Designing Interfaces

Designing Interfaces Despite all of the UI toolkits available today it s still not easy to design good application interfaces This bestselling book is one of the few reliable sources to help you navigate through the maze

  • Title: Designing Interfaces
  • Author: Jenifer Tidwell
  • ISBN: 9781449379704
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • Despite all of the UI toolkits available today, it s still not easy to design good application interfaces This bestselling book is one of the few reliable sources to help you navigate through the maze of design options By capturing UI best practices and reusable ideas as design patterns, Designing Interfaces provides solutions to common design problems that you can tailoDespite all of the UI toolkits available today, it s still not easy to design good application interfaces This bestselling book is one of the few reliable sources to help you navigate through the maze of design options By capturing UI best practices and reusable ideas as design patterns, Designing Interfaces provides solutions to common design problems that you can tailor to the situation at hand.This updated edition includes patterns for mobile apps and social media, as well as web applications and desktop software Each pattern contains full color examples and practical design advice that you can use immediately Experienced designers can use this guide as a sourcebook of ideas novices will find a roadmap to the world of interface and interaction design.Design engaging and usable interfaces with confidence and less guessworkLearn design concepts that are often misunderstood, such as affordances, visual hierarchy, navigational distance, and the use of colorGet recommendations for specific UI patterns, including alternatives and warnings on when not to use themMix and recombine UI ideas as you see fitPolish the look and feel of your interfaces with graphic design principles and patterns Anyone who s serious about designing interfaces should have this book on their shelf for reference It s the most comprehensive cross platform examination of common interface patterns anywhere Dan Saffer, author of Designing Gestural Interfaces O Reilly and Designing for Interaction New Riders

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    1 thought on “Designing Interfaces”

    1. Designing Interfaces is one of the few books every designer should have and read, note: get the print version, this book will not translate well to ebook.It does a great job laying out the common patterns of software design and establishing a common nomenclature for referring to each one. Given its scope, Tidwell only superficially tackles each topic-- however she provides the foundational elements of each one (going over Gestalt principles for example) to ensure even those unfamiliar to interac [...]

    2. Another gorgeous design book. But not quite what I was expected.The book is basically an encyclopedia of UI design patterns, or maybe "mini patterns". Broken into categories like form design, editor design, etc. Covering areas like individual, concrete patterns like tabbed containers, referred to as "card stack" to general, abstract notions like "diagonal balance". Each pattern is cross-linked with related patterns. I assume an online version of this book would work quite well, particularly if t [...]

    3. The domain of the book is very well defined by its title. Its primary focus is to educating the readers about Interaction Patterns, its use and context of usage. The book encompasses certain aspects of Interfaces but leaves the readers craving for more patterns. So after reading this book you might want to look into Yahoo! pattern library. All in all, a nice read for someone who has a decent knowledge of Interface designing and interface usability. Will not recommend this book to someone looking [...]

    4. Nice book with explanations and examples of most of the common user interface elements and idioms. An excellent reference with thoughtful and in most cases very recent examples illustrating the patterns.As with any design book this is not complete but covers most of the bases extensively and a lot in it has been motivated thoroughly but remains discutable. Let neither of those put you off.

    5. I can only assume that one of the reasons some people don't believe in the value of UX design is the existence of books like this.In over 500 pages it says absolutely nothing.

    6. Although the book was written back in 2005, it mostly discusses basic principles of UI design that are timeless, avoiding to get in details that are related with the seasonal trends. This approach makes the book modern even after 12 years. The writer managed to present and analyse most aspects that someone needs to consider in order to create a user-friendly UI, while most of the analysed principles can be also applied for web-design or even poster-design. It is easy-to-read and written in a sim [...]

    7. This book was super useful when I was working on my project. When I did not have much ideas how to start with creating a certain element I could always find ideas. What I really like about this book is also how much material you can find. Today we have websites such as Material Design and many others who share the component specifications with the rest of the world. So even though I think it's a good book, it's not as practical as a direct website and some of it's cases are pretty old - but it c [...]

    8. Designing interfaces can be very difficult. The proof is the majority of applications that are hard or unpleasant to work with. Yet the author has no idea what designing interfaces takes. Tidwell only wings it by making up reasons why the Apple interface is great. Well the Apple interface is great and sales would prove it. And? Reading this book you would be able to do a Mac application interface. Something you would be able to do by simply using a Mac and paying attention to the details, instea [...]

