Butter Safe Than Sorry

Butter Safe Than Sorry From the national bestselling author of Batter Off Dead the newest Pennsylvania Dutch mystery Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder is at the bank with her four year old son when three armed Amish men

  • Title: Butter Safe Than Sorry
  • Author: Tamar Myers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the national bestselling author of Batter Off Dead, the newest Pennsylvania Dutch mystery Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder is at the bank with her four year old son when three armed Amish men burst in and start shooting and surprisingly cursing Magdalena protects Little Jacob, and the robbers flee at the sound of police sirens When Jacob wonders why the From the national bestselling author of Batter Off Dead, the newest Pennsylvania Dutch mystery Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder is at the bank with her four year old son when three armed Amish men burst in and start shooting and surprisingly cursing Magdalena protects Little Jacob, and the robbers flee at the sound of police sirens When Jacob wonders why the bandits had mustaches unlike all the other Amish men he knows Magdalena springs into action to catch the thieves They may be armed, but they may not be Amish

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    1. Magdalena Portulacca Yoder is back again in this eighteenth book in the Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Series, big as life and twice as ugly. The fifty-something Mennonite inn owner is married to a Jewish doctor, raising a son the age of four, and battling her beloved Amish cook (and convoluted cousin), Freni Hostetler. She's also battling Amish bank robbers, psuedo-nuns of apathy, and her old nemesis, Melvin Stoltzfus (her biological brother and brother-in-law by marriage who she believes to be par [...]

    2. I had always enjoyed this irreverant murder mystery series with recipes. Magdalena Yoder is a Mennonite innkeeper who charges high rates and caters to the famous and wealthy, who desire to experience the plain no frills Amish lifestyle. Her usual cast of characters were quirky and oddball and for some reason most of them have been removed from the series and the remaining cast are somehow lacking. This book leaves a lot to be desired and if this is the first one for anyone to have read, then you [...]

    3. How does anyone get 78% done with a book and then toss it? I am of two minds about this series. On the positive side, there are places where her word plays and other bits of silliness are really funny. Her irreverence is enjoyable when at its best.On the downside, it's so far over the top that I find myself doing an eye roll from time to time. Yes, it's intentionally so, and yetwell.And there are recipes. I ignore them, but it always suggests to me that the author (in this case one with a millio [...]

    4. A crazy book.Pa. Dutch Amish country.A 52 year old mother and detective.A bank robbery.2 murders by family members.Apple recipes.Unlikely plot turns.But very clever, by the author of a dozen previous Pa. Dutch books.

    5. Another funny, lighthearted, whimsical book. Full of delightful characters and nonesense. Will make you laugh out loud.

    6. Butter Safe Than Sorry is a Pennsylvania Dutch mystery book written by Tamar Myers who has written other Pennsylvania Dutch mystery books. The story takes place in a Dutch neighborhood in I was given this book by my mothers friend. What grabbed my attention is that the book includes recipes for food like lemongrass snowballs and Thai Coconut-Ginger Sticky Rice Jumbles. The main character, Magdalena who is the Mennonite Innkeeper, is at the bank with her son Jacob. While they were at the bank thr [...]

    7. I'm not sure which was odder – how neither the cover summary blurb (especially) nor the one above really bear much resemblance to the actual story, or how she managed to combine hands-down the most enjoyable writing of the series (its sole 3rd star saving grace) with the least coherent plot. I mean, the early completely out-of-the-blue chapter on depression was outright jarring – I dunno, maybe something personal or a bring-up-important-issue teaching moment? – but I'd almost swear the fin [...]

    8. I really didn't like this book. The meandering inner dialogue, a ton of obviously forced laugh lines, and a main character that uses her religion to excuse or explain her behavior (or sometimes her avoidance of behavior) on nearly every. single. page. If I hadn't chosen this book as part of a challenge, then I wouldn't have finished it. Thankfully, I have a friend who enjoys this author so I will be passing the book on to someone who will enjoy it!

    9. Great book!Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder is at the bank with her four-year-old son when three armed Amish men burst in and start shooting and -- more surprisingly -- cursing. When the robbers flee at the sound of police sirens, Jacob wonders why they had mustaches -- unlike all the other Amish men he knows -- Magdalena springs into action to catch the thieves. The may be armed, but they may not be Amish!

    10. I don’t know what happened while she was writing this, but it wasn’t nearly as good as her first books in this series. It got old at the beginning, went further downhill in the middle, picked up for a couple chapters at the end just to head out in left field for the epilogue. That made no sense at all.

    11. The author has the characters often using the wrong words, making it humorous, but every page is so loaded up with that kind of thing that it's too much and becomes annoying rather than funny. Was disappointed because I used to enjoy this series but couldn't even get through half the book this time.

    12. The sarcasm and bad jokes are getting "old". Too bad, as I enjoyed the first 5-6 books and often laughed out loud. She has two other series, perhaps the one in Africa will combine her talent as a writer with her childhood memories of living in the Congo.

    13. From the first line of Tamar Myers’ latest hilarious mystery, “Butter Safe Than Sorry”, I was hooked. What’s not to like about another adventure in Pennsylvania Dutch country starring the Queen of Puns, innkeeper Magdalena Yoder? In a word, nothing!This time, proud mother Magdalena takes her four-year-old son, little Jacob, to the local bank and while they are there—you guessed it—the bank is robbed by three gun-toting, Amish men. Wait a minute…gun-toting, Amish men? Hey, as little [...]

