Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me

Don t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me Paula Begoun has been reporting on the beauty industry for than years Loved by readers and feared by corporations she has earned the name of Cosmetics Cop for her thorough authoritative investiga

  • Title: Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me
  • Author: Paula Begoun Bryan Barron
  • ISBN: 9781877988349
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paula Begoun has been reporting on the beauty industry for than 25 years Loved by readers and feared by corporations, she has earned the name of Cosmetics Cop for her thorough, authoritative investigations of beauty products and her fierce consumer advocacy From drugstores and home shopping to department stores and catalogs, Begoun reviews all of the major cosmetiPaula Begoun has been reporting on the beauty industry for than 25 years Loved by readers and feared by corporations, she has earned the name of Cosmetics Cop for her thorough, authoritative investigations of beauty products and her fierce consumer advocacy From drugstores and home shopping to department stores and catalogs, Begoun reviews all of the major cosmetic and skin care lines product by product than 30,000 in all Regardless of the price tags, there are good and bad products in almost every line, and with the turn of a page, readers receive concise reviews and fast answers in this comprehensive, totally revised edition Begoun covers product websites, efficacy, and whether claims such as youth extension are accurate Individual chapters are devoted to best products, a cosmetic ingredients dictionary, and animal testing A user friendly rating system makes finding items worth trying a snap.

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      170 Paula Begoun Bryan Barron
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    1 thought on “Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me”

    1. Ugh. I'm all for consumer protection and everything, but I can't believe that she calls this an unbiased book when it's clearly biased to her very own skin care and makeup line! Makeup and skin care is pretty subjective, since everyone's skin and personal style is so different. I don't mind fragrances, but she immediately marks anything fragranced an entire grade lower. Lame. It's really just a book about products appropriate for her skin. I guess if I had been living in a cave and had never was [...]

    2. This is a MUST-HAVE for every woman so we don't get conned by the beauty industry. I have saved thousands of dollars since buying this book last year and I frequently use it as a guide when choosing products for myself and my family. Paula Begoun has provided me with effective solutions to rid my skin of acne and eczema. I have been acne free for a year now and my skin is luminous and hydrated. Even though I am 26 I can still pass for 19. I look better than I have in years and I only spend penni [...]

    3. flawed and quite un-scientific. Most of her claims are blown out of proportion or just taken out of context when you look at the actual studies.

    4. I really appreciate the reviews by Paula, and I flipped through this book for about a day before I realized that all of the information is available online, thus the low rating. Paula's website Beautypedia had all of the same information that the book includes, for free, in a much simpler format that makes it easier to search by category and compare similar products. The information in both the book and website is extremely valuable and I felt like I learned a lot. Reviews are honest, objective, [...]

    5. So, looking to find out what goes on behind the making of your cosmetics and all the evil ingredients? Then this is the book for you! According to Paula, using Burt's Bees is a huge no-no and so is eye cream. The ONLY products that get all happy faces and check marks is her own line of cosmetics. Suspicious? Yes, I think so. So, even though she told me not to use certain products, I will continue to because my face likes what I currently use. The real asset to this book is the list at the end th [...]

    6. They should do a larger review of products in categories so you can choose the best moisturizer, eye product and so on. THere is a brief one - but it's not very good or comprehensive. The book is also poorly written and is all opinion - I want science & clinical trials!!!! This is the 7th edition and you still don't have things down right - this had so much potential - but fell flat.

    7. The biggest obstacle for finding a quality beauty product is interpreting the glossy marketing which generates most of the cost. Begoun helped me develop a healthy skepticism and got me into the habit of reading the back label before the front.Once I realized every bottle of goo is made up of mostly water and promises, I was willing to let go of all the pathos and begin to understand what I'm buying. The book begins with a broad spectrum chapter designed to educate about the powerful psychology [...]

    8. I found out about all of the products I was using and found some better products to use instead. No wonder I wasn't liking my face wash - when tested it doesn't remove makeup, but that's not on the label. No wonder I wasn't happy with my moisturizer - it didn't have any skin identical ingredients.This book was fantastic. I'm amazed at the level of research that went into each brand and product. She covered all major lines available in department stores as well as stores like Target and Walmart. [...]

    9. This is a very large and detailed reference book for buying cosmetics. I looked at a while ago and read a lot of it. Paula Begoun tells you what cosmetics are animal-friendly, what cosmetics actually sort of do what they say they do and what cosmetics are merely fancy (and much more expensive) versions of less expensive ones. Even if you have only a passing interest in cosmetics, this is a very interesting and helpful book to consult. I certainly found it to be an eye-opener.

    10. I liked this one because it explained few things i personally didn't know, like that cremes in jars are not as good as ones in tubes because of fingers always touching it and oxidizing. I also loved alphabetical order of companies, it was sad to see some of my own products to be on the bad list, but now atleast I know which ones not to buy!I also actually consider to buy this book to keep or just use website.

    11. I like this book, but it annoys me as well. I am skeptical of the quality of a lot of big cosmetics brands too. However, she seems to hate everything, even natural products are bad in her eyes. I can understand making your own brand because you're not happy with what's on the market, but I don't always agree with her viewpoint.

    12. This is Begoun's second book that I've read. I am so not into makeup and all that, but maybe because I am not, I feel like I don't have a clue sometimes what to do, wear, or buy. She is so helpful in cutting through hype, and again, I learned so much. Loved the reviews and found some new (affordable!) products to try. (Btw, I read the 7th edition, just realeased this year.)

    13. I hated the way this book was organized! I really didn't get anything out of it because I wasn't willing to read the entire book cover to cover. I read a previous edition of this and remember that it was much easier to follow.

