Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vol. 1

Grand Guignol Orchestra Vol Can a boy named Lucille defeat the dolls of the living dead Reads R to L Japanese Style for T audiences Lucille and his orchestra encounter a town overrun with the worst kind of audience the Living

  • Title: Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vol. 1
  • Author: Kaori Yuki
  • ISBN: 9781421536361
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can a boy named Lucille defeat the dolls of the living dead Reads R to L Japanese Style , for T audiences Lucille and his orchestra encounter a town overrun with the worst kind of audience the Living Dead Well, not really They re people who have been turned into doll like zombies And they are definitely not a crowd to take lightly Can a group of roving musicians uCan a boy named Lucille defeat the dolls of the living dead Reads R to L Japanese Style , for T audiences Lucille and his orchestra encounter a town overrun with the worst kind of audience the Living Dead Well, not really They re people who have been turned into doll like zombies And they are definitely not a crowd to take lightly Can a group of roving musicians use their skills to calm the beasts Or is this curtains for the Royal Orchestra

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    1 thought on “Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vol. 1”

    1. We start off with a quick part of Coppelia, the part when everyone becomes dolls. However this spans only two pages and really only sets the scene. Then we have a Guignol, which is basically a cross between a zombie and a wooden doll, attacking a carriage as it rolls into a town. Someone fights off the Guignol off and they get into the town. The drawbridge is pulled up, leaving the Guignols outside.The black carriage carries the Grand Orchestra: long straight haired quiet cellist Gwindel, scarre [...]

    2. It was decent. After reading Godchild, I had a really high standard bar set for this manga since I loved Godchild so much. Yet Grand Orchestra just seemed to fall short. Yuki puts in her side notes she was going for a "middle ages" look. Middle ages was the renaissance and medieval times, but she drew in a very obvious victorian style for what the people were wearing. Also they had very obvious 20 and 21st century styled guns. I know it's manga and fantasy and blah blah blah but things just didn [...]

    3. Zombies, musicians, men who look like women, girls who look like boys, psycho good guys, super-psycho bad guys, holy crap-what next?? It's hard to decide sometimes whether to like a manga series from only the first volume, especially when it's packed with so much stuff like this one. I will definitely pick up and read more volumes before I decide.

    4. I’ve read Angel Sanctuary(well part) and her Godchild/Cain series and now reading this, I have to wonder if this mangaka can do anything without cross-dressing or incest. We don’t have the latter (yet) but we do have cross-dressing galore. This doesn’t bother me and I have to admit, the idea of this manga is interesting. However, the characters need more depth but hopefully that will come in the future. In this world, there is a virus that turns people into guignols after the guignol puppe [...]

    5. Review originally posted at mycutebookshelf/2011/1Anything weird belongs to the realm of Kaori Yuki. Anyone familiarized with her other works is sure to find the following: 1) beautiful, sexually-ambiguous boys, 2) stylized gore, 3) strange, gothic themes, 4) beautiful art and 5) freaky relationships you feel guilty for liking and 6) really crazy, twisted characters. Grand Guignol Orchestra is not an exception, but I dare say, it is one of her best and most riveting works yet - forgive me for th [...]

    6. As one would surmise from the title, this one drips with gothic atmosphere. There's a certain everything-but-the-kitchen-sink quality to it that makes it hard to take seriously. So we have "guignols" which are basically zombies that resemble animated china dolls running around infecting everyone. Certasin pieces of music have the power to restore the guignols' brains to sanity and rid them of the infection, which kills them. So we get to have tearful, angst-ridden reunion/farewell scenes, and of [...]

    7. Note: I'm reviewing the whole series, because I tend to group manga arcs all into one book mentally, and I can't be bothered to ungroup it for reviews.I think this is actually my favorite Kaori Yuki manga in a lot of ways. It's nonstop melodrama to an even further degree than normal in her manga; there were times when I was counting a dramatic revelation per page, and I'd seriously guess it averages one dramatic revelation every three pages or so. Everyone has a terrible past, everyone has feeli [...]

