The Moche Warrior

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  • Title: The Moche Warrior
  • Author: Lyn Hamilton
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  • Page: 423
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      423 Lyn Hamilton
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    1. I need to mention I received this from GoodReads giveaways.Lara McClintoch is one of the owners of an antiques shop in Toronto. When her ex-husband and former co-owner of the shop opened his own one, she did not like the idea of competition (whatever happened to the concept of free market?) and decided to have a (petty) revenge. Count Monte Cristo she is not, so her revenge backfired on her big time. Before she knows it, she has to flee to Peru to take part in an archeological expedition; dead b [...]

    2. So much goes into creative work, appreciated from vastly differing angles. Some want scenic and character detail. Others groan at doses of education ~ while many devour cultural, historical, and archaeological flavour. We can examine genre, action, narration, language, literary quality. However what causes our reactions to books is inconsistent and the same criteria can’t be the gauge. It has to come down to blatant enjoyment of each story. I loved everything about this novel!Lyn Hamilton is t [...]

    3. I read this book in one day. That should tell you all you need to know! However, I will expand a little. The Moche Warrior is Hamilton's third in the Lara McClintoch series and is so far the best in the series. Lara's actions after a break-in, attempted murder and murder at her small business are a little far-fetched. Who runs off to Peru to solve the mystery themselves rather than report everything they know to the police? But that action gets her Peru where the novel really takes off. Besides [...]

    4. I didn't think reading a story about a forty-something antiques dealer would interest me in the least. I'm used to giving in to my guilty pleasure: YA fantasy, and ignoring anything and everything else. But when Lyn Hamilton's "The Moche Warrior" was placed in front of me and I opened to the first page, I found myself pleasantly surprised and immediately captivated. Hamilton's heroine, Lara McClintoch errs on the side of self-depricating and likes to roll with the punches - which is a good thing [...]

    5. Book 3 in this fun-to-read series about antique shop owner/designer Lara McClintoch.Lara's ex-husband Clive Swain is set up in a business directly competing with Lara's right across the street by his new rich wife. As if that isn't annoying enough, when Lara goes to a swanky auction house after a friend dies, Clive outbids her for some expensive glasses she wanted to get for a client who collects them and Clive intends to give them to the man who he wants to lure to his own business. For revenge [...]

    6. This is the 3rd book I've read in the Lara McClintoch archeological mystery series and the 3rd book I've read. This story finds Lara rushing off to Peru to try and solve incidents that occurred in Toronto; a fire in her antique shop, an assault on her shop assistant and two murders. I did have some difficulties with the beginning of the book; why would Lara run off and leave her assistant/ friend in the hospital and leave her partner in the lurch without really any word. But once the story got r [...]

    7. Not very believable plot. Actually, not even close to believable. But, as it is a work of fiction (technically not in the fantasy realm, but still) I will allow the author to stretch reality a bit. The book would be a lot better if the character were developed a bit more. They're too cliche, too - this seems to be a recurring theme with the author. The main character is still somewhat annoying, but there are are enough interesting bits in the story to keep my attention. I love how the author giv [...]

    8. This series is better the further I get into it. This historical/archaeological aspect is very interesting and the author does a good job weaving the facts into fiction. Character development is fairly strong even with minor characters. Additionally, Ms. Hamilton does a nice job in her cultural descriptions. This is the third book in the series and it looks as if the author will be taking the reader all over the world investigating past cultures and the things they left behind. Looking forward t [...]

    9. OK summer read. Interesting setting (archeological dig, antiquarian shops, etc.). Heroine's actions were unbelievable. Really. I didn't like it, but enough exciting things kept happening for me to finish the book.

    10. It took a bit to build momentum in this outing, but it ended at bullet-train speed. Nice to go to Peru for something other than Machu Picu.

    11. I've read a few of the Lara McClintock books. I like this on the least. Lara goes to an auction to buy a few things to help her remember her dead friend. While there she sees a snuff bottle and box that her ex-husband is bidding on. She bids until she wins. The box has some junk in it and some replicas of the Moche civilization in it. The box wound up in the auction because it belonged to a dead man who never picked it up at customs. As Lara tries to find out where the box came from, she leaves [...]

    12. Lara McClintoch is not your usual business owner. As an antique dealer, she not only looks for good deals but also those that seem to be just too good to be true. You have to know your stuff but at times you learn that you also have to go with your gut instinct. But what if your instinct is shaken? For Lara, things go strongly array when her ex-husband opens up a competing antique store in her neighborhood, then shows up at an auction she goes to and further, purchases the very item she was see [...]

    13. Okay, I think I have given this series a fair trial, but I'm finding it very hard to take the main character seriously or to care about what happens to her. She comes across as a person without normal intelligence and reasoning ability, with more than a dash of petty vengefulness. The stories are about subjects that interest me, but Lara McClintoch as a character is totally off-putting.McClintoch is half-owner of an antiques shop in Toronto. In addition to being an antiques shop owner, she seems [...]

