Roses A sweeping multigenerational Southern saga with echoes of Gone with the Wind Publishers Weekly Spanning the th century the story of Roses takes place in a small East Texas town against the backdrop

  • Title: Roses
  • Author: Leila Meacham
  • ISBN: 9780446549998
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • A sweeping multigenerational Southern saga with echoes of Gone with the Wind Publishers Weekly Spanning the 20th century, the story of Roses takes place in a small East Texas town against the backdrop of the powerful timber and cotton industries, industries controlled by the scions of the town s founding families Cotton tycoon Mary Toliver and timber magnate Percy WarA sweeping multigenerational Southern saga with echoes of Gone with the Wind Publishers Weekly Spanning the 20th century, the story of Roses takes place in a small East Texas town against the backdrop of the powerful timber and cotton industries, industries controlled by the scions of the town s founding families Cotton tycoon Mary Toliver and timber magnate Percy Warwick should have married but unwisely did not, and now must deal with the deceit, secrets, and tragedies of their choice and the loss of what might have been not just for themselves but for their children, and their children s children.With expert, unabashed, big canvas storytelling, Roses covers a hundred years, three generations of Texans and the explosive combination of passion for work and longing for love.

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      310 Leila Meacham
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    1 thought on “Roses”

    1. This book and I had a love/hate relationship. At times I felt ready to pull my hair out, and other times I was searching for the nearest tissue. The story was about deciding what is most important in your life, and living with the consequences of those choices. It also showed how our posterity is affected by our actions.Leila Meacham did a great job creating a story that pulls the reader in. Her characters were well developed (although so many of them were selfish, blind idiots-argh, I'm still m [...]

    2. i thought this book was the cause of so many butterflies. and also many outbursts! i enjoyed every character, every paragraph, every chapter, such a great read.

    3. So my friend called me a book snob and I think she is right! I really tried with this book - I read it all the way through when there were more interesting books calling out my name, but I could not really find anything in it that I liked.A big, sweeping, overly dramatic saga straight out of the Gone With the Wind playbook, Roses is the story of Texas tycoons, plantations, birthrights, love, and secrets. Everything you would expect to find in this genre of book is there, and more. All the charac [...]

    4. Dugo sam željela pročitati ovu knjigu i sad kad sam konačno okrenula posljednju stranicu moram reći da sam blago razočarana. Puno sam više očekivala od ovog romana koji je po sadržaju trebao imati sve ono što volim. Najviše pohvala ide za radnju koja je zanimljiva, roman se stoga lako i brzo čita bez obzira na priličan broj stranica. Osnovna zamjerka ipak od mene ide za karakterizaciju likova, previše je to površno, baš kad sam pomislila evo ovaj će od mnoštva likova biti dobro [...]

    5. Wow, This book was infuriating, It was sheer stubbornness (and my book club) that had me sticking it out to the end. The characters were just not believable. I find it hard to fathom that after Somerset cost Mary the love of her mother and brother, she not only allow it, but encourage it, to cost her the love of her life. That she would then groom her grand-niece to inherit it, only to pull it out from underneath her. The her niece would make all the same mistakes. The only likeable characters w [...]

    6. Leila Meacham's novel centers around two rival farming families, and their offspring and the loves and losses of their offspring. Though the plot is a heartbreaking one, Meacham goes into so much detail that she leaves very little room for the reader to use his or her own imagination. At the same time, she seems to tell the reader how to feel about certain characters and their situations, rather than letting the feelings come naturally. She needs to show the interactions of her characters a bit [...]

    7. "O, kako tužnih ljubavi ima,ovaj svet je ispunjen njima.Sve više sumnjam da neko sretno i voli još" Đ.B.

    8. I really liked this book. There were only a few similarities to Gone with the Wind, such as, the main character lives on a cotton farm and has black hair and green eyes. That's pretty much it.The book is divided into three parts telling the stories of three different characters, Mary, Percy and Rachel. After Mary's father dies leaving her the family cotton plantation and almost nothing to her mother and brother, her family is torn apart by resentment. Her father knew that if he left the plantati [...]

