Cathedral of the Sea

Cathedral of the Sea At last The international bestseller which has already sold nearly million copies worldwidecomes to America Cathedral of the Sea Ildefonso Falcones s mesmerizing historical novel about medieval Bar

  • Title: Cathedral of the Sea
  • Author: Ildefonso Falcones Nick Caistor
  • ISBN: 9781615513666
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At last The international bestseller which has already sold nearly 2 million copies worldwidecomes to America Cathedral of the Sea, Ildefonso Falcones s mesmerizing historical novel about medieval Barcelona, was Spain s 1 bestseller for a full year Rights have sold in thirtytwo countries to date, and comparisons to Ken Follett s The Pillars of the Earth are being madAt last The international bestseller which has already sold nearly 2 million copies worldwide comes to America Cathedral of the Sea, Ildefonso Falcones s mesmerizing historical novel about medieval Barcelona, was Spain s 1 bestseller for a full year Rights have sold in thirtytwo countries to date, and comparisons to Ken Follett s The Pillars of the Earth are being made Who better to bring you this international sensation than Follett s own publisher Cathedral of the Sea follows the fortunes of the Estanyol family, from their peasant roots to a son, Arnau, who flees the land only to realize spectacular wealth and devastating problems During Arnau s lifetime Barcelona becomes a city of light and darkness, dominated by the construction of the city s great pride the cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar and by its shame, the deadly Inquisition A s a young man, Arnau joins the powerful guild of stone workers and helps to build the church with his own hands, while his best friend and adopted brother Joan studies to become a priest When Arnau, who secretly loves a forbidden Jewish woman named Mar, is betrayed and hauled before the Inquisitor, he finds himself faceto face with his own brother Will he lose his life just as his beloved Cathedral of the Sea is finally completed An unforgettable fresco of a golden age in fourteenth century Barcelona, Cathedral of the Sea is a story of friendship and revenge, of love and war.

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    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] ☆ Cathedral of the Sea - by Ildefonso Falcones Nick Caistor ↠
      101 Ildefonso Falcones Nick Caistor
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    1 thought on “Cathedral of the Sea”

    1. This is one of my favorite Spanish novels And my precious acquisitions as editor :) I've heard about this book, at that time just published in Spain, from his agent during Book Fair in Turin called Laguna's big boss during first cigarette break, we agreed to give an offer And by the time my plane landed in Belgrade Laguna had the rights :) I was so thrilled with the book that I immediately sold it to Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia, and became fairy editor for Falcones' agent I've met the author [...]

    2. Igreja de Santa María del Mar - Barcelona”A Catedral do Mar” (2006) primeiro romance do escritor catalão Ildefonso Falcones (n. 1959) tem uma cena de abertura que deixa antever o contexto histórico da narrativa: Bernat Estanyol está a festejar o seu casamento com Francesca Esteve; inesperadamente, eis que se aproximam da celebração, sem serem convidados, o seu senhor feudal e dois ginetes. ”- Estanyol! – gritou Llorenç de Bellera, pondo-se de pé com Francesca agarrada pelo pulso. [...]

    3. Το μυθιστόρημα πέρα από το κομμάτι του μύθου, που είναι η ιστορία του Μπερνάτ και του γιου του Αρνάου, είναι ένα ιστορικό βιβλίο που ακολουθεί την πορεία της Καταλονίας όλου του 14ου αιώνα και την πορεία του βασιλιά της Πέτρου του Γ’. Αυτή είναι η μαγεία του, αλλά ταυτόχρονα κ [...]

    4. Empecé esta novela esperando algo similar a 'Los Pilares de la Tierra' de Ken Follet (uno de mis grandes favoritos) y mi decepción no pudo ser mayor.Después de uno de los comienzos de libro más desafortunados que leí en mi vida –que realmente no me pudo predisponer peor para con el protagonista y el autor– lo seguí leyendo sólo para ver si en algún punto me empezaba a resultar interesante, pero eso no ocurrió. Claramente Ildefonso Falcones y yo no estamos hechos el uno para el otro. [...]

    5. Hefty historical novel set in fourteenth century Barcelona and revolving around the building of a cathedral (yes there are similarities to Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth). Unlike Follett’s novel this is very much woven around fact and an actual building and events and is based on a contemporary chronicle. It is well plotted, but there is a certain predictability about it. The topics you would expect to come across are there; the inquisition, the plague, relationships with Jews and Moors, [...]

    6. It is very important to know when you start this book that it is in fact based on the Chronica of King Pedro III. Although historical fiction, it closely follows true events in Catalonia during the 1300s under King Pedro’s reign. There is tons of history incorporated into the novel. At the same time it has an engaging and fast moving plot. You will learn about Barcelona, the building of the cathedral Sant Maria de la Mar. You will be impressed by the cathedral’s history, its beauty and how i [...]