    14. Reviewed by BevEditions Intern, Larissa Benfey:I didn't think reading a story about a forty-something antiques dealer would interest me in the least. I'm used to giving in to my guilty pleasure: YA fantasy, and ignoring anything and everything else. But when Lyn Hamilton's "The Moche Warrior" was placed in front of me and I opened to the first page, I found myself pleasantly surprised and immediately captivated. Hamilton's heroine, Lara McClintoch errs on the side of self-depricating and likes t [...]

    15. This book was read for my 2016 Reading ChallengeAround the World in 80 Books While reading this book, I realized that I’ve been spoiled. I’ve been spoiled by good literature. Sadly, this book is not good literature. I LOVE mystery & crime books. The majority of what I read fall into that genre. I’ve read terrible, average & spectacular crime books. This, however, was not one of them. The Moche Warrior is part of a series featuring Lara McClintoch, an antiquities dealer based in Tor [...]

    16. More of a thriller than a mystery, this is an story featuring Lyn Hamilton's intrepid antique dealer Lara McClintock, taking her this time to Peru, in search of people who may be smuggling real Moche artifacts out of the country disguised as fakes. Some of the book seems a little far-fetched - how many antique dealers do you know who could get themselves a fake passport while in Mexico? - but overall it works well and is an easy read.The story starts when Lara buys a box of antiques at an auctio [...]

    17. set in Canada & Peru. Antique dealer, Ally gets an ugly shock when her ex-husband opens a business to compete with hers across the street, but worse is yet to come. At an auction they compete for items and when he spitefully outbids her for something one of her best customers would like, she blindly bids on a box that contained something he really wanted, and her world soon unravels. There were other bidders, and they apparently will stop at nothing to get the Moche 'replicas' in that box. A [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this episode of the series, a series which I am enjoying overall.In this book I enjoyed the mystery, but I also appreciated learning more about Peru, its people, its history, and its landscape. This book has really ignited in me a wish to visit there. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

    19. I can't tell you how disappointed I am by this novel. It had such great potential! I was particularly intrigued by the prologue set in Moche era Peru because I was lucky enough to work on a Moche tomb dig one summer. I'm sorry to say it was all downhill from there. I really want to fall in love with this series since I love archaeology. I suppose I was hoping for a modern-day Amelia Peabody series, with the degree of factual history and detail that Elizabeth Peters, with her degree in Egyptology [...]

    20. Toronto antiques dealer Lara McClintock buys a box of reproductions at an auction. One is the mask of a Moche warrior which she believes to be authentic and pre-Columbian, meaning that it’s illegal to take it out of the country. What is it doing in this miscellaneous box? When she discovers the body of another dealer she contacts her friend, RMPC Sergeant Rob Luczko. She tracks the address on the box to a dealer in New York City who is no longer in the business. Next she decides to go to the P [...]

    21. The author loves the subject that's obvious. She has a passion for archaeology and it shows. The setting of the plot, the technical information, the historical setting are all fine. But the cake doesn't rise. Not for me anyway. The characters are so thin and two dimensional. She's in book 3 and Lara is still this heroine I don't really believe in. The bad guys are "papier maché" villains, the pace of the action is off. Still there are enough little things I liked to seek out the next book. Bare [...]

    22. I will be checking out other books by Lyn Hamilton!History, mystery, archaeological digsI'm a happy camper! The mystery was successfully presented; the dig details, both on site and in the lab were as accurate and absorbing yet not boring; and the information offered on the ancient Moche of Peru was solid and educational.n, without bordering on tedious for the less inspired reader!

    23. An archeology mystery series, that has good research for the background. This particular book does have a bit of unbelieveability in that the heroine just takes off after a murder and flies to Peruon a hunch. She was not supposed to leave town because of a murder in her antique store, along with a fire, but away she goes. It's entertaining if you don't look too closely.

    24. Feels like an old style thriller, sort of a grandma read to me. But I wanted to learn about the Moche and I think the author did a really good job explaining the basics of a culture that we know so little of. In the end, I found it enjoyable.

    25. Pretty good. I really enjoy the protagonist of this series and she did not disappoint me in this novel. The history wasn't as interesting as it has been in the other ones I've read in this series, but that's just a personal thing. All in all, it was fine. Not a favourite, but not bad either.

    26. This is a fun, solid mystery series. I enjoy the different locales of each installment of the series and learning about the history and ancient cultures of each place-- in this volume, the Moche of Peru. And, Lara McClintoch is a likeable heroine. On to book four!

    27. Hamilton has a captivating style when it comes to historical mysteries. Inclusion of historical commentary at end of book always a treasure. Great loss to literary world with her passing. Novels are not out of touch with current day.

    28. This was the most intriguing book that I have read in a long time - twists and turns - journeys to far away places and mystery galore - this book has it all. Loved itHighly recommended!

    29. Hamilton has an easy writing style which makes her works a pleasure to read. Always learn something about her subject which makes mystery even more enticing.

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