    9. Um romance épico com tudo o que adoro numa boa história: uma saga de famílias amigas e inimigas, romances desencontrados, guerra, amizade e alguns apontamentos históricos que tornam a história mais real. É uma história tão intensa e envolvente, cheia de reviravoltas que nos deixa completamente agarrados. Um excelente cruzamento entre Lesley Pearse (A Melodia do Amor) e Margareth Mitchell (E Tudo o Vento Levou).

    10. Three families migrated west to eastern Texas and founded the small town of Howbutker (“how about here” they said) - the Tolivers (descended from the Lancasters), the Warwicks (descended from the House of York) as well as the DuMonts of French descent. Friends for generations, most disagreements were settled by the offering of a red rose to offer apology and a white to acknowledge forgiveness. As the story begins, Mary Toliver Dumont has only weeks to live and reflects back on her life and h [...]

    11. This enthralling stunner, a good old-fashioned read, may herald the overdue return of those delicious doorstop epics from such writers as Barbara Taylor Bradford and Colleen McCullough. Meacham's multigenerational family saga, set in East Texas circa 1914–1985, charts the transformation of Mary Toliver, a wide-eyed 16-year-old heiress, into a calculating cotton plantation queen as hardheaded as Scarlett O'Hara. Her brother, Miles, goes off to WWI, returns home, but then goes back to France to [...]

    12. I fear this one is probably a 2 1/2, rather than a 3 star. I wanted to like it; the family stories sounded interesting and the beginning (Mary changing her will) hooked me. But, and it's a big "but", I just couldn't believe in the characters. Maybe my prejudice of the idea of "the land" goes back to the disillusioning classic, The Good Earth, but I had a hard time buying the idea that this land meant more to Mary (and then Rachel) than anything. It was said often enough, but this trait was defin [...]

    13. A great book about love, forgiveness, and the importance of your decisions and how they impact your life and lives of people you care about. Well-written, with great feature of switching between the past and the present that doesn't let you put it down till you finish. And I love these type of books! A big recommendation from me to everyone!

    14. Tri porodice: Toliver,Werwick i DuMont ispreplele su svoj zivot generacijama, oprastaju i traze oprostaj crvenim i bjelim ruzama, krije li se prokletstvo na njihovim zemljama i da li im to onemogucava ljubav koja im toliko nedostajePrica prati porodice od 1916. do 1985. godine kroz cetiri generacije farmera,drvopreradjivaca i trgovaca.

    15. I won this book as a giveaway - and I was impressed when I received it; beautiful cover, nice solid hardback book. I was even more impressed when I started reading it.It's got a fair resemblance to Gone With the Wind - I've never read the book but I've seen the movie and Mary is just about as close to Scarlett O'Hara as they come - her obsession with Somerset (the cotton plantation) being the same driving force. This "Scarlett" though is a much more likeable person - driven, yes, but still lovin [...]

    16. I would compare this family saga to Gone with the Wind only on a smaller scale!!! I was totally entrenched in the first 3/4s of the book nearing the end I started feeling a lil disappointment!!! I found myself missing Mary's voice in the story If not for that it would've gotten a strong 5 star rating from me!!! Still highly recommend!!!

    17. Although this is a long read I really enjoyed every part of it. It's very well written with good characters and a good story line. It's the type of book that you just get caught up in the story, a story of choices, repercussions of those choices, obsession with land ownership, family secrets mixed with tragedies along the way and just enough twists and turns throughout

    18. Uma grande história de amor e de amizade mas plena de desencontros e trágicos acontecimentos.Antes de mais quero dizer que este é, para mim, o melhor romance lido este ano. Um livro que me transportou para dentro das suas páginas, para a América dos meados do século XX, onde quase senti o cheiro da chuva e o calor do sol numa plantação de algodão amaldiçoada. Um livro que não li rapidamente mas tão só e apenas porque os melhores livros merecem ser saboreados.Na década de 1830, Sila [...]

