Once a Princess

Once a Princess Swashbuckling in a magic world L A style Sasharia en Garde book Sasha s mother Sun was once swept away from a Ren Faire to another world by a prince literally but there was no happy ending Sun s p

  • Title: Once a Princess
  • Author: Sherwood Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Swashbuckling in a magic world L.A style Sasharia en Garde book 1 Sasha s mother, Sun, was once swept away from a Ren Faire to another world by a prince literally but there was no happy ending Sun s prince disappeared, and a wicked king took the Khanerenth throne In the years since, Sasha and Sun have been back on Earth and on the run Mom and daughter don t quite seSwashbuckling in a magic world L.A style Sasharia en Garde book 1 Sasha s mother, Sun, was once swept away from a Ren Faire to another world by a prince literally but there was no happy ending Sun s prince disappeared, and a wicked king took the Khanerenth throne In the years since, Sasha and Sun have been back on Earth and on the run Mom and daughter don t quite see eye to eye on the situation Sasha wants to stand and fight Sun insists her prince will return for them one day it s safer to stay hidden Then Sasha is tricked into crossing the portal to Khanerenth She s than ready to join the resistance, kick some bad guy butt, and fix the broken kingdom But is the stylish pirate Zathdar the bad guy Or artistic, dreamy Prince Jehan Back on Earth, Sun is furious Sasha has been kidnapped Sun might once have been a rotten princess, but nobody messes with Mom

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    1. I first became a fan of Sherwood Smith when I stumbled onto her YA fantasy Crown Duel. After reading that one and loving the world she created, I spent quite a bit of time over the next few years prowling through her other works, looking for another book that would replicate all the feelz Crown Duel gave me (not just romantic ones! I am not that shallow! okay, sometimes I am, but not this time). Once a Princess and its sequel/second volume, Twice a Prince, are a fun fantasy adventure romp and o [...]

    2. Sasha, aka Sasharia, is an L.A. girl. By way of umpteen schools, one magic world portal, and a slight little disturbance in the past that sent both her and her mother on the run.But when a young lawyer shows up on Sasha’s door, she doesn’t quite realize what’s happening until she’s back in the country of her birth. Fighting for her life, her independence, and her heart.If it wasn’t for that dang pirate!But really, it can’t be entirely his fault. After all, he isn’t the reason she w [...]

    3. This story is one of the last ones before the big war cycle in modern times, which continues the huuuuuge arc set up in the Inda stories.This one could have been serious, and some might think it ought to have been, but I had such fun writing it, I didn't really dig into the most sympathetic of the Merindars. Canardan is just as amoral as the rest of his family (the most complicated of them, Flauvic, aside), and if there had been more of his POV, it would have been much, MUCH darker. Also, there [...]

    4. 4/5; 4 stars; A-I really enjoyed this book and its second half, Twice a Prince. In fact, this review will be encompassing both books, with the only difference being my impressions of the two different narrators. I don't think a person should read Once a Princess as a standalone unless they want to be quite disappointed because its really the first half of a bigger book. I must thank Sherwood Smith for giving me the chance to listen to both of these audiobooks by generously offering me Audible co [...]

    5. I lost my restraint and though I should be reading other things, fell a bit into this oneReally, really enjoyed this. It's considerably lighter in tone than the Inda books and far more of a Romance, though perhaps not as fluffy or Romance as the cover might suggest. It's also much more polished than the Senrid/C.J's First Notebook books, having been completed recently. And yet it's the latter books to which it's closest in some ways, as its two protagonists return to Sartorias-deles from this wo [...]

    6. This was a fun read with interesting characters and a strong story. There are hints and bumps with other stories in the same universe, but nothing intrusive, and the story is whole and entire on its own.I really like Sasha, though that's something of a problem. She's uncertain about who to trust and what she needs to do, fully conscious of being unable to escape being a political pawn in one way or another. I like that she's cautious and that she's courageous and that she isn't afraid to step in [...]

    7. There's a lot to like about Once a Princess. From the product description, "Warning: This title contains a kick-butt mother-daughter team, a wicked king, a witty pirate with an unfortunate taste for neon colors, inept resistance fighters, a dreamy prince who gallops earnestly hither and yon, and a kick-butt princess in waiting." Sasha and her mother fled Sartorias-deles when Canardan Merindar usurped the throne from Sasha's father. Sasha is living in LA when men from her world come looking for h [...]

