Kuss mit lustig

Kuss mit lustig Stephanie Plum soll f r den Sohn einer Klientin den Babysitter spielen Doch der Kleine entpuppt sich als Spraydosen schwingender Teenager Grandma Mazur ist begeistert aber da ist sie die Einzige Wo s

  • Title: Kuss mit lustig
  • Author: Janet Evanovich Thomas Stegers
  • ISBN: 9783442546671
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stephanie Plum soll f r den Sohn einer Klientin den Babysitter spielen Doch der Kleine entpuppt sich als Spraydosen schwingender Teenager Grandma Mazur ist begeistert, aber da ist sie die Einzige Wo steckt seine Mutter Loretta, deren Bruder an allem schuld ist Seit er aus der Haft entlassen wurde, sind einige Leute hinter dem Ex Bankr uber her Und als w re das nichtStephanie Plum soll f r den Sohn einer Klientin den Babysitter spielen Doch der Kleine entpuppt sich als Spraydosen schwingender Teenager Grandma Mazur ist begeistert, aber da ist sie die Einzige Wo steckt seine Mutter Loretta, deren Bruder an allem schuld ist Seit er aus der Haft entlassen wurde, sind einige Leute hinter dem Ex Bankr uber her Und als w re das nicht schon Chaos genug, muss Stephanie auch noch eine Popdiva besch tzen, sich um einen Stalker mit Visionen k mmern und um ihre Kollegin Lula, die ihre Hochzeitspl ne ohne den Br utigam gemacht hat.

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    1. Book Review 4 of 5 stars to Fearless Fourteen, the 14th book in the "Stephanie Plum" mystery series, written in 2008 by Janet Evanovich. Another fine adventure in the life of a normal, every-day gal who just happens to be a bounty hunter. Everything you'd expect shows up in this one Ranger's after Stephanie in his normal sly approach. She takes on a job working for him and finds herself lusting even more than usual. But she still sorta loves Joe. Except he's got his hands full with someone tryin [...]

    2. I’m not going to give a book synopsis. What I am going to do is say goodbye to one of my all time favorite series. The last couple of books have been horrible, silly and ridiculous; this one was no exception.The characters I once loved and look forward all year to hearing from are barely visible. The little quirks that used to make them unique and funny are now taking over their entire persona making them slightly moronic. The dialogue that used to be naturally witty seems forced and contrived [...]

    3. You know what I realized after reading a Stephanie Plum book after such a long gap?That you should read Stephanie Plum book after long gaps.Last time I read this series, I read around 7 books at once and that's why I found them boring and losing their touch as the series progressed.Yes, these books are repetitive but they are just full of mindless fun, you should concentrate more on the "fun" part or else it gets boring for you. I had thought I wouldn't be able to read this series beyond 13th bo [...]

    4. I called Morelli and got his voice mail. "Just checking in," I said. "And by the way, no reason to get alarmed, but do you have personal liability insurance tacked on to your homeowner's?"I don't think we have to worry about Stephanie making an eventual decision between Morelli and Ranger. Morelli should be dead soon from the stress of being with her.In this book we have a kidnapping, a stalker, a teenage tagger, potato guns, and a maybe-wedding coming up.In typical Stephanie fashion, she makes [...]

    5. OK. I may have my breath back now from laughing so hard. I just finished Janet Evanovich's "Fearless Fourteen" starring Stephanie Plum, Ranger, and Joe and I literally laughed, snorted, and guffawed my way through this book. I've read and heard some of the bad-mouthing this book has gotten and although I understand some people are anxious for Stephanie to make a choice between Ranger and Joe, I, for one, am just happy to keep reading about Stephanie's wild and zany life.This time Stephanie has q [...]

    6. After Lean Mean Thirteen I swore I was not going to go out and buy the hardcover off the shelf. I was disappointed. And then I listened to the Audio book and the interview with Janet at the end. I was more then disappointed I was MAD. JE and other people I gather, since reading other reviews, keep rambling on about this love triangle. Joe Steph and Ranger and Steph not being able to choose. Choose? Steph is living with Joe, sleeping with Joe. Ranger gets what? Not much of anything. He's in the b [...]