    7. Mi puntuación es de tres estrellitas y media. Siendo la primera novela histórica de Falcones, es la segunda que yo le leo, porque empecé por su segunda, "La mano de Fátima". Y todo eso en el espacio de un año escaso. La verdad es que cansan ya un poco las más de 1600 páginas que he leído de ese autor, y pasará bastante tiempo antes de que agarre su tercera novela. A los autores hay que dejarlos en barbecho. En la variedad está el gusto.La calidad literaria me parece flojita y simplemen [...]

    8. I read the book in English and perhaps it was not that good in translation. However, as a person who absolutely loved "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett, I thought that this was just a poor copy of the epic novel. "Cathedral of the Sea" is worth a read if you like historical fiction, but that's pretty much about it.

    9. 4,5/5¡IMPRESIONANTE! Hacía tiempo que no leía una novela histórica tan buena. Pasear por Barcelona en el siglo XII ha sido maravilloso.Deseando que estrenen la serie, ya que he leído que han sido muy fieles al libro.

    10. I gave up on this book at page 252 of 600. The very beginning was pretty interesting, and I found the character of a young man essentially raising his baby alone (with his remote wife) as a successful medieval serf in pastoral Spain very compelling. I liked the stuff through the pottery workshop, too, but after that? It felt to me like the story dropped off for the sake of cramming a historical setting with stock characters to represent different aspects of life in 14th Century Barcelona. There [...]

    11. Arnau Estanyol, el protagonista de esta novela de ficción histórica, se erige como la epítome del héroe, o en su defecto del súperhombre, con la integridad, el valor, la bondad, y todas las cualidades que desearíamos que definieran al humano: el ser humano ideal.Aunque esto resulte en un personaje que, en mi opinión, decanta en una idealización extrema y digna de relatos épicos de los autores clásicos, de otra época, es imposible no dejarse atrapar tanto por la simpatía natural que A [...]

    12. No leí este libro, lo viví fue mientras trabajaba en la galería de arte y en los ratos libres adelantaba mi lectura en plenas calles del Barrio Gótico. Una forma muy didáctica, interesante e inteligente de conocer historia sobre Cataluña. Al principio no quería animarme a leerlo porque creí que era una especie de Código Da Vinci, pero resulto ser una excelente adquisición. Tanto que me animé a cargar el tabique desde Barcelona hasta México!. Altamente recomendable lo terminé de leer [...]

    13. 642 pagine, in un soffio. Sui libri come 'La cattedrale del mare' andrebbe applicato un bollino che indica l'alto pericolo di:-assuefazione -forte affetto nei confronti di personaggi che porta a sentirsi vuoti quando le storie di questi finiscono -lacrimuccia finale con tanto di imprecazione perché, cavolo Falcones, altre mille pagine le avrei volute!Ignara di questi effetti indesiderati, mi sono addentrata in Catalogna nel 1300 e ho iniziato a percorrere le strade del Medioevo con Bernat e suo [...]

    14. A expectativa em relação a este livro era enorme, pelas opiniões que tinha lido e ouvido. Na maioria das vezes não é bom partir para um livro com expectativas tão elevadas, porque a probabilidade de desilusão é maior. Neste caso, não posso dizer que fiquei desiludida, mas esperava que o livro me tivesse arrebatado mais. Um pouco como quando esperamos tirar um 20 num exame, mas afinal só conseguimos o 18.Neste romance histórico, acompanhamos a vida de Arnau Estanyol, desde as dificulda [...]

    15. (review in English below)As 3 estrelas são, na verdade, só 2 e meia arredondadas para cima. Muita maldade para o meu gosto E não senti qualquer empatia com os protagonistas O livro está bastante bem escrito e tem muita informação histórica sobre a Catalunha medieval, especialmente sobre Barcelona, mas só comecei a sentir-me interessada na história quando já ia a meio. Enfim, nem todos podem ser o Ken FollettIt's really 2.5 stars rounded up.Too muck wickedness for my taste And I didn't [...]

    16. Baseando-se nas crónicas de Pedro III, Ildefonso Falcones constrói uma narrativa ficcionada verdadeiramente apaixonante sobre a vida, os usos e costumes de uma época riquíssima, povoada de medos, doenças e guerras que ilustraram um dos momentos mais marcantes da história da civilização. A ação, que se desenvolve entre 1320 e 1384, durante o reinado de Pedro IV, o Cerimonioso, rei de Aragão e Maiorca, conduz-nos a um mundo arrepiante pejado de emoções, muitas delas contraditórias e [...]

    17. Historical fiction based in the fourteenth century Barcelona and surroundings as it follows the life Arnau in his fall from grace and the return to it. The book has this soapy quality which I enjoyed as a casual read. The historical background was more interesting. I have always had more fascination with the Moorish occupation of the Iberian peninsula and have never visited Barcelona even if this is a rather popular place to go to when you are Dutch. Which I think has a lot to do with the footba [...]

