Beatle Meets Destiny

Beatle Meets Destiny A boy recovering from a stroke falls in love with a new girl while dating his sister s best friend

  • Title: Beatle Meets Destiny
  • Author: Gabrielle Williams
  • ISBN: 9780761457237
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A boy recovering from a stroke falls in love with a new girl while dating his sister s best friend.

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      410 Gabrielle Williams
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    1 thought on “Beatle Meets Destiny”

    1. I literally feel more disappointment with myself for not liking this than I do with this book for letting me down. I never begin reading a book thinking that I'll dislike it; I read for enjoyment, not self-torture. And since this is realistic fiction, a genre which has quickly risen to top position on my favorites list, and since it is written by an Australian author, and since the opinions of some of the people I'm closest to here on this website are so high and positive, I believed that Beatle [...]

    2. If you asked me what I thought this novel was trying to do, I would say that Beatle Meets Destiny is your classic Boy Meets Girl story that the author is aiming to retell and revitalise for the contemporary teen market. Does it make the mark? Well, this review is going to run a little on the classic principle of breaking it down into the good, the bad and the uglyThe Good: Firstly, I have to say that what I totally love is the narrator's voice. This book is told in past-tense third-person, which [...]

    3. Beatle Meets Destiny has all the makings of an Aussie YA cult classic. Set in Melbourne, it's completely charming with it's off-beat feel, whimsical yet sexy romance and huge belly-aching moments. This book is ridiculously good, refreshing, original and completely addictive. What's it about? In Gabrielle's words taken from We Love YA:I threw my two main characters together with a kiss at the end of the first chapter, and then added an extra girlfriend, a stalker, a stolen tapestry, a teacher/stu [...]

    4. You know the ”expectations vs. reality” scene in 500 Days of Summer? When Tom arrives at Summer’s party, all heartbreakingly optimistic in his suit, holding his thoughtful gift, then the screen splits, and his vision of a romantic reunion plays out alongside the bitterly prosaic actual events?Reading Beatle Meets Destiny was a little like that for me. Theoretically, this book should have charmed the figurative pants off me. And I wanted it to. But the reality was, I felt a bit all-dressed- [...]

    5. If I was ever asked if I could fall for a male protag that was a cheater, accidental stalker, and a former pot smoker, I’d respond HELLEOO! So leave it to an Aussie writer like Gabrielle Williams to work her literary magic with Beatle Meets Destiny and create a cast of fully flawed characters that had me rooting for them the entire time. This book is filled with hot mess guys and girls that share their hilarious, slightly cringing story and leave you with an awe-inspiring feeling that you won [...]

    6. Favourite Quote: 'You know what they say about mistakes though,' she said, all breathy and half-lipsy. 'It's the only way you ever learn anything.' And she leant forward and kissed him. Right there, in the middle of the bar. Right there, in the middle of his lips.This book marches to it's own beat! Beatle Meets Destiny is a little bit quirky, completely original but absolutely brilliant.Right from the start this book was was a lot of fun. In the first chapter we learn Beatle has a twin who was b [...]

    7. Something must be in the water over there because so far every YA Aussie book I’ve read has left me wanting more. I haven’t laughed this hard and this long in quiet some time. Beatle meets Destiny has not one but two characters who are smart but don’t act like it. Beatle is an asshole but an asshole who makes me laugh. Destiny too makes me laugh but not quite for the same reasons.It starts on a Friday, not on any ordinary Friday, but on one of those infamous Friday the thirteenth’s. One [...]

    8. Every positive thing you've heard about this book is true. It's funny, fast and extremely clever.Beatle is among the most, if not THE most, loveable male character I've ever come across in a book. (Although admittedly he has to duke it out with Seb and Charlie from Finding Cassie Crazy and Jesse and Jonah from Break first.) All this while he's two-timing his girlfriend, wishing said girlfriend would dump him and generally behaving in a way that would have made me want to smack him over the head [...]

