The Year of Miss Agnes

The Year of Miss Agnes A year they ll never forget Ten year old Frederika Fred for short doesn t have much faith that the new teacher in town will last very long After all they never do Most teachers who come to their one

  • Title: The Year of Miss Agnes
  • Author: Kirkpatrick Hill
  • ISBN: 9780689851247
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • A year they ll never forget Ten year old Frederika Fred for short doesn t have much faith that the new teacher in town will last very long After all, they never do Most teachers who come to their one room schoolhouse in remote, Alaska leave at the first smell of fish, claiming that life there is just too hard But Miss Agnes is different she doesn t get frustratedA year they ll never forget Ten year old Frederika Fred for short doesn t have much faith that the new teacher in town will last very long After all, they never do Most teachers who come to their one room schoolhouse in remote, Alaska leave at the first smell of fish, claiming that life there is just too hard But Miss Agnes is different she doesn t get frustrated with her students, and she throws away old textbooks and reads Robin Hood instead For the first time, Fred and her classmates begin to enjoy their lessons and learn to read and write but will Miss Agnes be like all the rest and leave as quickly as she came

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    1 thought on “The Year of Miss Agnes”

    1. When I read Kirkpatrick Hill's The Year of Miss Agnes early this morning (I could not sleep and the novel was indeed a very fast and delightfully easy read), I felt both uplifted and also inexplicably much frustrated if not actually majorly annoyed (and managed to realise pretty quickly that MOST of my emerging issues and worries with regard to this generally well-written and engaging Middle Grade novel about a special and supportive teacher have to do with the double edged blade of cross-cultur [...]

    2. I decided to read this after my incredible colleague, third grade teacher read it aloud to her class, to see what all the buzz was about. British Miss Agnes lands in rural Alaska after WWII. An inspirational teacher who illuminates the lives of all she touches in her one-room schoolhouse. The author, clearly a seasoned schoolteacher, conveys the real excitement for school learning and how it applies to the "real world." A teacher's book!

    3. I read this to my seven year old and I think he enjoyed it. It is about a British teacher who comes to a rural Alaskan school in 1948. The parts about Alaskan life are really quite interesting. The author was raised in Alaska, so I presume she knows her stuff.On the other hand, this was yet another one of those "Teacher Comes and Inspires Poor Students Where All Teachers Have Failed Before." It's a story that has been done a million times. And to be honest--speaking as a teacher myself--it is no [...]

    4. This is a quick read. I think I read it in three hours today to our three children. Each said they loved it. My oldest said, "the teacher was inspiring and requiring but the kids loved the way she required them to do things without really seeing it as work it sounds like homeschooling".Koyukuk, Alaska is a real place with about 90ish people living there today. I checked the temp and it's nine degrees right now!I think this book is a nice reminder for the whole family about the joy in learning an [...]

    5. I knew next to nothing about the Indian population of Alaska, let alone in the middle of the 20th century, so this was very interesting. I loved how that wonderful teacher really appreciated each and every one of the children, and I love the little scene towards the end where the special talents of each of them are named.A lovely and uplifting little story.

    6. Living in the cold and remote Alaska, Frederika misses the good opportunities of school. Even though she's always reminded that school education is not necessary for living in a place where physical labour is mandatory, she still finds herself constantly longing for a good teacher. When no new teacher lasts in this school for more than a few months, Fred's heart starts to sink down. At that moment, arrives Miss Agnes, a teacher who will change everyone's lives.The novella basically emphasizes on [...]

    7. Juvenile Historic Fiction: Set in a small interior Alaskan village (Koyukuk) in 1948 This short book is out of the mold of stories with " teacher who becomes beloved."The community with its one room school-house has trouble finding and keeping a teacher for the children. Miss Agnes, who is intercepted as she is returning to England after many years of devoted teaching in another remote Alaskan village (Allakaket), answers the call to teach for a year in Koyukuk and delays her return home to Engl [...]

    8. Fred and her sister, Bokko have seen a long line of teacher come and go in their Alaskan village of Athabascan. They stay a very short time since the smell of fish, the harsh winters and the difficult living conditions drive them back to a milder climate and easier way of life. But, Miss Agnes is different. She respects the children, teaches them about geography, music, art and the English language as they were never taught before. The children of the village slowly, surely see themselves as wor [...]

    9. SLJ Best Books 2000 - Lexile 790. Teaching is a subversive activity. It opens the mind and allows new and bigger dreams than maybe countenanced by the society. Not that this book shows the animosity of the community - rather it shows the benefit to the entire community when someone exposes the community to the whole world. I Loved Miss Agnes as a teacher - I wish they all were like that!

    10. I'd probably have given this 4 stars if I read it just for myself. But my 5yo and I read it together, taking turns, and I enjoyed the experience! It's the first time she's ever let me read aloud to her since she learned to read, and the first time she ever read a book with no pictures!

    11. Summary: This is a chapter book that is taken place in a small town. The students in this town once had a teacher who did not really care about them and made them read out of old textbooks, etc. However this teacher left because of the smell of fish in Alaska. A new teacher came to town. This teacher was different from many of the rest because she actually cared about the students. She provided the students with new materials and resources and books and tried to make learning more interesting an [...]

    12. Summary: This book overall tells a story about a new teacher that comes to a town where faith is limited. Although there is not much faith put into her teaching, she does not let that discourage her or stand in her way. Miss Agnes is truly a teacher that cares solely about the happiness and educational needs of her students and does everything she needs in order to broaden their viewpoints. Evaluation: I gave this book an overall rating of a 5 because I really enjoyed reading this book. It taugh [...]