    9. A lot of great stuff in here on Information Architecture but the examples are very old.The book needs an update to be really worth the read at this point.F //

    10. Intelligent and Invaluable Jenifer Tidwell's pattern based approach is amazingly good! She carefully organizes and enumerates a wide variety of effective user interface options for both small screen (ie: Blackberry, cell phones) and larger screen forms. I am not an expert in UI design by any means (I have read Donald Norman, Tagnazzini, Shneiderman and Mayhew but I have no background in graphic design), but I do project reviews and this book has given me some insight into problems and potential [...]

    11. Has helpful tips. A few technical quibbles. Sometimes examples were given of an interactive process with only one screenshot, making it a bit of work to try to figure out what the rest of the interaction looked like. I occassionly had a hard time flipping through looking for a particular pattern. [return][return]Really though a good book as far as interface design goes. Certainly one of the better O'Reilly books I've read in a while. [return][return](Lots of good examples for folks to build off [...]

    12. Не дочитал. Немного скучноватая книжка. Но! Она выполнена в стиле энциклопедии. Т.е. она не обучает как создавать творческое и что то новое. Она просто описывает существующие шаблоны, как они были использованы, и если вы хотите использовать этот элемент, то делайте так же, ил [...]

    13. Although it was odd that there was a duck on the cover, everything inside this book was worth reading. I really liked Tidwell's writing and think she's organized, succinct, reflective, and anyone who reads her book will become a better interface designer. This would be a great textbook for any media-design course.

    14. Great book to have it as a reference, although it could have been visually more interesting and appealing. I could never understand why there is 'How' sections for each pattern, I skipped the most. Every chapter begins with a very good theoretical ideas on general design principles which help you defend your design decisions and in general increases your knowledge.

    15. One of the best books on designing interfacesI find myself returning to it periodically for refresher sessions. It leads one down a path on not only 'what' the user is wanting to accomplish but also 'why' and 'how'. Every software developer would be better off reading and thinking about this book.

    16. One of the best books for any User Interface Design student/pro/enthusiast.Really well-organized, with easy-to-understand explanations and tons of examples.I had to read this book for my Interface Design class -- normally I sell off my textbooks after the course is done. This one isn't leaving me.

    17. As many other people have mentioned, this book is a great list of Design Patterns. Unfortunately that makes it harder to read than something with a narrative. Now that I'm done reading it, I can easily see myself referring back to this book when I have a problem, or want some inspiration or new ideas.

    18. Tidwell has crafted an excellent pattern library for user interface designers and compiled into this source. She is thorough and offers a balanced view of when and where to use various patterns to bring out their strengths.

    19. El mundo del UX esta lleno de conceptos que ya están definidos. Este libro es como la enciclopedia de esos conceptos. Súper útil. Sobre todo si estas arrancando en el mundo del diseño de experiencias de usuarios.

    20. Overall not too bad, but not great. It tried to be a UI patterns book, but the patterns were all a little too basic and I found the naming of the patterns to be strange and inconsistent with standard industry names.

    21. +Praktische Anwendertipps für den Alltag als Interaction designer!+Super als Nachschlagwerk+Lustig, weil man sieht das heute die Designs schicker sind aber die Fehler teilweise immer noch dieselben sind ;)-Leicht Veralteter Stand

    22. Decent book. More of a reference book of about 100 UI patterns, not something to read cover to cover.If you are a designer who already voraciously consumes mobile apps and websites, you may already know a lot of this, although it does present the info very well.

    23. As another reviewer mentioned, it's mostly a reference book for design patterns. As such, I mostly just skimmed it, but it has definitely been useful in making the process of UI development more rigorous.

    24. Used this as a text book in a Usability & Interface Design class. Liked the pattern structure of the book, and the author did a great job in explaining some common design difficulties and possible solutions.

    25. This book is a little dated but still relevant. It's a great resource for your bookshelf if you work in product design. Read my full review at rachelhpeters/2009/09/15/b.

    26. A book of angelic taxonomy for the devil's design. Enlightening, purposeful, a joy. With this book and "Tropic of Cancer" in my backpack, I could conquer the world!

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