The Hound of Rowan

The Hound of Rowan MAX MCDANIELS LIVES a quiet life in the suburbs of Chicago until the day he stumbles upon a mysterious Celtic tapestry Many strange people are interested in Max and his tapestry His discovery leads h

  • Title: The Hound of Rowan
  • Author: Henry H. Neff
  • ISBN: 9780375890772
  • Page: 381
  • Format: ebook
  • MAX MCDANIELS LIVES a quiet life in the suburbs of Chicago, until the day he stumbles upon a mysterious Celtic tapestry Many strange people are interested in Max and his tapestry His discovery leads him to Rowan Academy, a secret school where great things await him.But dark things are waiting, too When Max learns that priceless artworks and gifted children are disappearMAX MCDANIELS LIVES a quiet life in the suburbs of Chicago, until the day he stumbles upon a mysterious Celtic tapestry Many strange people are interested in Max and his tapestry His discovery leads him to Rowan Academy, a secret school where great things await him.But dark things are waiting, too When Max learns that priceless artworks and gifted children are disappearing, he finds himself in the crossfire of an ancient struggle between good and evil To survive, he ll have to rely on a network of agents and mystics, the genius of his roommate, and the frightening power awakening within him.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Reading the first few chapters, I found myself comparing this book to Harry Potter. As one of the most avid reader of H.P. I have to say that I was a little disappointed. But when I got past reading chapter 4, I found myself falling in love with this book. There's a significant difference between this book and H.P. The main plot, unlike H.P, this book does not exactly use "magic" per say, it's based more on the real stuff like science fiction and folklore. I was also amazed by the author's imagi [...]

    2. A decent first effort. I see these books as a cross between Harry Potter and Fablehaven. The story is fast paced and interesting. The characters are a bit flat but I expect will flesh out a lot over the course of the series. I have a difficult time not comparing these books to Harry Potter and that is unfair since I've read all 7 of the books in that series. Going back and reading the first book shows that the Tapestry first effort is on a similar level. The key will be whether or not Neff can r [...]

    3. I was originally going to go 4 stars on this book, but on reflection I decided I had to go 5. We'll call it a borderline 5. I try to give few 5 star ratings as any book I give a 5 needs to be exceptional or the rating fails to mean much.I went there in this case as I think it will remain a reread book for me if I ever have time to do a reread. I have less time to reread books now as there seem to be so many I haven't read yetgo figure.So, what do we have here? Why did I come to the decision that [...]

    4. I love when I pick up a book, knowing very little about it, and discover that it is just what I was looking for. Because this is a book about a young teenager who goes to boarding school to learn magic, the comparisons to Harry Potter are inevitable, but this is so much more than a Harry Potter read-alike.Basically, this is the story of Max. While visiting an art museum with his father, Max sees a vision in a tapestry. This vision draws attention to Max, both favorable and negative. Ultimately, [...]

    5. Okay, it might turn out to be what some reviews keep saying "a Harry Potter knockoff", with no merits of its own. But since Jo Rowling stole freely from her predecessors, and just happens to be a good writer who revived an old formula at the right time, I'm willing to give this one a chance.UPDATE (4/7/09)And I'm glad I did. Lots of wonderful touches--people keep mentioning "Mum" the reformed (well mostly)hag cook with good reason--she's wonderfully funny. Well told, well thought out and I'm gla [...]

    6. Оцена је 3,5*. Књига је мешавина Харија Потера и Уточишта за бајке. Замисао је сама по себи добра али јој фали оно "нешто" што те одмах ухвати када је стварно добра књига у питању. Доста тога је позајмљено, мало промењено, а онда остављено без објашњења зашто то функционише на та [...]

    7. So I think just about any premise involving a young boy going to a school filled with magic and the extraordinary would set up an automatic comparison to Harry Potter, just as any obscure title would be compared to its genre's classic. Knowing that, I did not going in here drawing comparisons; I'm rating this book totally as its own work, giving it the respect it deserves. That being said, maybe I read this with the wrong perspective in mind because I found several issues with it. First off, Max [...]

    8. Just goes to show you that when you read a book almost 10 years later your opinion can change. I completely believe this book is better than my original review. Not a 5 star but it is better. ********************************************************************(old review from 2008)I really tried to not compare this book to Harry Potter and I went in with an open mind. But the truth is this is a Harry Potter knock off. That wasn't my main problem with the book though. The problem with the book I [...]

    9. শুরুর দিকে ধরে রাখছিলাম রেটিং ২ এর বেশি দিব না। অনেকটাই হ্যারি পটার টাইপ।বালক ম্যাক্সের হটাত করে ম্যাজিক স্কুলে আসা। স্কুলের নিয়ম কানুন ভংগ করে কালো শক্তির বিরুদ্ধে যাওয়া, মিনার্ভা টাইপ শক [...]

