A Viragem Decisiva

A Viragem Decisiva Nesta nova hist ria encontramos o Comiss rio Montalbano considerando a possibilidade de dar um novo rumo sua vida uma mudan a que ele equaciona que possa passar por uma demiss o do seu cargo na pol c

  • Title: A Viragem Decisiva
  • Author: Andrea Camilleri
  • ISBN: 9789722907385
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nesta nova hist ria encontramos o Comiss rio Montalbano considerando a possibilidade de dar um novo rumo sua vida, uma mudan a que ele equaciona que possa passar por uma demiss o do seu cargo na pol cia A situa o pol tica n o lhe agrada, determinados feitos de repress o muito menos, da atitude em rela o aos imigrantes n o quer nem ouvir falar j vai sendo altura de pNesta nova hist ria encontramos o Comiss rio Montalbano considerando a possibilidade de dar um novo rumo sua vida, uma mudan a que ele equaciona que possa passar por uma demiss o do seu cargo na pol cia A situa o pol tica n o lhe agrada, determinados feitos de repress o muito menos, da atitude em rela o aos imigrantes n o quer nem ouvir falar j vai sendo altura de procurar algo diferente, de dar essa reviravolta a que o t tulo se refere.Assim, enquanto Montalbano nada furiosamente para sacudir as suas atribula es, encontra o cad ver de um homem com profundas marcas nos pulsos e tornozelos Muito provavelmente trata se de um imigrante clandestino que algu m quis calar para sempre E a , diante de mais um horror, o instinto do comiss rio volta a tomar a dianteira decifrar o mist rio e fazer justi a quele pobre coitado, convertem se para o protagonista num imperativo categ rico.Come a assim a investiga o, que se ir desenvolver atrav s da imaginativa topon mia a que o autor nos tem acostumado, num cen rio constitu do por pequenas aldeias, ruas tortuosas e mans es de duvidosa proced ncia As pesquisas revelam se mais complexas do que o habitual e acabam descobrindo um sinistro com rcio de crian as posto em pr tica por motivos indiz veis.

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      282 Andrea Camilleri
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    1 thought on “A Viragem Decisiva”

    1. Highly entertaining. The plots are sometimes a little forced and weak but the humorous writing invariably wins the day for me!

    2. Inspector Montalbano investigates the death of a corpse that he found while out swimming. Another great entry in the series.

    3. Rating: 4* of fiveThe Book ReportMontalbano, over fifty and not liking it One Little Bit, decides to take an early-morning, out-of-season swimd runs smack-dab into a dead guy who's clearly been in the water for a long time. He improvises a tow rope out of his swimsuit for the poor bastard, and begins a long, tiring naked swim in the cold water to bring him to shore. He's exhausted and feeling very lightheaded after his exertions and collapses on the sandwhere he is attacked and vilified by a cra [...]

    4. È forse uno dei romanzi della serie che più mi ha colpito, perché non mi aspettavo la questione del G8 e una reazione così forte ed emotiva da parte di Montalbano, che tradisce di certo la posizione dell'autore, ma che tocca sempre. Io sono genovese e, anche se ero troppo piccola nel 2001 per essere partecipe degli avvenimenti del G8, credo che per certi versi sia una ferita tutt'ora aperta per il paese ma soprattutto per la mia città. E ho arezzato l'analisi che fa Camilleri attraverso Mon [...]

    5. I do enjoy this series. It is not a literary masterpiece, but rather an entertaining poke at Italian politics and Sicily in particular. Tongue in cheek humour but dealing with topical issues - this book deals with illegal immigration and people traffickers. A good read!

    6. Continuing the Salvo Montalbano series in order, Rounding the Mark is number seven, leaving me six more to go. Five if you don't count the newest one, The Potter's Field, which won't get here until September.It's not a good night for Montalbano. He is unable to sleep, and even more telling, unable to eat. He's decided to turn in his resignation, feeling betrayed by the news about a raid on the Diaz School in Genoa during the G8 meetings there, in which evidence had been found to be planted, the [...]

    7. Inspector Montalbano is reaching a crisis in his career and due to the actions of others is intending to resign. Amongst these events whilst out for one of his swims he comes across a body. Although written a good few years ago this book is quite topical due to its references to the refugee crisis in Europe. The usual good humour, quirkiness of Inspector Montalbano and other characters are prevalent throughout the book. Another excellent read!

