The Day It Rained Hearts

The Day It Rained Hearts A creative and sweet story perfect for Valentine s Day that helps open the hearts of young readers From the beloved illustrator of If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie One day it rains hearts and Cornelia

  • Title: The Day It Rained Hearts
  • Author: Felicia Bond
  • ISBN: 9780060731236
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • A creative and sweet story, perfect for Valentine s Day, that helps open the hearts of young readers From the beloved illustrator of If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie.One day it rains hearts, and Cornelia Augusta catches them She realizes that the hearts are perfect for making valentines Each heart is special in its own way, and Cornelia Augusta knows exactly who to send theA creative and sweet story, perfect for Valentine s Day, that helps open the hearts of young readers From the beloved illustrator of If You Gave a Mouse a Cookie.One day it rains hearts, and Cornelia Augusta catches them She realizes that the hearts are perfect for making valentines Each heart is special in its own way, and Cornelia Augusta knows exactly who to send them to her animal friends.A fun way to spark creativity and thoughtfulness The perfect book to pair with Valentine s Day crafts.

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    1 thought on “The Day It Rained Hearts”

    1. The perfect story to read on Valentine's Day (and we did so this morning), The Day It Rained Hearts tells the sweet story of young Cornelia Augusta (great name) and her desire to make valentines for the special furry friends in her life. The trademark artwork by Felicia Bond brings a welcome sense of youth and home to this story.

    2. This is such a sweet book! One day it decides to rain hearts and a little girl goes out to catch them. She collects many different hearts to send valentines to her friends. The following years, there are no more hearts falling from the sky she she decorates the trees in her neighborhood with a ton of her own hearts. The illustrator of this book is the same one that did "If you give a mouse a cookie", so the illustrations are colorful and detailed throughout the book. I think that this would be a [...]

    3. I guess I wanted to see more about the people Cornelia sent the Valentines to. I did not relate to the end of the book and felt like it was disconnected from the rest of the story. I did not read it to my daughter because I felt like it was a little wordy for a two-year-old. It might be a different reaction if a girl were to be my audience but then again, I'm not sure I would love for my kids to be obsessed with sending out valentines. This book overall was just a little off and ended in a confu [...]

    4. A cute book about hearts raining from the sky and a little girl gathering them to make valentine's for her friends. Alistair (2) asked for this one at bedtime a lot.

    5. This story is about a little girl named Cornelia Augusta who collects hearts that have rained down from the sky. She has so many, so she decides to make some Valentine's Day cards using the heartsfor her friends. She creates a unique card for each animal friend and mails them. Children will have fun trying tell why that certain friend got a particular card (i.e the rabbit gets the one with the cotton ball because it looks like his tale). (If you act out the story, like I did for story time, you [...]

    6. This is a nice short Valentine's story about a girl who is walking along one day when suddenly the sky inexplicably begins to rain down Valentine hearts. Rather than look at the sky and wonder how this could be happening, the girl just takes it as what it is and thoughtfully begins to gather the hearts to use as Valentines for all the little animals in and near her house.The Day It Rained Hearts is a happy story that has a lot of good to it. I think that most readers will find it difficult not t [...]

    7. Very cute Valentine's Day story. I loved how thoughtful Cornelia Augusta was as she created the perfect Valentine's Day card for her friends.

    8. Four Valentines in a Rain Storm by Felicia Bond is also published as The Day it Rained Hearts. It's a delightful picture book about friendship.Cornelia Augusta goes out to collect hearts that rain down during a most unusual storm. She takes them home and decides to use them to make Valentines for her friends. She gives one to a one to a dog, one to a mouse, one to a turtle, and the last one to a rabbit.My daughter loves doing art projects and loved the book. A number of teacher blogs use the boo [...]

    9. The Day It Rained Hearts is about a girl who was playing outside when paper hearts started falling from the sky. The girl collects as many hearts as she can and gets many different sizes. She decided to give the hearts as gifts for Valentines Day. So, she takes them inside and decorates them to match each animal she gives them to. Like, she glues a cotton ball on the heart that goes to the bunny. I would recomend this book for young girls. It would also be a good book to read around Valentines D [...]

    10. The book is adorable, getting ready for Valentine's Day. My daughter loved counting the hearts and looking at all the hearts. I love the sentiment that it teaches, too--the idea that hearts aren't for keeping, but for sharing. Correspondences are a wonderful way to keep up relationships, and I love that this book teaches that sending hearts to others is a nice thing to do.If you share hearts with others, you'll never not have enough hearts to share. That's the lesson in this book, and it's a won [...]

    11. This book would be really good for a young reader to try and read on their own. The only thing that might be difficult for the child to be able to read themselves is the name of the character because it is kind of a difficult name to for some read or even sound out. However I did like the little meaning in the book about how she gave different valentines to each of her friends and each heart were different. It had a good meaning.

    12. This is a fun and sweet valentine’s story. It teaches kids the power of imagination and creativity. They can see that you can do more than just give a valentine card, you can make a special gift and give it to those you care about. The text is very simple and to the point, but also has enough higher-level vocabulary to introduce to the kids.Ages 3-6

    13. 3 stars only because the pictures are so small. 4 if they were bigger. Small pictures makes it hard for a class read. But if you can see the pictures, the story is darling!Cornelia Augusta gathers hearts of all shapes and sizes, makes cute valentines with them, then mails them off to each if her friends.

    14. Cornelia Augusta is a little girl. It rains hearts in her town and she catches some and uses them to make 4 valentines. It never rains hearts again but she finds other ways to make valentines.This is an adorable Valentine's book for young children. It is something that children can relate to considering it is bout making Valentines for friends. I would recommend for very young readers.

    15. I liked this quick little book. It's short enough to read quickly - yet very inspiring. It gave us a lot to talk aboutcluding love and gifting. My daughter loves to make cards and craft too- so she thought it was neat that Cornelia did as well. The illustrations are darling and the animals are too cute too.

    16. What a darling little book. The main character is thoughtful and kind, making special cards for each of her friends for Valentines Day. This would be a nice introduction to the holiday for small ones. The pictures are very cute, kids will love it.

    17. What a delightful book! I love the happy illustrations, the craft-ability, and how well the illustrations and spare text work together. I was surprised to see who the valentines went to - perfect for a child's world.

    18. Shockingly, this wasn't the most popular book with my kiddos as I thought from reviews I had seen. They are some very realistic kids but sometimes a bit of fantasy works. However, they did enjoy the end and had a lot of fun doing a math activity based on the book afterwards.

    19. This is a really sweet story - I love how thoughtful Cornelia is about making just the right valentine for each of her friends. Small illustrations make it hard to use for a storytime unless it's a pretty small group.

    20. This would be a great story to read for Valentine's Day. There may be other concepts that could be taught with this book, but a large part of teaching reading is to teach that it is enjoyable and fun! This book could be used to teach just that.

    21. Very inventive and cute Valentines Day book. The kids really liked it. How funny that Cornelia could tell that Valentines day was almost here because it rained hearts. One of the many fun Valentines books that helped inspire this years homemade valentines.

    22. Oh what would I do if I encountered raining hearts!? The book is a creative spin on the giving of Valetine's Day cards as the main character "Cornelia Augusta" collects the raining heart and adds her specials touches for each friend. Well illustrated!

    23. This book can be on or before Valentine's Day to model making Valentine's Day cards. It also shows the students the act of giving Valentine's to someone special or a friend. In addition, the book also shows the different ways the students can create their cards.

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