    7. In my mind, my kitchen is filled with crackers and cheese, roast chiken leftovers, farm fresh eggs, and coffee beans ready to grind. The reality us that I keep my Smith&Wesson in the cooky jar, my Oreos in the microwave, a jar of peanut butter and hamster food in the over-the-counter cupboard, and I have beer and olives in the refrigerator. I used to have a birthday cake in the freezer for emergencies, but I ate it."/>I haven't touched my Plum stash in a while, knowing I'll need it for la [...]

    8. FEARLESS FOURTEEN (Ama. Sleuth/Humor-Stephanie Plum-New Jersey, Cont) – PoorEvanovich, Janet – 14th in seriesSt. Martin’s Press, 2008, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780312349516First Sentence: In my mind, my kitchen is filled with crackers and cheese, roast chicken leftovers, farm fresh eggs, and coffee beans ready to grind.Stephanie keeps suspecting someone has been in the basement of her boyfriend, police detective Joe Morelli. Stephanie is baby-sitting teenaged “Zook” after him mother was [...]

    9. OK. This is the first time I have ever admitted to reading these books. Make that the second time. I told a friend who I already knew loved the books. I am taking a big leap of faith that I don't loose serious-reader points in my friends' estimations. I've talked about brain candy before. These books aren't even candy. They are more like, a dessert buffet. Absolutely no redeeming nutritional value, but a real pleasure to consume. These books are funny! FUNNY! They are. Yes, canned humor and some [...]

    10. I was very frustrated with this one.I almost gave up several times, but stuck with it. If this had been a stand-alone book it would have immediately gone in the garbage, but since it's a Plum, I'm obligated to keep it along with the rest of the collection.The side characters are downright annoying in this book (Brenda, Dom, Carl the Monkey to name a few) and even the regulars just didn't seem right. The whole thing felt thrown together, almost like Evanovich just wanted the money and could care [...]

    11. I have a confession to make, I save this series up for those times when I really need a good laugh and know that I will get both characters I love and have a freaking good time while reading it, not to mention laugh out loud numerous times while doing so. This series is just fun, plain and simple and I adore it, weird love triangle and all.

    12. I have been seeing so many books by Janet Evanovich in my favorite second-hand bookstore. They are almost paper-thin and cost P10 (~$0.23) so I said, why not pick one of these and try. Wrong move. This book, Fearless Fourteen is part of a series called Stephanie Plum and so I had to know the background of the characters found in most of the 13 earlier books. Stephanie Plum is likened by Evanovich to Seinfeld, a central character that the rest of the characters revolve around. Plum is a bounty hu [...]

    13. Series:Stephanie Plum #14 Genre:Mystery. Women Sleuths + Humor :: 5 Pretty Little Stars :: Oh man! I love this series and have for a while now. I can honestly not get enough of Stephanie and the antics she seems to ALWAYS find herself in and around.Fearless Fourteenis just as much fun as Evanovich's previous books, if not better! I have definitely noticed a small amount of growth in Stephanie (as she is sort of settling down now) and some MAJOR changes in Morella. I love how in love with Stephan [...]

    14. Okay, my rating isn't really objective - I'll admit that now. I'm a Ranger girl, and he doesn't figure prominently in this book, so I gave it a poor rating. Otherwise, it's a good, average member of the series. Not really worth the wait, imo, but once again, I'm biased. I'm also a bit disappointed that she seems to be writing towards making Joe and Steph a permanent couple. There's an interview with Evanovich on the web (romancenovels) where she says she wanted to make this series into a kind of [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this series early on. Now it's getting a little old, and this book in particular was quite thin on story. I got pretty impatient with Stephanie always being called, alternately by the men in her life, "cupcake" and "babe". I would like to see this series take a fresh new turn.

    16. What a nadir for this series. Mystery? There wasn't one. Mr Secret Identity? I'd spoil it for ya, but it wouldn't really be a surprise. Or in any way interesting. At all. The whole who-is-Zook's-baby-daddy thing? I'd spoil that for you as well, but again: it would be a big ol' letdown.Even the funny bits weren't funny in this book. Ms Evanovich apparently got ahold of an online dictionary for MMORPG slang and made up a subplot based on it. She got some of the terms way wrong. It was painful to r [...]

    17. I like some of these books better than others, I think they started going down hill after 11 (even though, as a whole I believe I gave them all 5 stars) but until this book I have never been completely disappointed. I am so sad to say goodbye to Stephanie Plum. She did give me many hours of enjoyment.

