Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida

Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida From the reign of the Tsars in the early th century to the collapse of the Soviet Union and beyond the short story has long occupied a central place in Russian culture Included are pieces from many

  • Title: Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida
  • Author: Robert Chandler
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  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the reign of the Tsars in the early 19th century to the collapse of the Soviet Union and beyond, the short story has long occupied a central place in Russian culture Included are pieces from many of the acknowledged masters of Russian literature including Pushkin, Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, and Solzhenitsyn alongside tales by long suppressed figures such asFrom the reign of the Tsars in the early 19th century to the collapse of the Soviet Union and beyond, the short story has long occupied a central place in Russian culture Included are pieces from many of the acknowledged masters of Russian literature including Pushkin, Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, and Solzhenitsyn alongside tales by long suppressed figures such as the subversive Kryzhanowsky and the surrealist Shalamov Whether written in reaction to the cruelty of the bourgeoisie, the bureaucracy of communism or the torture of the prison camps, they offer a wonderfully wide ranging and exciting representation of one of the most vital and enduring forms of Russian literature.

    Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida Penguin A wonderful collection of Russian short stories Mr Chandler presents a wide variety of authors and stories, and what is unusual in a short story collection I found none that I considered sub par or poor. Category Short stories by Leo Tolstoy Pages in category Short stories by Leo Tolstoy The following pages are in this category, out of total This list may not reflect recent changes. ESL Yes , Free ESL Short Stories, Exercises, Audio WELCOME TO ESL YES , FREE Short Stories for English Learners, with Exercises, Audio, Grade Level E Books English Learner Short Stories for Beginner Intermediate Vols and only each iPhone or Android at Kindle. Short Short Stories American Literature Short Short Stories Stories to enjoy when you have five minutes to spare, grouped by category to suit your mood Witty Stories, Introspective Stories, Morality Tales, Other Worldly Stories, Feel Good Love Stories, Dramatic Stories, and Political Farce Stories Had a rough day Cheer up with Great Feel Good Stories and a generous helping of comforting Foodie Stories Twenty Great American Short Stories American Literature Great American Short Stories We hope you enjoy reading these stories there are actually thirty They represent the first collection published at American Literature. Russian literature Russian literature refers to the literature of Russia and its migrs and to the Russian language literature The roots of Russian literature can be traced to the Middle Ages, when epics and chronicles in Old East Slavic were composed By the Age of Enlightenment, literature had grown in importance, and from the early s, Russian literature underwent an astounding golden age in poetry Member s Login Page VOYEUR RUSSIAN Russian Voyeur Verify your age before see Nude Beach, Spy Camera, Beach Cabin and Upskirt pictures download, LOGIN, MEMBER, ZONE The World s Greatest Short Stories Dover Publications This outstanding collection features short stories by great writers from America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Western Europe Ranging from the th to the th centuries, writers include Tolstoy, Kipling, Chekhov, Joyce, Kafka, Pirandello, Mann, Updike, Borges and other major writers of world literature A wonderfully wide ranging and enjoyable anthology. Short Stories Public Domain Most Popular Feedbooks Tales of Space and Time by H G Wells A collection of short stories The Crystal Egg, The Star, A Story of the Stone Age, A Story of the Days to Come The Humorous Short Stories Funny or Comedy Tales Online I will try to add humorous short stories for teens and avid readers that could be helpful for teaching reading and reading comprehension to middle or high school students.

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    1. From Kharms' "The Old Woman"-Out on the street, boys are shouting, making a horrible din. I lie there and think up ways of putting them to death. The one I like the best would be to infect them with tetanus so they would suddenly stop moving. Then their parents drag them back home. They lie in their little beds and can't even eat, because their mouths won't open. They're fed artificially. After a week the tetanus wears off, but the children are so weak they have to lie another whole month in bed [...]

    2. It is likely, if you're reading this review or browsing this , that you like Russian literature, short stories or possible both. In which case, in brief, you should definitely read this book. Now the slightly longer review: Russian literature is highly respected, it's biggest names critically acclaimed and rightly placed upon literature's highest pedastals, and one would be perfectly justified in saying that it is the long form prose novel that Russia and it's authors are most famous for; rather [...]

    3. For the stories alone I would give this four stars but it deserves the extra star for the inclusion of excellent, informative background material; the readable introduction; the short biography preceding each author’s work; the appendix notes; and even some interesting explanation of Russian names.Russian literature, the introduction explains, is comparatively young and the published dates run from the earliest, 1834 to the latest in 1998. Two things struck me about the early ones, though I do [...]

    4. I was always going to enjoy this book. I have loved Russian literature from an early age, and this short story collection is a Hall of Fame of Russian literature. With a few exceptions, which the editor Robert Chandler highlights in his introduction, the big names are all here. The main omissions are Gorky, Grossman, Pasternak and Sholokhov, because their best work is in other forms like novels or poetry, and Nabokov, because agreement couldn’t be reached with his publishers. But there’s sti [...]

    5. 1. Pushkin - The Queen of Spades ****2. Lermontov - The Fatalist ***3. Gogol - The Greatcoat *****4. Turgenev - The Knocking5. Dostoyevsky - Bobok6. Tolstoy - God sees the Truth, but waits7. Leskov - The Steel Flea8. Chekhov - In the Cart9. Zinovyeva-Annibal - The Monster10. Bunin - The Gentleman from San Francisco11. Bunin - In Paris12. Teffi - Love13. Teffi - A Family Journey14. Zamyatin - The Lion15. Krzhizhanovsky - Quadraturin16. Inber - Lalla's Interests17. Bulgakov - The Embroidered Towel [...]