    8. I think this book, with all its flair and its unique character, is best described by the warning written on the back cover:"Warning: This title contains a kick-butt mother-daughter team, a wicked king, a witty pirate with an unfortunate taste for neon colors, inept resistance fighters, a dreamy prince who gallops hither and yon, and a kick-butt princess-in-waiting."These claims, all true, are what make "Once a Princess" unforgettable. Sasha is a girl who doesn't take things sitting down, and her [...]

    9. This is my first-ever 3 star did-not-finish. Why did I give a solid 3 star book a DNF? Because, halfway through, I peeked at the end to see if the pirate was really who I thought he was (he was) and discovered that this book ends on a cliff-hanger. I'm sorry, but I'm already committed to too many seemingly-unending series at this point to add yet another one to the list especially when the books in said series end on cliff-hangers. *hate* However, the story itself is more charming than I had exp [...]

    10. A fun read! It has an overall 1970s vibe in the beginning, and takes place (briefly) in Los Angeles. The city seems like it was actually cool and interesting back then, not so expensive and plastic like it's portrayed these days. But anyway, our protagonist gets zapped into a parallel world, which despite its corrupt king situation, seems a lot more wholesome to live in than Earth. A nice aspect is that the protagonist's mother gets zapped into the world as well, and while they do not interact w [...]

    11. Once a Princess - now out in print - is part of Smith’s overarching Satorias-deles world and set in a time which previous books have already touched on (although I don’t think there were any familiar faces so far, the one truly mysterious group showing up obviously has ties to characters we already know, but I haven’t read about them yet), which makes certain references to military training or the inheritance of magic powers much easier to understand (I do have a feeling that the situation [...]

    12. I was really enjoying this book - and then it ended. It didn't really conclude. I knew it was the first book in a two book series, but I expected a cliffhanger ending or a bit more of a resolution to the first section of the story. In fact it's pretty obvious that this isn't two books, it's one book split in half. Do I recall reading that there has been an edition which combined both books into one? That would make a lot of sense. OK, it's not a problem because I intend to get the next book imme [...]

    13. 2.5 to 3 starsYA book and I normally like Sherwood Smith, butt sure if this is one of her earlier novels or not. She has a great story line and magical world going for her, but I can't help feel like her style of writing is jumpy, both between characters/settings/and point of view.The idea is great! So if you enjoy girl power with a swashbuckling hero (more like a Scarlet Pimpernel type *sigh*). Then you can read it and fill in all the fun and yummy details in your own imagination and just depen [...]

    14. This book was a very cute take on the fairytale story of lost princess returning to kingdom. Sherwood Smith has a very tongue-in-cheek writing style, and the protagonist often makes comical references to other such common stories and stereotypes. However, this story manages to break away from the stereotypes. While most of the plot is fairly predictable, the story is very fun. Overall, the only negative thing I could see was how some sentences just did not make sense. I reread a few sections a d [...]

    15. There are a lot of things I did not like about this book: The cover, for starters, is embarrassing; The language the characters use is annoying and comes off forced; the book doesn't realy end but forces you to also read the next one which has an even more embarrassing cover; the premise of the story, in which a girl gets taken from LA into magical world were she is the princess. What???BUTThere is a pirate. I imagined him as Orlando Bloom the whole time and just couldn't make myself stop readin [...]

    16. 3 ish stars. It was okay. Good adventure and fantasy story. I liked the mother\daughter duo as main characters. Cover is extremely iffy and if someone highly trusted hadn't told me it was decent, I never would have picked it up. It is actually quite clean. A few mildly sensual thoughts and\or mentions that you are privy to through the main character's narration. Kissing and if I remember correctly, I believe that's it. "Twice Upon A Prince", the sequel, is out.

    17. People said the cover was worse than the book I found the cover to be rather accurate on the quality. It was an adventure romp with no character development, much like the typical summer Hollywood blockbuster movie. Like the summer movie, you will probably enjoy it on a superficial level and then forget it.

    18. This was a really fun book; it was a nice change to have a driven heroine who knew what was going on (within reason) but also wasn't jaded. I liked that Sasha's waitress background came in handy. And it was nice to see Sasha's and her mom's relationship - I like the level of trust between them.I enjoyed the way things were written - Sasha grew up in L.A and she does make English comments that startle others. I liked that although (view spoiler)[Gliss was jealous of Jehan's interest in Sasha, the [...]