    9. There are lots of interesting things about Beatle. His name isn’t really Beatle, for one, but the name ‘Beatle’ is a pretty fitting nickname, since his real name is actually John Lennon – for real. Beatle’s eccentric, astrological crazed mother is a huge fan of the pop group, The Beatles, and I reckon that’s all I need to say about that!Another interesting thing about Beatle is the fact that he’s a twin, but he’s no ordinary twin. Beatle’s sister, Winsome, was born 45 days afte [...]

    10. When I first began reading this book, I had an instant connection – with the story, the characters, everything. I don’t think I’ve ever had a connection so early on with a book, and I especially loved the first chapter of Beatle Meets Destiny. It was striking and grabbed my attention. In the first chapter, we learn Beatle has a twin who was born on a different day, in a different year (sounds mind boggling, but it makes sense if you read the book, trust me). This among other things is what [...]

    11. There is so much to love about this book.Okay, I'm biased because I'm a Melbourne boy, and this book is very Melbourne (in the same vein as Metzenthen's equally wonderful Jarvis 24) and really struck a chord with me.This book finds a perfect balance - wonderfully understated yet brimming with attitude, inventive without being contrived, outrageously-flawed yet very real characters, and stupidly romantic without being gushy. And there's a sublime poignancy about family, which kinda sneaks up on y [...]

    12. I don't read a whole lot of Australian YA. As an American, my access to Australian YA seems limited to books by Melina Marchetta and Markus Zusak. I don't complain, as Zusak is a fabulous author, and I have yet to read Marchetta but I hear she is excellent too.Beatle Meets Destiny by Gabrielle Williams was my first taste of Aussie Contemporary YA and I have to say, I highly enjoyed it.Read the rest of my review here

    13. 3.5 stars.Really cute, but I hate love stories where the guy (or girl) already has a girl(boy)friend. Cheating is never romantic. It's dicky. It's gross. That was my biggest turn-off with this book.I want to thank Shirley and Reynje for their awesome commentary of this book. I probably wouldn't have picked it up otherwise (the cover is pretty lackluster, and the summary on the back of the book is just boring.)

    14. 5/5I always have the hardest time talking about books that I absolutely adored. Gabrielle Williams is quickly shaping up to be one of my favourite Aussie authors at this rate, after having relishing in her latest novel, My Life as a Hashtag. I was surprised when Beatle Meets Destiny managed to far surpass any prior expectations I may have had (yes, I would pick this book over Hashtag!), and it may yet have landed on my top 5 for the year! One thing that I feel gives this book the upper hand is t [...]

    15. I liked the idea behind the story. I liked that Beatle was so superstitious, and that Beatle meets Destiny on Friday the 13th. But I hated the fact that Beatle ended up cheating on his girlfriend, Cilla. Also, Beatle’s twin sister, Winsome, was so one-dimensional; actually, all of the characters were. They were all so boring & predictable. Perhaps it was my nagging conscience holding me back from embracing this truly cutesy story, but I doubt it. Even if Beatle didn’t cheat on Cilla, Bea [...]

    16. This review is also posted on my blog, In The Good Books.I was captivated right from beginning, from the explanation of Beatle and his twin sister being born six weeks apart. Scattered throughout the book were interviews with other twins with interesting and entertaining stories to tell, which we later find out go into a documentary Beatle and his sister feature in.You fall in love with Beatle and Destiny as soon as you meet them. Perspective between them alternates, and you hear both of their u [...]

    17. Reviewed at nightlyreading.wordpressThis was a hilarious and quirky book!Beatle's real name is John Lennon, but everyone just calls him Beatle. Destiny's last name is McCartney. Anyone whom is a Beatles fan, would totally get the irony in this. Beatle is very superstitious and Destiny is not sure if her name truly fits her. On Friday, the 13th, their world's collide and all the trouble begins!!!I actually cannot express how mush I enjoyed this book! I loved the little skits in between the chapte [...]

