The Rising Star of Rusty Nail

The Rising Star of Rusty Nail Franny Hansen is a year old piano prodigy living in Rusty Nail Minnesota Once the Coot Capitol of the world in it s just a run of the mill town with one traffic light and a bizarre cast of c

  • Title: The Rising Star of Rusty Nail
  • Author: Lesley M.M. Blume
  • ISBN: 9780375835247
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Franny Hansen is a 10 year old piano prodigy living in Rusty Nail, Minnesota Once the Coot Capitol of the world, in 1953 it s just a run of the mill town with one traffic light and a bizarre cast of characters She s long exhausted the talents of the town s only piano teacher and seems destined to perform at church events and school assemblies, until a mysterious RussianFranny Hansen is a 10 year old piano prodigy living in Rusty Nail, Minnesota Once the Coot Capitol of the world, in 1953 it s just a run of the mill town with one traffic light and a bizarre cast of characters She s long exhausted the talents of the town s only piano teacher and seems destined to perform at church events and school assemblies, until a mysterious Russian woman arrives in Rusty Nail Franny s neighbors are convinced the Commie is a threat to their American way of life, but Franny s not so sure Could this stranger be her ticket out of Rusty Nail Lesley M M Blume returns with the poignant and laugh out loud funny story of one girl s attempt to pursue the American dream in small town America.

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      487 Lesley M.M. Blume
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    1 thought on “The Rising Star of Rusty Nail”

    1. This was a cute story. But to be perfectly honest, most of the characters were insufferable. Nancy was a brat, Nancy's father just made me angry, Sandy was one of the meanest best friends I've read in a while, Madam Malenkov was totally rude (even though we found out she had probably cause), and the townspeople were so judgmental that I wanted to reach through the book and slap them all. I think Franny was an alright character, and the plot was cute enough, but there were just too many horrible [...]

    2. It was not at all how I thought it would be. It was funny and captivating and at the same time, saying that you don't have to come from a big city to be a star. Like a cheerful ray of sunshine, piercing the clouds on a rainy day.

    3. I picked up this book because of the piano keys on the cover. As a musician, I have always enjoyed reading about other musicians, especially pianists, in fiction and this middle grade novel did not disappoint; at least once I got into the story. The first part to me felt different in tone from the rest of the story for some reason. I didn't like the characters, including the main character, at the beginning because of the pranks and nonsense the children pull. I also was a little confused about [...]

    4. Franny, the protagonist of the book, is a 10 year old girl who is obsessed with the piano. She wants to become a famous pianist and play in contests outside of her tiny town, Rusty Nail. When an amazing pianist comes to live in town, Franny starts to take lessons. She gets even better at the piano and is ready to compete. This was a great book and I enjoyed reading it.

    5. This was one of my accidental finds at the library. I was looking to check out some of the Superfudge books by Judy Blume (for the hundredth time because my children love reading and re-reading them) and this wonderful book was alphabetically next to Judy Blume’s work on the shelf.The cover was a piano keyboard, which caught my eye. I am always on the lookout for books about the arts that might be fun, informative and engaging to read. The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is all of those things inter [...]

    6. The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is the story of A talented Painist, Franny Hansen who lives in Rusty Nail, Minnesota.Rusty Nail is called "The Heartland of America" and used to be the former "Coot Capital."Rusty Nail though is also not very popular since mostly farmers live there and filled with crazy, strange, shy, and weird people.Like they say "No Two Flakes aare exactly alike" is like all the resindents in Rusty Nail.Characters:Franny Hansen is a prodigy of the piano, and also called a trouble [...]

    7. 1)Haven't you want to become a famous person? Well this was realist fiction book tells a story about a little girl trying to become a famous piano player. I loved this book because it tells the reader that it's not easy to become famous you have to work for it and in this story Fanny **SPOILER ALERT**does become a famous piano player she wants to be.2)The setting is mostly at school in Minnesota of 1953. This is important because Fanny wants to be apart of assemblies and other things that happen [...]

    8. Actually, more like 3.5 or 3.75 stars.I loved Blume's debut novel, Cornelia, so I was a little bit disappointed in this book. The plot line was compelling and I liked the main character (Franny Hansen) a lot. However, I wasn't as thrilled with Blume's depictions of some of the background characters. Being a Midwesterner, I found it strange that some of the townspeople seemed like real yokels who used poor grammar and said "ain't" a lot. Sure, Rusty Nail is a small town, but Minnesota is known fo [...]

