Strange Fortune

Strange Fortune Valentine Strange late of his Majesty s st Benhali Lancers needs money Happily the wealthy Holy Orders of Harappu are desperate to retrieve the diadem of the Goddess Purya from an ancient temple

  • Title: Strange Fortune
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781935560005
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Valentine Strange, late of his Majesty s 21st Benhali Lancers, needs money Happily, the wealthy Holy Orders of Harappu are desperate to retrieve the diadem of the Goddess Purya from an ancient temple deep in the mountainous jungle an area Strange knows well from his days quelling rebellions The pay is too good and the job seems too easy for Strange to refuse But when MaValentine Strange, late of his Majesty s 21st Benhali Lancers, needs money Happily, the wealthy Holy Orders of Harappu are desperate to retrieve the diadem of the Goddess Purya from an ancient temple deep in the mountainous jungle an area Strange knows well from his days quelling rebellions The pay is too good and the job seems too easy for Strange to refuse But when Master Aleister Grimshaw, a dangerous witch from a traitorous lineage, joins the expedition, Strange begins to suspect that is at stake than the retrieval of a mere relic.Grimshaw knows an ancient evil surrounds the diadem the same evil once hunted him and still haunts his mind However, experience has taught him to keep his suspicions to himself or risk being denounced as a madman Again.Harried by curses, bandits and unnatural creatures, Strange and Grimshaw plunge onward But when a demonic power wakes and the civilized world descends into revolution, their tenuous friendship is threatened as each man must face the destruction of the life he has known.

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    1 thought on “Strange Fortune”

    1. Strange Fortune is probably the biggest departure for Lanyon, a fantasy adventure novel about two very different men, one witch, one soldier, who are forced to journey together to retrieve a religious artifact, and along the way, discover a far more sinister plot with potential world-ending consequences.The story is set in an AU world, but Lanyon’s fantasy setting is heavily inspired by turn-of-the-century India under Britain’s colonial rule. In this story, ruling Alba is trying to maintain [...]

    2. This was a great book. It had a feel of historical to it but it was also fantasy which I loved. I liked Valentine because he had such a dark humor. He was amused by the littlest thing and instead of being angry at something he'd get amused by it. Of course, he did get angry but most of the time he was pretty laid back. I loved Aleister, though. He understood Val's humor but he was also quiet and stayed to himself. People thought he was crazy all because he'd start ranting about weird things but [...]

    3. This fantasy is once again proof of Josh Lanyons great writing skills. Colorful and brilliant like a Persian Carpet, this story, set in an alternative reality colonial India could have flowed from the quill of a Kipling or a Kaye. Far eastern lore interwoven with fascinating magic makes an exquisite backdrop for the love story between a grizzled soldier and a young yet jaded witch. And since Josh Lanyon wrote this, the plot contains a solid, gripping mystery complete with a deliciously nutty vil [...]

    4. Action packed, intense, and adventure filled novel. I am really glad that the romance is secondary to the adventure, I am quite bored with too much romance now. I love that the romance built slowly, and I am doubly glad to read they could restrain themselves and enjoyed simple intimacy whenever they can. It's not all about sex. This novel reads like an epic journey & adventure. There is so much going on, but it doesn't feel rushed at all. This fantasy world is so unlike any other fantasy sto [...]

    5. This was a very different world fantasies go it was an interesting place. It was a familiar, but also new. I was surprised pleasantly by the commentary on the oppressiveness of organized religion and colonialism I thought it was subtle but clearly thought outValentine Strange I loved, his strength and sense of humor were fantastic. Josh creates these characters that are so strong and rough, but have this ability for tenderness and caring that is just so lovely. I loved the chemistry between him [...]

    6. I will start this review up front: I’m not so fond of fantasy novel and neither so much of “quest” type of adventures. So why I read Strange Fortune that is the quintessence of both the above genres? Since I trust Josh Lanyon and his characters; it’s strange but whatever he is writing a mystery, a romance or a fantasy (and Strange Fortune is his first foray in the fantasy genre), I’m always sure that I will find two men that are unique for their story. Above all, these men are unexpect [...]

    7. Book Review: Strange Fortune by Josh LanyonReviewed by Alan ChinPublisher: Blind Eye BooksISBN 978-1-935560-00-5Valentine Strange is delighted to accept a job from the Holy Order to find and retrieve an antique diadem of the Goddess Purya from somewhere in the distant White Mountains. Although the mountains are filled with bandits and scoundrels, this soldier of fortune has little fear of anything short of not being paid for his services. But when the Holy Order insists that Master Aleister Grim [...]