    18. A Gorgeous Gorgeous book (repetition intentional). There were some fabulous 'Fawlty Towers' moments that had me laughing and cringing at the same time :)I am loving Australian YA Fiction, it has been a breathe of fresh air after my recent YA Grief bender

    19. Two assumptions made the beginning of this book really confusing for me:The assumption that the John Lennon that this book was talking about was the John Lennon who was in the Beatles. I like some of the Beatles songs and I can recognize most of their songs by the sound or title, but I'm not an avid Beatles fan in any way. I know next to nothing of their personal relationships, family or history. So it was fairly easy to imagine that a real girl named Destiny McCartney had a real relationship w [...]

    20. A lot of people really liked this book, there are 65 reviews, and 242 ratings at this point, and you should read one of those raves if you think you might want to try this. As for me, I had more mixed feelings. It is well written, there were some phrases that were so clever and wry that I laughed in that funny literary appreciation-y way that you get sometimes. I guess my problems were with the two MC's. They seemed kind of mean to me. Not in a bullying way, more in a lacking empathy and casuall [...]

    21. To be blunt, this book was nothing I expected. It was a lot of mumbo jumbo that didn't mean much. It was very unrealistic, and I feel as though the author could have done a much better job writing through the eyes of such a well known artistic figure such as John Lennon. The book was not easy to follow, it was unrealistic and a young adult wouldn't be able to relate to it as well as the author might have intended. Even though the book was not as good as I hoped it'd be, there were a couple of qu [...]

    22. i wanted to love this book so much, but i justwelli just didn't. maybe because i'm still riding the obsessive euphoria of my outlander high and this one sadly suffers from a distinct lack of kilts.of course, this is set in australia, so there's a logical reason for it, i think the major flaw falls on trying to make cheating fit into a meet-cute. it's a hard sell - cheating can be a polarizing topic and even sympathetic characters end up seeming selfish and terrible by virtue of their inability t [...]

    23. beatle's real name is john lennon, he was born 45 days before his twin sister winsome, and he is happily enough dating winsome's best friend cilla. and then one day he meets destiny mccartney at a tram stop he didn't intend to be at and can't get her out of his headis is a fun little book filled with misunderstandings, astrology, comical mishaps and very silly humor. the australian setting is fun, the astrology doesn't take itself too seriously, and the writing is clever and conversational. all [...]

    24. Original rating: 4 StarsUpdated rating: 3 stars.I'm going to chalk the drop in stars up to the book ageing, myself ageing and the fact that I've read a lot more since 2009, so my scaling is different.This was a cute and light-hearted book, and I can totally understand why younger me enjoyed this one.Glad I re-read it, but I probably won't again.

    25. People I don't like acting badly and a boring undercurrent of fate. Well guess what? It gets a bad review. I don't think the characters are properly developed and the cute aspects are insufficient to make me enjoy the book.

    26. I was indifferent to the characters, the plot, the storytelling. Most scenes felt like an afterthought, backed up with more exposition. It's a tell not show sort of book--and for that alone, will never get more than a 2 from me.

    27. A laugh-out loud sparkler of a book. Clever, realistic and non-stereotypical. Always excellent aspects in YA.

    28. I have read through the other reviews and I am going to leave this unrated. It appears this book did not connect with me as it did for others.

    29. Like the title suggests, Beatle meets Destiny. One night (Friday 13th, to be exact) at a tram stop in Melbourne John Lennon (don’t start, his mum was a fan!) aka ‘Beatle’ sees a beautiful girl sitting and reading a book, with sunglasses on. Well, he has to comment. Destiny Mcartney (don’t start, her parents were hippies!) has just had the worst night of her life when a cute guy called ‘Beatle’ delivers a smart-arse comment that gets the ball rolling. And how cosmic that they met on F [...]

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