    13. Summary: This chapter book is about a class of Alaskan students. They have class in a one room school house in Alaska. They are faced with many struggles, such as having their teacher leave them every year. The students think they are not good enough to keep the same teacher. They mentioned that their past teachers think they smell like fish and learn slow. Although, this year their new teacher thinks other wise. Her name is Miss Agnes and she is loving, caring, and encouraging to her students. [...]

    14. I absolutely loved this book. So much, that right when I was done I ordered myself a copy. Being a college student studying to be a teacher this book grabbed my attention instantly. This book takes place in a small town in Alaska, where teachers for the residents of the town come and go. One day a teacher from England names Ms. Agnes takes on the challenge of teaching the brilliant minds of this town. We can all take something from Ms. Agnes' play book. Highly recommend. GREAT READ!

    15. This was an interesting look at Alaskan culture in the 40s, and also a nice tribute to the many ways that a caring, dedicated teacher can help to empower a community in just one year.

    16. Summary: This sweet easy read chapter book by Kirkpatrick Hill is a story of a little town in Alaska who is given a new school teacher every year. Why? Because each teacher after only one year leaves because they can't stand the smell of the fishy town. The children's lives are forever changed when one teacher introduces them to different teaching strategies, but will this one leave, too?Evaluation: The Year of Miss Agnes is a great text for teachers to read as well as students. Teachers are abl [...]

    17. This is one of the best young adult books I have ever read. I loved the story, characters and writing.

    18. Told from the perspective of ten year old Fredericka, the reader is drawn into the story of a beloved teacher who changes the lives of her young pupils.The year is 1948 and while many teachers have come and gone, Miss Agnes is different. Unafraid of the rough Alaskan frontier, and empathetic to children who have rudimentary social and intellectual skills, the children thrive under her tutelage.This is a wonderful story, filled with hope and courage.With a gift of teaching and the ability to impa [...]

    19. I liked the description of Alaskan life but didn't much care for the idolization of Miss Agnes although it was to be expected. I'm glad the main character didn't whine about her disadvantaged life like most of the popular school age books these days. Instead she enjoyed her life no matter how it came to her. I was disappointed that the book didn't have much of a story line. I tended to skim through the chapters hoping there would be more of a plot but it was really just a series of memories abou [...]

    20. I loved this fictional story about a teacher who taught children in the Alaskan bush. One theme that continued to stick out to me while reading was how Miss Agnes respected the children's culture. She showed them how education applied their own world, while broadening their horizons to include the world outside their village. I might have to include this book in next years curriculum to read my own class of 5 and 6 years old.

    21. I probably would have appreciated this more if I hadn't already read Bo at Ballard Creek; I think with Bo, Hill really found her voice. Both in the actual child's voice, which doesn't come off here, and in the rest of the narrative. But this is a sweet, short read with more glimpses into Alaskan culture (here, Alaskan Indians rather than Inuits and white emigrants), some of which are elaborated on in Bo.

    22. charming story. made me go "aww." liked how miss agnes made up personalized stories with illustrations about each of the kids to encourage the reluctant readers, who then devoured their books and asked for more. i love how miss agnes showed hospitality to the two girls, and offered them tea. this makes me want to teach a multi-age group of kids in a one-room schoolhouse!

    23. An ok book. Read with my daughter, almost 7 years old. Great message about how a teacher in Alaska truly changed children's lives. The book itself was not as engaging and felt juvenile. I did like many of the topics they covered- it stimulated discussion of timelines, maps, etc.

    24. Not sure how I have never read this children's book before. Loved it! Anyone who works with children should read this and be inspired by the impact one teacher can have on a child's life (indeed, on the whole community).

    25. This is a fabulous kids book. Rachel & I read this for bookclub and we fell in love with this book. She loved Miss Agnes and I loved the growth of the characters throughout the course of the story.

    26. The story in The Year of Miss Agnes is told from the point of view of a girl named "Fred" and takes place in a 1940's Alaskan village. There was an empty cabin that was turned into a little school house but unfortunately each teacher they had come didn't stay very long. Another teacher had just left but the teacher Miss Agnes had just left another school and was about to head to her home in England but was told they needed her to teach at their school for just a year until a new teacher came or [...]

    27. Summary:Fred and her fellow students are used to having their teachers come and go within a few weeks of working with them in the schoolhouse. However, when Miss Agnes comes to teach, everything changes; textbooks are thrown away, pictures and a map are hung, and music is played. Miss Agnes teaches Fred and the others in unique and fun ways; the kids soon learn more than arithmetic, reading, and writing, they learn to love learning and believe in themselves and their abilities. Miss Agnes not on [...]

    28. This story takes place in a small town in Alaska, and goes through the main character, Fred and her classmates experiences with a new teacher in town. It is set in a one room schoolhouse with students in a variety of grades. Miss Agnes, the teacher, brings all of the children in her classroom to love school and spark her student's interest. She relates her teaching to the real-world and incorporates fishing, the children's main job during the summer, into the classroom. Students make connections [...]

    29. Summary: A young child in a small town in Alaska attends school in a one room school house with a few friends. Every teacher that comes through complains about the smell of fish that the students bring for lunch and leave after one year, or sometimes even less. One day, a new teacher walked in with a different style and different clothes and a different way of thinking. She took these kids lives and turned it upside down by introducing them to sign language, maps, timelines, and learning at thei [...]

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