest cash cow. Other times the book is by an unknown backed by the money of a major publisher, their latest find, and sometimes it's by an independent author seeking to make a go of it on their own.Once upon a time, independent authors were only [...]

    13. It takes a lot to rattle this seasoned veteran of the fright night generation, but Andrew Kaufman managed to shake me up with his shadowy serial killer mystery. Shortly after finishing the book, I received the link to the book trailer. Okay, I admit with my first click I nearly jumped out of my skin, then of course, laughed at myself for being ridiculous. What makes the book scary? For me, it’s the realness of the murders and the knowledge that this type of sadistic evil really lurks in the wo [...]

    14. Wow! I've worked 57 hours in the last 4 nights, so to say that I'm tired is a massive understatement! I always take my Kindle to bed with me and usually get at least a chapter or two read before I finally relax enough to go to sleep, but this morning I found myself starting this book and not being able to put it down till I was 75% done!I'm not as capable of the kind of eloquent wording that would give this review justice let me just say again, WOW!If your stomach turns easily and you don't enjo [...]

    15. I just finished reading While the Savage Sleeps and it is one of the best books I've read in a long time. I had a hard time putting it down to get anything else done all weekend. It amazes me that this is a first book by Andrew Kaufman. What an amazing talent. It grabbed my attention from the very first page and kept me interested all the way through to the very last page. I loved all the characters, I hope to see some of them again in future books. The plot was great, not too long and drawn out [...]

    16. Well, I'm not sure what to say here. As my previous updates have said, I found it incredibly cheesy and corny in parts, with phrases and sentences that seemed to be plucked straight out of a cowboy film or an episode of Columbo.Putting that aside, the story was very much a page turner, and it took my a while to work out what the genre of this book is - I'd describe it as paranormal/supernatural thriller.The ending made me cry, I didnt expect it at all. And I've upgraded it from 2 stars to 3.5, a [...]

    17. I am giving this book five stars for several reasons. First, because this book is everything and more with what people have recommended it to me have said about it. Second, because my husband and I are reading it at the same time and I have to fight with him to get it away from him or sneak in the times I am reading it. My husband has compared Drew Kaufman to a much more twisted, yet just as talented, Dean Koontz when my husband and I loved DK's writing. I can't wait to see more from this incred [...]

    18. Unputdownable!I started this book this morning and couldn't put it down until late afternoon when it was finished.This fast paced thriller had me on the edge of my seat through the horror of it all until the very end when it had me weeping.I loved the characters and hope to see them again in future books.Move over Stephen King, Andrew E. Kaufman is a new force to be reckoned with.

    19. Andrew Kaufman has been hailed to be the next Stephen King, but in my oppinion, he's better! While Stephen King is all plot and hasty endings. Andrew Kaufman's "While the Savage Sleeps" is good to the last drop! Literally.

    20. Author donated through Sisterhood of the Traveling Books via for a fair and honest review. Description- TWO STRANGERS Cameron Dawson's got a past he can't seem to shake, but he's hoping to change that. He's moved back home to Faith, New Mexico and taken a job as assistant sheriff. What he doesn't realize is that his newest nightmare's about to begin. Strange things are happening. People are disappearing, and for others, it's far worseDISTANCE SEPARATES THEM Miles away in Albuquerque, Kyle Bancr [...]

    21. 4.5 starsCameron Dawson is trying to get to grips with his tragic past by coming home to Faith, New Mexico. He has taken the job of assistant Sheriff in the sleepy, quiet little town and his life seems to be settling into a peaceful routine. Until, that is, a sequence of gruesome and baffling murders strike the usually crime free town. Cameron can’t comprehend what is happening to people he has known for most of his life. Dr Kyle Bancroft, miles away from Faith, is being bombarded with flashba [...]

    22. Well, I got through this fast. It kept me entertained and that's a biggie for me. The first part grabbed my attention and I liked the MC fine. The story opens with a grisly attack on a Deputy. He doesn't see the killer and you get no sense of him either. The scene is well written as is all of the scenes of violence throughout the book. The MC is Assistant Sheriff Cameron who grew up in the small town where this takes place. Has the usual "leave boring town, tragedy, come home to boring town to g [...]

    23. What a read!!! I'll admit that I didn't read the book in one setting. I'm a big chicken and it doesn't take much to freak me out. And the fact that I enjoy reading at night while in bed and everyone else is already asleep, didn't make it any better. There was more than once that I had to put the book down because I had myself so freaked out that I had to go hide under the covers for awhile.I love the characters in this book. They have depth, they have real emotions, and best of all I was able to [...]

    24. Andrew E. Kaufman’s While The Savage Sleeps is a first-rate forensic whodunit, cleverly masquerading as a supernatural thriller. Those two aspects meshed well and kept me riveted. My only caution would be that Mr. Kaufman doesn’t scrimp on the well-researched and grisly details. Murder scenes are outlined in full, gruesome detail so be prepared to park your squeamishness at the curb. While the Savage Sleeps won’t disappoint if you do.The story moves very quickly and I wished I read faster [...]

    25. Patty's SummaryFaith, New Mexicoa peaceful lovely townuntil strange and grisly things begin to happen to formerly ordinary kind peopleMy Thoughts I thought it was amazingensengrillingwith lots of exciting graphic crime scenes.It was like seeing episodes from "Bones" and every "CSI" only ten times better.I had no clue at all where this story was headed and no idea of who was committing all of these intense murders.It was impossible to put this book downonce I began reading I was caught up in the [...]

    26. I couldn't put this down!! I read this entire book in one sitting because I became so absorbed into the story that I lost all track of time. And I had no idea how edgy I was reading this--until a spider walked across my floor and I screamed so loud my son came running. The hairs on my neck felt like they were standing up. I hadn't much expectations about this book, at first glance it seemed like any run of the mill mystery novel. A series of grisly murders in a small town. A cop with a haunted p [...]

    27. I read this book in a day and a half - actually I read it for the second time in that time. Before the holidays, I simply couldn't give enough time and attention to it. And it deserved it in so many ways.The chapters were short and moved the story along at a quick pace - I like that. The author was able to use to plot to help the reader visualize the characters and setting. The book was all movement and that kept me interested and wanting to know more.I loved the plot. I had not read anything by [...]

    28. I am hungry for more, Mr KaufmanI had no idea this book would affect me the way it did. I'm more of a "tug at my heartstrings", kind of girl. As I jumped into the pages of this thriller, there was no turning back.What I loved about this book, were the many facets of the story and how they all came to an ending that not only brought tears to my eyes, but also took my breath away. "While The Savage Sleeps" is a fast paced read that allows no time for hesitation. No "spoilers" here! But, I will say [...]

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