    9. The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is a relastic fiction novel written by Lesley M.M. Blume. It takes place in a rural community in Minnesota during the Cold War, approximately 60 years ago. During this period, the United States was pitted against the Soviet Union, in a battle between capitalism and communism, or so historians describe. Because of this difference in ideals, Americans like the main character, Franny Hansen, and her neighbors, naturally detest Russians, whom they stigmatized as "Commie [...]

    10. Living in the tiny town of Rusty Nail, Minnesota, Franny is certain that her talents as a pianist will forever go unnoticed. She's already outgrown the one piano teacher in town and her parents don't have the money to pay for a fancy teacher like her arch nemesis Nancy's. Then Franny gets a stroke of good luck. One of the young bachelors in town gets married to a Russian woman and brings her back to Rusty Nail. The town is agog and buzzing with gossip. Imagine a Commie in their very own town! Wh [...]

    11. Fanny a young girl from a small town is a talented piano player. The only problem is her parnets can't afford to get her a good teacher. When a strange Russian woman who is a gifted piano player arrives in town this seems to be Fanny chance to become a great painist. Only problem is it is 1953 and the town is convinced the Russian woman is a Commie. Fanny also has to deal with a rivial Nancy who plays the piano well but, not great. Nancy's father though has the money to rig things in his daughte [...]

    12. Franny Hansen, a determined ten-year-old pianist, convinces the mysterious Russian newcomer to become her piano teacher despite the disapproval of most of the townfolk, who are caught up in the fear and suspicion of 1954 McCarthyism. Under Madame Malenkov's tutelage Franny rapidly matures both musically and personally, growing from a thoughtless prankster into a thoughtful young girl. Blume captures the passion a true virtuoso feels for music and the close-minded dread of the "Communist threat" [...]

    13. This book was fantastic! I enjoyed the characters, and I loved how the author managed to appeal to kids and teens. I was reading about this ten-year-old and even I was fascinated and not bored. I really loved the fact that it was centered around piano. Since I play, it was awesome hearing about that. Another thing is I loved how it wasn't fake. Franny loses the piano contest to Nancy and is devastated. But since Nancy's parents bribed the judges and that's why she won, their family was shunned. [...]

    14. A 10-year-old piano prodigy named Franny Hansen is living in the small town, Rusty Nail. Franny has quickly become the best player in her town and is convinced a mysterious Russian woman who arrives in town is her ticket out of Rusty Nail. Reading this story as a kid, I immediately connected with Franny because we both play the piano. This book is about Franny’s rise to stardom and her love for the piano and it motivated me to play and practice more than usual. I became determined to be as goo [...]

    15. Franny is a good piano player. In fact, she's the best piano player in Rusty Nail MN. But that isn't saying much, because Rusty Nail is so small that the biggest excitement is when the wife of the local Congressman comes to town for a short visit and the town goes all out to impress her. So imagine the excitement when a real Russian comes to town. Rumors fly that she is a Communist spy and Franny is determined to find out for sure. But what she discovers instead is that the Russian is really a f [...]

    16. Another winner from Lesley M.M. Blume. Francis Hansen is stuck in her one-horse town, Rusty Nail. Although she is a talented pianist there is no one in town to give her lessons so Francis along with her best friend Sandy, spend their time planning and pulling off pranks on the their classmates and fellow citizens. At least until Madame Malenkov shows up. Madame malenkov is a famous pianist though she's not interested in giving lessons plus she's from Russia so that makes her a Communist as well. [...]

    17. I liked this a lot better than I thought I would. Set in the 1950's in Rusty Nail, Minnesota, a small town is scandalized when a Russian woman moves in. She is a child protege and recognizes the skill of one of the town's girls, Franny Hansen. I have no musical skill, but this was written in such a way to let the reader understand what it feels like to be on stage and knowing you are nailing a performance.A few nit-picks - I hate it when a small town family goes to the big city and just doesn't [...]

    18. This would make an awesome book for a book discussion. Just discussing people's prejudices, first impressions, dealing with those people who get everything while others have to work for it, the power of being talented and the effect of people to change our lives when we least expect it. So great themes but this comes with a warning, there is a bit of cheesiness here!I enjoyed her other one so picked this one up Franny feels she may be stuck in a little backwards town playing the piano for school [...]

    19. There were parts of this book I really enjoyed, however there were also parts that left me feeling a little less than satisfied. One thing I enjoyed: the explanation of how the book is structured the same as a certain piano concerto -- I really enjoyed it as a stand alone at the beginning of the story (good way to explain the natural progression of a story), but it took on even more meaning as the story unfolded. Another part I loved: the mother of the main character -- her actions toward the en [...]