    10. I was pretty excited reading the back of the book--it seemed like it had all the qualities of a children's fantasy novel that would entrance me. It did captivate in some ways, however, in many others it was sadly lacking. I felt myself more compelled to focus on the supporting character (the main character's roommate) than the actual main character, Max. He was sadly disappointing in many ways, and continued to irritate me throughout the book. It was only towards the end of the book that he even [...]

    11. If you like Harry Potter and you like Lightening Thief, I can almost guarantee that you'll like this book. There are some striking similarities between this and Harry Potter not quite passing the plagiarism border. They're both about magic schools, both main characters have dark hair, Series starts around the same age (this guy's 12), they're going through the whole hero cycle thing where they're destined for a dangerous and probably fatal world-saving mission. Despite all of these similarities, [...]

    12. 'The Hound of Rowan' was a spectacular novel that I seriously loved to death but it justlost something along the way - hence the four star. I loved the incorporation of real life events by the author and the childhood trivialities that we so often find embarrassing as children but then laugh later as adults. It was a fantastic story that made me laugh so often or just grin stupidly at the book. I loved the characters (the good ones) and got seriously creeped out by the evil ones. The story was w [...]

    13. This book is basically a Harry Potter rip-off. While it has some differences (for example, technology is embraced not eschewed; the kids have animals that they care for; the kids come from across the world, not just the UK), it’s pretty similar – ie: the kids have untapped powers, the kids are specially selected, the kids go through a process similar to the sorting, there is a school sport (soccer-esque), there is a powerful yet charming headmistress, quirky teachers, and a villainous group [...]

    14. Montana Library2Go It's against my policy to compare one book or series to another, for two main reasons. A) I don't think it matters that much what similarities exist between books. Just because you like one book does not mean you'll like a book that distinctly resembles it, and vice versa. Too often I've read books that have been compared to books that I truly love, and found these later books to be major disappointments. B) There is very little in the world of fiction that is truly new. I can [...]

    15. I reead the entire Harry Potter series in May. I see review after review comparing this to Harry Potter, but to me it felt like a combination of a lot of middle grade series like Fablehaven, Percy Jackson, The Magisterium series, with a little tiny bit of science fiction mixed with the fantasy. In other words, the only real comparison to HP is that he receives a letter in the mail to get an evaluation and there is a magic school. And there is references to a chosen one. If that's plagarism, then [...]

    16. Fiquei encantada à primeira com a capa deste livro. Depois de ter lido a sinopse e várias outras informações decidi experimentar. Ainda bem! Foi uma surpresa maravilhosa. Gostei muito. Este é o primeiro livro da saga "A Tapeçaria". É apresentado o "herói", Max McDaniels, um rapaz de Chicago, de 12 anos. Max vive com o pai, um publicitário. A sua mãe desapareceu. E todos os anos, no aniversário da mãe, Max e o pai, visitam o Instituto de Arte de Chicago, que era o local preferido da m [...]

    17. RATING: 2.5 estrelas.Quando me foi proposta a leitura deste livro, fiz alguma pesquisa sobre o mesmo e descobri várias opiniões no que o caracterizavam como sendo parecido com Harry Potter mas não desprovido do seu próprio encanto.Parti então para a leitura com algum entusiasmo pois a saga de Harry Potter é uma das minhas preferidas e se "O Guardião de Rowan" tinha o mesmo tipo de premissa isso só podia significar que ia ser um livro agradável.Infelizmente, não foi o caso. Ao contrár [...]

    18. I didn't know that a genre about magic schools is a thing, I thought Harry Potter was "unique" (not saying it was good, just thought that it was sorta alone) well this is my 2nd series in that genre and I thought it was great. Didn't think much of Harry Potter as I thought it was boring. This on the other hand seems to have more interesting characters and someone who isn't a push over. Plus, this universe doesn't disregard the real one it coexists with. I have always wondered why they never used [...]

    19. When Max McDaniels sees a vision of a scene from Irish mythology in a tapestry, he learns that he has magic and can go to the secret magical school of Rowan. It takes some doing to get there--dark forces have been kidnapping "potentials" like Max, and his father (his mother is gone) can't know the true nature of the school. Once there, everything is surprising. The kitchen is run by a reformed ogre and a hag. Max and his roommate's room is "configured" into a large, two-level space with constell [...]