    14. The PA Dutch series has been one that I've pretty much enjoyed, although I was never particularly enamored of the main character, Magdalena.I don't know if this is the last book in the series . . . but it is the last one I'll likely read. I always felt that the author didn't quite know what to make of Magdalena herself, given the fact that there were often huge changes from the end of one installment of the series to the beginning of the next.Still, I enjoyed the books because of the quirky char [...]

    15. I usually love this series, but this wasn't one of my favorites. Tamar Myers does some things with the timeline that I found VERY jarring. In the last book, Magdalena gives birth to a baby boy, Jacob, and her pseudo step-daugther, Alison, is living with her and going to school. In this one, Jacob is already four years old and Alison is off to some unknown college studying who knows what. To make things worse, the epilogue of the novel flashes forward yet another four years! Some of the events sh [...]

    16. This book is like a big family convention, where all the folks talk at the same time, conveniently ignoring the topic and each other, usually the one with the largest lung capacity wins. Where all the jokes have been made so many times they cease to be funny unless you are really drunk whilst listening to them, or you are so goodhearted you find yourself chuckling to them just out of habit. You still harbor some warmth towards all the familiar people, because you know them so well and there are [...]

    17. I just finished the latest installment of the Tamar Myers series PA Dutch Mystery starring the intrepid Magadalena Yoder. It was a good read but toward the end I was not so happy. I don't want to give too much away but I am getting the distinct feeling that this may be the last or one of the last in this series. They jumped ahead 6 years and she is going on a 3 month cruise and is no longer married. Not sure what to think.These books have been pee your pants and laugh outloud funny and they will [...]

    18. This book was quite confusing. Events happening in this book were years later than the previous title in this series. Wrapping up the series perhaps?

    19. Instant classic. Not. This book was so horrible, that I almost gave up the ghost but I have a rule that I have to finish what I start. I skimmed the end, at least 40 pages worth. The puns are terrible, but puns are supposed to be. I guess if there had been fewer, it might have been OK. I didn't really like the plot either. The narrator was a mess, as well. Definitely one of the worst books I've ever read.

    20. This was fun, but, having read all her other books, the least successful. Given what has happened in the earlier books, the protagonists "breakdown" at the beginning of the book is out of character, and the perfunctory and largely inexplicable divorce at the end left more questions than answers. However, in between, the book as as much fun as always. In this series, Tamar Myers essentially writes the same book over and over, but they are very, very clever.

    21. I was very disappointed in this book. I have read most of the books in this series and liked them. I liked the main character, Magdelena Yoder. However, this book did not have much of a plot. Magdelena was ruder and cruder than in the other books. I have always enjoyed her sharp sense of humor. In this book, it was really wierd to have Magdelena (a Mennonite) spewing Yiddish phrases.Wonder what the future of this series is !

    22. Latest and probably (hopefully) last in the Pennsylvania Dutch mystery series about Memmonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder, this book is definitely an example of a series that has "jumped the shark"! One star was the lowest rating I could give it so that is what it got-I have to admit that I couldn't get past about page 30. Too many books and too little time. I would no longer recommend this series to "cozy" readers.

    23. Magdalena Yoder Rosen finds herself in the midst of a bank robbery. Her young son is with her, and after the affray is over, she sinks into a long depression. But she snaps out of it in time to investigate several murders near her Pennsylvania Dutch inn. A strange epilogue set in the future raises new possibilities for future titles in this determinedly comic series.

    24. This was my first book by this author. I can see that she's written plenty more in the series. I gave up on it, because it seems just too silly. When I have more time, maybe I'll go back and start at the beginning, since I'm usually a READ-IN-ORDER person.Instead, I've moved on to the Apple Turnover Murder.

    25. I liked this book. It was clever and witty as all Ms. Myers's novels have been so far. I loved the addition of Magdalena's 4 year old son Jacob. The whole story was just enjoyable. Magdalena's tongue is as sharp as ever. Hilarious story with murder, mayhem, and yummy recipes. I am glad that Ms. Myers tied up all the loose ends in this book being that it was the conclusion of the series.

    26. PB-B @ 2010, 5/11. Better Safe Than Sorry: A Penn-Dutch Mystery With Recipes, by Tamar Myers. Mennonite Inn-keeper Magdalena Yoder and young son, Jacob, foil a bank robbery. She must use her snooping expertise to discover who the "Amish" robbers are before they kill her and Jacob. Myers cadence is a little off, and hard to follow. Recipes were not at all that interesting.

    27. I forget how funny these books are between each one and they are quick reads too. Magdalena and her 4 yr of son Jacob witness a bank robbery. The supposedly Amish bank robbers decide Magdalena and her son are a danger to them and she must use all her deductive skills to protect herself and the ones she loves.

    28. Better than the last one (#17), a bit confusing when she jumped 4 years ahead in this one making me think I missed a book somewhere. This series has basically run its course, however she did jump forward another 4 years in the end, which leads me to believe Ms. Myers realizes this also. Easy read, just mindless, comfy mystery.

    29. Yuk! I don't recommend this series to anyone. Maybe some of the earlier ones are better but if this one is any indication of the quality it's not worth the effort. I kept hoping that it would get better so I finished it. The last ten pages were ok but the rest I suppose the author meant the storyteller to be funny but I didn't find it so.

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