Of Paupers and Peers

Of Paupers and Peers Curate James Weatherly is resigned to a life of poverty never suspecting he is heir to a dukedom until a solicitor appears on his doorstep On the way to claim his inheritance James is set upon by mu

  • Title: Of Paupers and Peers
  • Author: Sheri Cobb South
  • ISBN: 9781594145292
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Curate James Weatherly is resigned to a life of poverty, never suspecting he is heir to a dukedom until a solicitor appears on his doorstep On the way to claim his inheritance, James is set upon by muggers whose handiwork deprives him of his memory.

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    1 thought on “Of Paupers and Peers”

    1. This just squeaks into a 3-star category. It's a flip-around of the usual, little-girl-lost who is rescued by a handsome earl. Rather nice characters.

    2. This was an extremely well written and enjoyable traditional regency, with a very authentic tone. James, the hero, was a delightful beta hero. My problem was Margaret, the heroine. It seems that the author meant her to be somewhat acerbic, which can make a heroine interesting and fun to read about. However, at times she was just outright mean and nasty to the hero, and he just took it with good grace. I ended up disliking her as a result, and didn't feel she deserved James. Hence a 3 star rating [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this! It was a fun story - I haven't read one with an amnesia twist before! The hero and heroine were more unexpected but it was really sweet. I also enjoyed the secondary love story :) a fun, quick, easy read :) thoroughly enjoyed it :)

    4. It goes without saying that Sheri can write a historical story without compromise. The language, the dress, the people, every single thing true to the period. I don't know if she's British which doesn't mean much anyway but just to say, she knows how to write and is not lazy in her research.So far I've read only the John Pickett stories and this one, Of Paupers and Peers, and I've yet to be irritated by long winded narrations and suspense that doesn't get resolved until the very last paragraph. [...]

    5. Outstanding! Brilliantly written!Why did I not read this sooner? It is one of the sweetest, funniest, and clever regency books I have read. I loved all the characters and the plot was original.

    6. Overall a reasonable story (though Heyer did both plots better), but containing a few serious research plumpers. (2mil acre estate? Seriously? That's 3 times the size of Rhode Island.)

    7. James Weatherly is accustomed to the simple life, never having had much in the way of material things. So he is understandably shocked when a London solicitor shows up out of the blue, and informs him he is the only surviving heir to the dukedom of Montford. Leaving behind his life as a poor country curate, he makes his way to the ducal seat to claim his inheritance, only to be attacked by criminals on the way and robbed of everything, including his memory and the papers he was carrying proving [...]

    8. If you're a fan of this genre you will know how the story goes. The plot drags a bit in the middle with a few random, unlikely moments of discovery. The writing is otherwise decent and the period details about country life are good. The characters interact with each other realistically for the most part and can easily be identified with. Margaret and Amanda resemble the Dashwood sisters in Sense and Sensibility. James is a much stronger character than Edward Ferrars, however, and I really liked [...]

    9. This was my first book by Sherri Cobb South and it was an enjoyable read. The story certainly didn't drag and the plot was fun. Margaret and Amanda reminded me of the sisters in Heyer's Frederica, although the hero was a great deal different. In my opinion, the one thing lacking in this book was detail. I felt rushed along as I read and didn't feel like I really got to know the main characters. I think that the plot could've been fleshed out a lot more to aid the reader in understanding and iden [...]

    10. This wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. For some reason it took me awhile to get into this one, and by time I got around to enjoying it, it ended. I thought the story was cute and the characters were nice. I liked the side story of Amanda and her love interest. I also thought the relationship between Margaret and James was really sweet. I was actually kind of hoping it had been a little longer; I would have liked to see a little more tension between with Margaret [...]

    11. Another winning storyThe amnesia plot delightfully done as the new Duke of Montford, formerly a poor curate scholar, is robbed and beaten on his way to the seat of his family estate. He is rescued by a Lady who thinks he is the new tutor for her brother. Without his memory, he believes her. Thus starts a fun look at whether love or money is more important. I am very fond of Sheri Cobb South's heroes, who are imperfect but have a great capacity for love and kindness. She also takes a standard plo [...]

    12. Curate James Weatherly expects only genteel poverty until solicitor informs him that he was the heir to dukedom of Montford. On the way to claim his title he’s set upon by footpads and suffers a memory loss. h believes he’s the new tutor for her younger brother, and thus accepts James into the family. When James regains his memory, will he persuade Margaret to love him for himself, and not his title? Feel good book. Point taken from some very rushed and unbelievable storylines involving seco [...]

    13. This was a fun read that twisted in unexpected ways. Of course, it always gets wrapped up quickly in my mind. I guess I will always be a fan of Austen's slow progress to the end of a book. But, really great, interesting book that makes you wish you could attend a fancy ball or even a country fest :) Either way would be fun!

    14. A very good and well written Regency piece, very accurate historically, the slang was great. I enjoyed this book so much, Mr Weatherby was so sweet and romantic. It reminded me of a Georgette Heyer book, which is about the highest praise :)

    15. Pretty good traditional Regency romance with a pretty original plot. The characters are interesting and believable, and their behavior and language seemed true to the time period. Short and entertaining with a satisfying conclusion.

    16. Irritating The heroine was very bossy and irritating. The plot went too slow. Not one of her best books. Read The Weaver Takes a Wife

    17. I just love this author's books. This was a good balance of character development, humor, and romance. The only complaint I have is that I always finish her books wanting more.

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