    19. Es una historia preciosa, un relato detallado de tres generaciones. Pero esperaba más del final que a diferencia del libro su desarrollo es precipitado y casi abiertouna pena cerrar así una historia tan tan linda.

    20. Is there a loftier goal for a book than being compared to Gone With the Wind right on the front cover? That is a tall, tall order for anything, and sets the reader up for disappointment if this book doesn't match right up to Mitchell's timeless and immaculately executed story. Roses was good. But perhaps its biggest detriment was attempting to compare itself to one of the most iconic books ever written in the United States.Covering the story of three families over three generations in East Texas [...]

    21. A few months back, a new release by Leila Meacham called Roses caught our attention and we rushed to download the book on to the nefarious ian Devil Device. A Reader's Respite then promptly forgot all about it. We do this far too frequently these days. Perhaps it's (the booze) a degenerative brain disorder caused by mold and dust in old books. Whatever the cause, the result is dozens and dozens of books purchased and then forgotten about, unread, until we stumble across them months - even years [...]

    22. While this book was epic and more enjoyable than Tumbleweeds, it, too suffered from being way too long. By the last four discs, I was just impatient for the story to end.Mary and Percy were interesting enough, but I was annoyed by everyone's (including Mary's) unhappiness with the passion Mary had with Somerset. Who cares if she loved it? Who cares if she wanted to run herself into the ground with it? If it's what she loved, then others should have been happy for her. Well, Ollie was happy to le [...]

    23. My husband said I needed to start this review with the statement, "Don't judge a book by its beautiful cover." That after hearing me moan and groan about its length and cheesiness. Actually, the concept is nice, 3 families (Tolivers, Dumonts and Warwicks)settle in a corner of East Texas. The Tolivers bring a tradition from England of giving a red rose to ask for forgiveness and a white rose to offer forgiveness. This tradition gets plenty of use throughout the book. Its also the story of how the [...]

    24. I loved, loved, loved this book! So many reviewers and even the dust jacket compared it to GWTW. Not I. It is nothing like it really. This is a multi-generational saga that spans from 1914-nearly the present. It is many love stories in one book.As many of you know who have read my reviews, I don't retell the plot. Enough reviewers do that. I just say what I think about it. I LOVED THIS BOOK!! I loved every minute of it. I loved the romance, the sadness and the suspense of what in the world these [...]

    25. Really enjoyed this old-fashioned saga spanning three generations complete with timber magnate Percy Warwick and cotton tycoon Mary Toliver. Their love story, the relevance of the red, white and pink roses, the CURSE on the land and a few shocking developments make for a complicated, but interesting novel.A quote I really liked in the book: "Someday, someone will give a war and nobody will come."

    26. Roses By Leila MeachamWhen receiving a red rose the receiver will know the sender means to apologize for his or actions in life or in business. If the recipient of the red raised wishes to grant forgiveness and accept the apology he or she will send white rose. Such is the basis for this upcoming novel by Leila Meacham which expands many generations and more than one century to tell. Mary Tolliver DuMont has little time left and is determined to set the record straight before her death. Living h [...]

    27. I really wanted to like this book. In reality, it belongs to a genre that read frequently and I enjoy a lot. What went wrong then? How can you give up at 47% of an audiobook from one type of book that you like so much?The frank and simple answer is that I gave up because of the characters in this novel. The characters seemed unreliable and unlikable. Overall, we are introduced to selfish, self-centered, with little empathetic capacity and with a very limited view of life characters.Mary is obses [...]

    28. While walking through a used book store, an elderly woman approached me and asked, "Young lady, would you like to read a GOOD book?" I, of course, said yes! She handed me Roses by Leila Meacham. If i'm being honest, the old lady-esque cover was giving me second thoughts and the book description made the book sound like another dime a dozen love story. Not necessarily bad, just a pass the time type story. However, I couldn't shake my curiosity when it came to this grandmother's fervent reccomenda [...]

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