    19. Sasha is a princess. One on the run from her world and the usurper king. She and her mother have lived the last several years on earth in LA. Until the day a mage shows up and tricks Sasha into a World Gate.Suddenly, she's back on her world, but her father is missing, the usurper is still in charge, and her life is in danger. Relying on a mage, his sister, and the mysterious pirate, Zathadar, Sasha sets out to locate her father and try to find her way back to LA.I enjoyed the concept of this boo [...]

    20. Sasharia lives & works in LA. One day two men show up trying to kidnap her, but as she and her mother have lived on the run since Sasharia was ten. She'd been trained to expect someone to come for her someday, and that allowed her to evaded them. She immediately calls her mother to warn her. In response her mom claims they both needed to change their names and move again, instantly. Sasharia disagrees, claiming she'd made a life, of sorts, for herself in LA and she would stay there over goin [...]

    21. Book one of two. I cannot give a final rating until I have read both parts as they have to go together.A very fun story that manages to have both a mother and a daughter as the heroines. Which is a first for me. Even if in other books the mother or mother-figure was heroic and courageous, she was never the heroine nor were we usually privy to her thoughts. Also, I like that Smith again put characters from our world, LA to be precise, and put them in Sartorias-Deles.Long story very short, Sun met [...]

    22. Warning:This title contains a kick-butt mother daughter team, a wicked king, a witty pirate with an unfortunate taste for neon colors, inept resistance fighters, a dreamy prince who gallops earnstly hither and you and a kick-butt princess in waiting.Umm no it doesn't. Kick butt mother daughter teamDaughter tricked by inept resistance fighter through portal to alternate world (where she was born). Decides to travel with inept resitance fighter and pirate til she can go her own way andfind her mis [...]

    23. Once a Princess had its fun moments, especially the parts relating to the pirate and crew. Sherwood Smith writes appealing heroes, and they're what keep me reading since the heroines tend to be frustrating (I've read two of her duologies now).Aside from the pirate story line, it was just ok. It starts out in our world, but the main story is in another world that has magic. Once in the other world, the heroine continues to talk like an American and to make references to American culture - this is [...]

    24. This book has been in my Kindle Library for quite som time. Just haven't had the time to "read" for enjoyment. I "opened" the book yesterday morning and couldn't put it down. I love to read, but the book MUST pull me into the story to keep me reading. Sherwood Smith does this! Sasha has been on the run since she was 10 years old. The daughter of a prince from another world and an Earth Mother, her father sent her mother and Sasha back to Earth to protect them. Now she has been brought back to Kh [...]

    25. First off, rather embarrassing cover. (Side note: I did hear once on Yahoo fashion advice that a plunging neckline is supposed to draw attention to the face. Which is why her face is not visible?!) But I have read some of the author's other work and I felt relatively safe with it. After all, some of Andre Norton's covers are a little iffy at best and she writes amazing science fiction. But I digress. I found this a very engaging and enjoyable story. There is a kick-butt mother/daughter team (dau [...]

    26. Genre: Swashbuckling Fantasy (Possibly Young Adult, not sure how it's being marketed)A rollicking good read. Set in the same world as _Crown Duel_ and the Inda series. Generally I don't like fantasy stories that have characters from the modern world thrown into a fantasy world - it breaks the reality of that world for me and usually the author can't quite get over "modern people are smarter/better/etc. then those from a lower technology level" (a concept that also drives me batty). Sherwood Smit [...]

    27. The cover was closer to being legit than one might think at first glance was supposed to be a t-shirt rather than something with quite this much skin showing, but they got the words right.I had picked this up along with its sequel some time ago, but just got around to reading it. The premise was quite clever, a weird blending of genres.Many young women think, on some level, that they really ought to be a princess in a faraway land. In this case, it's perfectly true, and both she and her mother k [...]

    28. It is really hard to come across a book where both mom and daughter are the heroines. I like that because moms will do anything for their children. This book has so much action and adventure. Who can resist a book with a hot pirate in it as well? In the story, mom and daughter were forced to leave their home and go to earth where Sun is originally from. In the other world having an Earth girl be ruler while the King has gone missing was frowned upon and a usurper, Merindar, came along and took o [...]

    29. I just can't do it. I just can't read another SS novel about a heroine who has honey-colored, butt-length hair. And this heroine, just like the one in Coronets and Steal, does this weird point and shoot thing with her finger as though it's cool and uses slang in a slightly off-kilter awkward way and wears nerdy tee shirts about books, all the while copping a bad-ass attitude. I have the sense that the exact same character is being recycled. (Or is it reused, when she is plopped down in a new sto [...]

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