    14. Despite its length, it doesn't take long to get through. I just read the introductions and then skimmed through each brand to see which products she most recommends and why. This is a helpful reference to have around, and definitely has changed how I look at the cosmetics industry.

    15. I thought this would help me to decide what type of moisturizer, foundation, etc to buy and all it did was confuse me even further. PlusI just figured out that you can find most of the info that's in the book, on her website cosmeticscop.

    16. This book is no more helpful than your own common sense. Her self-promotion is so obvious and so wrong. There are lots of super sources out there.

    17. I would recommend following online as it's more up to date. Once books like this are published, they are outdated by an ever changing industry.While there were many commercial lines that were listed; not all their products were. Also not enough attention was given to "natural" "organic" product lines but I think this was a resource for trying to pick the best of the worst off the counter.

    18. I read the newest edition a few months ago.I am a fan of her, and I believe all her books are good.Cons:The one thing that bothered me was there were some areas that she gave no background about.She covered some areas and some she did not cover well. One example is where she talked a lot about natural ingredients that hurt the skin and explained they were dangerous because they were capable of giving a cytotoxic or photo toxic reaction in the reviews. I wish she had explained what these ingredie [...]

    19. It's a very useful source of information but it doesn't cover a big deal of brands sold in Europe or cover just some strange selected group of products within a brand. For instance in her review of Nivea P. Begoun doesn't write a single word about numerous sunscreen products of the brand. It makes me wonder whether the brand sells such products in the USA or what might be a reason to ignore them That's why I don't give the book the highest rate - when the author goes international the book must [...]

    20. This is a fantastic book to use for shopping for all kinds of face cleansers, lotions and cosmetics for men and women. Products are tested and rated for effectiveness, hypo-allergenic properties and price. While the author does sell her own line of products (which I have never tried) her reviews of every product seem thorough and the recommendations have all turned out well for me.Personally, I want to take good care of my skin, with a little hassle as possible, and for a reasonable price. This [...]

    21. You don't need to read this book from cover to cover since it's packed with over 1000 pages of product mini reviews and it works as a fantastic reference guide for checking up on your favourite products, assessing potential purchases, and understanding how these products work. There is a substantial 78-page "introduction" including why we need to care more about the products we buy, what goes in them, and how that can affect us, along with skin care "rules to live by." The reviews are precise, u [...]

    22. This book changed my life.I've always been a fan of cosmetics, but I could never really understand how a company could make claims about their product, and yet it never worked as described. Thanks to Paula, I understand how the FDA does not control anything about the entire cosmetics industry, and how the way cosmetics companies market their products is misleading, laughable, and occasionally dangerous. (False eyelashes in mascara commercials? Photoshop used on a model, whose picture is advertis [...]

    23. This is a reference book, so I didn't read all of it, but I read a lot. I don't use retin-a/renova/vitamin A skin products while pregnant and instead of the cute, surfer girl type pregnancy mask I got across my nose and cheeks with my son this time it came in ugly patches on my forehead so I needed new skin care stuff. I really liked how she explains what the active ingredient is in a wide range of products, what it is suppose to do, if it is packaged and formulated in a way that the ingredients [...]

    24. This is a great resource to find effective skincare and makeup products without having to deal with the hype of the marketing teams for each of the billion (it seems, anyway) companies out there trying to get our money. I have super sensitive skin and eczema and after trying some of the recommended products and learning specific ingredients and other things to avoid, I've seen an improvement. This is a great reference, but since she practically comes out with a new edition each year, I would def [...]

    25. While I liked this book, I disagree with some things said in it. The writer constantly hates on blue eye shadow and non-natural eye shadow colors. I disagree because makeup should be fun. If you want to shade and contour your eye in a natural way, that's great! Others want to wear bright colors and should be encouraged to do so. The world would be entirely bland if everyone did the same thing. Some sections were incredibly helpful, like when discussing how eye creams are really just facial cream [...]

    26. I thought the book was quite amazing since there were so many products listed. But once I saw products under Paula's Choice, I decided that this book probably can't be trusted. Everything under Paula's was BEST, and the explanation she gave was not very convincing. For example, for skin recovery hydrating treatment mask, she wrote :"prevents dry skin with moisturizing ingredients that help to restore a healthy barrier function and reduce inflammation. Skin is left feeling soft and looking radian [...]

    27. I liked discovering what cosmetic lines were made by what companies. It was also interesting to learn that no line was consistently good or bad all the way through. I was surprised to see that some of the drugstore lines got great reviews on a number of their products and some of expensive companies had mediocre or below average reviews on theirs. Overall I enjoyed this book although it's not something you would sit and read cover to cover. The first 4 chapters are mostly explanations of the ing [...]

    28. Fun and informative. Eye-opening stuff about organic / mineral / anti-oxidant-laden makeup and moisturizers - and the fact that nobody needs an eye cream (the face moisturizer usually has similar ingredients!). Begoun says in the book, "Eye creams are a whim of of the cosmetic industry designed to evoke the sale of two products when only one is needed." She's right, and she exposes similar gimmickry for plenty of other stuff.Begoun also describes the staying power, finish, shine, shimmer, irrita [...]

    29. Thanks to Alison's review I requested this book months ago. It finally came just before I left on a trip so I had to return it after only reading the first chapter and requested it again. It became available again just before another trip. So I went through it very quickly-took notes while sitting in the library parking lot! I thought the basic information was very informative and helpful, but she doesn't like cleansers with natural roughage and instead recommends ones with polyester beads in th [...]

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