    8. Proof that Josh Lanyon can write pretty much any genre (well that's not to say I want him to write het romance!) and it will be brilliant. While breaking new grounds with his first fantasy novel, he keeps his trademark wits and sharpness. There's great chemistry between the two lead characters, and real conflicts, emotional turmoil, and a great adventure/mystery to make it difficult to put down the book. Not to mention flawless characterisation and structure (the devil is in the detail). I can s [...]

    9. If you read this blog regularly, it comes as no surprise when I say I am a big Josh Lanyon fan. He is known for clever, witty mystery male/male romance books. Strange Fortune is his first foray into fantasy, and it is an amazing one at that. While this book took a chapter or two to really get into, I ended up with a love of the two main characters and picture of the world stamped in my mind.Valentine Strange is in desperate need of money having bad luck at the gaming tables recently. His fortune [...]

    10. ** A BOYS IN OUR BOOKS SPRING CLEANING REVIEW **Okay, a disclaimer first, I did NOT finish this book. I made it around 50% and decided to give up. But let me say this upfront: this is NOT the book’s fault. I repeat, NOT the book’s fault. High-fantasy is not my genre and I always have difficulties enjoying it, M/M or otherwise. When it comes to fantasy, I can count the number of authors I can read on one hand…What I can say is this is a different kind of story from Josh Lanyon who usually w [...]

    11. I love Josh Lanyon's writing, particularly his historical romance. But I had never heard of this book, 'Strange Fortune', until a friend recommended it. I'm at a loss as how to review it. Sometimes a book is just too beautiful---prose, imagery, tension, romance, sensuality---and my limited vocabulary is just thato limited. First of all, the MC's, former soldier Valentine Strange and witchs, witchAleister Grimshaw were two of the most memorable, perfect characters ever. Particularly, for this rea [...]

    12. 4.5 stars. Recommending it to y'all.Awesome adventure, filled with magic, quests for artefacts, ancient gods, saving the world and gunfights :)It's set in an interesting fantasy world influenced by colonial India and it's one of those gems of the MM genre that value plot over smut.Not giving it 5 stars because I was dying for a bit more romance. Despite me being a critic of overly romantic stories I do want a good chemistry between the main characters. (view spoiler)[There was the building attra [...]

    13. This blindsided me, but in a good way. Don't know why I was shocked, because once again Mr. Lanyon has written a well crafted mystery. This time it is an action adventure set in an alternative world.Valentine Strange is ex-military, who is commissioned to find a diadem of an ancient god. He is forced to take a witch, by the name of Master Aleister Grimshaw. There are rumors about Alesiter suggesting he is quite mad and evil. The two forge and unlikely alliance which leads to an even more unlikel [...]

    14. Strange Fortune was an odd read for me. At times I was loving it and then other times I had to force myself to read through the pages. I flipped back and forth the entire time I was reading so when I came to the end I didn't really know if I liked it or disliked it.I think the biggest issues I had with this story was the lack of relationship driven events and lack of character development. The world and its religions and societies seemed to have been worked on far more then the characters themse [...]

    15. Wow, if I already wasn't a fan of Lanyon's fantasy novels, I'd be one now.Strange Fortune has to be one of the best fantasy novels I've read this year. The fact that it also has a m/m romance is a plus. SF has everything a good fantasy novel ought to have, intriguing, peculiar heroes with great chemistry and unusual dynamics between them, well crafted world, exciting adventure, dangerous voyages, a hunt for an ancient artifact, magic, curses, scary gods/demons, fights, a great battle, miracles a [...]

    16. I enjoyed that book quite a lot. It was the first gay themed fantasy adventure story I've read that did not focus on the romance. I enjoy gay characters a lot, so I appreciate having them in a fresh environment like this one. I loved the world building, it was very unique and believable - and quite colorful!I'm really glad I gave this book a chance. It was my first Josh Lanyon, by the way.Oh, there was one huge detail missing in the book!!No spoiler intended, but WHO is Major Strange actually?! [...]

