Carl's Sleepy Afternoon

Carl s Sleepy Afternoon A new book to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Good Dog Carl Carl is finally back Once again Alexandra Day has concocted a very busy day for the amazing and all around resourceful Rottweiler C

  • Title: Carl's Sleepy Afternoon
  • Author: Alexandra Day
  • ISBN: 9780374310882
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A new book to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Good Dog, Carl Carl is finally back Once again, Alexandra Day has concocted a very busy day for the amazing and all around resourceful Rottweiler Carl His owner believes Carl is at home taking a nap, when really he s making tracks all over town He visits a bakery, makes a delivery for the pharmacist, helps out a veteA new book to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Good Dog, CarlCarl is finally back Once again, Alexandra Day has concocted a very busy day for the amazing and all around resourceful Rottweiler Carl His owner believes Carl is at home taking a nap, when really he s making tracks all over town He visits a bakery, makes a delivery for the pharmacist, helps out a veterinarian, and joins in a magician s act in the park But in the most important event of the day, Carl becomes a real hero when he rescues a litter of puppies from a fire.With eight pages of fun than in the previous Carl books, this captivating adventure, related mostly through pictures, will delight fans old and new.

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    • Free Read [Biography Book] ✓ Carl's Sleepy Afternoon - by Alexandra Day ✓
      476 Alexandra Day
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    1 thought on “Carl's Sleepy Afternoon”

    1. This particular book was published exactly 20 years after the first Carl book, Good Dog, Carl, and I did have an urge to groan when the Carl books are mentioned within the covers of this story. These books are nearly wordless, told mostly through the pictures. The illustrations in this book are fine, and I really enjoyed them, but the latest Carl books have the illustrations I like the very most. This is another delightful outing when Carl has many adventures to which young Madeleine is privy bu [...]

    2. genre- Realistic fictionGrade- PrimaryThis book is very fun to read. we follow Carl a dog who is left at home but goes on an adventure. The amount of stuff that Carl is able to do in the time the little girl and her mother are shopping is a little ridiculous but other than that I have nothing but praise for this book. The illustrations are wonderful and the story really couldn't be understood without them. I would recommend this book.

    3. Carl does more in one day than I do in a week! 😂 In this book, just to name a few, Carl gives a flower to an old lady, delivers some doggie medicine to a vet, takes part in a magic show, and saves a basket of puppies from a burning building. Is there anything Carl can’t do!?

    4. I just love Carl. He is the sweetest Rottie ever. On his sleepy afternoon, he delivered pharmacy drugs, he helped at the Vets, and he saved puppies from a house fire. All in a days work.

    5. Carl’s Sleepy Afternoon is published to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Good Dog, Carl. Alexandra Day creates yet another hit featuring the famous Rottweiler named Carl. Getting her idea for this series from photo papers she found in Switzerland, Day used her own dog to model for her illustrations which have become oh-so popular today. In this book about Carl, this curious and quite intelligent dog enjoys a day on the town while his owner is out. Carl goes to the bakery and helped the baker [...]

    6. “Carl’s Sleepy Afternoon” is a book in a series that is written and illustrated by Alexandra Day. It is about a dog named Carl that takes an adventure helping people throughout the town, instead of napping like he is suppose to be doing while his owners are away for the afternoon. I originally was drawn to this book because of the dog that was painted on the cover. I thought it was really cool how if you opened up the book the back cover and front cover was one big pictured on a dog sleepi [...]

    7. Unlike Emma Dodd's Dog, who constantly attempts to nap, Carl performs super-heroic acts all around town during his downtime. I'm reminded of the episode "The Psychology of Letting Go" on Community, when Abed had a whole series of adventures in the background, culminating in the delivery of a child.(view spoiler)[Over the course of the day, Carl manages to assist a truck driver, violate health codes, feed a baby a potential choking hazard, pilfer baked goods, deliver prescription medicine, assist [...]