    6. Excellent collection of short stories from a country where short stories have forever flourished. From Tolstoy to Chekhov to newer authors such as Kharms and Dovlatov, some for me were re-reads and some were read for the first time. And then there's my favorite satirist of all time, Mikhail Zoshckenko, who writes about life in Russia in the 1920's. He says of living conditions in Moscow, "In twenty years' time, maybe even less, every citizen will have a whole room to himself. But in the meantim [...]

    7. I have read a fair amount of Russian short stories. This collection is excellent. It features the standard masters of Dostoyevsky, Turgenev, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin (The Queen of Spades), Lermontov (The Fatalist) Gogol and Bunin but there is much more. Two of the gems of the collection are Nikolay Leskov's "The Steel Flea" and Yuri Buida'a "Sinbad the Sailor".There is not an overabundance of Russian female prose writers present in 19th century and early 20th century literature. This collection [...]

    8. I could describe how Gogol's short story The overcoat drove me nuts, but I won't. Just that I had to pause, leave the bookmark in the middle of the story and move on to the next story. After a week I got back to the overcoat and I recommend it. All the stories are fantastically imaginative and can be read over and over and over

    9. At last, I finished it. Yes it took too long to finish, as always, because of this being 'classic' writing. Being born in the times when India and USSR friendship was on its prime, Russian literature has always intrigued me. And that way, this is a treat for me. Each chapter giving detailed information about the writers, is something really interesting. And the collection, ah, so diverse and well chosen. Think I will read another one in the series too. But maybe later?

    10. A wonderful anthology of Russian stories from the Romantic period to the years after glasnost. Though many of these stories have been collected before--The Queen of Spades, the Greatcoat, etc.--it contains some real forgotten gems, at least in English, in powerful translations that capture the flavor of Russian culture. Particularly favorites are Bulgakov's "The Embroidered Towel," about a med school graduate who has to attempt his first amputation in the provinces, hoping the entire time the pa [...]

    11. an excellent anthology. a little of everything, from Pushkin's 'Queen of Spades' (one of the best short stories ever written) & Gogol's 'Greatcoat' ('Overcoat' in other translations) to overlooked soviet-era gems like the marvelous 'Quadraturin' by Krzhizhanovsky & 'Old Woman' by the incomparable Daniil Kharms. a terrific overview of short stories by a culture that is frequently pigeon-holed as being all about 800-page novels. and, yes, tolstoy & doestoevsky are here, too.

    12. An excellent anthology! A collection of writers covering the last hundred and fifty years or so of Russian literature, this is a must have for anyone wanting to discover the world of Russian short stories.I found myself reading one story after the other, I devoured this book and have since tracked down other works by some of the authors that contribute to it.

    13. Excellent selection from the Golden Age to the late Soviet period, and a good mix of tones - humorous, poignant, ironic, tragic - but authentically Russian all the way through. Also has excellent informative biographies of the authors.

    14. Stories rich with prosaic beauty, social commentary, political observations and emotional depth, as with so much Russian literature. The very best of the best. The Third Son is perhaps my utter favourite in this collection and a story that lingers with me still.

    15. I took a class on Russian short stories after falling in love with Nabokov, and was pleasantly surprised at just how much I continued to love Russian literature. This was the main text and although I'm not positive we read every story within it, I loved what I did read.

    16. I've actually read most of these stories in other books, but this collection has authors that are difficult to find in English. Such as: Zinovyeva-Annibal, Teffi, Krzhizhanovsky, Dobychin, Shukshin, Eppel, and Buida.

    17. A well-chosen collection that covers the gamut of Russian short fiction. The translations are excellent, and the introductions provide key insights into the writers and their times. Highly recommended.

    18. Excellent collection from early 19th century to late 20th with interesting and thoughtful intros. I liked it so much I want to make notes on some of the writers. Zoshchenko was hilarious, Platonov moving, Shalomov on the Gulag, no adjective will serve.

    19. A wonderful compilation of Russian short stories, and an excellent selection of lesser-known authors. Beautifully edited by Robert Chandler. Highly recommended.

    20. I only read selections of this for class, but everything we read, I loved! I will probably get around to reading the whole thing chronologically at some point.

    21. 'Don't tell Fedya I hit you. I didn't realise, brother, that you're a novelist.''I won't,' answered PlatonovE SNAKE CHARMER by VARLAM TIKHONOVICH SHALAMOV

    22. I've had to place stickers over her chest, but what a great book. I work at a high school. The last short story is shattering.

    23. Excellent way to become familiar with the most famous and talented Russian authors from the early 19th century to the 1980s.

    24. I remember that I loved the Russian short stories when I was a teenager so I'm surprised that I'm not such a fan of the classic Russian novels as an adult.

    25. 'The Old Woman'was delightfully creepy and reminded me somewhat of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 'The Yellow Wallpaper.'

    26. Dostoyevsky's 'Bobok' is yet another masterpiece by this Russian genius! An interesting way to look at what happens to us after we pass awayry interesting

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