    18. Predictable but fun. Just when I thought the humor was too broad, I found myself laughing aloud and shaking my head. Sometimes you just need a banana peel.

    19. Well…ter fourteen sometimes funny, occasionally trite, often steamy and always relatable books, I feel it is time to bid farewell to Stephanie Plum. I know there are two more installments left to go, and who knows how many will be published in the future but Janet, my friend; thou hast beat your literary horse with a wooden mallet, repeatedly. Stephanie is no longer funny. What was once endearing commitment phobia, now reeks of egotism, selfishness and just a wee bit of sluttiness. After fourt [...]

    20. Stephanie Plum is back along with the regulars - Lula, Connie, Mom, Dad, Grandma Mazur, Tank, Bob the dog and of course Joe and Ranger. And some new characters were introduced - a young boy named Zook who is into video games; a once-famous but now sort of has-been singer named 'Brenda'; her stalker Gary and of course various 'skips' that Stephanie tries to apprehend along the way. I will admit that I still get excited when Evanovich comes out with a new book in this series. This is simply becaus [...]

    21. I gave this book two stars because eleven thru thirteen were so much better. When I read the synopsis on the back cover that there were new thrills including a monkey named Carl, my first thought was, "oh man, she is way out of ideas for these books and is now resorting to gimmicks like adding a monkey."I was relived to find that not only did Carl the monkey not have a substantial part in the book, he was barely mentioned in two places. Still don't know why he was added.Another problem I have wi [...]

    22. Whew. After paying full price for this in hardback at an airport bookstore, I was so relieved to find that I enjoyed it MUCH more than the previous few entries in this series. Finally, I felt we were back to all that I loved about Stephanie and gang, without the formulaic feel that 12 and 13 had.Sure, there's everything you can expect from a Plum mystery -- a wild Grandma Mazur, a hot Joe and Ranger, a crazy Lula, and more -- but Stephanie's quest for a missing $9 million and a kidnapped woman w [...]

    23. Not as good as her last few. I still enjoyed it of course, there were some fun moments as usual, but I thought it kind of drug on a bit.I think she needs to do something a bit different. Maybe concentrate the main story on one of the other characters, Grandma or Lula, or even Ranger. One of them could get in a fix and Steph could help get them out of it. Give some back story on them etc.She seems to be in a bit of a rut, and needs a bit of change.

    24. NEEDS MOAR RANGER. I thought this book was less eventful than your average installment of Stephanie Plum's misadventures, and I thought the Brenda-related story line was a bust. But what the book lacked in plot, it made up for with actual progress in the love triangle, GASP. Or maybe not so much *actual* progress as really hitting home how much progress there's been already. I talked about it in detail over here.

    25. I will be serious this one time. I could not finish it!! I have loved all the Plum books until this one and I have never been so disappointed in my reading life as of a book. I probably will not read another one.

    26. I became a fan of the Stephanie Plum Series a few years ago and quickly read all of the books up to that point. I must say that I enjoy the earlier books better. Over time, just as happens with many long term sitcoms, the characters have become more "comic strip"-like and the story lines serve to showcase the characters rather than the reverse.In book 14, there is less tension in the long-running love triangle between Joe-Stephanie-Ranger, and can anyone believe that a true love connection will [...]

    27. Warning - this is mostly me venting.Utterly disappointing book. I remember a time when I was so sad to finish a Plum book, just dying to get my hands onto the next one - thinking, "God, I'm supposed to wait another year?" Not the case here. The Villain: so lukewarm! He couldn't even cut Loretta's freakin' toes! what a punk! God I miss the days of Benito Ramirez - he was one of the best Plum villains IMHO. Ramirez was dark and terrifying, and had plenty of interaction with Steph. Not so much for [...]

    28. This was a pretty good installment of the Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie Plum is back and this time she is babysitting Loretta's son Mario a.k.a. Zook all the while trying to keep away from Brenda's crazy stalker and ends up with another mystery to solve that resolves around $9 million dollars and Dominic Rizzi who had robbed a bank and hid the keys to the money in Morelli's basement. Can Stephanie solve the mystery and find out why someone killed a guy in Morelli's basement before she ends up [...]

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