    20. I liked this book a lot. Maybe it is because I also play piano like Franny Hanson (although I doubt I am anywhere as near as good as she is). I like Cornelia (Lesley Blume's first book) better though. I can relate to Cornelia as far as words go, but I don't isolate myself. I am eager to read Tennyson, Ms. Blume's next book.Rusty nail is set in the 1950s. It is a fun time period to read about. I love the imagery that Lesley Blume puts in to your head when you read her books. You can see the dusty [...]

    21. I loved this as much as Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades Lesley Blume is definitely an author to watch for middle grade readers. This story takes place in Midwest of the 1950's. Young Franny is sassy and troublesome, but looking for her chance to make it big with her piano-playing. When a Russian (i.e. suspected Commie) moves in next door, Franny pursues her one and only opportunity. Not only a good story, but I loved the characterization of the rivals--sassy, uniquely talented Franny pitted [...]

    22. There's just nothing like a great, small town, middle-America historical fiction. Rising Star of Rusty Nail is set in the 1950s in a small, one-traffic-light town where there's scarcely a thing to do when you're bored and where gossip travels fast no matter how big the news.Our main character dreams of playing piano in the White House like the girl she saw on the newsreel who, at a year younger, got to play for the President of the United States. When our character catches news of a celebrity vi [...]

    23. The Rising Star of Rusty Nail is about a girl named Franny who lives in a small town named Rusty Nail in the 1950s and is extremely good at piano. However, her parents can't afford a decent teacher, and when her old teacher quits, Franny is left with no means of putting her talent to use. When a Russian woman named Madame Malenkov offers to teach Franny, she is overjoyed. But the members of the community react harshly to Madame Malekov, calling her a 'Russian spy' and a 'Commie'. Franny also has [...]

    24. I loved this book. Perhaps largely because I love music but also because of the manner in which Blume addresses serious issues in life. The book is about a 10 year old piano prodigy who has to work through prejudice, teasing, gossip, learning how to stand up for what's right when the majority is taking the lower road, persistence, fights with friends, competition, what it takes to be excellent at something, etc. Set in the 1950s, the book also delves a bit into McCarthur and the issues at that t [...]

    25. Sometimes engaging, but this one seemed fairly predictable to me. The take on small town MN in the 1950s also was abrasively condescending; the men are lumpy, clueless yokels, the women are lumpy, gossipy yokels. Yes, McCarthyism (sp?) was idiotic. Yes, worrying about the Commies invading your small town and grabbing the apple pie from your cold, dead hands was ridiculous. Still, how about some historical context or empathy? I am aware, however, that actual kids reading it might appreciate the r [...]

    26. I thought this was a great book. I wasn't looking for a book like this to read, but my friend reccomended it to me. He picked it up and showed me while he said "Look! It has a piano on it!" because he knows music is important to me. I began to read it and loved it. I could understand Franny's feelings and I was so proud of her in the end. The antagonist is so mean and rude. Sandy and Franny really got her good in the beginning! ;)

    27. Good to find a story that addresses McCarthyism with a female lead. But the historical accuracy of many details in this book are way off. No girl in 1953 would wear jeans and a t-shirt to school, no one had Big Wheels then (they weren't invented until the 1970s). The fact checking was really, really awful (and distracting to an adult) but it was a good story for the time period and showing how a community can be insular.

    28. Set in the'50s,ten year old Franny is a piano prodigy and wants OUT of her backwoods town, Rusty Nail. A mysterious Russian pianist moves in, and her piano teaching may be Franny's ticket to fame. However as a possible Russian Communist, she just might land everyone in trouble. Lots to be learned in this entertaining book for 9-12 year olds--judging, perseverance, friendship, loyalty; to name a few.

    29. I love Lesley M.M. Blume's first book. I am hoping this one is as wonderful. It's certainly begun well. I've laughed out load several times already. This one was wonderful, too. The main character is ten and I am thinking of using this as a read aloud for later in the school year. Maybe March or so. It was funny, entertaining, and full of opportunities for character-related discussions. I just love Lesley M.M. Blume.

    30. Well, it was ok I guess, to be honest, I got tired of the beginning. As I was reading through it though, I got into the book more than the beginning. I dont know, I like Franny. Well, besides all the things Iv'e said before , I think the book was really entertaining somehow, their were some parts that I didn't like but it was just a little. The book was awesome though, but I recommend something else!

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