    8. This book is the definition of a guilty pleasure for me, with its overblown sense of drama, the hilariously angsty backstories and of course all the pretty, pretty boys. I think what makes this one stand apart from Kaori Yuki's other works for me is the focus on music and its power and potential. Not only are our main characters all members of the titular musical group, but they all also have the ability to affect guignols (basically a cross between puppets and zombies) with their playing.The di [...]

    9. encore un très bon kaori yuki, qui nous emmène dans les années médiévales (enfin a sa façon comme d'habitude très vite tout ça n'a plus grand chose a voir avec le médiéval), le monde est malade un virus transforme les gens en des espèces de marionnettes, "les guignols" (qui étrangement ressemble a des morts vivants.), Rutile et son orchestre traversent ce monde pour apaiser les coeurs. les dessins sont comme toujours très beaux, l'histoire riche en évènements et en références de [...]

    10. Only from the mind of Kaori Yuki could come such a strange story: people are infected with a strange virus transmitted by bite and whole cities are obliterated (a bit I Am Legend-esque) and those infected, who turn into zombie dolls, can only be conquered by beautiful music that reminds them of their true selves for a few seconds, after which they die. The series follows a cellist, a violinist, a cross-dressing pianist, and a beautiful, noble vocalist around while they try to defeat these Guigno [...]

    11. I loved the Earl Cain books so I was looking forward to this new series. It had all the elements: Doll zombies! Crystal pianos! Secret agents! Black oratorio! Men dressed as women! Women dressed as men! And yet…it didn’t quite measure up. There were just too much “action” scenes (fighting) which just aren’t as aesthetically pleasing, especially in a gothic-style manga and narrative was confusing. It’d like to Kaori pulls it together in subsequent volumes, but my library only has 2 vo [...]

    12. Got this for 99 cents when borders was liquidating. I totally got my moneys worth I've read it about 7 times now.I love this whole series, I know some people say its boring but I think its the total opposite of that.I also love the style of drawing.I also love Gwindel and his hedgehog Hedgie

    13. This was a good start for the new series by Kaori Yuki.I was curious and that made me buy it and I'm glad I liked it that much. The story sounds kinda strange in the first place but it's interesting and the drawings are simply awesome as always.I already like the characters and I'm looking forward how the story will go on in the following volumes!

    14. This book took a lot of getting used to. The first half wasn't too good in my opinion, but by part 2, it finally got to the good parts! The Guignols don't make too much sense still, and I finally understand the unofficial orchestra, and now that it's finally gotten to the story, I may well read the second!

    15. I like the concept of this book but I'm not sure I like it as it is. I think I need to read the next one in the series before I decide how I really feel. Overall, the art is great and the story is interesting, but I'm not quite hooked yet. It has potential though and I'm willing to keep reading to see where it goes.

    16. Oh Kaori Yuki. I enjoy how self-consistent she is; I always know what I'm in for if I pick up one of her manga. Gorgeous art; storylines on crack; zombies, twisted families, and gender ambiguity all over the place. Check! Plus this was way less confusing than Fairy Cube, I could actually follow what was happening. How nice. 3 stars

    17. Okay. I was thoroughly fooled.Lucille is a guy.And Eles is Celes not a boy, but a girl.Surprising. But it's Kaori Yuki. My favorite mangaka. Seeing her new series? I snagged it with Black Butler.Hee Hee! :)

    18. so, this guy named Lucille finds a little boy who is actually a girl. there are these people like porcelain living dead dolls who are infected with a virus, and, oh yeah, they are zombies. this book was so awesome. Yukiq always has great work.

    19. lovely title, interesting drawings but the storyline is a bit lame. maybe it will get better in the next few books, but I have a feeling it will continue to recur again and again. different places.

    20. Kaori Yuki does zombies! Yes, really, and the weapon against them is music. Oh, and there's the more than usual gender bending, and some rather funny scenes too. Kohaku is a hoot, and so is the little hedgehog. It's a swell read with the usual stunning art. I'm really going to like this series.

    21. One of my absolute favourite manga series and by my favourite mangaka. A full review can be found on my blog: kyralyrical.wordpress/2012

    22. very Gothic and violent. the art is gorgeous, as are all of Kaori Yuki's works. the story is multi layered and engaging every step of the way. the characters are unpredictable and intriguing, and i love all the musical references.

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