    18. Impresionante obra narrativa, en la que se puede encarnizar la vida de Arnau Estanyol, una vida llena de altibajos y aventuras trepidantes te mantienen atado al libro hasta que terminas la ultima pagina. Durante todo ese tiempo la historia de trasfondo es la construccion de la catedral de Barcelona, a mi parecer mas bien es la historia de la construccion y su relacion con Arnau pero bueno esa es otra historia.La maestria con la que Falcones describe cada detallle, cada momento de la historia hac [...]

    19. Novela histórica que he disfrutado mucho, en ningún momento se me ha hecho aburrida, ha logrado engancharme siguiendo las aventuras de Arnau, desde que nace hasta que ya es un hombre totalmente adulto. Un personaje que me ha fascinado.

    20. Mee ha encantado trasladarme al pasado para pasear por las calles de Barcelona donde yo vivo. Por lo demás, poco que decir, la historia ha sido maravillosa

    21. During a pleasant stay at a small hostel at the top of a steep hill, or possibly a small mountain in Sorrento, a young woman once discovered a bookshelf. At the top of this very low and wide bookshelf a sign was positioned. It said "Grab one and leave another behind". The young woman got curious, and stepped a bit closer. She let her eyes wander over the shelf, and it truly held books of all sizes and shapes. Some were small and dusty, abandoned rather than left for someone else's joy, others we [...]

    22. Set in 14th century Barcelona, around the building of the magnificent Santa Maria del Mar––Cathedral of the Sea––in the Ribera district, I really enjoyed this book. The main character, Arnau Estanyol is the son of a fugitive peasant who starts out as a lowly porter, carrying stones for the building of this cathedral. Arnau’s luck turns when King Pedro makes him a baron as a reward for his courage in battle. But the king also forces him to marry Eleonor, one of his wards, with who Arnau [...]

    23. Φιλίες ,πάθη, μιση, δολοπλοκίες προδοσίες ειναι τα κυρια χαρακτηριστικα αυτου του βιβλιου,Η ιστορια διαδραματιζεται τον 14 αιωνα στη Βαρκελωνη.Σε αιχμαλωτιζει στην κυριολεξια απο την πρωτη του σελιδα, σε μεταφερει σε μια άλλη εποχη με απιστευτη επιτυχια.Σου δημιουργει μια [...]

    24. Great epic book by Ildefonso Falcones providing a historical picture of medieval life, including the beginning of the Inquisition in Spain. No comparison should be made with The Pillars of the Earth as many reviewers are erroneously doing.

    25. Ένα βιβλίο που το έπιασα εμπνεόμενος από τον καταλανικό πυρετό των τελευταίων εβδομάδων, στα πλαίσια της αναζήτησης μου για ισπανόφωνα αναγνώσματα. Μετά το τέλος της ανάγνωσης μπορώ να πω ότι οι εντυπώσεις που μου άφησε είναι πολύ καλές. Ένα βιβλίο που μοιάζει σαν ένας συν [...]

    26. Huikea ja mukaansa tempaavaa seikkailua ja historiaa! Keskiaikaa, inkvisitiota, rakkautta, juonitteluja - ja kaiken keskellä Barcelonan Basilika Santa Maria del Mar.

    27. Es hat schon etwas von einer Seifenoper, wie sich die Figuren verschiedener Generationen immer gerade dann wiederbegegnen, wenn es für die Dramaturgie von Nutzen ist. Auch sind die Charaktere recht eindimensional – sie sind entweder eindeutig gut, egal wie sehr ihnen das Schicksal zusetzt, oder gehören zu den Bösen (meist sind es Adlige). Wie der zunächst unfreie Bauer Arnau nach und nach zu Macht und Reichtum kommt, ohne sich je korrumpieren zu lassen oder seine Hilfsbereitschaft zu schm [...]

    28. Bien.I was curious about this book for two reasons. First, after seeing the book cover online reminded me of being in this beautiful cathedral a few years ago. The tall columns flowing up to the high ceiling as the light cascading inside gave it an ethereal feeling. And then a gypsy woman tried to get money off us seeking us flowers and the peaceful feeling quickly dissipated. Then a high praise from a fellow GR friend made me read the book.Since I can say I was in this Cathedral, I wanted to kn [...]

    29. I know very little about the history of Barcelona. Thus, when I saw this book I eagerly bought it. The book didn't disappoint in telling about the history of the place. It was fascinating to know the economy, culture and people of the setting in the 14th century. The author clearly did a lot of research to present a story that involves almost all the levels of a medieval society - the nobility, the peasants, the merchants and the outcasts. It all revolves around Arnau Estanyol, the son of a serf [...]

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