Oh No!: Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World

Oh No Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World It s a terrible thing when a giant robot starts destroying your city It s even worse when it s your fault

  • Title: Oh No!: Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World
  • Author: Mac Barnett Dan Santat
  • ISBN: 9781423123125
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s a terrible thing when a giant robot starts destroying your city It s even worse when it s your fault.

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      216 Mac Barnett Dan Santat
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    1. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a name for this new breed of children's book author/illustrator we're seeing these days. It's a genre without a name. We're seeing a lot of picture books these days that engage kids, but also turn on their heads classic picture book forms. It started with books like The Stinky Cheese Man and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and now includes titles like Pssst or The Purple Kangaroo or Guess Again. Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroye [...]

    2. I was handed this book by a library page, who said he had to show it to someone, because it is an "awesome book." And he was right. It's about a girl's science fair project. She starts off narrating, "I never should have built a robot for the science fair. Everything was going so well until the rampage started, that is. I probably shouldn't have given it a superclaw, or a laser eye, or the power to control dogs' minds."No, no she shouldn't have:[image error]That's just EVIL!!!For fans of cheesy [...]

    3. Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World)is the story of a young girl whose science project (a giant robot) wins first prize at the science fair and is admired by everyoneuntil it escapes the school gym and starts terrorizing the city. She realizes how big her problem is (in more ways than one) when she remembers that she didn't give the robot ears to hear, or the ability to read, or the ability to feel pain, all of which are incredibly important if one is trying to stop a giant rob [...]

    4. This science fiction picture book is about a young girl who creates a robot for her science project. Unfortunate events lead to the robot going loose on the city and creating havoc. The little girl keeps repeating phrases like, "I probably shouldn't have" She tries numerous ways to stop the robot, but to no avail. Eventually, she devises the idea of creating a giant toad that will stop the robot, but instead ends up repeating the cycle.This story was complex, yet the words in the story were very [...]

    5. Well this one, much to my surprise, was not my cup of tea.I did like that it’s a girl who’s built this amazing (although certainly problematic) science project for the science fair. I did like the humor; it is a very amusing premise and much of the story is likely to appeal to kids’ funny bones.I didn’t much like the art style. The illustrations just didn’t do it for me, but I can understand why others like them.There aren’t that many words but there is some advanced vocabulary, espe [...]

    6. I added Oh No! to our reading list after:1) seeing that so many of my friends have read this.2) seeing that it pertained to a girl doing a science project.3) seeing that it sort of had a graphic novel flavor.My niece loves science, and I want to encourage that, so if we have books about a science fair project going haywire, so much the better. Sometimes our scientific endeavors get away from us, after all, and a little fun mayhem never hurts in a story. My niece also likes graphic novels, so I [...]

    7. It all started when a smart girl builds a giant robot as a science project. When it goes on a rampage, she realizes all of the features that she should have included and ones that it definitely should not have, like the laser eye. She also realizes that it is up to her to stop it. She tries to communicate with it, but when that and hitting it fail, she comes up with another solution. She builds a gigantic toad programmed to destroy the robot. And it works! Now just to solve the problem of what c [...]

    8. “Oh no…Oh manI knew it.” This is how the science fiction picture book Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed The World) began when the main character won her science fair with the robot she made. The only problem is that after she wins, the robot gets loose and begins to destroy the city. Feeling responsible for the destruction, the girl tries many different things to stop the robot. In the end, she was successful at stopping it, but with unintended consequences… “Oh noOh manI kne [...]

    9. What could go wrong with a robotic science project that has a claw and a laser eye, but no ears to hear it's creator's commands? Young readers will giggle their way through this simple book as the hero uses her scientific know-how to find a solution only to realize she has created an even bigger problem!

    10. OH NO! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed The World) by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Dan Santat. In this movie like, graphic novel like, picture book, a nameless pigtailed girl wins her science fair and is in for some trouble. With the speech bubbles in the beginning, “Oh no”, “Oh man…”, “I knew it” and the dark shadow looming over the city as the pigtailed girl walks down a destroyed street, you can’t help but to turn the page to find out what happens. As the story unfolds t [...]