    8. The pictures in this book are great! The Three Questions is the only book I read with better pictures! This is one book out of a great serious of books. The plot of this book is based an a day in the life of a dog, a dog who was suppose to be sleeping! Ha, Ha! How little did everyone know how much of a help Carl could be!This would be a good book to introduce different jobs or community workers to young students. Caral helps out or visits many differnt people at their jobs and this could make fo [...]

    9. Like all of the Carl books that I've read, the story is sub-par (neglectful parents have their shortcomings made up for by a super attentive Rottweilier). It's cute in some ways, but not if you think about it too hard (like I just did). But I'm a sucker for beautiful illustrations, and these books have some of the best I've seen. Every page is a cornucopia of beautiful scenery and top-notch watercolor-manship. I would collect these.

    10. This is a wonderful book for kids learning to read. They will delight in the fact that the little girl sees Carl all around the town (he is supposed to be at home taking a nap) while mom does not notice him. He is recognized by other adults and kids, however, who enjoy his company and are appreciative of his help. So, in essence, when mom and little girl arrive home and he looks like he has been resting all afternoon he actually was having a very busy time of it!

    11. Such beautiful artwork! Due to the art and the difficulty a young child might have with locating the actual words I would probably put this at a 2nd grade level, although this would be a good progressive book from either 1st/2nd or 2nd/3rd grades. Any child could probably look at the art here for hours and just be simply captivated by the beauty.

    12. This latest installment in the notable series of Carl books features the friendly Rottweiler visiting a bakery, helping out a veterinarian, joining in a magic trick, saving pups from a fire, and more. Minimal text and detailed, nostalgic watercolor illustrations lend an old-fashioned feel. This will be popular with the Pre-K through first grade set.

    13. After reading "Good Dog, Carl". I did not know there was another book based off the same dog. If you liked the first book, you'll love this book! This exciting story shows what Carl is doing during his supposedly sleepy afternoon while his owner and her daughter are out shopping. You'll have to read to find out what he gets into and all the exciting new friends he sees during his afternoon!

    14. My son made me read this book about 248 times before I begrudgingly/happily returned it to the library. Since there aren't many words in the Carl books, "reading" to a young child may mean making up your own story, like I did!

    15. You can't help but love the art. Every one of the kids has gone through a 'dog' stage when this becomes a favorite book. In follow up, as we run our errands, we look for other businesses where Carl might be able to help. I hope this increases the kids' awareness of career options.

    16. for wordless category. Cute story about what a dog does when his family has left him alone. His adventures are all through pictures, and he follows the little girl around without her mother even noticing.

    17. There is something in Day's painting style that puts me off just a very little, but her storytelling through each image and the minimal text is very enjoyable, satisfying, laugh-producing. Mom seems too focused on her shopping.

    18. Carl just can't stay away from Madeline. He is also the best helpy helper ever! I read this book for my author study assignment for my Children's Literature class and I absolutely love it! Alexandra Day has great detail in her illustrations and Carl has the best adventures!

    19. I know on almost every book I say the pictures are amazing, but I absolutely love these ones! They are different, and they are so detailed. They have so much life and color you could have so much fun just looking at all of the things in the pictures. I thought this story was a cute one.

    20. Carl is the babysitter every Mother needs! This time Carl is supposed to be napping while Madeleine and her Mother are out shopping; but he is really doing lots of errands and helping people out. A great story! I just love Carl.

    21. How much do I love Carl? I love the book so much I will be reading it over and over and over and over again to the kids!

    22. This book shows several different types of jobs in the area. The main character explores the city and goes on an adventure.

    23. Carl's lazy day , the book is the complete opposite from the title. Carl is everything but lazy while he roams though the town to save everyone's day. This Wordless book is an amazing book for kids.

    24. I love the artwork in each of these books! Great stories told mostly through pictures. Carl is the best babysitter!!

    25. Carl is given the day off for a sleepy afternoon, but instead travels to town to help take care of things.

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