    20. Esta história, inicialmente, pode fazer-nos lembrar um pouco Harry Potter. Temos um rapaz, possuidor de alguns poderes que desconhece, que é descoberto por uma Academia com professores e alunos também especiais. Academia essa, onde vai passar a estudar exactamente na altura em que um grande e antigo inimigo aparenta regressar. Felizmente posso dizer que as semelhanças ficam por aqui, não temos cicatrizes na testa, varinhas mágicas ou vassouras voadoras, estamos na presença de uma históri [...]

    21. I picked this book up at the used bookstore yesterday. At first glance it seemed to be your typical Harry Potter copycat, you know which one i'm talking about. Young boy is magically discovered at the age of thirteen and sent off to a special boarding school. However, the author definitely puts his own spin on things. He creates his own take on some Celtic mythology with a few twists and turns. The main character's name is Max McDaniels, and he's just found out he's got mystic powers. So, off to [...]

    22. This was one of those books I read when I was a kid that I couldn't stop thinking about. I was never sure why, really. It's the story of a kid who finds out that he's a not so normal and is in fact a part of a group of people who have special powers such as magic and immense physical capability. These people have a school called Rowan where the kid, Max McDaniels, goes to study his newfound abilities. While there, he learns of a demon so terrible that it completely obliterated the previous schoo [...]

    23. Okay, let's get one thing out of the way immediately. You simply can not avoid making a direct comparison to the Harry Potter series. Having said that, The Hound of Rowan is an entertaining book (the first of a series) to read. Author, Henry Neff has worked hard to create a world that exists apart from "normal" humans just like Rick Riordan succeeded in doing with Percy Jackson. Typical of young adult fiction, Neff throws his main character Max McDaniels into a world that on one hand is seemingl [...]

    24. The blurb sounded pretty interesting, but this turned out to be a very dull book. (Side note: There is no reason for me to compare it to Harry Potter, because the only similarities here are a supernatural boarding school, and a male protagonist, and that's it.)100 pgs in, the book is going on and on about ordinary, logistical details such as: traveling to the school, taking a campus tour, getting a dorm room, figuring out how the bathroom works, getting schedules, etc. It didn't seem to end and [...]

    25. Without having read any other reviews and never having heard of this book before I picked it up (and didn't read the book summary) I'm going to have to guess that the author's most hated criticism is how much like Harry Potter this book is. Because yeah, there are going to be marked similarities in any books with boy heroes who discover they have magical abilities and are sent off to a boarding school to learn how to use their magic.And while it's a good book, I have to say that I'm not really s [...]

    26. My first thought upon beginning to read this book: This is very Harry-Potter-like.That impression didn't change that much between the beginning and the end, because you can't help but make that comparison: Young boy discovers he's magic and gets sent to a special school for training his abilities? That comparison is going to be made, like it or not.I found, though, that by the end, I didn't mind the comparison because there was enough to make this book unique. Rather than the Rowling version of [...]

    27. A fun and interesting novel, "The Hound of Rowan" clearly targets fans of Harry Potter as it tells the story of a young boy which enters a magical school. The boy is called Max McDaniels and is chosen because of a strange vision he had, when he saw a tapestry - this shows that he might be special even among special kids. So he enters the Rowan Academy in which he develops the skills of a brave and feisty warrior and a fine sportsman. He also meets friends, clashes with a schoolbully and struggle [...]

    28. Excellent start to a series and fabulously designed. I'm sure Neff is tired of having his book compared to Harry Potter but I see a similarity. For me, this is a tween version - simpler read, less detail, alternate world hidden in the regular one, young protagonist and an evil that must be beaten. In fact, I've read this book to aloud to my 8 year DD, who is a huge Harry Potter fan. She loved it and we'll be starting on book 2 next. I will say that "Hermione Granger" or "Ron Weasley" are much ea [...]

    29. Setting up the story, so a little slow, but interesting. Lots of suspense and violence. Shows potential. Cool creatures and characters.Likes:* Magical creatures(view spoiler)[* Entrance tests* Manse configuring rooms* Scary cooks ~ * Nick, Max's charge ~ Limmerel* Limmerel's eat small rodents, worms & small metal bars?* Yaya ~ Rowan's guardian (hide spoiler)]Dislikes:* Bullying by upperclassmen* At times very similar to Harry Potter and Hogwarts(view spoiler)[* Nasty Room 101 bathroom (hide [...]

    30. Let's see; a young boy gets a mysterious letter, and finds that he's being offered a chance to go to a school to learn magic. He also learns that there are Bad People and Bad Things out there, and that he may be The One who can defeat them.It seems so familiar, somehow.Nevertheless and still, I read the whole thing in a single sitting. I didn't expect anything novel, and I didn't get it (although I liked the whole Sidhe and Ireland thing he had going on), but I still really enjoyed the book. Coi [...]

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