    11. This is a great book for all sorts of reasons. It’s a good read for a wide range of age levels, the intelligent star of the story is a clever GIRL, science fairs are portrayed as quite the cool thing, visually it’s a picture book, but really, this is a deluxe graphic novel and finally, it’s hilarious! The author does not share the girl’s first name, but we do learn very quickly that her blue ribbon science fair project (a giant robot) is destroying the world! She tries everything in her [...]

    12. The picture book, “Oh No! or How My Science Project Destroyed the World”, by Mac Barnett with illustrations by Dan Santat fosters children's’ imagination and innovation to be creative. The picture book begins with an illustration of a city in disarray. Incorporated in the illustration are ironic signs posted on buildings with slogans like “invest in your future here.” The main character built a robot for her science fair who is now destroying the city. The main character tries to tame [...]

    13. Some kids are too smart for their own good and maybe for everybody else’s good. When an overambitious little girl builds a humongous robot for the science fair, she fully expects to win first place. What she doesn’t expect is the chaos that follows. Mac Barnett and illustrator Dan Santat combine forces to create a hilarious kid’s-eye account of the kind of destruction that can come only from a child’s good intentions. This book is sure to appeal to kids and parents familiar with the ord [...]

    14. August 7, 2012Brilliant concept with great art by Santat. I loved it from endpaper to endpaper, and was particularly fond of the other projects at the science fair (clever throw-aways).Only problem was, Tash and I agree, it wasn't long enough. We'd love to see a middle-grade novel with the mad scientist, our favorite since Lunch Walks Among Us.***July 11, 2014Well, a sequel is good, too.Library copy.

    15. So building a giant robot probably wasn't the best idea for a science fair project. Especially one that has no ears and can't read. (Hadn't anticipated the need for those things.) But, wait! Something else might work! Ort. :/Mac Barnett has an odd sort of brain. That's a good thing for picture book lovers who have odd sorts of brains themselves. They should all get their hands on this book. Funny stuff.

    16. Dan Santat is one of my favorite children's illustrators. He's outdone himself here illustrating Mac Barnett's perfectly understated text oozing with science-fiction-y goodness and girl inventor power. "Everything was going so well until the rampage started, that is." Fans of robots, comics, and monster movies should flat out buy this one. You can thank me later.

    17. I. Loved. This. Book. First, this book definitely fulfills my search for a sci fi picture book. Second, I loved that the boo began and ended with labeled illustrations and scientific information about the elements in the book. Third, I love that the book is almost like a mini-graphic novel. The illustrations bring the story to life. I cannot wait to share this with my students.

    18. I would probably rate this higher, except I was distracted by how this girl would have been responsible for killing hundreds or thousands of people even if this wasn't being shown in the illustrations. Everything else about the story and illustrations and schematics inside the book covers are pretty darn decent.

    19. This is an entertaining and humorous tale of a science project gone wrong. The book is a picture book with a graphic novel format; the narrative is short and sparse, but the illustrations are very colorful and detailed. It was a fun story to read aloud and we really enjoyed looking at all of the pictures.

    20. I tagged this one "graphic novel" because I could see it being a great one to hand to younger kids (or beginning readers, even) who like a comic book feel. Even though this truly isn't a comic book or a graphic novel, it has that vibe about it. Though the illustrations might fool you (it looks like it's for older kids), the story is simplistic enough for littler ones. Very enjoyable read!

    21. Everybody in the house loves this simple picture book. The diagrams of fantastic machinery. The hilarious plot. The Japanese text here and there all throughout. At a time in our lives when we are clearing the shelves of picture books, we are adding this one to our family library.

    22. A wee bit thin on plot but the art is absolutely astounding. Plus, what kid doesn't want to see a giant frog battle a giant robot.

    23. *3.5 Stars*Barnett's story was not quite what I expected, but I enjoyed the large, bold illustrations and the sparse story.

    24. I'm sure kids will love this book but neither the art nor the story made a great impression on me.

    25. 1. Summary: This story is both comical and engaging as it tells the story of a young girl who builds a robot for her school science fair. She is confident in her ability to win, but when her robot becomes destructive she is all but confident. Not only is it terrifying that a robot is destroying the city, but even worse, it is her fault and she must find a way to stop the robot altogether. 2. Review: I love the nature of this book because it's science fiction nature is unlike most picture books. [...]

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