    17. Not sure if this is quite my cup of book. It's a bit Indiana Jones-y. If Indie was gay. And Indian. But it's a well crafted fantasy story nonetheless. Quite different from anything else I've read from this author. The world building is excellent. It conveys everything you need to know to build a mental picture of the place and it's history, without being overwhelmingly wordy and descriptive.

    18. Overall, a sweet, funny adventure story, featuring two likable characters with great chemistry. 9/10SUMMARY: In an alternate world British-India, Major Valentine Strange (formerly of the Benhali Lancers) is a mercenary who owes a lot of money to a lot of people, including his fiancee, the fabulously wealthy Isabella Hyde. So when beautiful Brahman Warrick of the Holy Orders offers him two hundred thousand rupees to go to a temple and retrieve a goddess' diadem, he jumps at the opportunity. What [...]

    19. What a fascinating world, Josh Lanyon has created. This story was full of intrigue, action, myths, and magic. Strange and Aleister are too cool as is their quest. I listened to this book in Audible. The narrator, David Lazarus did a phenomenal job.

    20. Slash Readers: "Strange Fortune", is very much a fantasy novel situated in a fully formed and functioning world all it's own. We, the readers are quickly introduced to the two main characters Major Valentine Strange a cynical soldier of fortune in need of money. Despite his views on the church and religion Strange takes the job that is offered and the assigned companion from the church who is sent with him one Aleister Grimshaw. However, Aleister is more than just a witch he is the last son of a [...]

    21. Loved it! Great story, great world, great characters with great chemistry. It's more a fantasy/adventure story than romance - actually the romance is on the slow burner for a long while, but that's kind of expected in a Josh Lanyon story :) The world building is original, coherent, and thorough - if rather regionally focused since we don't get a lot of information about the world outside the country/general area the story plays in. The prose is fluid, easy to read, with glimpses of humour and th [...]

    22. Strange Fortune by Josh Lanyon was a great fantasy read. I did find it a little difficult to get into initially, but after a couple of chapters I was totally sucked in. Unique world building aside, it was the characters and their budding attraction that kept me engrossed. I liked Valentine Strange and his lithe good looks, snippy comebacks and that he did not suffer fools gladly. He was a good foil for Aleister, who seemed rather vulnerable at times. Not in such a way that was irritating to read [...]

    23. I enjoy being fully immersed in a story. Strange Fortune did that for me immediately in the first chapter. At once all my senses were utilized with Lanyon's imagery that continued throughout the book. The action was well paced and kept me coming back for more.My favorite part of the book is Aleister, my heart just clung to him. His personal history has impacted his character and actions that you really feel for him and want something good for him. Enter Val, the something good for him. I loved w [...]

    24. For some reason, I feel like the blurb led me to expect something else other than what it was. While I didn't exactly dislike it, I also felt rather like I wasn't quite in on the joke, metaphorically, either. I dunno, I feel like I was expecting something a bit somehow. Like this almost delivered, but also somehow fell slightly short. *shrug* I dunno.

    25. I was drawn to this book because of the ruins and landscape in the cover. I have since seen other covers for this book and the one for the Kindle edition is by far my favorite. It made me think of Indiana Jones or something. The story inside was fascinating! I was taken in by chapter 1. I loved the feel of the old world and the allusions to India and England and their tenuous, tragic relationship. I adored Valentine Strange and Aleister Grimshaw. I loved that their relationship was a slow-burn a [...]

    26. I loved so much about this! The setting was spectacularly well done, the mythology was fascinating and the characters were delightful. As soon as I finished it I found myself wishing for more, as I wasn't ready to be done with this world or these characters quite yet.A delightful reading experience!Some Favorite Quotes:Not that he looked stupid, precisely, just far too handsome to be of much practical value."He said"Aleister did not let the awkward pause stretch. "That I was mad? I might be. I d [...]

    27. I bought this because of the author and hadn't read a synopsis or anything. Very different to the other Josh Lanyon books I've read (this is fantasy/alternate history sort of thing) but very good. I would have liked a bit more character development for Valentine though.

    28. When I picked up this book I had no idea what to expect. I have never read anything by Josh Lanyon before and didn’t know anything about his style. The blurb indicates that this is a fantasy adventure, a quest for an old relic with some romance thrown in. And for once the blurb does neither exaggerate nor gets your hopes up only to find that the story does not deliver.It took me quite a while to find my way into the story. I am not an enthusiastic fantasy reader and usually I need a lot of exp [...]

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