    8. Am I too stingy with five stars? This one came awfully close.The best Camilleri in the series so far. One of the advantages of writing a series is that the characters really have room to grow. Once the principle characteristics are laid out in the first few books, it's possible to mark changes in really subtle ways. This is what made Buffy so great; the Xander of season seven was hugely different from the Xander of season one, but the intervening shifts were small and a real pleasure to watch.Ca [...]

    9. Once again I found myself flying through an Inspector Montalbano mystery. Camilleri manages to get the perfect blend of mystery, social commentary and personal life in these books. I love the way Montalbano eats & the loving care Camilleri puts into the descriptions of the food! But even better is that in each of these mysteries, I learn something about Sicily & Italy in general with the help of the marvellous endnotes by translator Stephen Sartarelli. I look forward to continuing this s [...]

    10. introduced to these books via the tv series, I have never regretted adopting them into my library. they are always well plotted, interesting and beautifully translated by stephen sarterelli, with notes to aid those ignorant of the cultural references. occasionally you need a strong stomach (p 212 in this book), but graphic details are sparing and used like herbs in the hands of an expert chef. it does help to read the books in order, but they can stand on their own. why should you read this one? [...]

    11. Well, ever since we discovered the Inspector Moltalbano series on TV I have really loved his character as well as the social/political statements conveyed by the creator through his characters. Now, on holiday, I have decided to enjoy the books by Camilleri. Able to finish this book which comes midway in the series and is a rather dark but ever humourous look at the hero as he faces retirement/ his mortality (not for some time yet though). The footnotes certainly give more evidence of the writer [...]

    12. Another fabulous Inspector Montalbano story. These are great stories with very apt subjects. This one being about trafficking of migrant children between North Africa and Sicily. The inspector is hilarious in this one, I think that's why I enjoy them so much as he is such a colourful character, His poor colleagues and girlfriend do well to put up with him and his foibles.

    13. Out for a swim, Inspector Montalbano literally bumps into a corpse. Then, Montalbano learns that a child he helped return to his mother is run down by a car. Both deaths are linked to a ring of human traffickers, which he brings to justice, all while agonizing over whether he should resign from the police for emotional and reputational reasons.

    14. Just arrived from USA through BM.Apart from the very bad translation, where the first 50 pages need a careful attention from the editors, the book is quite interesting, even if it's the first book read of this series.

    15. When I talk about the Montalbano series I keep making faces that suggest I'm not really into it or it's a rather embarrassing passtime or 'ugh mysogyny fail!', and I'm somehow reading it under pressure. So, considering I'm still reading, I need to get real and just say, these books are fun. So fun you don't really notice that they do actually touch on issues with a capital I. I may forget the plot of this particular book, but I'll never forget Montalbano's genius idea to tow a corpse out of the [...]

    16. I rate this book a 3.46 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being best. As my first entrée into the world of Inspector Montalbano I can now fully understand the world’s passion for this series. Montalbano is an irresistible character, humorously grappling with his colleagues, and confronting social realities that leave him cold and somewhat conflicted. There is a more than a who-dunnit here. The warts of an entire civilization are put on view while Montalbano nobly tries to make amends for his own faili [...]

    17. As always with Camilleri, this was an enjoyable read following Montalbano's investigation of two separate crimes that ultimately converge. Livia takes a back seat in this tale, which is no bad thing - a chance to focus more on detective work and less on domestic dramas. The heart of the crimes is a festering, evil one, but it gets rather glossed over - I was hoping for more of a decisive denouement. Possibly there might be a resurfacing of one particular character (who never directly appears in [...]

    18. Disclaimer: Right from the start, I should admit that I'm not really into "whodunnit" books that usually follow the pattern of "first 10 pages - murder, next 150 pages - pieces slowly fall into place, closing 50 pages - the description of closing the case." I would really never go out of my way to read one of these books. I should also admit, however, that I sort of enjoyed this book. No, it doesn't break any new ground, but it does tell a solid story that is A) more complicated than usual and B [...]

    19. Another darkly comic police novel from Camilleri - a disillusioned Montalbano finds a dead body on his morning swim. Camilleri also highlights the incoming illegal immigrant boats from Albania and the crime potential that involves.

    20. The mixture of quirky and gritty as usual in a Montalbano story. A floating corpse and immigrant trafficking with frequent stops for food. As always, a joy.

    21. A joy to read but owing to the seriousness of the subject matter – human trafficking – the humor and lightness, usually present in Camilleri's Inspector Monalbano novels, is missing.

    22. Still laugh out loud in and among the murder case! And I needed a "palette cleanser" after The Dark Forest.

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